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Collapsing 12 Boundaries 1

He hadn’t yet entered the new task but Xie Xi was already horrified by the name.

Collapsing 12 Boundaries? 1-12! He was almost smashed and fed to the fishes by six! Then what about 12? Don’t talk about falling in love, he couldn’t even remember their names! It was beyond the scope of the syllabus, it was really beyond the scope.

Xie Xi’s complexion was white. “Surely there can’t be 12 souls, right?”

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything. Xie Xi felt awkward. Jiang Xie told him, “It shouldn’t be possible.”

Xie Xi could breathe a bit. “I don’t think it is possible. The six souls in Atlantis was already SS-grade. Your highest quasi-world is also SS-grade so there should be seven souls at most.”

How could there be 12? What level would this be? In addition, could Jiang Xie really cut himself into so many pieces? This was cutting himself to death! Although, he wasn’t far from cutting himself…

Jiang Xie also said, “If this is a collapsed world, it must’ve collapsed because the souls were pulled away.” Thus, even if there were originally 12 souls, there should be fewer now.

Xie Xi’s eyes widened again. “You mean, there might really be 12 souls?”

“I have bad luck and think about the worst result. You aren’t the same. You are lucky so it shouldn’t happen.”

It all depended on luck? Xie Xi felt this was strongly unreliable. It was hard to tell if this luck was good or bad.

Was it good or bad for Xie Xi to recover 12 souls in one breath? It was good to be able to recover it so wasn’t this lucky? It was just that people needed to be brave enough to bear this good luck.

After seeing that Xie Xi was too nervous, Jiang Xie comforted him. “It should be impossible. 12 souls won’t make it an SS-grade difficulty.” The highest difficulty quasi-world he designed was SS.

Xie Xi also thought this and couldn’t help relaxing. “It should be representative of something else. There shouldn’t be 12 of you.”

Jiang Xie laughed. “Yes.”

Xie Xi relaxed before unexpectedly saying, “Actually, it would be nice if I could help you discover 12 souls at a time.”

He might be exhausted but the gains would be great. There was a limit to how many soul pieces could be cut off. If it was really possible to take back 12 souls, Jiang Xie might not be in danger.

Jiang Xie’s heart was sweet. “It’s fine. Central’s release of erasure tasks is regular. It will be a priority to erase the difficult to repair worlds.”

He knew Xie Xi must be scared by Yunge’s announcement just now. In the event that someone received Jiang Xie’s quasi-world and successfully erased it, Jiang Xie’s soul wouldn’t come back. If the souls died then Jiang Xie…

There was always knife hanging over Jiang Xie’s head and Xie Xi was nervous. He felt he couldn’t delay the time and said, “Let’s go. If we enter then we’ll know what is going on.


In fact, he had an idea in his mind but it was too incredible. There had never been such a situation before and the possibility was extremely low. Thus, Jiang didn’t say it to cause trouble to Xie Xi.

After entering the quasi-world, he would have to play as the souls. This meant Xie Xi would have to explore things himself.

He should avoid giving untrustworthy information to Xie Xi so that Xie Xi wouldn’t embark on the wrong path.

Xie Xi’s mood was quite complicated. He felt that there couldn’t be 12 souls. He also felt that if true or not, he should recover the souls as soon as possible to feel reassured.

Xie Xi was filled with this determination as he started off. He glanced at Jiang Xie and confirmed again. “Are you sure?”

It was unknown how many worlds Jiang Xie went through but he had a bit of tension. “Go.”

Xie Xi nodded. After a short dizziness, he saw the information panel that appeared in front of him.

[Welcome to the Collapsing 12 Boundaries. Please read the following information board carefully.]

Name: Collapsing 12 Boundaries.


Remember, you don’t believe in things because they are real. It is because you believe in them that they are real.

There is no eternal truth in this world because what you think is nothing more than a ‘hypothesis.’

The world is hypothetical.

General Task: Find the true spirit and repair him.

Carried Items: God’s Wisdom, Sketch Pen.

Xie Xi looked at this information panel and froze for a long time. He had a good memory and remembered the contents with almost a glance. There were too many differences compared to the previous information panel.

First, there was the first sentence. It used to be ‘welcome to the quasi-world’.  This time, it was ‘welcome to the Collapsing 12 Boundaries.’

The next parts were missing and then the contents of the summary made his scalp feel numb.

This was like a reminder to Xie Xi but it was hard to understand the reminder.

The things he believed in were real? Then what did it mean by the last sentence about the world being hypothetical?

Xie Xi continued to look down and pondered over these words.

Every time he entered the quasi-world, the prompt would give the main task and the side task. What did this general task mean?

The contents of the task were also quite subtle.

Look for the real spirit? Did this mean there were fakes?

