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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 2

These words woke up the dreamer and Xie Xi figured out what he was!

A flower…

A rose…

A white rose…

Xie Xi comforted himself. It was better than being a great white shark. This damn ghost, the great white shark was at least an animal. This time he had become a plant!

Xie Xi tried to move his body but the purple woman in front of him had already picked him up. “Look at your cute little face, look at your pure white colour, think about your flower language. How can you escape from marriage!”

Xie Xi had no knowledge of this. He didn’t know who he was going to marry or who had escaped.

“Still pretending!” The woman in purple poked him with small leaves. Xie Xi admired how this lady could tell that he was pretending while he was a rose.

“I’m telling you, crying and screaming isn’t a good thing. Think about what you’re doing here. Us roses aren’t vine plants thanks to the protection of Lord Azure Dragon!”

Originally, this purple woman was also a rose…

The roses weren’t vine plants? How could they normally grow legs?

Forget it, it was meaningless to pursue these things in such a colourful and beautiful Mary Sue world.

Xie Xi was carried in her hand and made a posture of listening.

The purple woman said, “Don’t act pitiful. Originally when Lord Azure Dragon came to Baihua Mountain, I should’ve told you not to go. You are a small rose and can’t hold your human form. Going to that place..”

Xie Xi felt wronged. If he had come earlier, he definitely wouldn’t have gone to Baihua Mountain and would’ve gone straight down the mountain!

The task was to collect the holy beasts and demon beasts, not flowers or grass.

“You’re a stupid person and was rescued by Lord Azure Dragon.” The woman in purple scolded him but didn’t want to hurt him too much. “Lord Azure Dragon didn’t dislike you and also took care of you. I can understand why you’re not at ease with this marriage. After all, the identity of Lord Azure Dragon is so big and he thinks you are cute. What will you do when this freshness is over? You little goblin, where is your foothold on that holy mountain?”

Xie Xi didn’t know how to speak as a rose and could only spit in his heart, “Since you’re not at ease, let me escape from the marriage.”

It turned out he said it out loud!

The woman in purple angrily shook him. “You can still say such words? Don’t you realize who that is? This marriage was what you wanted and now you want to destroy it? How can our rose clan live in the mountain and sea if we offend Lord Azure Dragon?”

Xie Xi, “…”

He woke up to such a big problem but he still didn’t know where the initiator had gone!

The purple woman continued, “I told you earlier and you didn’t listen. You had to go to the Holy Mountain to be a man. Now you are afraid? I’m saying that you can’t do this! Even if you don’t want to marry him, you have to! Our entire rose family can’t be destroyed because of you!”

Xie Xi felt helpless. “I…”

The purple woman wondered, “What are you doing? Quickly change back to human form!”

Xie Xi also wanted to become a person. The problem was…

“How?” He really didn’t know how to change from a rose to a person.

The woman in purple froze. Xie Xi had to pull out his acting routine. “Somehow I woke up remembering nothing.”

The woman in purple, “…”

Xie Xi didn’t want to pretend to have amnesia but the souls in this quasi-world had obviously arranged a lot of the plot in advance. He knew nothing so it was better to pretend.

“I really forgot. I don’t even know my own name.”

The purple woman glared at him angrily. “You little bastard. There are 365 days in a year and you have forgotten 360 days. If you want to forget, I won’t let you forget. I see that your leaves are itchy. Just wait for me to use you to catch insects!” What type of magic metaphor was this?

Then… what the hell was the setting for this flower? Was it a runaway train? He wasn’t a Jiang soul. How did he end up like this?

Xie Xi hurriedly told him, “No, I have really forgotten.”

The woman in purple cried out, “Don’t use amnesia as a cover. If you really forgot then why do you want to escape the marriage? Say you will marry!”

Xie Xi spoke sincerely, “I can’t remember at all. If getting married can really save the rose family, I will go.”

The woman in purple was stunned by these words.

This was obviously something that the bold and mischievous little bastard wouldn’t say.

“You really… have forgotten?”

Xie Xi replied, “Yes, I don’t even know your name.”

“You forgot me?”


The woman in purple finally believed that he lost his memory. Forget regaining his human form, even amnesia wasn’t an easy thing.

The woman in purple asked a few questions and Xie Xi really didn’t know the answers. His expression wasn’t fake (Xie Xi didn’t know how she could see an expression on a white rose) and the woman’s face became complicated. “You little bastard, how could you forget all of it…”

“I don’t know exactly what is going on.”

The woman in purple sighed. “Your broken things, I know them clearly and will tell you.”

Xie Xi nodded and waited for the information to come.

The woman in purple was called Purple Nine. She was a low-grade rose flower. This meant she hadn’t lived for hundreds of years and wasn’t comparable to the snow lotus who was born early on the cold mountain.

Those with a low level had few names and were mostly sorted by colour.

Purple Nine naturally wasn’t the ninth purple rose in this family. She just inherited this name with strength.

