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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 12

Xie Xi, “…”

He was distressed but he also caught a lot of clues from the words.

Then it seemed the confession had failed? Did he leave the palace to escape the national teacher? Then what about the injury on his body?

The beast king who unified the eight kingdoms couldn’t have such a ruined body, right?

It was impossible for Jiang Xie to hurt him. So what the hell was going on?

Xie Xi restrained his thoughts and looked at the national teacher. “If I cared about it, I wouldn’t have returned to the capital.”

The national teacher looked up, pale grey eyes seeming to reflect the blue water. “You aren’t leaving?”

“Not for the time being.”

The words ‘time being’ caused the national teacher’s mouth to tighten but he didn’t say anything.

Xie Xi added, “However, I’ve been idle for too long and don’t want to take care of state affairs. Those matters will be handed to you.” If he had to stay up late to work overtime, he would die in this rose palace.”

The national teacher was surprised before instantly replying, “It is the responsibility of this subordinate to share Your Majesty’s worries.”

Xie Xi leaned against the edge of the pool and closed his eyes. “Yes.”

He didn’t dare have Jiang Xie leave. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to reach the shore after soaking for a long time. Drowning in this pool of water would be a disgrace.

The national teacher also didn’t want to go and got up. “I will help you bathe.”

What was this service? Xie Xi always felt it wasn’t right.

It should just be a simple bath but there was the failed confession after all…

Xie Xi’s eyes opened slightly. He pretended to be unconcerned but he was actually glancing secretly.

The national teacher’s clothes were wet and his snow coloured hair touched the blue water in a breathtaking sight.

Xie Xi’s heart thumped.

The old hooligan Jiang Xie showed such a look, it was really amazing…

Xie Xi closed his eyes.

His recent dreams were a bit bad and he couldn’t become carried away!

There was Leo in the palace. If he started something with the national teacher, what should the little lion do?

Solving one problem for another to float up had happened to him many times and Xie Xi understood. If he wanted to maintain the balance, he had to keep his distance!

Xie Xi’s mind wandered and he couldn’t help smiling bitterly. He wasn’t only a slag, he was a green tea slag.

Well… this green tea slag wanted to commit domestic violence!

The national teacher behaved very well. His clothes weren’t off and his posture was as pure as his hair colour. As for whether the heart was perverted or not, Xie Xi didn’t know.

The national teacher took a new towel and gently cleaned Xie Xi’s body.

Xie Xi could feel this person’s breath and once his eyes opened, he could see this person’s focused look.

In order to prevent himself from being unruly, he closed his eyes and held himself firmly and stably.

The national teacher’s gaze was on Xie Xi’s chest, staring closely at the scar.

Xie Xi ate a painkiller and there was no pain at all, but his body was too weak.

The national teacher asked softly, “It hurts, right?”

Xie Xi’s ears were itchy because this person’s voice was too good, gentle and helpless. It was a magnetic voice that was really charming at close range.

Xie Xi was manly. “It’s okay.’

“Today it is too late. I will have someone prepare a medicinal bath tomorrow. You can use it at dawn.”

Xie Xi also wanted to cure his body and quickly responded.

Unfortunately, the national teacher didn’t talk about the meaning of this injury. He certainly knew it but he didn’t want to mention it.

It wasn’t good for Xie Xi to ask.

In this situation, Xie Xi had thought about directly throwing out amnesia and stating that he had forgotten. Things should start over.

However, he thought it was the wrong path to take.

He had to pretend to know the former feelings to bluff these two people. If he really lost his amnesia, he would face the ‘do you love him or love me’ life and death!

Thus, he couldn’t lose his memory and could only act like a detective. He would try to figure out the plot and capture the entry point, so that he could repair both of them.

It sounded simple but actually doing it… oh, who knows?

Xie Xi changed clothes after the bath.

The silver-white clothing had a faint rose pattern that was very dark. It only reflected a bit when the sun shone to reveal the extraordinary embroidery.

