GL: Chapter 153

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 33

Give these five children names and acknowledge their existence, while at the same time, the flower god would disappear?

Did the flower god in the future disappear because he gave them names?

Xie Xi had no reason to hesitate. He must give them names or they wouldn’t survive the hundreds of years to meet him again.

Moreover, he had to acknowledge their existence.

They weren’t Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Nine Tails or Houqing. They were… Jiang Xie.

Unfortunately, Xie Xi couldn’t say anything at this moment. There was a burst of dizziness and he fell into darkness.

There seemed to be someone talking in his ear as he experienced a long dream. The voice of a young child, a bird chirping, noisy bickering…

Later, these sounds slowly faded away. The tender and young voices became pleasing to the ear while the bird chirping became a charming teenage voice…

How long did he sleep? Xie Xi didn’t feel relaxed when he woke up. He felt like he awakened from a deep nightmare and didn’t know what day it was.

The full adult daisy cried out in a choked manner, “Lord Flower God, you woke up!”

Xie Xi turned to see a slender and graceful green daisy. He opened his mouth and spoke in a light voice, “You are an adult. How can you cry?”

The dairy wiped his tears and cheered up. “Your Excellency, please wait while I tell everyone. They will definitely be happy.”

Needless to say, the jasmine, magnolia and other flowers entered and had red eyes when they saw Xie Xi. The jasmine was speechless from crying.

Xie Xi told them, “I was just sleeping. How can you all cry?”

The jasmine sobbed out, “You slept… for 15 years.”

He guessed that he had slept a long time but he was still startled when he heard this number.

15 years…

They had all grown up. He promised to give Jiang Xie a brand new childhood but he slept like this. It was too shameful.

The magnolia was the calmest and she reprimanded the jasmine. “Why are you crying? You should be pleased that Lord Flower God woke up!” Even so, there were tears in her eyes.

Xie Xi looked around and didn’t see the five little ones.

The magnolia hurriedly explained, “Houqing and the others are in the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea. I have sent people to inform them.”

Xie Xi got out of bed. “Okay.” He didn’t know how long he would be awake so it was better to see them as soon as possible.

The first to come back was Houqing. 15 years ago, Houqing had looked around 8 or 9 years old. Now that 15 years had passed, he had gone through the youthful period and had grown into a handsome and extraordinary man.

Light was shadowing Houqing so his face couldn’t be seen clearly, but his clenched fists and trembling shoulders exposed his emotions.

Xie Xi’s heart was pained. He slept while they waited 15 years.

“You’re so big.” Xie Xi opened his mouth, voice filled with nostalgia.

Houqing adjusted his mood while coming over. The tension and uneasiness were buried in his heart. Xie Xi would be deceived by this calm appearance if he hadn’t known Houqing too well.

“You are still like a child.” Xie Xi touched him on the forehead. “Show it if you are excited.”

Houqing held his hand, countless emotions filled his eyes as he expressed only a bit of his shock. “You are awake.”

Xie Xi sighed. “I’m sorry, I…”

There was a bang and the door directly turned into wood chips.

Xie Xi blinked and saw the man standing in the dust. He was generally the same height as Houqing but his facial features were more refined. However, the delicate appearance was suppressed by his fierceness.

Um.. the grumpy tiger had grown into a mad young man.

Xie Xi helplessly wondered, “Did my door provoke you? Why did you smash it?”

White Tiger appeared beside Xie Xi’s bed in the next moment. His brow was wrinkled but his tone was pitiful. “How long do you want to sleep? Will you sleep until I get married and have children?”

Xie Xi found this funny. “What? You already want to get married and have children?”

White Tiger suddenly looked up. His gaze was very fierce but his words became, “Don’t sleep in the future!”

Houqing glared at him. “What nonsense are you saying?”

White Tiger muttered, “The more he sleeps…”

Houqing’s eyes sharpened and White Tiger unexpectedly shut up. If it wasn’t for his ears’ absence, Xie Xi suspected that he would see two drooping tiger ears.

