Game Loading – Table of Contents

Title:  Game Loading (游戏加载中)

Author: Long Qi (龙柒)

Status in Original Country: 309 Chapters (Completed)


Translator: Rainbow Turtle

Translation Status: Completed

Author’s Synopsis:

Xie Xi was someone with luck off the charts! The advantage was that any game could be easily cleared. The disadvantage was that all games were boring! Then one day, the words ‘Game loading’ appeared in front of his eyes and he began to clear real games!

The emperor of luck ran into a bottleneck in the first game.

Game Name: Love to the Left or Right

The vampire prince has invited you to a meal. Will you go?

Xie Xi: I won’t go.

Arrow through the heart. The vampire prince says you can’t leave him and takes your life.

After loading the file, Xie Xi changed the option: I will go.

The housekeeper has cut off your head because of love and hatred.

Xie Xi: ???

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6 
Chapter 7 
Chapter 8 
Chapter 9 
Chapter 10 
Chapter 11 
Chapter 12 
Chapter 13 
Chapter 14 
Chapter 15 
Chapter 16 
Chapter 17 
Chapter 18 
Chapter 19 
Chapter 20 
Chapter 21 
Chapter 22 
Chapter 23 
Chapter 24 
Chapter 25 
Chapter 26 
Chapter 27 
Chapter 28 
Chapter 29 
Chapter 30 
Chapter 31 
Chapter 32 
Chapter 33 
Chapter 34 
Chapter 35 
Chapter 36 
Chapter 37 
Chapter 38 
Chapter 39 
Chapter 40 
Chapter 41 
Chapter 42 
Chapter 43 
Chapter 44 
Chapter 45 
Chapter 46 
Chapter 47 
Chapter 48 
Chapter 49 
Chapter 50 
Chapter 51 
Chapter 52 
Chapter 53 
Chapter 54 
Chapter 55 
Chapter 56 
Chapter 57 
Chapter 58 
Chapter 59 
Chapter 60 
Chapter 61 
Chapter 62 
Chapter 63 
Chapter 64 
Chapter 65 
Chapter 66 
Chapter 67 
Chapter 68 
Chapter 69 
Chapter 70 
Chapter 71 
Chapter 72 
Chapter 73 
Chapter 74 
Chapter 75 
Chapter 76 
Chapter 77 
Chapter 78 
Chapter 79 
Chapter 80 
Chapter 81 
Chapter 82 
Chapter 83 
Chapter 84 
Chapter 85 
Chapter 86 
Chapter 87 
Chapter 88 
Chapter 89 
Chapter 90 
Chapter 91 
Chapter 92 
Chapter 93 
Chapter 94 
Chapter 95 
Chapter 96 
Chapter 97 
Chapter 98 
Chapter 99 
Chapter 100 
Chapter 101 
Chapter 102 
Chapter 103 
Chapter 104 
Chapter 105 
Chapter 106 
Chapter 107 
Chapter 108 
Chapter 109 
Chapter 110 
Chapter 111 
Chapter 112 
Chapter 113 
Chapter 114 
Chapter 115 
Chapter 116 
Chapter 117 
Chapter 118 
Chapter 119 
Chapter 120 
Chapter 121 
Chapter 122 
Chapter 123 
Chapter 124 
Chapter 125 
Chapter 126 
Chapter 127 
Chapter 128 
Chapter 129 
Chapter 130 
Chapter 131 
Chapter 132 
Chapter 133 
Chapter 134 
Chapter 135 
Chapter 136 
Chapter 137 
Chapter 138 
Chapter 139 
Chapter 140 
Chapter 141 
Chapter 142 
Chapter 143 
Chapter 144 
Chapter 145 
Chapter 146 
Chapter 147 
Chapter 148 
Chapter 149 
Chapter 150 
Chapter 151 
Chapter 152 
Chapter 153 
Chapter 154 
Chapter 155 
Chapter 156 
Chapter 157 
Chapter 158 
Chapter 159 
Chapter 160 
Chapter 161 
Chapter 162 
Chapter 163 
Chapter 164 
Chapter 165 
Chapter 166 
Chapter 167 
Chapter 168 
Chapter 169 
Chapter 170 
Chapter 171 
Chapter 172 
Chapter 173 
Chapter 174 
Chapter 175 
Chapter 176 
Chapter 177 
Chapter 178 
Chapter 179 
Chapter 180 
Chapter 181 
Chapter 182 
Chapter 183 
Chapter 184 
Chapter 185 
Chapter 186 
Chapter 187 
Chapter 188 
Chapter 189 
Chapter 190 
Chapter 191 
Chapter 192 
Chapter 193 
Chapter 194 
Chapter 195 
Chapter 196 
Chapter 197 
Chapter 198 
Chapter 199 
Chapter 200 
Chapter 201 
Chapter 202 
Chapter 203 
Chapter 204 
Chapter 205 
Chapter 206 
Chapter 207 
Chapter 208 
Chapter 209 
Chapter 210 
Chapter 211 
Chapter 212 
Chapter 213 
Chapter 214 
Chapter 215 
Chapter 216 
Chapter 217 
Chapter 218 
Chapter 219 
Chapter 220 
Chapter 221 
Chapter 222 
Chapter 223 
Chapter 224 
Chapter 225 
Chapter 226 
Chapter 227 
Chapter 228 
Chapter 229 
Chapter 230 
Chapter 231 
Chapter 232 
Chapter 233 
Chapter 234 
Chapter 235 
Chapter 236 
Chapter 237 
Chapter 238 
Chapter 239 
Chapter 240 
Chapter 241 
Chapter 242 
Chapter 243 
Chapter 244 
Chapter 245 
Chapter 246 
Chapter 247 
Chapter 248 
Chapter 249 
Chapter 250 
Chapter 251 
Chapter 252 
Chapter 253 
Chapter 254 
Chapter 255 
Chapter 256 
Chapter 257 
Chapter 258 
Chapter 259 
Chapter 260 
Chapter 261 
Chapter 262 
Chapter 263 
Chapter 264 
Chapter 265 
Chapter 266 
Chapter 267 
Chapter 268 
Chapter 269 
Chapter 270 
Chapter 271 
Chapter 272 
Chapter 273 
Chapter 274 
Chapter 275 
Chapter 276 
Chapter 277 
Chapter 278 
Chapter 279 
Chapter 280 
Chapter 281 
Chapter 282 
Chapter 283 
Chapter 284 
Chapter 285 
Chapter 286 
Chapter 287 
Chapter 288 
Chapter 289 
Chapter 290 
Chapter 291 
Chapter 292 
Chapter 293 
Chapter 294 
Chapter 295 
Chapter 296 
Chapter 297 
Chapter 298 
Chapter 299 
Chapter 300 
Chapter 301 
Chapter 302 
Chapter 303 
Chapter 304 
Chapter 305 
Chapter 306 
Chapter 307 
Chapter 308 
Chapter 309 