To Xie Xi’s surprise, this suit fit him very well. Was he so thin before?

Then how were the eight countries unified and the beast king not attacked from all directions?

Why was he a weak chicken?

It was said that people relied on clothes the way a horse relied on the saddle. Xie Xi looked much better with new clothing.

It was reasonable to say he wasn’t too young. After all, the eight countries had been divided for many years.

Still, his face alone looked very young, as if he was only 18 or 19.

The national teacher didn’t wait for him to dress. Jiang Xie just soaked himself in the water and now he had to look after himself.

He soon emerged with changed clothes and Xie Xi’s eyes couldn’t help shining.

This type of white hair was really beyond the control of ordinary people. The temperament of the national teacher was too good. Just like the cold moon in the sky, the light was cold.

The national teacher bowed to him and Xie Xi raised his hand.

The master of this country put on his hood as he walked out of the palace with Xie Xi.

It seemed that he didn’t want anyone to see his appearance apart from Xie Xi.

Was there something particular about this?

Xie Xi noticed the details but couldn’t figure out the reason.

The dinner was very rich and after Xie Xi was seated, the little lion arrived late.

He had also rested and put on clean clothing, making his tall body look handsome.

The moment he came in, he saw Xie Xi in the centre. It was a strange but familiar Xie Xi, dressed in royal clothes and looking high above.

He was still the same person who caused Jiang Xie’s heart to jump but he seemed a bit further away.

The palace was naturally regulated. The king had the king’s seat and the guests had the guests’ seat. They couldn’t sit together.

The little lion bowed and Xie Xi told him, “There is no need to be polite.”

The little lion felt very complicated and he hung his head when he sat down.

There was a long table and only the two of them were sitting. The national teacher didn’t sit, he just stood behind Xie Xi and watched the waiters serve the dishes.

Xie Xi didn’t invite the national teacher to dine with him.

The table was clearly for two people and everything was arranged by the national teacher. The teacher felt he shouldn’t be seated so Xie Xi couldn’t rashly invite him.

He was afraid to make ‘presumptuous demands’ and was happy to stabilize the situation.

The meal was quiet and the dishes were delicious, meaning Xie Xi’s appetite was good.

He just wanted to grab another piece of pumpkin cake when the national teacher spokes softly, ”Your Majesty, there is more glutinous rice in this pumpkin cake. You can’t eat too much at night.”

The little lion who wanted to open his mouth stared at the national teacher in a stunned manner.

Xie Xi didn’t want to get up in the middle of the night to take painkillers and had to put it down.

A lot of fish and meat couldn’t be eaten, small cakes and pastries couldn’t be digested and he was tired of porridge. Xie Xi put down his chopsticks after eating non-salty and refreshing clothes.

At the end of the dinner, Xie Xi told the national teacher, “You should go since you are busy. I also have something to do.”

The national teacher didn’t ask. “Okay.”

Xie Xi waited for him to leave before immediately looking at Leo.

He had to hurry to talk to Leo. He couldn’t stabilize one side and forget the other side.

The two people sat in this gorgeous palace and for a time, he didn’t know where to start.

It was surprising that the two men who were living frugally in a cave a few days ago were now in a magnificent palace.

Xie Xi opened his mouth first. “I didn’t intend to come back.”

This opening should be pretty good.

Le’s heart was caught and he couldn’t help asking, “Why did you leave the palace in the first place?”

Xie Xi also wanted to know this question.

He was silent but Leo definitely wouldn’t think that Xie Xi didn’t know. He just thought it was too inconvenient to say and realized he was reckless. He looked down and said, “I’m sorry.”

Xie Xi told him, “It’s fine.”

Leo leaned back and wondered, “Did you go back to being a king because of me?”

Xie Xi thought that this little white-eyed lion could be a bit aware.

