GL: Chapter 54

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Lost Atlantis 25

Live again? Who was he going to bring back to life?

Sein Hall?

No, don’t mess around. He didn’t want to live. He was dead, please let him enter the water!

Xie Xi was very surprised. He didn’t think there would be a strange thing as resurrection. The background of this world seemed quite normal. The land and seabed all used science and technology. How come there was this strange power?

Maybe it was just a rumour and the fifth and sixth princes had misunderstood?

Xie Xi wasn’t sure and his heart felt very empty. He had to check to see if there was such a setting in this world.

The reserve face could only be used for a period of time and couldn’t exceed half an hour. Xie Xi was very cautious with it, especially the important faces. He wasn’t certain if he could collect the faces again and didn’t dare waste it.

Of course, there was a great risk. Just in case there were hidden cameras, he prepared many similar faces to slowly change his face.

They were the type that made it hard to detect the difference from a distance or the back.

This was also dangerous but it was much better than exposing his original appearance.

Xie Xi investigated overnight and starting sweating.

There really was a record of this phenomenon.

Haiqui itself was quite mysterious. They were primitive underwater creatures and completely different from humans. They were bloodthirsty, aggressive, lacked empathy and even ate their compatriots raw.

They were particularly fond of humans. When Atlantis was part the land and the sea, they didn’t hesitate to go ashore and attack. As long as they could eat people, they didn’t care if they died on the shore.

Once Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea, they stared at the royal family and rushed over, killing many princes and princesses.

Ironically, the existence of Atlantis underwater created a defense line that made Haiqui unable to eat humans on land. The land people gradually forget the threat of Haiqui and didn’t know that the underwater kingdom was helping them fend off murderous creatures.

This played a large role in the fighting between factions underwater. Atlantis protected humanity but humans didn’t know. They just continued destroying the marine environment.

Intentional hunting led to the extinction of species and excessive discharge of waste also complicated the composition of seawater. The underwater people’s requirements for water were more stringent than the land people’s requirements for air.

Land people couldn’t stand the smog while underwater people couldn’t stand the polluted sea. Their skin would gain sores from prolonged exposure and their internal organs would corrode. Heavily polluted areas were hard to isolate.

The empire invested a great deal of manpower and resources every year to purify the sea, but unfortunately, the results were extremely low.

If the pollution was made by the underwater people, they wouldn’t be so angry. However, the disaster came from the land people who were ‘protected’ by them.

How could the underwater people not feel hatred?

The most extreme militant group even wanted to place the lunatics of Haiqui onto the land to retaliate against the land people.

Of course, this was very irrational. The Haiqui people might lack empathy but they were still highly intelligent creatures. The people in power had even more brains. If the Haiqui people were really let out, it wouldn’t just be the land people who would be eaten.

The state teacher of Haiqui was very mysterious. He was much weaker than the soldiers but he had an incomprehensible power.

There was a real record of him resurrecting someone dead.

The former king of the Haiqui Kingdom was killed by the third prince on the battlefield but he came alive again. The purpose of his campaign this time was to get revenge on the enemy who previously took his life!

Xie Xi saw this and his heart started beating faster. “Resurrection is really possible.”

Roast Pork Bun said, “Daddy isn’t dead. Resurrection is useless.”

Xie Xi wondered, “Will the state teacher know that I’m not dead?”

Roast Pork Bun could be smart. “Then you can meet the sixth prince again. He is so handsome!”

Xie Xi, “…”

He must be infected by the third prince if he wanted to discuss business with the stupid cat.

After seeing this, Xie Xi didn’t dare stay for a long time. He slipped back to his residence and tried to calm down.

Thinking too much was useless. The priority was to seize this time!

He had to quickly complete this task and leave the world, so that he didn’t need to worry about being exposed.

As for the side mission, Xie Xi originally didn’t intend to collect one million tons of garbage. Compared to clearing the world, he preferred leaving here as quickly as possible.

Then what about after he left? A world that hadn’t been cleared wouldn’t be blocked. What should he do if he searched for it again?

If that happened…

No way…

His luck would be too bad! Xie Xi thought about his luck in finding X’s worlds three times. No, Xie Xi didn’t dare give up on this side task. He had to complete it and clear the world, making this world ‘independent’.

