GL: Chapter 72

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It was over.

Xie Xi felt like a century had passed. His body and mind were exhausted.

Main Task: Collect the love of the six princes.

Side Task: Collect 1 million tons of rubbish.

They were both done. If these were really the core tasks, the world would be cleared. Clearing the world was good because he didn’t have to worry about coming back to the world.

By the way, what would happen to them?

Xie Xi thought about the last scene and his scalp became numb. He was completely exposed and all princes must be going crazy.

He skillfully used shock to make them lose their ability to think. He used the ‘sad’ confession to get the love of the fourth prince but this was only temporary.

He couldn’t imagine what would happen after he left and the princes calmed down.

Sein Hall, Colin Hall and Jesse Hall were all one person.

They loved the same merman.

In particular, the second and third prince knew that Colin Hall had agreed to marry both of them, would soon marry the fourth prince and even played their oldest brother, their fifth brother and their sixth brother.

Xie Xi, “…”

Fortunately, he would never return to that world or it wouldn’t be as simple as being torn apart!

However, he was very ashamed. Thinking carefully, the six princes of this world were much better than the three psychopaths of Love to the Left or Right.

The eldest prince was conscientious but trapped by his previous life.

The second prince was devoted to the people and as the finance minister, he was very stingy but also cute.

The third prince was grumpy but in fact, he had a soft heart. No one around him was afraid of him and sincerely respected him.

The fourth prince had a kind heart. In order to help the merpeople, he took medicine every day. The fifth prince was the simplest but also the most sensitive and passionate. The art of creation brought unparalleled brightness to the dark sea floor.

The sixth prince didn’t have the love of his father and went through a bad childhood. However, he didn’t have a bad heart and even sacrificed himself for his father’s decision.

Xie Xi was distressed by them but unfortunately, this damn task forced him to be a slag male.

He couldn’t help thinking of the last scene…

Xie Xi thought it was really tragic.

He was miserable and the six princes were even worse!

He had already reached the Central World and felt some discomfort. This time in extremely bright light gave people the illusion of being in the darkness for a moment.

Whether it was too bright or too dark, things couldn’t be seen clearly.

Xie Xi slowed down and finally adapted to the light.

He was no longer a newcomer and wouldn’t stay in the beam in a confused manner. He came out and walked straight to the water curtain.

First, look at the task reward. It was an S+ grade quasi-world. If the reward was poor, he would kill X!

Xie Xi had just reached the water curtain when he saw a big line of words.

[Announcement: S+ quasi-world ‘Lost Atlantis’ has been cleared. The designer: X. The person who cleared it: Anonymous. The world’s story is on the shelves and you are welcome to buy it.]

The news emerged and the people in front of the water curtain immediately made a fuss.

“What a surprise, an S+ quasi-world! It is God X again!”

“I remember that a novice cleared an S-grade world a while ago? Why is there another one?”

“It can’t be the same person…”

“Impossible! A newcomer can clear the S-grade novice trial with luck but I don’t believe they can clear an S+ quasi-world.”

“This person is also very strong. An S+ quasi world, they must have luck and strength.”

Once he heard the word ‘luck’, the legendary emperor of luck Xie Xi was expressionless.

He would be grateful if someone took away this ‘luck.’

The thing that made Xie Xi more speechless was the open purchase of the world’s story. If this was displayed on the water curtain, it would be tantamount to a public execution!

Why was there the brain-dead setting of the world’s plot being announced? This type of broken plot, it was a waste of money to buy it!

Apart from showing that the designer was insane, what nutritional value was there?

Xie Xi thought about it and his brain hurt.

To his surprise, another line of words appeared on the water curtain.

[Announcement: The Lost Atlantis world plot has been bought out by X. It isn’t available on the shelves to be bought.]

Xie Xi, “???”

The people around him screamed. “Why buy it out? The world is cleared and it is impossible to enter it again. There is no need to buy it out to study it alone. Besides, X is the designer. What is he doing buying it out? What a big person, wasting money!”

“Yes, the sales of a world’s plot are good and won’t the designer receive a huge commission?”

“God X doesn’t need money!”

“The problem is that not only does he not receive the commission, he also paid money to buy it out. If I remember correctly, the cost of buying it out is equivalent to a purple skill.”

There was silence at these words, followed by a simultaneous,

“I don’t understand the world of local tyrants!”

Xie Xi sighed with relief that it would be made public. However, he had done too many things in Atlantis and wisely didn’t attract the eyes of the crowd.

