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Extra 2

The male gods who just fled came back.

Jiang Xie raised his eyebrows and stared at the five people like they had one character written on each of their foreheads, spelling out: we are lightbulbs.

There were five people and six characters (in Chinese). Old Qin’s forehead was big and he had one more character written on it.

Xie Xi was still immersed in his previous conversation with Xie Xi and his mind didn’t return for a while.

Yan Zhe took the initiative to open his mouth. “Okay, don’t stare at us like we’re enemies. We have something to tell you.”

Xie Xi’s senses returned and he glanced at Yan Zhe. “God Yan, what happened?”

Compared to talking to Old Jiang, Yan Zhe preferred Little Rose. “We have all received a new task.”

Xie Xi hadn’t responded yet when Yan Zhe and the others opened their system panel.

Xie Xi saw five different quasi-worlds, all of which were SSS-grade. The designers were X and IE. In other words, Jiang Xie and Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was startled.

Jiang Xie stated, “They are just the 12 repaired quasi-worlds.”

Nan Yi was sour. “Designing 12 quasi-worlds in one breath, you are crazy! The outside is boiling up.”

Xie Xi glanced at Jiang Xie with doubts in his eyes. They hadn’t gone to the designer’s hall yet. How was the design completed?

Jiang Xie waved his hand and spoke to Nan Yi. “What is 12? There will be 120, 1200, 10,000…”

Nan Yi immediately cried out, “stop! In the future, all the high level worlds in Central will be designed y you!”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved and he humbly admitted it.

Xie Xi’s mouth twitched as he understood the meaning of Jiang Xie’s smile. It was more than a high level world, they even designed a Central Government.

However, this was too alarming that Jiang Xie didn’t mention it to anyone.

Jiang Xie might love to brag but he had a sense of proportion. He was clearer than anyone else about what should be said and what shouldn’t be said.

Jiang Xie asked them, “Why, do you want to play?”

The men who played as the five balls all had complicated expressions. They were afraid of speaking and being pitted. They spent billions of years as a foolish planet. Anyone who heard this would be sad enough to shed tears.

They could say they didn’t want to go but they were too curious. The tasks they could accept now were very limited. The erasing tasks were to fight and kill. This was repetitive and monotonous. They had been tired of it long ago.

The tasks of other quasi-worlds were too low and they simply couldn’t enter. Oh, they could enter like Old Jiang by evil exchanging a price but who knew what they would lose? They didn’t have an extremely lucky physique.

Thus, it was tempting to have many unknown small worlds of their level.

In fact, Xie Xi was also very curious but he was now a designer. He couldn’t enter the worlds of his own design and could only watch them.

Finally, Yan Zhe cried out, “Why won’t we go? Don’t keep goods within your family!”

They might’ve acted foolishly for several billion years but the rewards were very rich and there were many good things that could be encountered.

They entered the mission world in front of Jiang Xie and Xie Xie.

Xie Xi curiously asked Jiang Xie, “In the new civilization, God Yan and the others really stayed for billions of years…”

What a terrible amount of time.

Jiang Xie smirked. “The life of a planet can’t be measured from a human perspective, just as a fly can’t imagine the lifespan of a human.”

Xie Xi smiled. “Yes.”

Having experienced so much, he was still easily bound by time and space.

At first glance, it was terrible that they lived for billions of years as a planet. Then what about humans who had a long life compared to mayflies? They didn’t feel that their life was short. The same was true for planets.

Xie Xi stared at Jiang Xie and spoke sincerely. “I still need to learn.”

In terms of understanding, the gap between him and Jiang Xie was very large.

Jiang Xie laughed and held his waist. “Rest assured, I will teach you well. This pose…”

Xie Xi, “…” He would give this trash teacher a hammer!

After fighting for a while, Xie Xi asked, “We didn’t go to the designer’s hall. Why was the design of the quasi-world a success?”

“It is because these quasi-worlds are the new Central.

Xie Xi’s eyes widened.

Jiang Xie explained, “The 12 worlds formed a new Central but they aren’t mature enough so players need to clear them.”

Xie Xi understood.

“Once cleared, they are the beginning of a new Central!”

“Yes,” Jiang Xie nodded. “After being cleared, the new Central will select the first generation of players from the new worlds.”

Then there would be a new cycle, just like the current Central.

Xie Xi asked, “Then we designed these 12 quasi-worlds in the new Central Government?”


There were many unknowns ahead but as long as they were with each other, they would always find the answer. This was the joy of life.

It was because he was looking at the system panel that Xie Xi saw a friend application.

