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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 31

Xie Xi’s wound recovered very slowly. The magnolia was worried all day long but didn’t dare say anything. Xie Xi heard their private conversation.

The jasmine told the magnolia, “Sister Magnolia, why is Lord Flower God injured?”

Listening to this tone, it seemed that the flower god had never been hurt.

The daisy was also nervous. “This time he slept a bit long.”

The magnolia shook her head. “Don’t tell about it. Lord Flower God is a god and nothing will happen.” Based on her tone, it didn’t seem like nothing.

Xie Xi himself didn’t have much feeling. He didn’t know much about the previous flower god and he was a person. He felt that this flower god’s body was very good. There were no problems apart from sleeping for a bit long.

Of course, Xie Xi also didn’t care much. He thought about it and knew that the flower god certainly had a problem. After all, in the future, the flower god had died or… was sleeping.

Thanks to this incident, Little White Tiger became honest. As if he had grown up overnight, he started to eat meat and ran many laps around the sea of flowers every day. This was because Xie Xi told him that moderate exercise could strengthen his body. As for how to calculate the right amount, it was when he felt tired or was sweating. Thus, Little White Tiger ran from morning to night, from late to early…

Xie Xi hurriedly stopped him. “Aren’t you tired?”

Little White Tiger didn’t gasp much. He blinked his big eyes and didn’t look tired at all.

Xie Xi could only change his mouth. “The most you can run in one day… three hours…” Normal people were tired after an hour but the tiger obviously wasn’t a normal person. It was okay for him to run all day and night and the basic exercise amount was six hours.

Little White Tiger made a disappointed sound and Houqing translated for him. “He said he will be obedient.”

This false translation Little White Tiger was clearly full of reluctance! The tiger stared at him.

Xie Xi’s eyes curved as he touched the two small heads. “Yes, isn’t it good to leave some time to accompany me?”

This worked and both of them nodded in a well-behaved manner. Every day, they ran around and eat before coming to Xie Xi’s side. Xie Xi also taught them things about the outside of the flower world.

Little Houqing was a curious child and asked, “What type of place is the Holy Mountain and the Demon Sea?”

Xie Xi felt that words were too lacking and took a pen and paper to draw them. His magic painting technique was simply fantastic when it came to coaxing the children.

The pen drew the splendid mountains and rivers and the two pairs of small eyes widened.

Little White Tiger couldn’t speak and could only touch with his little meat pads. Little Houqing acted as a brother and hit his hand. “Be careful not to damage it.”

The Little White Tiger fiercely growled at him. Houqing translated for White Tiger. “He said he knows he is wrong.”

Xie Xi smiled and ending up drawing a crooked tree because of their actions. In fact, Xie Xi felt ti was a bit strange. Little Houqing had never been outside and it was reasonable for him to be amazed by these things. However, Little White Tiger had been living outside for a long time. Why did he seem so surprised? Unfortunately, White Tiger couldn’t speak or ask.

The days passed quickly. Xie Xi spent half a year in the flower world, drawing pictures for the two little children. They grew very fast as they ate and slept well. Xie Xi unwittingly used a thick stack of paper.

This day, the jasmine and daisy ran into the house with a tray in their hands. “Lord Flower God, we made something good!”

Xie Xi was somewhat sleepy and fought to keep his eyelids open. “Hmm?”

The jasmine and daisy pulled back the silk covering the tray and presented the thing inside. “We looked for Brother Peony, Brother Plum Blossom and Sister Magnolia to help bind your paintings into a book!”

Xie Xi’s heart jumped as he glanced over. “Bound into a book?”

The jasmine handed it over. “With a small spell, the paintings were narrowed and put together. This is much more convenient.”

Xie Xi was mentally prepared but he was still stunned when he saw the god’s wisdom.

The daisy told him, “When you want to look at one, zoom in. If you don’t want to look, you can put it away. Isn’t it convenien…. Lord Flower God!” He exclaimed before he finished his words.

Xie Xi stared at the god’s wisdom and became dizzy. He tried to open his eyes but couldn’t as his body fell down.

As his vision blurred, he heard the screams of the jasmine and daisy. He wanted to comfort them and say that he was just sleepy but unfortunately, he couldn’t open his mouth.

There was another long sleep before Xie Xi opened his eyes. He felt his dry lips and throat.

“Lord Flower God, you’re awake!”