Despite this, Xie Xi didn’t feel appreciation towards X.

X definitely bought it out for his own sake. He designed this broken plot which had no value apart from making people think there was a problem with his brain!

Once the world plot became public, the one who received the most damage would definitely be X. Xie Xi was anonymous and no one knew it was him.

X wasn’t the same. A designer couldn’t be anonymous. Thus, Xie Xi didn’t feel grateful for X spending money to save face.

Then a third line of words appeared on the water curtain.

[Inviting the person who cleared Lost Atlantis to join Yunge.]

This was very familiar. Xie Xi had also seen it after clearing Love to the Left or Right.

Yunge spared no effort to snare ‘talent’ but Xie Xi didn’t want to join any organization.

He was tired and didn’t want to see anyone for a while.

Xie Xi finally opened his system panel.

The quasi-world column had the line: [The S+ quasi-world Lost Atlantis has been cleared.]

It turned out to be S+, which was harder than Love to the Left or Right. Then what about the reward?

Xie Xi accepted the rewards.

There was a clatter and he gained 10,000 coins.

Xie Xi was stunned. He remembered that Love to the Left or Right only gave him 1,000 coins as a reward. Only the ‘+’ symbol was added yet the reward increased by 10 times? If he selected the privilege to increase the reward money by 10 times…

Oh, forget it. Xie Xi’s level was too low and he had no place to spend money! Xie Xi saw money as dung and was more curious about the special reward. There was a special reward for completely any quasi-world S-grade and above.

In fact, this special reward wasn’t necessarily all good. Look at Comrade Old Jiang. He received countless trash from the special rewards.

For example, the ability to see the goodwill see of all players below the intermediate level (this might be broken. Otherwise, how could it show a value of -444?). Another example was the ability to become handsome for a second. Forget the fact that he was already handsome. If he wasn’t handsome, what was the point of becoming handsome for one second? There was also the golden elf egg, which was known for being worthless apart from being sold…

Of course, those without luck and the emperor of luck were different species.

Our Xiao Xie’s luck wasn’t the same.

[Congratulations, you have obtained a passive skill that will allow you to randomly take away one item after clearing a world.]

Xie Xi frowned and looked at it. For the time being, he didn’t feel anything special about this skill but it was much better than calling X’s body!

Xie Xi hesitated for a moment as he looked at the search for a new quasi-world button.

Did he want to search?

Stretching out his head or moving back his head, sooner or later he would have to face it!

The small funnel turned for a while before a subpage popped up. At the same time, he received a message from X.

The message interface blocked the subpage and Xie Xi saw X’s words.

[Do you want to meet me?]

Xie Xi was expressionless. Who the hell wanted to see him?

Then Xie Xi saw the new quasi-world…


Forgive him. Anyone who saw this would explode with a curse!

[Quasi-world: Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas, the difficulty is unknown, designer X, not challenged.]

Xie Xi stared at the words  ‘Designer X’ and his head buzzed. Why was it X’s world again?

After coming to this damn place, he searched three times in total and they were all X’s worlds! Was this a matter of luck? It was a curse!

Then X sent him another message. [Do you want to know what happens after you leave the world?]

Xie Xi replied: [God X, how do I meet you?]

He wanted to see X and figure out his details before finding a way to kill him!

Jiang Xie looked at the blood red goodwill and said: [I will send you an invitation. Accept and you will be transmitted over.]

Xie Xi: [Okay.]

There is a “^_^” behind it.

Jiang Xie clearly felt what it meant by a murderous smile.

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5 years ago

-444?!?! Holy crap! How is Jiang Xie gonna recover from this?!?!

4 years ago

Still better than -999 I suppose 😂 I don’t even know if he’ll feel any difference since he’s in denial anyways sksksk

Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
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Old Jiang, that’s a good number, keep it!!

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Aww only 444. I was hoping it would go beyond 500. Lol. Poor X. He probably will have to grovel at the wife’s feet for a long time.

4 years ago
Reply to  Hardyopia

4 is an unlucky number because it reperesent death due to the sound (shi) so it just mean DIEDIEDIE lol

Sakura Natsume
Sakura Natsume
5 years ago

Jiang Xie, it’s not broken, that’s truly the level of goodwill that Xie Xi feels towards you….
Uh, good luck?

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4 years ago

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One could say that -444 is an extremely high number. And even if it’s not love it’s equivalent to XX always thinking very seriously about X xD

Someone you may or may not know
Someone you may or may not know
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The perfect death number