Repairing it was normal. However, the word ‘He’ made Xie Xi think about it. This pronoun was generally used to describe a god. Was the spirit a god? Or an existence similar to a god?

Even the last part about the items carried made Xie Xi puzzled.

He had the golden items box. Due to becoming a designer and his suitability being enhanced, Jiang Xie gave him two pills to bring with this. Yet they disappeared and the only thing left was the god’s wisdom and sketch pen.

It was too strange. This world was surprising from the moment he entered.

The information panel had disappeared. Xie Xi squinted at the lower right corner and saw the words of the complete task. This gave him some peace of mind and he became determined to do the mission.

Xie Xi sighed and calmed down after thinking about the seniors who became five balls.

Jiang Xie said that anything could happen in the quasi-world. Perhaps the change in the information panel was due to becoming a designer?

However, if there really was going to be a change, why didn’t Jiang Xie remind him in advance?

Of course, this change wasn’t big and Jiang Xie had been a designer for many years. It was normal to forget. Jiang Xie who was so careful…

Stop, Xie Xi refused to think about it. Since he had entered, he had to act calmly. Nothing had started yet and thinking too much would only make himself timid.

Xie Xi looked around. Not surprisingly, Jiang Xie wasn’t present…

His heart was prepared but he still felt empty when he didn’t see Jiang Xie. Perhaps it was due to the different information panel.

Xie Xi stepped forward and sank. It felt like a falling dream, as if he had fallen down a cliff. After a violent sense of weightlessness, Xie Xi stood firm.

There was darkness around him where he couldn’t see his fingers and it was as if he couldn’t be sure of his own existence.

Xie Xi couldn’t determine if he had really fallen just now. The only certain thing was that he wasn’t injured. There was no pain in his body and no discomfort at all.

Where the hell was this? Xie Xi wasn’t afraid of darkness but he was somewhat uneasy. He couldn’t help whispering, “Jiang Xie?”

An empty echo returned to his ears.

Jiang Xie… Jiang Xie… Jiang Xie…

Xie Xi’s heart thumped and the echo caused by his own voice increased his tension. He stopped speaking and didn’t move any more. He tried to release Roast Pork Bun but…

The pet bar was gone. His system panel was empty. There were only the god’s wisdom and sketch pen.

What exactly was going on? Why was even the kitten gone? Xie Xi’s thin lips unconsciously trembled.

He took out the god’s wisdom and sketch pen, thought about it and drew a flashlight. Thanks to the sketch pen, he could draw whatever he wanted.

After drawing, the god’s wisdom flashed and Xie Xi found there was a flashlight in his items bar. He sighed with relief and took it out. He turned it on and there was a straight line in the darkness.

This didn’t give Xie Xi any pace of mind. The light shone like a white line drawn on a huge black cloth. It didn’t illuminate the surroundings but became a solitary existence crowded by darkness.

Xie Xi took a breath and turned off the flashlight. He didn’t know why but having it on was even more terrible. It was because nothing could be seen and the darkness was a thick fog that constantly devoured the light.

Where was this? What should he do next? Xie Xi didn’t know.

He walked straight ahead. He felt like a long time had passed but he wasn’t tired at all.

This wasn’t the real world and he wasn’t himself. Fear spread like the high tide. Xie Xi controlled his mind and thought about what to do. A dark world with nothing, what should he do?

Xie Xi’s mind moved and he grabbed the god’s wisdom. If there was nothing then he could create…

Could he do this? What should he draw? In Xie Xi’s mind, Jiang Xie’s garden emerged…

He knew that god’s wisdom had creative limitations. It wasn’t just limited in size but it could only create inanimate objects. Even so, his hand slowly moved.

He drew Jiang Xie’s garden. In the darkness where nothing could be seen, only the sea of roses in the god’s wisdom could be seen.

He knew that it was what he drew but his mood relaxed because of the familiar scene. He didn’t know when but Xie Xi had made this garden his home. The place that symbolized Jiang Xie’s spiritual world was already his safe haven.

Xie Xi recovered his calm and was thinking about what to draw. Suddenly, the surrounding area brightened and Xie Xi found himself standing in a sea of roses. It was a familiar sight, a familiar garden and even the exact same pavilion.

Xie Xi was stunned. He took a few steps and found that outside the garden was dark, but the garden was bright.

He… he drew out the garden? What was going on? The beginner god’s wisdom couldn’t…

At this time, Xie Xi discovered that the word ‘beginner’ wasn’t before the god’s wisdom. It was just a plain god’s wisdom. What was going on?

Xie Xi’s mind was full of fog when he saw twelve groups of light in the centre of the garden. Xie Xi headed over and saw the different colours of the light group, as well as the symbols above.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer…

The 12 zodiac constellations?

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