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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 2

Xie Xi was well aware that no matter what Jiang Xie became, he could recognize the other person from the first time they met.

Thus, he wasn’t wrong. This was Jiang Xie.

A little lion that was a few months old…

Well, this was his world. If he wanted to be the king of beasts then it should be fine!

Xie Xi looked at Leo. This little guy wasn’t big but he was born with a strong head. It was a bit strange but the round head, velvety ears and short and wide claws allowed a person to imagine how strong and powerful he would be when he grew up.

Leo seemed to be very tired and his body was a bit filthy. It was unknown where he came from but he had fainted from tiredness in this place.

The moment Xie Xi approached, his eyes opened and bright golden eyes were vigilant as he let out a low sound.

He seemed to be threatening Xie Xi but because his body was too small, his voice wasn’t scary at all but was very cute.

Xie Xi’s eyes curved, not afraid of this lion at all. “Are you hungry?”

The little lion cried out, “Ao!”

It wasn’t an agreement but to make Xie Xi go far away.

Xie Xi came closer and frowned slightly as he approached.

The little lion was wounded and the hind legs, which he had hidden, were bleeding.

“You’re hurt.” Xie Xi strode forward with twisted eyebrows. “Don’t be afraid. I will treat your wounds.”

Despite the blood flowing from his hind legs, the little lion stood up and took a fighting stance.

Xie Xi’s body was too weak and h was afraid both of them would be damaged if the lion rushed over.

“Look at how I’m so weak. How can I hurt you?” Xie Xi felt that Jiang Xie could understand his words.

After all, he always understood when he was a cat or a bird.

Sure enough, the big lion’s eyes turned around and he seemed to be examining Xie Xi.

Xie Xi reached out and made a harmless gesture, “Look, I don’t have a weapon.”

The little lion gave a low cry.

Xie Xi slowly approached and first tried to touch him.

The little guy was so vicious that he bit Xie Xi.

Xie Xi didn’t hide and let this person hold his hand.

The little lion didn’t bite in a hard manner. He just stared at Xie Xi with golden eyes, which seemed to be somewhat doubtful.

Xie Xi reassured him. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

The little lion released the hand.

Xie Xi sighed with relief. If this was actually a little lion in the wild then he would’ve already encountered an accident.

The reason why he dared to do this was because he knew this was Jiang Xie and that Jiang Xie wouldn’t hurt him. The second reason was that he had the space shield. He wouldn’t be hurt if the little lion bit him.

This obviously made Jiang Xie relax and Xie Xi slightly examined his wounds. Some of them are infected. Will you go with me so I can bandage them?”

The little lion gave a low cry.

Xie Xi took this as agreement. “Is it okay for me to hold you?”

Xie Xi was afraid that he couldn’t hold this lion so he gathered all up his strength and reached out…

The little lion bared his teeth and stood up without Xie Xi’s help.

Xie Xi glanced at the right hind leg and saw him drag it without much trouble.

He turned back and found he was weaker than the little lion. This was shameful!

Fortunately, Xie Xi’s cave wasn’t far away and they soon arrived after a few steps.

Xie Xi told Jiang Xie, “Wait for me, I will go and get the medicine box.”

The little lion cried out and lay at the mouth of the hole.

He remained alert and his positioning was very clever. It was a place where he could escape if he was in danger.

Xie Xi headed to the bedroom.

He didn’t have a medicine box so once he entered, he summoned the sketch pen and drew a picture.

In order to match his poor temperament, the medicine box was old and broken. The medicine inside was also inclined to Chinese herbal medicine, which could be more easily explained.

He came out and spoke to Jiang Xie, “Can you come over? I’ll wash your wounds for you.”

It was too hard for him to carry the pot of hot water.

The little lion hesitated, watched Xie Xi take a few steps where he swayed from the wind and became relieved.

There was no other person in this cave and he could bite this man’s neck with one bite.

The little lion dragged his injured hind leg and was careful along the way, seemingly wary of possible traps.

Xie Xi saw him like this and felt he was cute. However, there was also a bitter taste.

Leo didn’t have it easy. Such a small lion had such a vigilant heart, showing his hard life.

Thinking of this, Xie Xi’s voice became gentler. “It might be a little painful but bear with it.”

The little lion snorted. Xie Xi couldn’t understand the animal language but he could guess the general meaning from the tone. ‘I’m not afraid.’

Xie Xi carefully cleaned the wounds and gave him medicine. The little fellow shook as he was dressed.

The pain was certain and the medicine was strong. It both sterilized and accelerated recovery but the pain was relative to the effect.

It was the so-called good medicine was bitter and the external application was even more painful.

However, the little lion didn’t say anything. Apart from shaking, he didn’t show any pain.

Xie Xi tied the bandages with a beautiful bow and praised him. “Really brave!”

The little lion, “…”

Xie Xi pretended not to see the disgust in the little lion’s eyes.

The medicine was mixed with some sleeping ingredients, mainly to relieve the little lion’s pain.

Who knew that the little guy could resist so much. He didn’t sleep and just stared at Xie Xi with confused, big eyes.

Xie Xi’s heart softened and he gently patted the fur. “It’s okay. You will soon be fine.”

The little lion didn’t say anything but refused to speak as he stared at this person.

Xie Xi could only try to comfort him. “They say that long illness makes a doctor. Look at me, I’m sick like this so I must be a good doctor.”

The little lion, “…” He had obvious doubts in his eyes.

Xie Xi didn’t care and continued to boast. “I am especially good at treating trauma. These herbs are used together.” He didn’t understand his setting but that didn’t prevent him from creating his own setting.

