GL: Chapter 48

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Lost Atlantis 19

The fierce third prince thanked Xie Xi by giving him dinner.

Xie Xi’s mood was good and he had an appetite. He ate a few more crescent fruits.

This was a special product of the sea. It grew on a type of coral and because the coral was a crescent moon shape, people called them crescent coral.

Big white fruits that looked like coconuts regularly fell from the crescent coral. Once broken open, the insides were really soft and tasted like bread.

Xie Xi was still a land person at heart and really liked this fruit. It was as if he was eating steamed bread.

The third prince glanced at him. “Do you think I’m cheap like Aix-en?”

Xie Xi froze for a while before reacting. Aix-en was the second prince, the finance minister and Gars’ brother.

He knew they had a bad relationship and replied, “Your Highness is very generous.”

The third prince pointed to the table full of dishes. “There are so many good things to eat. Don’t just chew on the crescent fruits. Are you trying to save my money?”

Xie Xi, “…” It turned out to be because of this. As far as these brain circuits were concerned, how could an average person keep up?

The third prince broke open a big lobster with his bare hands and placed the most delicate meat on Xie Xi’s plate.

Xie Xi hurriedly said, “I can do it myself.” The third prince glanced at his tender fingers and said, “Eat, you are as thin as a flagpole.”

Xie Xi protested, “I’m not thin.” He wasn’t fat either. He was just a normal size.

Who would’ve expected the third prince to put down the king crab in his hand and squint at him. “You’re not thin?”

Xie Xi sat upright. He was very good. He wasn’t thin!

The third prince picked up a towel and wiped his hand with blank face. Xie Xi didn’t know what he was going to do. The next moment, the third prince picked up Xie Xi with one hand.

Xie Xi, “!”

The third prince looked at him with childish eyes. “If you aren’t thin, how can I pick you up with a finger.”

Yan Zhe laughed wildly from in front of the water fountain. “Old Jiang… hahaha, you’re a poisonous ghost!”

With this EQ, remain a single fish for the rest of your life! Jiang Xie also couldn’t bear to look.

The third prince quickly released Xie Xi, placing his hands around Xie Xi’s waist and putting him down on the chair. “Eat well and exercise. Once I can’t carry you anymore then you’re not thin.”

Xie Xi sat at the top. This was a position arranged for guests. Originally, he should be sitting below.

He looked at the 14% red progress bar and was too lazy to care about this little boy. “The strength of Your Highness is infinite. I can’t do anything, even if I’m the weight of hundreds of gold bars.”

The third prince said, “Then try to carry me.”

Xie Xi, “???”  The third prince gave him a crab leg and said, “You will be qualified the day you can pick me up like this.”

What damned qualification? Who wanted to pick him up?

Yan Zhe hit the table while laughing. “Poisonous, really poisonous, Old Jiang, you really rely on strength!”

“…” Jiang Xie was upset and turned off the water curtain.

Yan Zhe’s eyes became big. “Why? I was watching that!”

Jiang Xie told him, “Time is up.”

Yan Zhe looked up and say that he wasn’t messing around. He said, “Hurry and go. I will send the fee for the bone setting.”


The next day, Xie Xi headed towards the third prince’s palace and just saw him going out.

Xie Xi thought he was going to beat up the ‘fat’ sixth prince. Who would’ve expected him to say, “Old five has been at home for a few days. I’m going to check on him.”

In a way, the third prince loved his younger brothers. He might not get along with the second prince but he cared for the fifth and sixth prince. It was just that his way of caring was too unique and most people couldn’t accept it.

Xie Xi naturally knew the situation of the fifth prince and found it unbearable.

The third prince took him to the sixth prince’s palace. The palace that used to be filled with songs and dances was very quiet. The mermaid maid looked nervous when she saw the third prince had come.

It was just that the third prince’s reputation was too bad. It was highly likely the mermaid maid thought he was here to beat up the fifth prince.

The third prince frowned and asked, “What about Fifth Brother?”

The mermaid bowed and replied, “The fifth prince is locking himself inside the house. No one is allowed to approach.”

The third prince walked straight ahead and the maid stopped him. “Third Prince, please stay. His Highness doesn’t want to see any guests. You entering like this…”

The fifth prince frowned and raised an eyebrow. “Get out of the way.”

The mermaid used all her courage to say the above sentence. Now all her courage was gone.

The third prince arrived at Randall’s bedroom and directly banged on the door. “Randall?”

There was no sound.

The third prince cried out, “No one cares about your creative work. Don’t starve to death in your room!”

Sure enough… the third prince was always full of poison when he opened his mouth.

There was still no sound in the room. Xie Xi’s heart was beating quickly and he was uncertain what state the fifth prince would be in.

The third prince raised an eyebrow and was about to kick the door when it opened.

Randall only wore a black coat and his chest was exposed to the outside. His state wasn’t bad but his eyes were cold. “Third Brother came so early in the morning. What’s wrong?” His voice was steady but it made people feel uneasy.

The third prince stared at him for a moment. “You, these days…”

The fifth prince interrupted him and asked, “What does Third Brother think I can do?”

The third prince raised one eyebrow.

The fifth prince said, “I’m fine. Third Brother, please go back.”

The third prince didn’t have a good temper. Once he saw this, he didn’t bother wasting any more time and nearly turned away.

