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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 16

Xie Xi held his breath and ensured that he didn’t make any movements.

If he woke up, the national teacher would definitely leave the little lion and rush in. Then he wouldn’t have the opportunity to understand the situation.

Xie Xi was crossing the river by feeling the stones and also needed a bamboo pole. National Teacher, please hand it to him!

The national teacher spoke. “I wasn’t much older than you when I knew His Majesty.”

Xie Xi listened very carefully. Was he really an antique this time and was much older than the national teacher?

The national teacher used a light voice to tell a story of reliance in a war-torn era.

Xie Xi guessed wrong. In fact, he wasn’t much older than the national teacher. The two of them were a similar age and they were orphans who lost their families in the war.

The national teacher’s experience was more tragic. He lost his family and was almost eaten by monsters.

The newly adult Xie Xi appeared, took him away from the monsters pursuing him and they hid in a cave.

The little lion listened and interjected, “He was in a cave when I met him.”

“It is a coincidence.”

The little lion questioned, “You knew each other in adversity and it was a mutual dependence. Then why did he leave the palace?” In fact, Leo wanted to ask why the national teacher betrayed the beast king.

After all, this was the rumour among the common people.

The national teacher sneered. “He was so good to me, you couldn’t imagine it.”

Leo’s tone was sour. “He is also very good to me.”

The national teacher didn’t care about these childish words and continued, “In the years when the eight countries were in chaos, the most pained ones were the people. His Majesty saw many displaced people and more tragedies. The thing he desired most was to end the war.”

“He did it.”

“Yes,” the national teacher replied. “He did it. He did the great work that wasn’t possible for anyone else. He unified the eight countries, ending the war and bringing about a world of peace and prosperity.”

Then he whispered sharply, “But do you know how much he paid? How many painful ordeals he went through? How many times he barely survived?!”

Leo was stunned and couldn’t answer.

The national teacher continued, “I was by his side, watching his efforts and his hard work. I watched him move towards that elusive ideal, watched him walk through the blood again and again until he finally met the moon in the sky!”

The moon was a distant dream that others only dare to look up at timidly yet the beast king met it.

There was some depression in Leo’s voice. “I have never seen such a king.”

The national teacher was still calm and quiet. “Thus, you can’t imagine how good he was to me.”

Leo clenched his voice.

The national teacher’s soft voice contained gentleness as he became immersed in the memories. “In the chaotic times, he indulged my bad habits. He didn’t hesitate to rush into the enemy camp just to bring back a bucket of water for me. He slept on the hay pile and took off his clothes to make me a mattress. He used his fists to teach all the people who mocked my hair colour. He always gave me the best things, was afraid that I would be hurt, always…”

Leo listened attentively while the national teacher’s voice started trembling more and more.

No wonder why he said that Leo couldn’t imagine it. This was indeed the case. If he didn’t live in such an era, he wouldn’t understand how good and precious it was.

The two men paused for a while and Leo was a bit uncomfortable. “He was like this to you. What did you do that he…”

The national teacher stated, “I confessed to him.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

The national teacher’s next words seemed to split his soul. “It is because his kindness to me had nothing to do with love.”

Leo didn’t understand.

The national teacher spoke slowly. “I told you this because I hope you can calm down.”

“What do you mean?”

“He isn’t good to you because he loves you. He is purely taking care of the weak.”

Leo was stunned. “I am different from you. I’m not weak!”

The national teacher didn’t refute him and only smiled sarcastically. “I don’t want to see you follow the same path as me and blindly give him trouble. He will be soft-hearted and cater to you but remember, this isn’t love.”

In the end, Leo was young and he cried out, “I can tell if it is love or not!”

The national teacher was still calm. “Once you can tell, you will go crazy.”

His tone contained no ups and downs, causing chills to go down Xie Xi’s neck.

Xie Xi wrapped himself tightly in the quilt.

The conversation between the two men was over and Xie Xi pondered on it.

The encounter between the national teacher and the beast king was very romantic. The two young people were dependent on each other and rose shoulder to shoulder to the peak of power. This was really enviable.

However, Xie Xi wasn’t a young lion. He knew that the national teacher concealed many things.

He was good to the national teacher. Xie Xi definitely treated him very well.

Still, there must be another secret involving the troubles between the two men.

Could a simple confession make the wonderful beast king leave the national teacher?

This didn’t make sense and definitely wasn’t what happened.

The little lion suddenly asked, “The wound on his chest…”

Hearing this question, Xie Xi quickly suppressed his thoughts and listened carefully.

He wanted to know how he got this injury!

The little lion actually asked, “…Was it obtained during the war?”

Such a terrible wound, as if the heart was dug out, was really shocking.

The national teacher paused for a moment before calmly answering, “Yes.”

Xie Xi’s ears trembled. His instincts told him that the national teacher was lying.

Even if he couldn’t see the person, he could tell that the national teacher was concealing the truth from the voice alone.

Leo definitely couldn’t hear it and he looked slightly sombre. “He suffered a lot.”

The national teacher told him, “So don’t toss him any more.”

“I’m not!” Leo exclaimed before realized that he sounded very childish. “His injury, can you cure it?”

“It will take time.”

