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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 8

It was broken!

Xie Xi forgot that last night, Jiang Xie…

What to do? Nine Tails didn’t turn into Jiang Xie, meaning they weren’t alone.

This was an empty place but maybe Nine Tails brought an attendant or perhaps it was the fireflies?

This was too embarrassing so Xie Xi first placed Roast Pork Bun back in the pets bar.

Nine Tails face was like frost. The originally gentle eyes were demon-like and Xie Xi felt scared as he saw Nine Tails in the moonlight.

He clearly didn’t do anything bad but it felt like he was caught in bed!

This… blame Jiang Xie!

Jiang Xie watched some goodwill being lost but couldn’t do anything.

He had obviously followed this person into the world but why didn’t it seem different from watching the live broadcast?

Old Jiang felt very wronged.

Xie Xi was a man who had pedalled six boats and his legs were still stable. “What?”

He looked innocent and confused.

Nine Tails squinted and his cold demeanor was somewhat shaken. “You have a red dot on the back of your neck.”

His voice was so pitiful that Xie Xi felt slightly ashamed hearing it.

Dammit, this was done by him!

Xie Xi touched the back of his neck and responded steadily. “There is? I have been walking outside for a long time and must’ve been bitten by mosquitoes.”

He couldn’t see how big the hickeys weer but could only blame them on bugs.”

Nine Tails stared at the red mark the size of the pad of the little finger… could a bug make such a big mark?

Xie Xi looked at him and smile. “How is it a hickey? What are you thinking about?”

Who could handle this acting?

Nine Tails was probably reluctant to believe it was a hickey so his filter went ten metres deep. He found himself a reason, “Your flowers are really afraid of bugs. Just a simple bite turned out to leave such a big mark.”

This was… Xie Xi was very embarrassed.

Nine Tails was in a corner and his heart wasn’t very solid. “Is it really not?” He didn’t want to say the word hickey again.

Xie Xi couldn’t let this continue and said, “What are you suspecting?”

Nine Tails was silent.

Xie Xi glanced at him with flushed cheeks. “There is no… if you check it yourself, you will know.”

Nine Tails’ heart jerked.

Xie Xi didn’t remove his gaze. “If it is really a hickey, will it only be on the neck?”

Nine Tails’ throat was tight. “99…”

Xie Xi’s voice was becoming smaller. “Come back to my room with you and you can check it yourself.” This was too shameful! It was leading Nine Tails to be alone with him but this was breaking his lower limit!

Nine Tails was gone. He hugged Xie Xi and returned to Xie Xi’s room.

Sure enough, he was a demon beast and his speed was okay.

Xie Xi was relieved and thought no one should be here. He didn’t believe that Nine Tails would let other people see his body.

Sure enough, Nine Tails’ eyes changed colour.

Jiang Xie took off his clothes.

Xie Xi snapped, “What are you doing?”

“Checking it.”

Xie Xi glared at him. “Do you still think you are Nine Tails?”

Jiang Xie told him, “I forgot it.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Oh, the souls didn’t meet and their memories weren’t exchanged. This fool forgot everything that happened last night.

Jiang Xie felt unwilling. “It definitely isn’t Houqing. Who the hell is it? Who on the Holy Mountain?”

Xie Xi captured the key point in his words. “Is Houqing really a soul?” “He is Sirius.”

It turned out to be the sixth prince. It seemed that Nine Tails and Houqing met in the Demon Sea, allowing Jiang Xie to have the memories of these two souls.

Xie Xi pressed his hand to stop him. “Tell me about their situation.”

Jiang Xie replied, “I want to know about last night.”

Xie Xi was helpless. “What do you think you did?”

Jiang Xie felt sour about himself. “It must’ve been your strawberry but also…”

He shamelessly spoke in detail and Xie Xi blushed. “You don’t know anything!”

Jiang Xie’s vinegar barrel was overturned. “No! I forgot all about it and I want to know!”

Xie Xi felt angry and amused. “You will know when you go to see Azure Dragon.”

Jiang Xie found out that it was Azure Dragon. He could go to get the memory but… it would be cool if there were two memories.

He said, “The Demon Sea and Holy Mountain mind their own business. It isn’t easy for Nine Tails to see Azure Dragon.”

Xie Xi could guess his mind. “That’s your business!”

The scoundrel Jiang Xie said, “You are like this. You only like the me last night and don’t like me now.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Was this what people could say? However, this man was still right.

Jiang Xie succeeded with this cheap wave and started to kiss the other person.

