GL: Chapter 267

Collapsing 8 Boundaries 11

The small hotel, which had been noisy in the past, was currently so quiet it was as if the air had solidified.

Behind the white-cloaked man were guards in black armour. They knelt neatly and even their breathing was so quiet that it was inaudible. Black and white, hard metal armour and soft white robe, the guards and the man in front formed a sharp contrast, like a moon in the dark winter night.

However, this moonlight wasn’t gentle. It was a coldness that condensed everything.

It was enough for Xie Xi to take a look.

This was Jiang Xie.

He had fallen when entering the quasi-world and truly touched Virgo. He promised two Jiang Xies at the same time so two worlds were brought together!

Leo Jiang was the little lion of the Lion Country while Virgo Jiang was the national teacher of the Tiger Country. He was Beast King Rose of the Tiger Country.

Just based on these identities, Xie Xi could see how much of a play that Jiang Xie had arranged.

Xie Xi’s brain started hurting.

He didn’t make a sound and the hotel remained in a frozen state, no one daring to make a sound.

There were many ordinary people kneeling in the corner.

The little employee who served Xie Xi was stunned. ‘Your Majesty? This weak man who would be blown away by the wind, the one who must be supported while walking, the man who only drank half a bowl of porridge is their beast king? National Teacher, you have the wrong person!’

The diners who had been eating breakfast were stunned Who would think it? They were leisurely chatting and eating in a small black when guards of the palace arrived, headed by the greatest power of the Tiger Country!

What’s more, the national teacher came here to meet the king? Who was the king? Don’t bully them! They had never seen a national hero before!

Of course, the most shocked one was Leo.

The little lion had suffered from internal torture and couldn’t sleep. He saw the scene in front of him and thought he was dreaming.

What was going on? Who were these people? Who were they calling a king?

At this time, Xie Xi raised a hand by his side. “Get up.’

Jiang Xie’s pupils shrank and he turned to look at Xie Xi.”You…”

Xie Xi took his hand, half as support and half as comfort.

Jiang Xie’s senses returned and he woodenly followed Xie Xi down the stairs.

Xie Xi reached the last step and the white-robed man stood up. As he rose, the armoured soldiers behind him stood up as if they had been given instructions.

The soldiers looked like elites and they stood straight like tall pines.

Under such awe-inspiring pressure, the white-robed man was still outstanding and his momentum wasn’t suppressed at all.

Xie Xi was nearly a head shorter than him. At this time, he stood on the last step and just managed to look into this person’s eyes.

However, the white-robed man bowed his head respectfully and didn’t look at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi stared at Virgo and felt complicated for a while.

Among the many souls, the poor sixth prince of Atlantis and Houqing of Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas were definitely the most pitiful and distressing.

Virgo in front of him looked exactly the same as Houqing.

It was true that this soul had long been taken back but Jiang Xie had just many faces. There were more souls and there was inevitably repetition.

In Central, Jiang Xie had asked Jiang Xie about the basis for the souls’ appearance.

Jiang Xie had replied, “Of course, they are all handsome.”

“Explain it.”

Jiang Xie said, “I have a variety of appearances when doing my tasks. These are all the appearances I have used before.”

The same was true for Xie Xi. The tasks required a role in the quasi-world and it was normal to have different faces.

Jiang Xie placed a layer of gold over himself. “Aren’t they all handsome?”

Xie Xi unceremoniously poked at him. “You only picked a few handsome people from thousands of bodies, right?”

The unlucky Jiang who had walked through thousands of worlds was stabbed in a painful part and started to madly plant strawberries.

Virgo in front of Xie Xi wasn’t Houqing but he was clearly Jiang Xie.

It wasn’t good for Xie Xi to keep staring. He could only retract his gaze and speak lightly. “The national teacher has worked hard.” After all, Xie Xi had been a president and could still put on airs.

The national teacher’s voice was calm. “It is this subordinate’s duty to welcome Your Majesty back to the palace.”

Xie Xi didn’t say anything more and just walked past this person.

From beginning to end, he held Leo’s hand. The little lion’s mind was blank. It was only when he saw the magnificent Rose Palace that his senses slowly returned.

Xie Xi was Beast King Rose, the great leader who unified the eight countries and created a prosperous age.

Jiang Xie’s mind wandered. The words and sentences were clear but put together, he couldn’t equate the legendary man with this person who was so weak that the wind could blow him away.

How could Xie Xi be Beast King Rose?

How could this man who saved his life and raised him into adulthood be such a distant figure in the sky?

Then he saw Xie Xi walking ahead of the group. This person might be weak but there was a superior air about him.

It turned out that there was a natural distance between them.

He had talked a lot about taking care of this person but in fact, Xie Xi never needed him.

Jiang Xie stared at the roses that were like a carpet in the palace and it was as if he entered the dream again.

It was strange that he clearly didn’t know Xie Xi was the beast king yet he still dreamt of this rose garden.

He heard that the palace of Beast King Rose had the most beautiful garden. The white roses were like winter snow and had the magic to wash everything.

Jiang Xie had never seen it but he seemed to have dreamt it.

Xie Xi’s return to the palace was ostentatious. The entire palace was respectful and there was even a quiet murderous air.

