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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 16

Azure Dragon spoke correctly and every word contained true knowledge.

Since it was to save a life, if the person was fine then he should clearly explain it and save the person from misunderstanding.

This logic was clear and impossible to refute.

Xie Xi was speechless.

He wasn’t smart when he should be smart and was smart when he shouldn’t be smart! Xie Xi had liver pain.

Azure Dragon saw that Xie Xi didn’t say anything and his eyes darkened.

Xie Xi was sensitive and instantly caught the signal. He just managed to coax the dragon and would cry if this was reversed!

“Okay,” Xie Xi agreed. “It should be made clear.”

Azure Dragon’s expression relaxed. “It shouldn’t be delayed. Let’s go now.”

Xie Xi, “!” Why so anxious?

Azure Dragon asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Xi hurriedly answered, “I will go to Vermilion Bird Palace by myself.”

“I will accompany you so I can make it clear.”

Old Four was very difficult to fool! It was fortunate that Jiang Xie brought the humanoid hanger on ‘Jiang Xie’ with him to be used here.

Xie Xi replied, “Yes, let’s go together and say it face to face. I believe he will be able to understand.”

“Then let’s go now.”

“Why so urgent?”

The dragon’s eyes sunk again. Xie Xi told him, “How can I feel assured going anywhere with you like this?”

Azure Dragon thought about his pain and took a deep breath, releasing it and taking another deep breath…

Regardless of whether he was releasing or taking a breath, he was thinking about Xie Xi’s words. Xie Xi couldn’t bear to scold him and had to coax him. “In any case, take a break and don’t worry about this…”

Azure Dragon held his hand, his quiet voice containing a distressed tremor. “…Go and tell him clearly, okay?”

Xie Xi’s chest was stabbed and he couldn’t help feeling angry. Why bother… why worry himself like this and why hold onto a person who betrayed and deceived him?

Xie Xi told him, “Vermilion Bird is currently unconscious right now. What can we say to him?”

Azure Dragon was stunned.

“Okay.” Xie Xi suggested softly. “Once the day is bright, how about we go to Vermilion Bird Palace together.”

Azure Dragon was finally persuaded. “We will go at daybreak.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.”

Azure Dragon released some of his worries. Azure Dragon’s sleeping quarters were partitioned with a screen. They were in the room while people were guarding outside.

It couldn’t be helped. Azure Dragon’s physical condition was so poor that they couldn’t leave him alone with Xie Xi.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry to see Jiang Xie. The most important thing was to make Azure Dragon emotionally stable.

Azure Dragon questioned, “Have you eaten dinner yet?”

Xie Xi shook his head. “I’m not hungry.”

“How can you not eat? Your hungry body…”

Xie Xi interrupted his words. “You feel bad just because I’m hungry. You are suffering from broken bones all day so how can I not feel bad?”

Azure Dragon froze and flames seemed to burn in his indigo eyes.

Xie Xi told him, “I am already very upset that you gave up your cultivation. If you suffer all day long, how can I bear it…”

Azure Dragon frowned. “Don’t say that.”

Xie Xi increased the sugar to the peak. “You like me and I like you as well. Thanks to our different statuses, you paid to be with me. We will face it together hand in hand rather than one person infinitely accommodating the other.”

Azure Dragon’s heart almost jumped out and a thousand words rushed to his lips, although none were spoken. He felt that anything he said would be inferior to Xie Xi’s words. Every word settled in his heart and was deeply rooted.

Xie Xi whispered, “Can you tell me about your injuries?”

Azure Dragon paused.

Xie Xi told him, “I might not be able to help but I want to know.”

Azure Dragon’s thin lips slowly moved. “Don’t listen to their nonsense. It isn’t so exaggerated.”

“Then how is it in the end? What happened?”

Azure Dragon was unable to dissuade him and spoke evasively.

Xie Xi’s heart bled at the words. “Your scales are falling off.”

“As long as there is no interference, surviving for 300 years won’t be a problem.”

It was necessary to bear the pain for 300 years! Xie Xi’s expression was serious. “Can I look at your body?”

Azure Dragon, “…”

Xie Xi insisted. “I want to see.”

“I will scare you.”

“Do I only like you for your skin?”

Azure Dragon was startled and his eyelids drooped in an attempt to cover up his stirring emotions.

He whispered, “It isn’t convenient here. Wait… until we go to an empty place.”

This was true. Azure Dragon’s body was so big that if he hastily turned, this small room would probably become a mess.

Xie Xi wanted to see his body because of the Repair technique. “Did you collect the scales that fell off?”

The scales were treasures so they were naturally collected. Azure Dragon nodded.

Xie Xi relaxed. “I will try to fix it.”

Azure Dragon was startled. Xie Xi explained about what he did with the rose family. “I don’t know if I can repair your scales but I would like to try…”

Azure Dragon wondered, “You said you repaired the injured roses… is it repair?”

Xie Xi remembered the old rose had said the flower god had repaired the scales of the dragon and nodded. “Yes, it was repairing. There had to be the petals or it wouldn’t work.”

Azure Dragon stared at him with complicated eyes. “Repairing is the ability of the flower god.”

“I heard from the chief.”

The dragon asked, “Since when did you obtain this ability?” Xie Xi replied, “I don’t know clearly. After returning to Rose Mountain, I was unconscious for a while and then found myself able to fix some things.”

Azure Dragon frowned and whispered, “Why do you have the power of the flower god?”

He suddenly said, “Come with me.”