He looked at it and was N, master of Yunge.

Xie Xi glanced towards Jiang Xie. His panel was open to Jiang Xie and Jiang Xie could also see it.

Jiang Xie explained to him, “IE is a code name but there are items that allowed people to search for you using it.”

Of course, low level players couldn’t get this type of item but N certainly could.

Jiang Xie spoke again, “You can set permissions here so that people can’t find you even if they have items.”

Xie Xi first accepted N’s friend request before turning off the search permission.

12 quasi-worlds had been designed in a row and there was a chance IE was now bigger than X. People would want to add him as a friend.

Rather than inviting trouble, it was better to close it as soon as possible.

Jiang Xie opened his mouth. “Don’t take Old N seriously. He’s just looking for a naive and capable person to do his work.”

Xie Xi didn’t agree. “He isn’t hostile to you. He knew it was your quasi-world but happily gave up the task.”

Xie XI  and N’s negotiations might be a mutually beneficial transaction but if N had other ideas, he could still do something.

Yet he didn’t.

He honestly told Xie Xi what he saw after touching the centre and easily gave up the task.

Compared to the scum members of Yunge that he previously met, the master wasn’t so annoying.

Jiang Xie stated, “He only values your identity as a Repairer.”

Xie Xi looked at him. “He was bullied by you yet doesn’t want to kill you. I think he is very broad-minded.”

“That’s because he is weak.”

How could Xie Xi not understand this person’s small mind. He smiled and asked, “Can’t you grow up a bit? Why must you always drink a pot of vinegar?”

Jiang Xie kissed him. “Who made you so good?!”

Xie Xi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “Okay, let go!”

His heart was as sweet as honey. He obtained a new task and it even…

Jiang Xie saw this and became sourer. “You really want to repair his garbage world?”

Yes, Xie Xi found the collapsed world that N had designed.

Xie Xi’s mouth was curved and he looked very happy.

Jiang Xie became even unhappier.

Then Xie Xi spoke and the old vinegar instantly sweetened to honey.

Xie Xi said, “Then your souls are truly all recovered.”

If there was still a collapsed world out there, Xie Xi would definitely be the first to find it.

Now… it was someone else’s world. This meant he brought back all the souls.

Jiang Xie was in a good mood and the name N wasn’t so disgusting.

Xie Xi added, “It’s quite a coincidence. The first time I randomly searched for a world, it turned out to be N’s world.”

At this time, N who was added as a friend sent a message to Xie Xi: I received the world that you and X designed.”

Out of 12 quasi-worlds, the male gods received five and other god level players must’ve received it.

Xie Xi also replied to him: I also received the task of repairing your quasi-world.

N replied very quickly: Thank you very much.

They were simple words but anyone could see his nervousness and excitement.

Xie Xi looked at N and couldn’t help thinking of the previous Jiang Xie, his heart sad.

At this moment, Jiang Xie didn’t forget to devalue the ‘dangerous element.’ He said, “it isn’t a coincidence. There is a high probability. It is unknown how many of N’s quasi-worlds have collapsed in these years. All of us have received a task to erase them.”

The worse the collapse, the higher the chance it had of being selected.

Xie Xi remembered this matter and asked, “Why is N so obsessed with designing a quasi-world?”

“It should be what he saw.”

Xie Xi paused before asking, “Did he see me?”

Jiang Xie explained, “He couldn’t see you because…”

He didn’t finish but Xie Xi understood and smiled at Jiang Xie. “Yes, because I don’t belong to any future.”

Jiang Xie corrected his words. “You don’t belong to any destined future.”

Xie Xi expressed the words in his heart. “You saved me.’

Jiang Xie was slightly shocked.

Xie Xi looked up at him and pointed out the thing that Jiang Xie deliberately spoke vaguely about.

“In the destined future, I died early. It is because of your efforts that I am no alive.”

Jiang Xie’s lips quivered before he hugged Xie XI. “The future that doesn’t happen is false and non-existent.”

Xie Xi also hugged him. “I know that only what we believe is real.”

However, Jiang Xie did see it.

He saw Xie Xi’s death and the worse ending. Then he smashed through all the thorns, carrying countless sufferings as he waited for Xie Xi, guarding him from the beginning.

At a time when Xie Xi didn’t know and when he couldn’t think about it, Jiang Xie had been waiting for him.

What was Xie Xi’s good luck?

His good luck was that he encountered Jiang Xie from the beginning.

He went from nothing to the present situation and was very satisfied.

It was because someone had been paying for him silently.

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