Xie Xi was somewhat stunned by this voice. It seemed to come from the dairy but it was mature instead of the juvenile tone. Xie Xi turned and saw that the daisy had grown into a young person.

“I…” Xie Xi frowned before asking hoarsely. “How long did I sleep?”

The daisy was nervous. “You slept for more than five years.”

Xie Xi, “..” This wasn’t sleeping. It was being vegetative for five years!

Oh, a flower was originally a plant and he became a vegetable. This joke was too cold and Xie Xi was frozen by himself.

There were footsteps and Xie Xi saw the grown Houqing and White Tiger. The youth and tiger saw that he was awake and their eyes turned red.

Xie Xi was upset. He said he would take care of them. As a result, he woke up and they had grown so big.

“You…” He sighed. “I fell asleep again.”

Little Houqing shook his head and went forward. “It doesn’t matter. Getting a good rest is the most important thing.”

He had grown up and his voice wasn’t as soft. Still, the clear and juvenile was very beautiful. Xie Xi smiled at him before touching the head of Little White Tiger. “You have also grown up.”

Little White Tiger could actually talk now. “Of course, I run and eat every day!”

Xie Xi was stunned. In the past five years, the tiger learnt how to speak. Xie Xi smiled. “You are strong and can speak. You don’t need Houqing to translate for you.”

Little White Tiger scoffed at the reference to ‘childhood’ matters. “He couldn’t understand at all.”

Xie Xi told him, “Why do I think he translated very well?”

Little White Tiger, “…” The grumpy child didn’t refute it. This was enough to see how much he missed Xie Xi in these five years.

Xie Xi slept but he didn’t forget the pre-sleep things. He glanced at the daisy and requested, “Give me the god… give me the picture book.”

The daisy didn’t know why Xie Xi wanted to see the picture book as soon as he woke up but this was an order and the dairy hurried to get it. Xie Xi reached out and felt the old paintings book.

The daisy mentioned, “Houqing and White Tiger flip through it every day so…”

Xie Xi nodded. “It’s fine, it was originally painted for them.”

Xie Xi opened the book and stared at the vivid paintings inside. Then he asked White Tiger, “Do you remember when you were a child?”

Little White Tiger nodded. “I remember.”

“What did your home look like before?”

Little White Tiger paused before speaking in a tense voice. “It was dark and there were those types of monsters everywhere… if I didn’t have Mother, I would’ve been eaten by them.”


Xie Xi clearly remembered the place where he met the two tigers was a forest with lush foliage and a good environment.

Little White Tiger continued, “Then one day, the sky became light, many things appeared out of thin air and these monsters slowly disappeared.”

Xie Xi wondered, “Appeared out of thin air?”

In fact, he had an answer in his mind but he still listened to the tiger. “They are the things that you drew.”

Sure enough… Xie Xi stroked the book and had a general outline of matters. Outside the flower world was chaos. There was no Holy Mountain and Demon Sea. Xie Xi drew the outside world with his sketches.

Was this the meaning of Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas? The Holy Mountain and Demon Sea were drawn by the flower god?

This was very contradictory, like whether a chicken came before an egg or an egg came before a chicken. In the end, was the flower god a little rose from the future or was the little rose from the future the present flower god?

This was an unsolved ring. Jiang Xie had told him, ‘Don’t be bound by time. There is no limit between the past and the present.’

Xie Xi understood and also didn’t understand. The human way of thinking limited his understanding of time. Even if he used himself as a reference, he couldn’t understand this non-linear time.

Still, now wasn’t the time to think about it. He had more important things. Xie Xi asked the two little ones. “Would you like to go out with me to take a look?”

Their eyes brightened and they nodded in unison.

Xie Xi smiled. “Let’s go and see what is outside.”

He had painted many scenes of the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea but it was impossible to cover all the details.

Perhaps there was no need for him to draw all the details. He just had to build the frame and the flesh would grow on its own.

Just like humans, wasn’t the most sophisticated ‘machine’ in the world grown from a fertilized egg?

Even if he only drew one-tenth of a millionth of the world, the world would perfect itself to 100%, just like a quasi-world designed by a designer.

Xie Xi brought Houqing and White Tiger as well as a lot of flowers.

The flowers were also curious about the outside world. Xie Xi told them, “Those who want to come out can follow.”

The magnolia warned him, “Lord Flower God, you are being too indulgent with them. They will become lawless!”

Xie Xi smiled and didn’t say anything.