The little lion’s ears trembled as he listened with the attitude of a few punctuation marks.

Xie Xi continued to talk about herbal medicine…

This was probably hypnotic. The little lion trying not to sleep overlapped his front paws, small chin falling on top of it as his eyes squinted.

Xie Xi saw this appearance and felt it was adorable.

Big cat, this was really a foul!

Xie Xi resisted the urge to rub this lion’s head. He had to put Leo to sleep to ensure the lion didn’t feel pain and also recovered quickly.

Finally, the little lion fell asleep.

Xie Xi’s physique meant he was tired on his own.

He gasped as he carefully got up. He moved very lightly but the little lion’s ears still shook.

This vigilance was too high! Xie Xi could only maintain his current state and wait for the lion to sleep more.

Maintaining this action was also tiring. Xie Xi simply sat down next to the little lion.

He gently touched the furry head and the little lion trembled. Maybe he was too tired or he didn’t feel any pain at last. The lion didn’t wake up again and instead leaned against Xie Xi’s side, his body attached to Xie Xi’s legs.

Xie Xi didn’t want to go…

He saw the mud under the small hind paws and the tangles in the beautiful fur. Xie Xi was very distressed.

It felt like the little lion had suffered a lot.

Did this little one leave his family?

What happened to his parents?

Xie Xi knew too little about this world and couldn’t think of a reason.

He gently smoothed the fur and slept with him for a while.

In the middle of the night, Xie Xi heard a groan.

The little lion had woken up. He was able to move on four feet and his spirit was much better.

Xie Xi slept a bit and felt some pain from his waist. “How is it? It is fine.”

The little lion cried out, “Ao…”

Xie Xi didn’t understand. He just thought it was very cute and touched the furry little heard.

The little lion seemed to dislike people touching his head but Xie Xi saved him so he held back.

Xie Xi wanted to stand him but his legs were numb. The itching from his head also made him feel pain.

The little lion came close to him.

Xie Xi whispered, ”I’m fine, my legs are numb.”

The little lion snorted.

Xie Xi didn’t understand but knew the lion was caring about him. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll be fine after being a bi more active.”

The little lion moved to his leg and licked the exposed foot.

Xie Xi’s legs were numb but his feet was fine. He was itchy and couldn’t help laughing. “Don’t lick…” There were small barbs on the tongue and it was too itchy!

The little lion gazed at him, smiled and licked him again.

Xie Xi slowly stood up. “Okay, I can walk.”

The little lion held his head high with a ‘don’t thank me’ expression.

This was too cute! Xie Xi couldn’t hold back and touched the little head. “You are really capable.”

The little lion wanted to hide but thought about this weak person. He didn’t want to scare the person and tried to hold back.

Xie Xi couldn’t help smiling. He said, “Just wait, I’ll go find you something to eat.”

He only had a piece of rotting meat in his house and this obviously couldn’t be eaten.

Xie Xi could only go and draw some meat.

Did a lion eat raw meat?

Xie Xi didn’t remember where he saw it but carnivorous animals needed a variety of vitamins in raw meat to maintain the balance of their body. Once cooked, they lost some important vitamins. Large carnivores didn’t eat plants and raw meat was the best.

Xie Xi drew some raw meat strips and the little lion’s eyes lit up as he pounced with a whimper.

Xie Xi, “…”

This should really be filmed. Once he returned to Central and showed it to God Yan, the depressed mood would be swept away and he would be happy for hundreds of years.

Cough… forget it. It wasn’t worth the loss if someone made a fuss to him 70 times a night.

Xie Xi watched the little lion eating meat and thought about how the lion could become a human.

He didn’t think Leo would always be a lion. Becoming a human was certain. He just needed to find the method of the transformation.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry. The little lion was really cute and Xie Xi really liked it.

Perceiving Xie Xi’s gaze, the little lion stopped moving his mouth and pushed a piece of meat over.

Xie Xi smiled and told him, “I have already eaten. You eat it.”

The little lion didn’t think much and kept eating.

He didn’t know how long he had been hungry. There were a few pieces of meat left and Xie Xi was a bit hungry when he saw them…

Unfortunately, his body was too bad to eat barbecue.

They slept for a while and the next morning, they were awakened by the sound of stones striking.

Xie Xi’s eyes were sleepy until the pain from his chest came and then he was completely awake.

It was terrible…

Xie Xi started looking for painkillers.

The little lion had stood up and ran to the hole.

Xie Xi took painkillers to ease the pain and heard loud noises from outside.

“Invalid, invalid, the Tiger Country’s most useless invalid!”

“Mixed with dirt invalid, unlucky invalid!”

“The invalid hasn’t come out for a few days. Is he dead?”

Then there were more sounds of sounds being thrown.

They were children’s voices but the contents were vicious.

Children might not know much but they learnt quickly.

The words must’ve been said by adults and the children ran here after hearing it.

Xie Xi was the invalid but he wasn’t angry. He just wanted to go out to clean up these naughty children while also exploring the world background.

However, someone was on fire.

There was a roar and the little lion rushed out.

Xie Xi was anxious and he was afraid there would be an accident.

Unexpectedly, the children’s screams were heard. “There is a big lion in the invalid’s house!”

Xie Xi, “???”

How was the little lion big?

He came out and saw the lion confronting three boys who were seven or eight years old.

According to common sense, children would either be afraid or curious when seeing lions but these children were special.

There was some surprise but it didn’t seem to be their first time seeing a lion.

The next moment, Xie Xi was stunned.

There was a bang and the three children became tigers.

They weren’t adults but they were obviously larger than the little lion.

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