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5 years ago

I absolutely love this story! Thank you!

4 years ago


Jack Nathaniel Mikhail

Praise the almighty RainbowTurtle nim/sama/benwang!!

I never knew you translated BL. I really enjoyed your superb translation of Arc and LMS previously.

Time to binge read this novel
(♡ω♡ ) ~♪

4 years ago

One word for this novel, REFRESHING.

I have read pretty much five rated (100% recommend) novels such as Quickly wear the face of the Devil, Earth Online, Thrive in Catastrophe, Rebirth of Supermodel, God Level Summoner, Legendary Master’s Wife, Back to the Apocalypse and more+ thus you could say I have developed a high standard when it comes to starting new novels to read and this novel is just what I am looking for.

The whole story is new, unique, and refreshing which overall what hooks me as a reader.
Notably what makes this even more remarkable is how the protagonist have halo on top of his head, but most of the time it is somewhat not really a halo for him, after all too much luck/protagonist halo sometimes goes backwards at one’s self.

I also like how this novel introduces the idea of multiverses in new interesting method which also adds how this is freaking refreshing like literally 100%+ more I cannot get over it.

The novel aside is also how I find the translation freaking good, as we all know Rainbow Turtle Translations are freaking professional rated like I am their fan of their translation works like seriously I read everything they translate, so if by chance they see this, thank you very much for translating this and many other novels, I WORSHIP YOU ALL. (I just think this whole part here is all about fan girling but I don’t regret XD)

Anyway the take away is that for most of the readers, they all look for something that is refreshing, unique and new which overall what makes the whole story/novel get stuck not only in our heads but also in our hearts and I think it is very note worthy to know that those are the key points for a successful, enjoyable and masterpiece novels.
Thank you author, translator and this site for allowing me to read many masterpieces. I honestly and genuinely cannot express how reading novels have made my life better. Thank you.