This time, Xie Xi paid special attention to the outside world. In fact, it didn’t require verification but he couldn’t help wanting to see it.

They were walking through a forest when Houqing’s eyes widened. “This tree…”

Xie Xi glanced over and his eyes flashed. The white tiger jumped up with surprise. “It is the tree you painted.”

That’s right, this was Xie Xi’s tree that became crooked due to his hands shaking. This tree proved that all of this was painted by Xie Xi.

Xie Xi told the White Tiger, “There are many trees like this. It is just an accident.”

It was better not to let them know about this incredible thing. The flowers didn’t know anything and looked confused. The two children had doubts but didn’t ask again.

Xie Xi took this trip not just to see the outside world. It was also to…

The jasmine cried out, “What is this worm always following us?”

Xie Xi didn’t take it seriously. The worm couldn’t attack the flowers since the Little White Tiger would kill it.

“Jasmine, you’re blind. This isn’t a green worm, it’s a snake!”

Xie Xi heard this and didn’t think much. The souls absolutely weren’t a snake…

“Does a snake have claws? There are also two small bags on top of its head.”

Xie Xi, “!!!”

He quickly turned back and saw the tragic creature being picked up. This worm or snake was Sage Azure Dragon!

Little Azure Dragon looked pitiful, his indigo eyes blinking in an innocent and confused manner.

Xie Xi hurriedly picked him up. “He is a dragon, an azure dragon.”

The jasmine was dazed. “What is an azure dragon?”

Xie Xi stared at the little guy in front of him and found it difficult to explain how he might become domineering in the future.

White Tiger also asked, “Can we eat it?”

Xie Xi, “……”

After hitting him, Xie Xi exclaimed, “He is your brother!”

In Atlantis, White Tiger was the third prince and Azure Dragon was the fourth prince. They were indeed brothers.

White Tiger scoffed. “My brother should also be a white tiger.”

Xie Xi stared at him. “He will be your younger brother in the future. Don’t bully your brother when he is small.”

Houqing was different and replied quickly. “I will take care of my brothers.”

White Tiger blew up again. “Who is your brother?”

Houqing ignored him and turned towards Xie Xi. “Lord Flower God, White Tiger isn’t my brother?”

Xie Xi, “…” Little Houqing, this angel was a bit black-bellied.

Poor Little Azure Dragon couldn’t talk and could only wrap himself around Xie Xi’s wrist.

Xie Xi felt itchy and intimate as he touched the small bags on his head. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll take care of you in the future.”

Okay, who made him boast that he would give Jiang Xie a brand new childhood?

Both of them were his child versions and he couldn’t say that Jiang Xie’s childhood was a bit too much.

Xie Xi was a man who did as he promised.

He couldn’t feel reluctant to see Little Azure Dragon. The souls were treated equally and none of them would lack anything.

As for Nine Tails who said he had never seen the flower god… how did he become Houqing’s brother?

It was estimated that something had happened midway. In any case, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t find Little Nine Tails.

They soon met.

The jasmine always had a strange perspective. “Wow, who is so wasteful to lose 10 scarfs?”

Xie Xi, “…” Wait, why was it 10?

Xie Xi looked over and found that the silver fox was too small while his tails were too big. His body also looked like a scarf!

The jasmine was happy. “Lord Flower God, can I take a scarf back?”

He was afraid that the jasmine really would pull off a fox tail and picked up the little fox. “He isn’t a scarf. He is a fox, a nine tailed fox.”

Little Nine Tails was sleeping and didn’t feel much from being picked up. He just turned over and continued to sleep.

Perhaps there were too many tails that consumed a lot of energy. His body couldn’t bear it and he had to sleep more, just like Xie Xi slept for five years.

The harvest on this trip was very fruitful but White Tiger wasn’t happy. “This scarf won’t be my brother, right?”

Houqing told him, “You are the same colour. Isn’t this your brother?”

This logic was really hard. Little White Tiger froze for a long time but unexpectedly couldn’t refute it.

Xie Xi was still looking for the last little one. This time, it wasn’t discovered by the jasmine. The little sleeping fox suddenly opened his eyes and rushed out like lightning.

He was so fast that Xie Xi couldn’t catch him. A moment later, Nine Tails strolled back with a chick in his mouth…

“Chirp… let me go… you stinking fox… I’m telling you, I’m not a chicken, chirp…”

What was this? Vermilion Bird was treated as a chicken?

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