Xie Xi glanced at the fifth prince, his heart filled with worry. Randall’s eyes were dark. Has he been sleeping?

The third prince fought Sirius in the training hall and the two men didn’t go outside all day.

Xie Xi looked at Sirius and thought about Randall. He couldn’t let it go. These two good people, their lives had changed with Sein Hall’s death.

This made him very uncomfortable. It might be for the task but he was actually bringing them pain.

He couldn’t make any progress on the side of the third prince at the moment. Xie Xi calculated the time and the next night, he sneaked into the fifth prince’s palace.

Dreaming was available to be used on the same person once every three days. It should be available now.

Xie Xi used a reserve face to become the fifth prince’s maid and slipped into his sleeping quarters.

It was already the middle of the night but the fifth prince wasn’t sleeping. He sat on the bed and stared at the empty space in front of them.

Xie Xi waited for three or four hours, until it became cold and the prince fell asleep on the bed.

Xie Xi looked at his pale complexion and dark circles and felt heartache.


Looking at Randall, Xie Xi didn’t understand why people were so passionate about love.

Xie Xi activated Dreaming. He found himself standing in front of the fifth prince’s bed. Did it fail? Dreaming didn’t work?

However, there was a hint in the lower right corner. [Congratulations on the successful use of Dreaming. You have entered the dream of Randall Atlantis.]

Xie Xi was stunned before understanding that the fifth prince’s dream was in his bedroom.

The fifth prince sat up and saw Xie Xi, but he didn’t show any surprise.

Roast Pork Bun excitedly said, “Daddy, you seem to be a ghost!”

Xie Xi bowed his head and found that he was translucent, with a faint light emitting from his hand. It turned out that in Randall’s dream, he was a ghost!

Randall looked at him before slowly spoke. “I am a coward.”

Xie Xi wanted to open his mouth but found that he was unable to speak in this dream!

It was impossible for a ghost to speak in the fifth prince’s heart?

Randall stood up and walked to him. Xie Xi floated high in the air and could just look at Randall.

Randall moved his fingers but didn’t touch. He seemed to know that he couldn’t touch Xie Xi.

“Mother was right. I’m a coward, a deserter and doomed to be defeated by the storm!”

Xie Xi was very familiar with these words. He remembered that in the last dream, the queen shouted these words to the fifth prince who gave up everything. The fifth price bravely went out and pursued the life he wanted. Now…

Randall’s eyes were red. It was said that he wanted to hug Xie Xi while knowing he couldn’t.

“I’ve always been useless… I was born in the royal family and became a prince, but I was still delusional about my life. How can I have my own life? Where is real freedom? How could the shackles flowing through my blood let me go?”

“I flattered myself by thinking I was brave and that I could guard everything I love. In fact, I am just escaping, escaping from sorrow, escaping from suffering and escaping from all the disappointment.”

“I’m such a deserter and a coward. So what if met you? I can’t protect you, I can’t hug you and I can’t even show my heart to you.”

“If I wasn’t so incompetent and had enough strength, if I had known more, I would’ve never let you die.”

Xie Xi was shocked and understood the fifth prince’s pain.

He felt remorseful, blamed himself and was deeply immersed in doubts. He saw the conspiracy behind the sixth prince and determined that Sein Hall was a casualty.

He thought he was too far away from the centre of power and didn’t know anything. He didn’t know that his beloved was discarded and sent to the guillotine.

If he knew these things, if he hadn’t been deaf, if he didn’t shrink back in his ivory tower, he would’ve definitely stopped Sein Hall and saved him.

This knot became a poisonous snake, licking at Randall’s heart.

Xie Xi couldn’t open his mouth. Even if he could speak, what could he say? A dead person couldn’t say anything to comfort a living person.

Randall slowly raised his hand, slender fingers touching Xie Xi’s cheeks. He couldn’t touch but he could look.

“Sein.” Randall whispered. “If there is an afterlife, will you please give me a chance to fall in love with you?”

Xie Xi was stunned.

This was the first time Jiang Xie wanted to slap his own soul. Stupid guy, he asked such a question so why didn’t he let Xie Xi speak?

Xie Xi’s soft heart meant he might’ve said yes.

Once the quasi-world was cleared, Randall’s ‘afterlife’ would be Jiang…

Good, because of this idiot, he missed a once in 100 million chance.

Xie Xi didn’t say anything. Once he left the dream of the fifth prince, he whispered, “If I leave the quasi-world, what will happen to these souls?”

Did Randy, Aix-en and Gars come from the first world or did they just have the same name and appearance?

Jiang Xie’s eyes slightly lit up at Xie Xi’s murmur.

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5 years ago

Imagine all those soul shards returning to Old Jiang, and seeing how pathetic they were, they decided to vote Old Jiang out…….

Thanks for the chapters!

5 years ago

This quasi world is really mentally taxing 😭 ganbatte Xie Xi!!! Thank you for this chapter

Sakura Natsume
Sakura Natsume
5 years ago

The feels! Omg, these poor souls…I really wish Xie Xi didn’t have to lie to them like this….

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So far there’s no way the Fifth (who was friendly with the land) and Third (who cares about Sixth) were involved in the assassination attempt. I wonder what Xie Xi will do if it turns out one of the others plotted it…

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