Azure Dragon got up too fast and seemed to pull at his wounds. Xie Xi quickly helped him and Azure Dragon took his hand. “It doesn’t matter.”

Xie Xi was anxious and wanted to repair the scales right away.

Azure Dragon took him to the back room where Xie Xi rested previously. The outside followers also followed and still waited outside the screen. They were confidants of Azure Dragon and Azure Dragon didn’t avoid them.

Xie Xi once again saw the painting of the dragon’s lonely back.

Azure Dragon questioned, “Can you see anything?”

Xie Xi was surprised. “Can’t you see it?”

Azure Dragon’s pupils shrank. “I can only see blank paper.”

Xie Xi blinked and sounded very certain. “This is a painting of the flower festival. In the painting, you are slowly walking away.” He didn’t describe the scene of the dragon gradually entering darkness.

Azure Dragon glanced at the painting and explained, “This is a part of the god’s wisdom that only the flower god can read.”

Xie Xi instantly understood.

“I’m just a rose flower…”

Azure Dragon shook his head. “Nobody knows what the body of the flower god is.”

Xie Xi spoke again, “I don’t have any memories of being a god.”

“You have the ability of the flower god.”

“Do you know the flower god?”

Azure Dragon replied, “I was injured during the promotion to a sage and he treated me.”

Xie Xi glanced at him. “Do you want me to be the flower god?”

Azure Dragon was stunned for a moment and then spoke when he recovered. “No, it doesn’t matter who you are. I just gave you the name of the flower god in the hope that you can live an extra 100 years.”

Xie Xi didn’t say anything.

Azure Dragon was in a better mood and he repeated Xie Xi’s words. “Do I only like your skin?” Xie Xi glanced at him and pretended to be sour. “I’m just a rose flower inside.”

“You are the best rose under the sun.”

Xie Xi’s heart was sweet but he still said, “I’m not as good as the flower god.”

Azure Dragon hugged him. “You are wonderful and no one can match you.”

Xie Xi was just pretending to be jealous. He thought that in this quasi-world setting, he was likely the flower god. As for why he was reduced to a small rose, it was estimated that there was a reason.

Perhaps the answer was in the god’s wisdom.

Xie Xi wondered, “Can I look at this god’s wisdom again?”

“Of course.”

Xie Xi walked over and placed a hand on it. This time, there was no special reaction. He didn’t enter the painting but he found that something was flashing in the darkness of the painting.

Xie Xi reached out and…

Azure Dragon pulled him away.

Xie Xi’s senses returned. “What’s wrong?”

Azure Dragon’s eyebrows furrowed. “You just…” He couldn’t describe the feeling. It was as if Xie Xi was far away from him and couldn’t be touched.


Azure Dragon shook his head. “It’s nothing. I’m just tired all of a sudden. We should go back.”

Xie Xi stared into his eyes and replied, “Okay.”

They returned to the front room with indescribable thoughts in their head.

Only the flower god could understand the god’s wisdom and the god’s wisdom recorded everything in the mountains and seas.

Xie Xi understood that what he saw was only a part of his encounter with Azure Dragon. It was very one-sided and short.

Xie Xi stared a the dark paint, thoughts flashing in his mind. Did all this already happen and was recorded by the god’s wisdom, or were things recorded in the god’s wisdom bound to happen?

If it was just a recording then it was fine. Then again, if it was only a record, how could the god’s wisdom document everything?

Everything represented the past and future.

The god’s wisdom that could record the future gave Xie Xi a strong feeling of discomfort.

It might’ve been reduced to a ‘love game’ once he entered Jiang Xie’s world but it was undeniable that a high-order quasi-world had its own independent core.

If Xie Xi hadn’t entered the quasi-world, what would the clearance mission be like?

Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking about it, not just because he needed to clear the world. He also wanted to understand Jiang Xie.

The quasi-worlds that Jiang Xie designed had his countless efforts and emotions poured into them.

Just like reading a book written by the author, Xie Xi wanted to go between the lines and see the Jiang Xie hidden in them.

To love someone wasn’t a one-sided effort but a mutual understanding and tolerance.

It was getting along forever.

Of course…

He fell in love with a wild horse and there were all pits between the lines! He gingerly walked a bumpy road and wanted to tear this book apart!

At dawn, Azure Dragon was full of energy. “Let’s go to Vermilion Bird Palace.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Okay, it was time to stop hiding and make the two people feel at ease.

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Duelo Literário G.N.
Duelo Literário G.N.
4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! I love this novel! 🙂
I hope somehow everything goes well in the meeting between Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird!

4 years ago

Xie Xi is too good with words, but he should just be honest! Thanks for the chapter~

4 years ago

Poor Jiang Xie, to create such sad worlds and characters like this, just how bad did you suffer from your real life? Thnx for the hard work RT 👍

4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

4 years ago

I just wondering, why xie xi can’t tell the truth that they’re all Jiang Xie soul (just tell u’re all my lover soul) so xie xi can’t choose whom to love? I mean is it forbidden to say? or what?

4 years ago
Reply to  PaperHaniBani

They probably won’t accept that logic. In world, they have their own memories and lives. Would you believe that the person you’re dating/married to is only doing it because you’re 1/5 of a person’s soul and they’re dating 4 other people as well for the same reason?
I know I wouldn’t.
Personally, I’d be playing that amnesia card up the wazoo though if I was our XX. Stick with Azure Dragon and carefully work out the time line of which lover met when. Obviously, he was faithful to each one in turn, but was cursed/drugged/hit on the head/whatever between each one.

4 years ago

Thank you