Xie Xi was steady on the surface but he was actually inwardly panicking.

It was rumoured that the beast king was betrayed by the national teacher before he disappeared.

It was rumoured that the real power of the Tiger Country was the national teacher.

It was rumoured that the national teacher tried to kill the beast king in order to seize power.

It was rumoured that the country’s ruler was extremely strict and the decrees were harsh…

Xie Xi felt regret. If he had known earlier that there was another Jiang Xie, he would’ve probed the situation.

Now he was welcomed back to the palace but he didn’t know the script!

Fortunately, Xie Xi firmly believed that Jiang Xie wouldn’t harm himself (it was hard to say there was no pit or to know how deep the pit was). It definitely wouldn’t be dangerous to return to the palace and it was an opportunity to cure his body.

In line with the principle of constant change, Xie Xi decided to pretend to the end. In any case, he was the king and there was no problem with being cold!

The national teacher never looked at Leo and acted like this little lion was a worthless existence.

He whispered, “Your Majesty, do you want to bathe and change clothes?”

Xie Xi nodded before turning to the little lion. “You didn’t sleep well last night. Go and rest.”

The little lion stared at him.

Xie Xi calmed him with a smile. “Wait and I’ll find you later.”


Xie Xi patted him on the back of the hand. “I didn’t mean to hide this from you. I just didn’t have a chance to talk about it.”

The lion looked down and Xie Xi spoke again. “Do you think I look like the beast king at all? If I told you, would you believe it?” In any case, Xie Xi was a senior ‘scum’ and knew how to coax people.

Leo replied, “If you said it then I would’ve believed you.”

Xie Xi’s lips curved. “You weren’t so obedient when you were in the village.”

The lion immediately thought about the matter of marrying and a sharp sting occurred in his chest. He couldn’t speak and his heart was empty. There was the distant feeling of the earth shaking, the pressure causing him to be breathless.

Xie Xi told the lion warmly, “Go to rest and I’ll see you later.”

The lion nodded and left with the servant.

Xie Xi got rid of Leo in order to explore the situation on the national teacher’s side.

Why on earth did he leave the palace? The national teacher didn’t show signs of wanting to rebel. So what happened between them?

Xie Xi had a great imagination but he couldn’t guess the script of Old Jiang.

What should he say to the national teacher? Xie Xi didn’t know.

At this time, a servant came and saluted first to Xie Xi. “Your Majesty.” Then he spoke to the national teacher. “It has been arranged.”

The national teacher nodded and the servant retreated.

Don’t look at this servant saluted to Xie Xi first. It seemed very respectful but he was actually watching Jiang Xie the whole time.

This was also normal. After all, he had been missing for so long. It was true that the eight countries were in chaos but it wasn’t difficult for the national teacher to suppress the Tiger Country.

The national teacher told Xie Xi, “Your Majesty, please.”

Xie Xi entered the hall.

The palace of Tiger Country was very characteristic of Jiang Xie and had roses everywhere.

The sunlight passed through the dome and the glass pattern of the glass window reflected on the smooth floor, making people feel like they were among flowers.

Xie Xi walked into the spacious bathroom and was bathed in a pool of blue light shining from the lake.

This should be a hot spring pool. A hot fog surrounded the entire space. On the exquisite rockery above, water poured down like a miniature waterfall. There were also three pools of water.

The colour of the water was very beautiful. It was crystal clear so that the bottom was seen and there was even a light fragrance.

There were no bystanders in the bathroom and the national teacher told him, “I will help you undress.”

Xie Xi thought in his heart, ‘Aren’t you the national teacher? Is the national teacher still responsible for this type of work?’

Never mind the fact that this national teacher was the ‘master’ of the Tiger Country.

Xie Xi gently nodded.

The master of the country first took off his cloak. The long hair that was like snow spread out. This wasn’t the silver of Yan Zhe’s hair. It was a pure white and looked like cold snow even in this hot bathroom.

It was very beautiful but inexplicably brought some sorrow.

Xie Xi noticed that there was a ruby encrusted jade in this person’s hair. The bright red formed a sharp contrast with the white hair, as if blood had fallen onto snow.

Was this… a rose?

Xie Xi remembered the villagers saying that Beast King Rose was born with a stud earring on his left ear.

Xie Xi wasn’t wearing any earrings now but the ruby jade was as small as an earring.

Xie Xi kept an eye on the details and tried to guess the situation.

The national teacher helped Xie Xi with his clothing and Xie Xi didn’t act uncomfortable. They were like an old husband and wife.

As the clothes were pulled down, the national teacher saw the wound on Xie Xi’s chest and his eyelids trembled. However, he said nothing.

He didn’t say anything and Xie Xi wouldn’t take the initiative to open his mouth. In the end, he didn’t even know the national teacher’s name.

Xie Xi got in the water and he sighed as he soaked in the pool. It was really comfortable.

His body was tired from the long walk and it was wonderful that it could rest like this.

He had just sighed with relief when he saw the national teacher kneeling by the pool.

It wasn’t on one knee but on both knees, like an unforgivable man waiting for the death penalty.

Xie Xi heard the national teacher’s quivering voice in the empty bathroom. “Your Majesty, please come back. I… this subordinate will never ask for that again.”



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