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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 23 End

Xie Xi’s words weren’t true but the deep feelings weren’t false.

How contradictory was this? In any normal situation, he would be a sinful person.

But right now…

This was the most promising thing to do. If he didn’t separate the two people, there might be an irreparable disaster.

Houqing’s state of mind was extremely bad. Once stimulated, his behaviour would become aggressive and the little lion was in danger.

Now he used a robot to ‘escort’ the lion to the Lion Country and then the robot would change the appearance to help Leo ascend to the throne. After one or two years of training, he would be fine.

Hatred and love coexisted, meaning Leo wouldn’t let go. He would work harder and become stronger in order to ‘get revenge.’

Once that time came… Xie Xi would make a gamble!

He firmly believed that these were two worlds. They might be mixed together but there was a possibility of repairing their one by one.

This wasn’t like the Collapsed God where he had to hold three people steady at the same time!

If so, it was necessary to take Leo away. Rather than forcing two fish to die in the net, it was better to separate them and take things slowly.

Apparently, Xie Xi’s words had stunned Houqing. He allowed Xie Xi to help him up, his head in disarray as the words echoed.

Xie Xi missed him? He said he missed Houqing.

Xie Xi saw him like this and felt distressed. Houqing might’ve done too much and he was neurotic and fearful, but in these collapsed worlds, the souls were the most innocent ones.

It wasn’t that they wanted to collapse. Anyone who faced abandonment and death would be desperate.

It was like waking up to find their homes destroyed and their lives lost. Who would be able to bear it?

The souls represented Jiang Xie. At first,they were sleeping and then they awakened to find they could no longer support the world. They were banished and would ultimately be erased. How else could such a strong man be forced to feel such pain and despair?

Xie Xi stared at Houqing and spoke hoarsely, “I’m sorry, I ignored you too much.”

Houqing was even more baffled. He couldn’t understand these words. How could Xie Xi apologize to him? What was Xie Xi sorry for? Everything was his fault, he was the one who hurt Xie Xi.

Xie Xi pulled him over and spoke slowly, “I used this time to think a lot. I was still thinking when I came back.’

Houqing was taken by the words and asked, “What were you thinking about?”

Xie Xi looked up at him. “I wondered why you became like this?” He reached out to caress the thin face, giving the cold cheeks some warmth.

Houqing grabbed his hand, thin lips trembling fiercely.

The tip of Xie Xi’s nose was sour and his eyes were red. Anyone who saw the person in the heart show such an expression wouldn’t be able to hold it. He absolutely wasn’t a man!

Houqing muttered, “I…I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Xie Xi enduring the sourness that came up. “I was very angry when I left the palace. I felt that I was betrayed. I didn’t understand why the little white tiger I cared for would do something like that to me.”

Houqing lowered his eyes and was embarrassed. “I’m sorry.”

“I was the one who wasn’t right. I had been making you afraid the entire time.”

Houqing’s body froze.

After seeing the previous summary, how could Xie Xi not understand?

Beat King Rose had truly fought through hundreds of battles and created unprecedented achievements, but he always placed himself on the tip of the knife.

It wasn’t just Houqing. Every family member of the soldiers on the battlefield were just as scared.

If Jiang Xie almost died then Xie Xi would also be in a state of panic.

He continued speaking to Houqing, “The war was clearly over but I was still in danger. This scared you, didn’t it?”

Houqing hugged him, the breath touching his neck hot. Houqing gasped like a child who had been crying for a long time.

Xie Xi’s eyes were moist. “I didn’t notice your feelings and also became suspicious of you. I thought you were interested in my high position…”

“I was too incompetent,” the national teacher stated. “I couldn’t protect you.” There was no way to let Xie Xi reach his ideals while protecting him, no way to protect him from the sea of swords and fire…

Xie Xi naturally wouldn’t speak such extreme statements and his voice was warm. “It’s fine now. I won’t be in danger anymore.”

Houqing didn’t move.

Xie Xi sighed. “After returning to the palace, I thought a lot. It is difficult for the Rose Empire to make people happy. The lion beastmen and tiger beastmen are closest to each other yet their lifestyles are very different, not to mention the distant beastmen. There were too many rebels in the Rose Empire. It is true that some moved due to their ambition but the number proved that this method was indeed inappropriate.”

It was just like Earth where Xie Xi came from. There were ambitious people who aged worlds but there were still countless countries coexisting in peace.

Centralization of power was the easiest to produce while democracy was from top down. Checks and balances were most needed in politics.

Xie Xi’s words were the right medicine to treat the patient.

The more that Houqing listened, the more sober he became. His black heart showed signs of easing.

His heart disease was very complicated. On the one hand, he didn’t wish to violate Xie Xi’s wishes. He wanted to work with Xie Xi to achieve their common dream. On the other hand, he was nervous about Xie Xi’s safety. He knew this was the most dangerous way and he couldn’t help Xie Xi.

He had to give Xie Xi the most perfect world but he couldn’t do it. The contradictory mood intertwined with each other and became a knot that couldn’t be resolved.

Fortunately, Xie Xi knew how to untie it.

Houqing’s mood gradually stabilized and he asked the thing he wanted to know most. “You really don’t…”

Xie Xi knew without him finishing and directly replied, “If I didn’t love you, why would I give you only clean clothes to wear, give you the softest bed to sleep in and leave the best things for you? If I didn’t love you, would I be willing to share the world with you, directly give you the emperor’s throne and be with you day and night? If I didn’t love you, would I feel heartache because of your behaviour, desperate because of your abnormality and feel enough despair to not want to live?”