The lion was visibly relieved and said, “It isn’t early. He should be waking up soon.”

Xie Xi quickly took off the miniature amplifier and hid it under his pillow.

He heard the sound of the door and opened his eyes to see the national teacher in a white robe.

The national teacher stared at him and spoke warmly, “Your Majesty, good morning. The medicinal bath is ready.”

Xie Xi sat up and nodded. “I slept a bit deeply.”

“It is good to sleep well for recovery.”

Xie Xi inwardly thought, ‘Leo is really young and inexperienced. If this injury was due to the war, the Rose Dynasty lasted for so long? Why didn’t the national teacher cure him during this time?’

After taking the medicinal bath, Xie Xi felt better and his appetite improved significantly during breakfast.

He didn’t care about what he thought about in private. The two Jiang Xies saw him drank more than half a bowl of porridge and their hearts were comfortable.

The meal ended and the national teacher went to attend a meeting. Xie Xi mentioned yesterday that he wanted to talk to the little lion and this was an excellent opportunity.

Leo was actually somewhat uneasy after listening to this morning’s words.

The national teacher’s words clearly dug a hole for Xie Xi.

Xie Xi cared for Leo not out of love but because of his soft heart.

He didn’t treat Leo as unique because he was truly good to the national teacher.

These flat words hid a lot of thunder.

If Xie Xi hadn’t been eavesdropping, he would’ve fallen into the pit without knowing why he was buried!

The two of them went back to the back garden. Due to the dream last night, Xie Xi paid attention to Leo’s attitude.

If Leo also dreamt of what they did in the garden, there would definitely be a slight change when seeing the garden.

Unfortunately, Leo was completely absent-minded.

This didn’t mean that he didn’t have s*xual dreams. After all, it wasn’t the first time coming to the garden and not reacting was normal.

Xie Xi temporarily suppressed this problem and concentrated on the ‘talk.’

They sat in the pavilion and Leo spoke first, “In the morning, the national teacher told me what previously happened between you.”

Xie Xi also heard it and didn’t ask. “I have known him for a long time.”

Leo glanced at him. “He said you were so good to him that other people can’t imagine it.”

Xie Xi smiled. “He was younger than me and we were both orphans. I regarded him as my only family.”

“But he isn’t your family.”

Xie Xi replied, “Family members don’t necessarily need to have a blood relationship.”

A lover was also family in the end. Xie Xi was really a clever ghost.

Leo definitely couldn’t understand this and wondered, “Do you think of me as your family?”

Xie Xi nodded. “Of course.”

He only had one love (home) but he had thousands of tricks for love.

Leo paused before saying, “The national teacher said that you left after he confessed to you.”

This was really a straightforward young man. He shook everything out!

Xie Xi had something in mind and pretended to be stunned by these words. “That… those things are all over.”

Leo stared at him. “I also confessed to you. You…”

Xie Xi smiled wryly. “Things aren’t as simple as you think.”

At this moment, Leo was most afraid of being considered a child by Xie Xi. “I can’t think in such a complicated manner. I only know one thing. I like you and I want to be with you. IF you don’t like me, just tell me and I will leave!”

This straight ball was really lethal and too unfriendly for a ‘slag!’

Slag Xie had a manuscript in his heart and he sighed. “Have you considered the real problem?”

“It is your problem with me.”

This sentence struck Xie Xi. If there weren’t too many Jiang Xies, he would catch this straight ball and fly away with it.

What was the real problem?

Everything was shit in front of two people who really loved each other!

Poor Xie Xi fell in love with a man with more than one soul…

Xie Xi questioned, “What type of future do you think I can give you with this body?”

Leo was stunned.

Xie Xi had long been brewing a bitter plan. “I don’t know how long I can live…”

He hadn’t finished when Leo exclaimed, “The national teacher said he could cure your body!”

“Then… can you wait for me to recover?”

This hint caused Leo’s eyes to brighten. “You mean…”

Xie XI shook his head. “I can’t give you any promises. You are still young and I am an adult. I can’t say words that I can’t be responsible for.”

Once he returned to Central, Xie Xi decided to anonymously public a book called ‘A Scum’s Quotes.’

Leo was a bit excited. “I will wait for you. I can wait a long time!”

Xie Xi smiled. “Didn’t you always want to learn martial arts? Stay in the palace and I’ll arrange people to teach you.”

Leo was finally stabilized. “Good!”

The sorrow in his heart was swept away.

It was because Xie Xi gave him hope.

It was just a bit of hope but this allowed Jiang Xie to see an infinite dawn!

He wanted to become stronger, strong enough to get revenge. He also wanted to be strong enough to get the approval of the man who once unified the eight countries.

Thus, Leo stayed in the palace.

The national teacher didn’t say anything about this. He didn’t look for Leo or mention it to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi’s instructions were arranged properly and the best masters were found to teach Leo.

The national teacher was calm but Xie Xi found it hard to feel at ease.

The national teacher’s previous words, ‘Once you can tell, you will go crazy’ always lingered in Xie Xi’s heart, making him uneasy.

The wonderful thing was that from this day onwards, Xie Xi’s s*x dreams stopped.

He sighed with relief too early. More than a month later, the lion entered his estrus period.

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