Xie Xi smiled. “Have you taken care of your brothers?”

Old Six was a responsible big brother and with Old Three there, Xie Xi could feel at ease.

Houqing kept holding his hand and explained warmly, “They are all very good. 10 years ago, Azure Dragon transformed. After two years, Nine Tails and Vermilion Bird also gradually transformed.”

Xie Xi had long guessed it but he still felt some regret. The children had grown up but he couldn’t see it!

White Tiger opened his mouth. “I don’t know where they have run off to. I will go and bring them back.”

Xie Xi shook his head. “There is no hurry, wait for them…” He hadn’t finished when he felt a gushing feeling and he couldn’t stop his cough.

By the time he stopped coughing, the handkerchief was bright red. Houqing and White Tiger’s faces were frozen, as nervous as if they were facing the end of the world.

Xie Xi put away the handkerchief. “Don’t tell anyone.”

White Tiger couldn’t resist. “What is wrong with your body?”

“I’m old and a bit sick.”

White Tiger frowned. “You are a god. How can you be troubled by old age and illness?”

Xie Xi gazed at him with gentle eyes. “I am Xie Xi.”

White Tiger was stunned.

The clearly panicked Houqing had no colour in his lips but he stayed strong and calm. “If you are tired, sleep for a while.” This was very pitiful. Houqing preferred to watch Xie Xi fall asleep rather than be in greater danger.

Even if this sleep lasted decades, he didn’t mind as long as Xie Xi was still there.

Xie Xi shook his head. “I’m not sleepy and there is still work to do.”

Houqing protested, “How can it compare to your body?”

Xie Xi smiled and asked, “What’s wrong with my body?”

Houqing was silent.

Xie Xi told White Tiger, “Go and bring the god’s wisdom.”

“Okay.” He went and came back like the wind, bringing the god’s wisdom with him.

It was different from before. Since Xie Xi’s name appeared on the cover, it seemed to be detached from time. It didn’t become old no matter how much it was read.

Perhaps it was just a paintings book before and became the god’s wisdom when it was given a name.

Xie Xi’s lips curved and he told the white tiger, “Change back to your body.”

White Tiger was surprised. “Huh?”

“I want to see what you look like grown up,” Xie Xi urged.

The fierce white tiger was like a kitten towards Xie Xi. “We have to go outside.”

“Okay, go to a spacious place.”

They went to the garden.

In the large flower sea, Xie Xi leaned lazily on a bamboo chair, his thin body looking like it would turn into petals and fly away with the wind.

Houqing couldn’t help putting a blanket on his legs. Xie Xi glanced at him. “I’m fine.”

Houqing didn’t speak and gave him a pillow for his waist. Xie Xi smiled and didn’t say anything more.

White Tiger changed back. Xie Xi was psychologically prepared but his eyes still brightened. “Beautiful!”

The pure white tiger had extremely beautiful body lines. The unfolded white wings added elegance and dominance, making people marvel at the magic of the creator.

White Tiger whispered, “It’s handsome.”

Xie Xi changed his words. “Yes, very handsome.”

White Tiger raised his tail.

Xie Xi muffled a laugh. “Stay still and don’t move.”

White Tiger asked, “What are you doing?”

Xie Xi took out a pen and paper and drew him.

Once he finished, White Tiger came over and became a slender young man. He looked over and asked, “My portrait?”

“It’s mine.”

This was a bit strange to hear but it caused White Tiger to raise his head like his tail. The painting was of a white tiger but the portrait belonged to Xie Xi.

White Tiger’s mood was particularly good. “How did you think of drawing me?”

Xie Xi stared at the portrait and smiled. “Because you are very handsome.”

White Tiger stared at him with hot ears.

Houqing interrupted, “Go back to the house. It is cold outside.”

Xie Xi glanced at them and asked, “Do you want your own name that belongs to you?”

Both of them were stunned. Xie Xi wrote the word ‘White’ on the portrait of the white tiger.

The second word hadn’t been written when Houqing suddenly grabbed his hand. “Don’t do it.”

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