However, Jiang Xie was the type of person who couldn’t be boasted about. His brain circuit rushed into outer space. “I don’t want to get married.”

This good boy. He thought that Xie Xi didn’t hesitate to reveal his identity and become king again just to find him a wife?

Xie Xi felt liver pain. “Then what do you want to do?”

In any case, he had got in touch with the national teacher and his body will be fine sooner or later. He would first lay the groundwork.

Jiang Xie was completely disconnected before his brain found some strength. “In any case, I won’t get married!”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie told him, “Your Majesty must be tired. Rest early.”

Then he left without looking back.

Xie Xi wanted to pull his ear and lecture him. How could he not understand those words? Did he want Xie Xi to say it?

Okay… Xie Xi reflected for a moment. This little lion looked big but in fact, he was just over one year old.

Thus, Xie Xi restrained himself.

This world’s adulthood was completely different from that of humans but he still felt strange.

Xie Xi yawned as he got into bed, only to have a thought in his heart. Would he have another s*x dream?

He shouldn’t think about it. He didn’t want it and perhaps…

Once he woke up, Jiang Xie was present in the silver-white suit he wore for dinner.

Before Xie Xi could stop this person, his collar was pulled open and this person let the messy clothes hang on him as he began to…

Xie Xi was dreaming but there was an indescribable cool feeling creeping over his head.

How could this be?

Xie Xi woke up and find it was necessary to cure his body as soon as possible in order to solve this physiological problem.

He was so greedy in the dream but he woke up well. He wasn’t tired and was a bit satisfied.

Xie Xi got up and thought he had to draw a clean ball again.

It didn’t matter since the clothes were brand new…

“Your Majesty, are you awake?” The national teacher’s cold voice rang in his ears.

Xie Xi, “……”

His senses returned and he rushed to cover his clothes…

The national teacher saw it and Xie Xi made an embarrassed expression.

This… he didn’t mean it. He didn’t know Jiang Xie would come so early in the morning.

The national teacher’s eyelashes quivered. His light pupils slightly deepened and his white fingers raised to grab Xie Xi’s chin.

Xie Xi, “!”

What was this situation?!

This wasn’t a lip friction kiss. It was a real kiss and Xie Xi’s legs were so sore that he couldn’t help leaning on this person.

Jiang Xie didn’t mind the stickiness under the new white robe and held Xie Xi’s waist, pushing him to the bed.

Xie Xi stared at him with wide eyes.

Jiang Xie released this person’s lips and spoke in a low voice. “You haven’t done it in a long time? I can help you.”

The tone was respectful but the contents were terrible!

Xie Xi’s heart quivered and his voice was dry, “No, no…”

The national teacher leaned down towards him. “You can rest assured that I won’t be passionate again.”

Xie Xi, “???: There was too much information in this statement!

Did they use to have s*x without love?

Sure enough, that hooligan Jiang Xie wouldn’t let go of any benefits!

The national teacher lightly pecked his earlobe before placing fine kisses down his neck.

Seeing that he was about to exercise early in the morning, Xie Xi hurriedly said, “I can’t do it with this body.”

Jiang Xie stood and gazed at him.

From Xie Xi’s perspective, this look was too fatal.

The snow coloured hair fell on the bed, there were depressed eyes full of a strong love and water stained thin lips…

Xie Xi stiffly opened his eyes and asked, “Is the medicinal bath ready?”

Jiang Xie frowned and got up while carrying Xie Xi. “It is ready. This subordinate will take you there.”

Xie Xi gasped for breath and couldn’t afford to care about the princess posture. He was only glad that he didn’t die on the bed.

The national teacher looked beautiful but he was very strong. It was easy for him to hold Xie Xi and there were no signs of exertion at all.

Jiang Xie opened the door with his fingers and Xie Xi recovered. “I can do it myself…”

He hadn’t finished talking yet when he saw the young man standing outside.


It was broken…

Xie Xi didn’t have to know what he looked like right now.

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