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Collapsing 7 Boundaries 23 (1)

Xie Xi’s heart thumped. It seemed that his prayer didn’t take effect. The little lion was 100% considered him a slag.

Fortunately, Xie Xi was prepared. He naturally left a back hand for himself before daring to act as a slag. It felt really good to write his own emotional summary!

Now there was only Leo in this small world and he didn’t need to panic.

He just had to coax this lion!

The current situation was estimated to be after several years had passed. Xie Xi glanced around and felt it likely that his Rose Palace had been burned. Leo was like a god of war from the heavens who came to destroy his sinister ambitions.

Xie Xi couldn’t help sighing. He not only learned to write his own emotional summary but he saw Jiang Xie’s continuation with one glance!

It was great… bah!

Who wanted this ability?

Jiang Xie looked down at him condescendingly, the golden pupils reflecting the blazing fire. The original bright and innocent boy was eroded by hardships and transformed into a cold adult.

There was a bang as Jiang Xie slammed the spear into the jade floor in front of Xie Xi.

The jade was hard but brittle. Cracks instantly appeared in an unsightly pattern, like skin cracking.

Xie Xi looked up.

Jiang Xie’s golden eyes under the eyelashes were filled with deep hate. “Xie Xi, when you tricked me, did you ever think this day would come?”

Xie Xi, “…” The thought of today was why Xie Xi dared to act as a slag.

Of course, his face was disheartened and he didn’t speak a single word.

Jiang Xie grabbed at his collar and almost lifted him up. “I was really blind. I thought that this violent tyrant was the gentlest person in the world!

‘Little lion, you really have a lot of private set up. The wise Beast King Rose became a tyrant?’

Okay, there must be sufficient reason to dethrone the king.

Xie Xi still didn’t say anything, his sorrow greater than his fear of death.

This apparently irritated the lion who wanted revenge. He broke his outward appearance and despised Xie XI. ”Why? Your national teacher is dead and you don’t want to live anymore?”

Xie Xi received the signal. It seemed that the fake national teacher was dead. This was better!

“Do you think I will let you die so easily?” Jiang Xie was cold. “You deceived me, teased me and insulted me. I will repay you twice over!”

Xie Xi could only silently vent in his heart, ‘Little lion, if you really catch a villain, please don’t talk nonsense with him. Killing is the best way. You will be killed like this!’

Of course, how could Jiang Xie be willing to kill him? These harsh words were because of love and hate.

Xie Xi was imprisoned in a vehicle.

He was imprisoned but it wasn’t filled with the sentimentality of Houqing. He was really chained around the neck and wrist and forced to stay in the prison vehicle.

There was also a group of soldiers watching over him like they were escorting a major prisoner.

Fortunately, they didn’t go along the main streets and he didn’t get any tomatoes or rotten vegetables thrown at him.

Fortunately, Xie Xi’s body had been restored. As one of the strongest people on this land, the potholes on the road didn’t make him vomit out his internal organs.

Xie Xi never saw Leo along the way.

Thinking about it, he was a prisoner and Leo was the crowned king. For what reason would he see Xie Xi?

After arriving in the Lion Country, Xie Xi was finally brought along the streets.

There were six rows of soldiers holding weapons so the onlookers didn’t dare to throw vegetables.

However, their yells were endless.

“Kill the tyrant! Kill him!”

“Take a thousand knives to him. Let him pay with blood!”

There was also a good voice. “Love live the lion king! A brilliant god!”

Xie Xi’s lips pursed. This shameless demeanour was really Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi was thus locked in the dungeon of the Lion Country.

How harsh were the conditions? If 18 layers of hell were dug in the ground, he was at the bottom.

The iron chain was as thick as an arm and would probably take a while to cut.

Thanks to Xie Xi’s physique fitness, dragging such a chain didn’t make him feel tired.

In contrast, Xie Xi missed Virgo’s imprisonment. After all, he got delicious food and a comfortable place to sleep. Leo was too rough.

It was dark and damp. If he didn’t have the god’s wisdom then he would already go on strike!

Xie Xi counted the days. For three or four days, Leo didn’t look for him.

This kid’s anger wasn’t small. It was very strong.

Xie Xi pondered if he was eating too much using the god’s wisdom. Would a poor complexion attract attention?

Did he have to act hungry again?

Xie Xi thought about the robot that he planted.

The world might’ve changed but the previous situation was well laid out. According to logic, the robot’s role should still be present.

Xie Xi tried to contact it and it was working!

Sure enough, things were continuous. This would make it easier.

Xie Xi manipulated the robot to find Leo.

The palace of the Lion Country could be called a golden brilliance. It was different from the plain elegance of the Tiger Country. This was a golden system and it made Xie Xi inexplicably feel that he had come to Thailand.

Cough, the palace might be a bit flashy but the lion king was handsome!

He was blond and tall. He sat there in a daze but the melancholy added countless charms to him.

Once the robot arrived, Leo got up and said, “Teacher.”

The robot bowed and Leo told him, “There are no bystanders here. Teacher doesn’t need to be polite.”