The serial number of each colour only went up to 12. After that, it didn’t make much sense. They used the number they liked and didn’t care if it was repeated.

Only the first 12 numbers couldn’t be used indiscriminately since they were obtained with strength.

Xie Xi asked, “What is my name?”

Purple Nine replied, “Xie Xi.”

Xie Xi was stunned. “Shouldn’t I have no name?”

Purple Nine stared at him. “You are about to marry Lord Azure Dragon. How can you have no name?”

Well, he was a wildflower about to fly up a branch to become a phoenix. It was time to have a name. But Xie Xi… how was it his original name?

Purple Nine told him, “Lord Azure Dragon spoils you and gave you the name of the flower god.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Purple Nine sighed. “How can our rose family afford this name? You are nothing but a small rose with low mana. How can you stand it?”

Wait a minute… Xie Xi got goosebumps. How did his name become the name of the flower god? His name was very ordinary and common. He wasn’t Mary Sue, okay!

And what was a flower god? Weren’t most of them beautiful women?

Purple Nine continued, “Thus, Lord Azure Dragon had high hopes for you. However, this naughty child…”

She shook her head with real worries in her eyes. “You have to marry Lord Azure Dragon, even if it isn’t for the rose family. You have inherited this name and in order to protect yourself, you have to rely on Lord Azure Dragon.”

Xie Xi hadn’t yet recovered from this colourful setting and laughed. “Isn’t it just a name…?”

“Don’t underestimate it!” Purple Nine shouted. “How many flowers have been waiting and dreaming of obtaining the name of the flower god?”

“Is a person bound to become a flower god with this name?”

Purple Nine replied solemnly. “You might not become a flower god with this name but without the name, you can’t become a flower god.”

Xie Xi, “…”

He refused and wanted to resist this damned setting. He had a mad desire to change his name. Sein was very good and Colin was also good!

Purple Nine told him, “You must not speak nonsense. Underestimating the words of the flowers means being abandoned by the god’s wisdom and then Lord Azure Dragon can’t protect you!”

Abandoned by the god’s wisdom? Xie Xi was interested in this and directly asked.

Purple Nine was stunned. “You really forgot everything. I can’t believe you dared ask such a question!”

Xie Xi felt helpless. “Thus, I’m really not lying to you.”

Purple Nine explained, “The god’s wisdom is an ancient relic which has recorded everything on the mountain and sea continent. If abandoned by it, you will no longer exist.”

“No longer exist?”

“Yes, it will erase everything you have. Your family and friends, your lover and everyone who knows you will forget you. You will even forget yourself and finally, your soul will be annihilated.”

Xie Xi wondered, “You will forget yourself?”

“It isn’t simple amnesia. It is removing the meaning of your existence.”

Xie Xi was very curious about this god’s wisdom but Purple Nine shook her head when he tried to ask again. “Us roses are humble and don’t know much. In short, you should remember that the name of the flower god is written with the god’s wisdom. You can’t discard it. Once it is gone, you will disappear, understand?”

Xie Xi asked, “What is counted as discarding it?”

Purple Nine replied, “If you don’t deserve the name then it will be discarded.”

Xie Xi was stunned.

Purple Nine opened her mouth. “If you are the companion of Lord Azure Dragon, you will always be worthy of this name. However, if you are just a small white rose in the rose family, you don’t deserve this name.”

Then Xie Xi had to marry that Azure Dragon!

Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking, ‘This name was very bad. What the hell was this name? It was clearly placing a life or death charm on him!

How could he dare escape this marriage now? Xie Xi felt… he feared the souls’ misunderstanding and wasn’t that afraid of life and death.

Purple Nine had spoken roughly about the relationship between Azure Dragon and the little rose but now she said it in more detail.

Every 10 years, there was a grand event on Baihua Mountain were sages were invited to visit. This time, it was fortunate enough to invite Sage Azure Dragon.

By all accounted, Xie Xi was a little rose and wasn’t qualified to go to Baihua Mountain. After all, not all of the rose family could go.

Purple Nine was the leader of the younger generation of the rose family and she was close to Xie Xi. Xie Xi wanted to see his birthplace and she took him with her.

Who knew that Xie Xi would be bored, go out to wander, fall into a valley and be saved. The person who saved him was Sage Azure Dragon.

After that…

It was estimated that Purple Nine was just joking. In any case, her story was cliche and full of a teenage heart and pink bubbles.

Finally, Azure Dragon went flying through the rose family’s elders, found Purple Nine who was half his caretaker and finally proposed to Xie Xi.

Don’t mention the flower family. The entire holy mountain received a shock that was like three earthquakes.

Sage Azure Dragon actually wanted to marry a small flower?

It was unbelievable! As the wedding date approached, the name of the flower god was given and everyone slowly accepted it.

Then… the little flower ran away from the holy mountain!

There was the sound of quick footsteps outside. “Did you find Xiao Xie? Lord Azure Dragon has come to Rose Mountain!”

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