It wasn’t for anyone else, it was just for himself! He must never enter this quasi-world again!

Xie Xi raised his spirits and found a chance to run away from the third prince the next day.

The third prince might wait to tie Xie Xi to his belt but Xie Xi spoke very well. He just made an uncomfortable expression and the third prince let him go.

Xie Xi immediately changed to the first face and accepted an errand to send something to the palace of the eldest prince.

He had better luck this time and the eldest prince had just returned.

Xie Xi encountered the prince face to face but showed some restraint because of his guilt.

“I have seen Your Highness.” He gave a bow.

The eldest prince looked at him and didn’t let him get up or leave.

Xie Xi lowered his head while he felt himself being examined. The eldest prince was watching him, just like he watched the second face. No, before Xie Xi started changing faces, he stood guard in the hall and the eldest prince had looked at him the same way.

Xie Xi’s heart tightened. Did the eldest prince recognize him?


It wasn’t just a change in his face. It also changed his temperament and many small habits. It was impossible for the eldest prince to recognize him.

Xie Xi’s body was stiff as he asked softly, “Your Highness?”

The eldest prince finally opened his mouth. “Get up.”

Xie Xi straightened but didn’t dare look up. He wanted to get close to the eldest prince but found that he didn’t know what to do.

When it came to the fifth, sixth, second and third prince, Xie Xi didn’t need to take the initiative. They were all more active than him and rushed to help him fill the task progress.

The eldest prince was very different from them. He kept observing Xie Xi, full of emotions that Xie Xi couldn’t understand.

Xie Xi could only put down the things he was carrying and say, “If Your Highness doesn’t have any commands, this subordinate will go back first.”

The eldest prince replied gently, “Yes.” He was let go.

Xie Xi left without a clue.

What to do? How could he collect the love of the eldest prince?

Xie Xi went to the palace of the fourth prince but it was the same as before. He couldn’t enter through the door and had to put the items down and leave.

The fourth prince was in poor health and wasn’t seeing anyone. Xie Xi felt helpless.

He didn’t receive any gains and returned to the sleeping area of the first place, intending to clean it up. He might not often come back to rest here.

He had just returned when he heard a low voice behind him.

“Who are you?”

Xie Xi’s back stiffened as he became startled. He turned slowly and saw the eldest prince standing there with a sullen expression. Xie Xi’s reaction was fairly quick. He was slightly surprised but bowed first. “I have seen the eldest prince.”

The eldest prince stared at him, dark eyes that were rare at the bottom of the sea locked on him. It was as if his eyes could penetrate through the skin.

Xie Xi’s palms were sweating. He didn’t know what was meant by this sentence and just said, “This subordinate is called Jesse. I am from a side branch of the Hall family. I didn’t know that Your Highness was coming over and acted rudely.

He replied in a polite manner but the eldest prince was still staring at him without saying anything.

Xie Xi tentatively raised his head and met the dark eyes.

At this moment, Xie Xi thought he saw the housekeeper Randy and the infinite despair under the calm.

He quickly lowered his head again.

The eldest prince seemed to blink in front of him and forced Xie Xi to look up. The two men stared at each other, their appearance reflected in each other’s eyes.

Xie Xi’s face was slightly white and he couldn’t say a word.

The eldest prince stared at him and slender, cool fingers touched his cheek.

The sea was cold and their bodies were cold, but the fingers of the eldest prince were even colder. They were like ice hidden in the abyss, causing Xie Xi’s skin to tingle.

Xie Xi held his breath and thought he would die at this moment.

He thought the eldest prince would break his neck.

Then the suffocating atmosphere disappeared. The eldest prince released him and his voice was no longer cold. He stared at Xie Xi and whispered, “Sorry.”

Xie Xi was stunned but soon recovered his spirit.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” The eldest prince distanced himself and paused. “I always feel like I have seen you somewhere before.”

Xie Xi was shocked and was too afraid to look up. Did the eldest prince really recognize his face?

He replied, “I have been on duty in the palace and Your Highness might’ve seen this subordinate elsewhere.”

The eldest prince was silent. Xie Xi didn’t dare say anything else.