Their decades of s*x life wasn’t in vain and Xie Xi was able to push back.

After another wave of helping each other, Xie Xi exclaimed, “You have to hurry and see all the souls!” If every encounter was like this, he would be exhausted!

Jiang Xie would definitely see them but didn’t want to admit it.

Just like Jiang Xie understood the sensitiveness of Xie Xi’s body, Xie Xi 100% knew him. “If you lie to me, there won’t be a wedding when we go back to Central!”

This was too serious and Jiang Xie was forced to compromise. “Yes, I’ll find a way.”

Xie Xi was now free to tell him the information that was collected during the day.

Jiang Xie helped him sum it up a bit. “Azure Dragon is the fourth prince, Nine Tails is the second prince and Houqing is the sixth prince. My guess is that Vermillion Bird is the fifth prince and White Tiger is the third prince.

Xie Xi also guessed this. After all, they were related to the flower god and Xie Xi currently had the name of the flower god. These people were likely to be souls.

“Are there other sacred beasts and demon beasts?”

Jiang Xie replied, “Yes but they shouldn’t be my soul.” Otherwise, they would definitely force a relationship with Xie Xi.

Xie Xi sighed with relief. “That’s fine.”

Jiang Xie always felt that these strange words caused him to feel a chill but who could blame the child? Who could say ‘it’s okay’ after making the simple child pedal five boats?

It was himself. Jiang Xie swallowed down the words.

Xie Xi asked about the situation of Nine Tails.

Jiang Xie knew quite a bit and told him, “You were originally Houqing’s sweetheart. After Nine Tails saw you next to Houqing, he was emotionally affected and couldn’t help using an enchantment on you and you fell in love.”

Xie Xi, “…” Second Prince, you are too indulgent and really love dog blood drama!

No, it was Jiang Xie. Xie Xi turned and glared at him.

Jiang Xie defended himself. “I won’t be like this in reality. After all, you only like me.” Xie Xi raised his eyebrows. “If I don’t like you?”

Jiang Xie was silent. Sure enough… the second prince’s dog blood was from the original person!

Jiang Xie held him and whispered, “…Don’t dislike me.” Xie Xi’s anger disappeared. There was a tug on his heart and his voice softened, “What are you thinking? If I don’t like you, why would I care about these souls breaking?”

Jiang Xie smiled softly. “Say it again.”


“Say you like me.”

Xie Xi couldn’t bear his pitiful voice and whispered it. Jiang Xie was resurrected. “Let me hear it again.”

Xie Xi, “…” Listen to your big head!

Nine Tails also stayed the night. Before it was too bright the next day, the contented small silver fox left.

He also had something to do in the Demon Sea. He had to take care of his enemies before marrying the little rose.

Xie Xi slept lazily and had just gotten up when he heard a noise again.

Their little Rose Mountain hadn’t been so lively since the construction of this mountain!

“My god, this time it is the servant of Houqing demon ancestor!”

“I’m so scared. I heard that any place that Ancestor Houqing goes to becomes barren!” The timid rose shivered.

Xie Xi heard Houqing and his head was sore. Had Sirius also come to give a betrothal gift?

Xie Xi still felt guilty towards the sixth prince and was distressed for him.

In particular, the thought that Jiang Xie might have such a cursed past made him even more pained.

Only Houqing’s servant appeared outside but it was already dark, cold and hazy.

The servant ordered, “Hurry and return Nine Tails’ betrothal gift!”

The roses, “???”

What was this situation?

The servant spoke again, “The white rose is bewitched by Nine Tails and I hope you don’t aide him!”

The roses understood but also didn’t understand. The two ancestors of the Demon Sea were fighting over an unknown, small white rose?

They thought that Xie Xi being given the name of the flower god was already a miracle. Now one white rose gained the favour of two demon ancestors at the same time?

The white roses glanced at each other. They were the same white roses but how was the gap so big?

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4 years ago

So much is going on but I love it!

Also just remembered that the first prince soul went back to Jiang Xie. At least it’s only pedalling 5 boats instead of 6 now! 😂

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

4 years ago
Reply to  Kimmy

I’m still having a hard time tracking them. 😨

1 year ago
Reply to  Queue

Same, I ended up making a notes

Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
4 years ago

They were the same white roses but how was the gap so big?

It’s because you are not the MC 😂😂😂

Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
4 years ago

“You are like this. You only like the me last night and don’t like me now.” – Old Jiang’s ‘drinking your own vinegar’ skill is maxed out!!!

3 years ago

my head is spinning.. my weak brain can’t handle this much pressure!