Xie Xi felt awkward. ‘You place me in jail but act so respectfully to a robot… okay, I was the one who was a slag.’

Xie Xi gave the robot instructions and the robot soon shifted the topic to the imprisoned beast king.

The lion king’s expression suddenly sank. “I have my own opinion on this matter.”

The robot spoke according to orders, “I heard that the beast king had a disease in his early years and his body isn’t as good as before. If he continues to be locked up then he will die in prison…”

The lion king was furious. “How can he die?”

The robot paused before saying, “Since he has been captured, we should use him to deter the other tribes by beheading him in public….”

These words poked at the little lion. “Teacher, please come back. I have my own plans regarding him.”

The robot was tactful. “The beast king is along in the dark and damp dungeon. He hasn’t eaten for several days and I’m afraid…”

The lion king was cold. “Withdraw!”

Xie Xi saw the fire and had the lion go back.

Xie Xi waited in the prison for around two hours before he heard the sound of footsteps.

This could be regarded as calling for someone!

The guards were shocked when they suddenly saw the lion king and hurriedly bowed.

The lion’s expression was heavy. “Everyone, go out.”

One guard hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, this sinner’s means are fierce. This subordinate is afraid that…”

The lion king ordered in a low voice. “Go out!”

The group of people paled and withdrew.

In this big cave, there was only the lion and the heavily chained Xie Xi.

Xie Xi looked up weakly.

There was a flash in Leo’s golden eyes but he was steady on the surface. “Do you regret it?”

Xie Xi stared at him without blinking and didn’t say anything.

Leo couldn’t stand this gaze and squeezed the other person’s chin. “You killed my family and wanted to train me into a knife in your hands…” He stared at Xie Xi. “Now that you have fallen into this situation, do you regret it?!”

Xie Xi smiled and whispered to him, “Have you been doing well?”

His originally warm and sweet voice was hoarse, as if he hadn’t drunk water for a long time.

Leo paused before replying, “What do you think? I got revenge and I’m very good!”

Xie Xi’s eyelashes trembled before he smiled softly. “That’s good.”

In fact, there was no trace of happiness in Jiang Xie’s heart. He hated this person for so many years and finally pulled this person down from the throne, locking up in the dungeon. He could kill Xie Xi for revenge but…

His heart was filled with indescribable powerlessness, as if he lost interest in everything.

From the moment he saw Xie Xi, he wanted to see this person again.

The nearly 10 years of hate all became absurd in that moment.

So lowly and sad. He wasn’t worthy of being a person!

The self-blame and disgust shackled Jiang Xie, causing him to grab Xie Xi’s neck as if to strangle him. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not the idiot of the past!”

Xie Xi felt real pain and was almost speechless, but his face still maintained the look of near-satisfaction.

There was a hornet’s nest in Jiang Xie’s chest and he couldn’t help exclaiming, “It is useless, I won’t be fooled. You can use these tricks in Hell!”

Then he loosened his hand.

Xie Xi coughed for a while before requesting, “Can you kill me?”

Jiang Xie’s eyes shook.

Xie Xi gasped out, “Can you kill me with your own hands? I want to die by your hands…”

Jiang Xie sneered. “Don’t dream about it. I want it to be in the eyes of the public. Following the will of the people, the tyrant’s head will be cut off!”

Xie Xi suddenly grabbed Jiang Xie’s hand with some anxiety on his face. “Don’t… don’t do this, I think…”

Jiang Xie saw the pale fingers and held back the impulse to hold this person. He was hard and stern. “You aren’t qualified to talk about any conditions! I want you to experience the most brutal humiliation when you die!”

Then Jiang Xie left.

Xie Xi’s performance was so good but there wasn’t an audience. He really regretted it since there should be applause here.

He thought he would see Jiang Xie again in a few days. Who knew hat the next morning, the lion king would angrily come to the dungeon.

Xie Xi stared blankly when he saw Jiang Xie like this.

Jiang Xie sent everyone away and stared at him. “I told you not to play tricks on me.”

Xie Xi, “???” He didn’t do anything. The things he said yesterday were just a play to pave the way for bitterness.

Jiang Xie pulled him up, eyes sweeping down to his thin lips. “Do you think I will still be bewitched by those dreams?!”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened and he couldn’t react for a moment.

Dream? Did Jiang Xie have another s*x dream?

Xie Xi was inwardly amused. ‘Little lion, what are you doing? This is your own s*x dream but you are blaming it on me!’

Xie Xi replied, “I can’t use Dreaming if I’m not asleep.”

Jiang Xie was surprised for a moment.

Xie Xi whispered, “Dreaming also has a certain range. The dungeon is too far from your bedroom.”

Jiang Xie’s face was hot. “Do you think I will still trust your words?”

Xie Xi smiled wryly. “You can ask the guards. I didn’t sleep at all last night.”

Fortunately, he left a hand for himself and pretended not to sleep in order to seem miserable.

Who knew that it could be used here?

If he didn’t sleep then how could he use Dreaming?

Jiang Xie was speechless. Xie Xi raised his eyes slightly and glanced at this person. “Did you dream of me?”

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