The prince suddenly spoke again, “I admit my mistake.”

Xie Xi, “…”

“Excuse me. Go back and rest.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare interact with the eldest prince any longer and bowed. “This subordinate will go back first.”

The eldest prince turned and left. The atmosphere around him changed instantly and there was no longer the sense of oppression that stopped people from breathing.

Xie Xi looked at the back of the eldest prince and felt very perturbed. He always felt that there was something wrong.

In the evening, the busy third prince came to see him again for dinner. Xie Xi pretended to be ill and had no appetite. The third prince saw he was in poor spirits and didn’t keep him long. The prince watched him eat and let him go after he was full.

Xie Xi changed to a reserve face and went to the fourth prince.

The eldest prince was abnormal and Xie Xi was also worried about the fourth prince.

This person had been living isolated because of his physical illness but no one knew exactly how he was.

Xie Xi was going to take a look in advance, lest he be caught off guard like he was with the eldest prince.

Xie Xi had come to the palace of the fourth prince previously before and saved many faces.

He entered without much trouble after changing his face.

The residence of the fourth prince was very quiet, like a hideaway at the bottom of the sea. It was completely different from the tumultuous world outside. It was more like a hermit’s residence.

Xie Xi smelt a cold fragrance, which seemed to be the aroma of a certain herb.

Roast Pork Bun suddenly said, “Someone is coming over!”

Xie Xi instantly hid in the coral bushes.

Moments later, footsteps came and Xie Xi saw the fourth prince through the coral.

The fourth prince’s steps were slow but not heavy. He wasn’t morbidly pale. His lips were pale but they were like cherry blossoms blooming after the winter snow melted, overflowing with vitality.

The fourth prince wasn’t sick at all!

This thought had just flashed through his head when he heard a low voice exclaiming, “Who is it?”

Xie Xi jumped. He had been discovered!

He hadn’t moved and the fourth prince was at least five or six metres away, yet the fourth prince saw him!

Roast Pork Bun screamed, “He’s coming!”

Xie Xi hesitated in his reserve face but finally didn’t dare risk it. He changed to a strange face and rushed out quickly.

The fourth prince ordered, “Grab him.”

Some fish guards rushed over and Xie Xi was relieved. He just needed to pull away from them and change his face.

Once he left behind the fourth prince, Xie Xi’s heart was beating quickly and he was so tired that he gasped.

Neither the eldest prince or fourth prince were simple. He couldn’t act recklessly.

After a while, Xie Xi finally calmed his breath and looked down at the countdown for Camouflage.

There were 21 days to go. He had to collect the love of the six princes and one million tons of rubbish in this time.

He had no clue about the eldest prince and the fourth prince was even more dangerous.

Xie Xi thought about it and decided to go see the second prince again. He would fill this progress bar first and take the rest slowly.

Xie Xi knew he should catch up on sleep but he wasn’t sleepy. He sat there thinking about the matters regarding the eldest prince and fourth prince. However, he couldn’t think of any clues. Did the eldest prince recognize him?

Why was the fourth prince pretending to be ill? Who was the person who tried to kill the sixth prince? At the moment, it didn’t seem like 2, 3 and 5 would be cruel to their brothers. What about 1 and 4?

Xie Xi felt uncertain.

He thought about it until early morning. Then Xie Xi headed to the palace of the second prince. This time, he directly headed towards the study. As expected, the ‘workaholic’ second prince was sleeping in the study.

It was unknown if he was dreaming or not.

Xie Xi could only quietly go forward to try it.

[You have successfully used Dreaming and entered the dream of Aix-en Atlantis.]

Xie Xi sighed with relief and when he opened his eyes, he found that his location had changed.

Like the third prince, this dream was on land.

Xie Xi saw a gorgeously decorated living with crystal lights above him, a leather sofa that exuded an expensive luster, a clean marble staircase that was like a mirror…

Then there was the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

Xie Xi jerked and saw that a beautiful tea set had been thrown to the ground. The porcelain was broken and tea scattered everywhere.

Then the furious voice of the third prince was heard. “Okay, divorce. We are getting divorced right now!”

Xie Xi was stunned.

Was he in the wrong dream? Why was the third prince in front of him?

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