Houqing was afraid of the last picture and hugged him again. “I…”

He didn’t know what to say. He had thought they were in love but…

Xie Xi’s warm voice entered his ears. “I love you.”

‘Just as you love me I love you to the bone.’

Houqing became more speechless. He was afraid that he would awaken from the dream if he opened his mouth.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry. Leo had been settled in a secret place deep in the forest. Xie Xi had a lot of time with Houqing.

Even if the knot was untied, the rope was still awkward. It would only be straightened completely by time.

Xie Xi also needed time to patch his actions.

Leaving the palace and returning home with the lion were things that needed to be treated with caution.

Xie Xi also needed to patch ‘turning against’ Xie Xi.

The thing that made Xie Xi helpless was that Houqing didn’t ask.

They spent a full month together. Houqing was normal and the feelings between the two people were more harmonious. However, he never mentioned anything related to Leo.

He didn’t mention it but Xie Xi had to talk about it.

There were so many lessons from the past. How could he ignore them?

Jiang Xie’s mouth was full but he was actually stuffy to his bones. He could say a basket of improper words but once he was poked in the heart, he didn’t mention it. Look at when he stated that Equivalent Exchange wasn’t a problem or when he said the white space was nothing when it actually dealt a serious injury.

Xie Xi thought up to here and couldn’t help recalling Jiang Xie’s words.

He said that it was hard for people to get the task of erasing his worlds. Was this true?

Previously, Xie Xi was convinced but today worry filled his heart.

No, he had to be warier of this guy’s nonsense in the future!

Xie Xi picked the time of the medicinal bath to bring up Leo.

“The little lion… is he really dead?” He couldn’t hide the sadness in his voice. Of course, his heart was as still as a mirror. Lep was holding the ‘secret technique book’ Xie Xi prepared for him and was in closed-off training.

Houqing explained, “He fled into the forest and his chances of survival aren’t great.”

Xie Xi leaned back in the bathtub and said, “…I didn’t know when I took him back to the palace. I just wanted to come back.”

Houqing finally confessed. “I was afraid he would take you away so I told him his life story and spoke those words to guide him.”

Xie Xi took the initiative to shoulder the blame. “As long as he returns home, he will know the truth sooner or later. At that time, it would be troublesome.”

Houqing was silent again.

Xie Xi sighed softly and held his hand. “Shall we not be suspicious of each other in the future?”

Houqing stared at him with eyes as clean as a cloud. “Yes.”

Xie Xi added, “I’ll tell you everything and trust in you. Trust in me, okay?”

“Okay…” Houqing kissed him on the forehead. “I’ll keep nothing from you and tell you everything.”

Xie Xi pulled him over and kissed him on the lips.

A year later, the terrible wound on Xie Xi’s chest disappeared. His body was fully recovered and there was no further discomfort.

Xie Xi finally knew his own beast state…

He had guessed he was a tiger but he didn’t think he was such a small tiger! That’s right…

Small, too fu*king small, just like a black cat!

Houqing held him up, eyes curved in a smile. “It is hard to imagine that such a small body contains so much power.”

Xie Xi was very angry. “You also become a beast. I want to know what you look like.”

Houqing told him, “No, you look good.”

Xie Xi, “…” He would scratch this person!

More than a year passed and Houqing had warmed up. There was no longer the cold and cruel appearance as before.

Houqing kissed him on the nose. “You haven’t seen my beast form in a long time. right?”

Xie Xi stared at him. “Hurry up.” As he spoke, he turned back into a human.

Then there was a white mist and the white cloak landed on the ground. A beautiful white tiger appeared in front of Xie Xi.

Xie Xi’s eyes lit up and he praised, “Good-looking!”

Handsome, arrogant and powerful. This should be the beast king!

Xie Xi touched the soft hair and was thrown down by the white tiger.

Xie Xi laughed loudly. “Don’t do that, your big tongue is too… too much…”

The white tiger became a man and took his ‘black cat’ king back to bed.

Xie Xi stared at his chest for a while. Then Houqing rose from the bed and put on his coat.

He looked into the mirror at Xie Xi. Black silk covered his white body and the symmetrical beauty was amazing.

Xie Xi’s beautiful body finally had no scars and the scary scar on the chest could no longer be found.

Houqing reached out from behind and touched Xie Xi’s chest.

Xie Xi smiled. “It doesn’t hurt at all.”

Houqing stared at the other person’s smile and whispered, “Me too.”

Xie Xi’s heart wasn’t in pain and Houqing’s heart wasn’t painful either.

For the first time, Xie Xi saw the scene where he and Jiang Xie were drawn from the world.

He saw the scene in the mirror distort. Houqing kissed him on the neck and there was a swirling in their bodies. After feeling the familiar pulling sensation, Xie Xi popped out from the small world.

He saw the sleeping white-haired Virgo…

Sure enough, he hadn’t made a mistake. The two small worlds could be repaired separately!

Xie Xi gently sighed and looked at the still shining Leo.

This time it was the little lion.

Xie Xi prayed silently before entering. The little lion should be merciful!

He went in and saw a tall man in armour, holding a long spear and standing in the light of the fire.

What was the little lion? This was a strong and domineering mature man.

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