4 years ago
Reply to  MOMOMOMO

I appreciate this review as it was part of reason I started reading this and boy was I blown away! Thank you.

Now I’m back and I find recommendations to read x3

I’m going to be honest, for Quickly wear the face of the devil, there was only one arc I really liked and left an impression, it was the one where the MC’s former lover gazes in the moonlight and regrets everything. The juxtaposition and emotions were really powerful. It was as if the author’s writing skill peaked out or something. The good quality felt out of place compared to the novel as a whole. After this arc, the novel continued to be okay-ish.

For Legendary Master’s Wife, it was interesting at first but it kind of got boring and repetitive after around chapter 200. In comparison, this novel brings fresh and new concepts every world so I never felt dragged along!

Back to the Apocalypse I’ve read the first few chapters and it felt okay but I heard the MC changes after ML, the story becomes more about ML spoiling him so it got boring.

These are the few I’ve read and dropped but the others sound good… :3 Earth Online seem to be written by the same author.

Again, thank you for the detailed review.

4 years ago
Reply to  hashihash

Game Loading leaves thought provoking questions, actually gives maxim-like answers to these questions and gives a reader a reason to read ahead because they want to find out about the world or want to see XX and JX survive. There’s a sense of urgency. Last but not least, Xie Xi’s jabs at cliche plots or stupidity never fails to make me lol.

3 years ago
Reply to  hashihash

Thank you, I’ve been reading reviews to see if I should read this, and people keep on comparing those BL novels “that are five out of five” however, it seems you have similar opinions as myself for these popular BL novels that are truly just okay. So thank you for the honesty it makes me have high hopes for this read! I hope I think that this novel is as thought provoking as it seems.

Immortal Banana
Immortal Banana
4 years ago

You know what make me depressed? That the fact that i did not notice that this is a Fking BL novel. Godammit. but that is not the problem. The problem is i enjoyed this novel after knowing this is a BL novel. 10/10.

4 years ago

Indicator of a great novel! After the intro this novel smothers you with dog food but the story and plot is there! I came for the BL but the world building and character interaction are deep to the point I stayed and didn’t leave to finish later. I love how when I have a question, the author fills the somewhat minor plothole and answers!

4 years ago

………….. I don’t remember where I was…
But I think I finished about three to four arcs….

4 years ago

Gonna start reading now…🤔

4 years ago

Thank you for finishing another fun story. I’ve always hated long stories since I usually lose interest if it is longer than 150 or even 100 chapters sometimes, but somehow, I’ve always finished the projects that you picked up. It even feels short. I want another 100 chaps lol. Thank you! ^^

Aochan Miyako
Aochan Miyako
4 years ago


4 years ago

I’m saaaad😭😭 I’m gonna miss little Rose and Jiang Xie.. They’re amazing.. And I love how they always manage to show each other how much they love one and another..

4 years ago

What a fun story, I loved both the MCs, they were wonderful, and the writer is talented to come up with all of the differen worlds that Xie Xi went to.

It is very fortunate both characters met each other, and that they finally have their happy ending, but I am very sad that the story is now finished.

I am always sad when a story ends, but this is one that I really enjoyed. Thank you for translating this. ❤

4 years ago

The story was amazing and your translation was even better! Thank you for translating this amazing novel ! (o^^o)

3 years ago

One of the best world hopping bl I’ve ever read!

3 years ago

I drew fanart if anyone wants to see |ω・)

3 years ago

The journey of a smart naive mc as he gets influenced by ml, this type of growth I like it! The transition is beautiful and nothing feels out of place, mc gets stumped by ml’s behavior but he never falls for the pit again. It really is refreshing and satisfying. The ml might be possesive and a big vinegar jar but he never did anything to make mc uncomfortable, he truly put mc above himself and everything meanwhile mc learns more about him as they become each other’s asylum providing solace. Love is very broad n vague but when I read this novel it felt like ‘yes, this is exactly what it should be’. It really makes one have high expectations lol.

3 years ago

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE TRANSLATION! I enjoyed the book soo much and will miss the characters a lot :’)

2 years ago


2 years ago

Thank you for translating this story. It is my second read!

1 month ago

I finally found it again!
I had read this masterpiece many years ago and had forgotten the name and thanks to the stranger that gave me the name, I forever will appreciate you!
After finding this again it calls for a definite reread!!