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GL: Chapter 53

Lost Atlantis 24

The third prince was probably afraid that the second prince would steal his Little Colin. Thus, he spared no effort to blacken him in front of Xie Xi. This blackening continued for 20 minutes. There were so many lines that only the attendant could compete with him.

Xie Xi was chewing on the crescent fruit when the third prince belatedly arrived.

He killed his second brother without any effort. After fighting in a fancy way, the evil dragon crashed to the ground and spoke hatefully, “I lost to you. I acknowledge it.”

Xie Xi, “…” He felt that the real second prince wouldn’t acknowledge his brother and would probably want to kill his brother.

The third prince anxiously stepped forward and hugged Xie Xi. “It is my bad. I didn’t arrive in time and Your Highness was wronged…”

The attendant emerged from an unknown place and shouted, “Warrior Gars defeated the dragon. He received all of the dragon’s wealth and he will give this huge wealth to our prince. The Galin Kingdom won’t have to worry about food and clothing for 100 years!”

Was he someone in a theatrical program?

In addition, what did he mean by the Galin Kingdom? Gars and Colin?

One hundred years without worrying about food and clothing, this dream was too simple!

Forget Xie Xi, even Roast Pork Bun was laughing like a silly cat, “The third prince called Gars, he is a stupid fool!”

A prompt appeared in the lower right corner: [The dream is about to end. Please be prepared to leave.]

It was truly over. The third prince was successful and now he had to wake up to face the cruel reality! Xie Xi didn’t stop and immediately left the dream. He knew that the third prince had been fighting all year round and was extremely vigilant. He woke up faster than ordinary people and combined with the five senses that he trained, it was likely he could discover Xie Xi if Xie Xi was too slow.

The third prince might be a fool in the dream but in reality, he was a famous commander of the army.

Xie Xi quickly left and returned to his place of residence, ready to get more sleep.

The average person’s dream was quite short. Meanwhile, the third prince’s dream was very long and lasted the whole night, not letting Xie Xi sleep.

Dreaming itself consumed a large amount of mental energy, meaning Xie Xi was very sleepy at the moment.

Fortunately, the overall style of this dream was very relaxed and Xie Xi didn’t hate it.

After returning to the bedroom, Xie Xi washed up and fell asleep.

Before going to bed, he looked at the progress of the task. The red progress bar belonging to the third prince reached 16.5% and was almost full.

The third prince’s dream was much simpler than the fifth prince. It was basically smooth and filled with teasing.

Looking at them in reality, the third prince was filled with more ‘bitterness’ than the fifth prince. By all accounts, the dream of the fifth prince should be easier yet Xie Xi ended up dying.

This was probably due to a psychological problem.

The fifth prince seemed free and unrestrained but in fact, he was uneasy to the depths of his heart. He was uneasy about his position, uneasy about the future and had no confidence in his ability to grasp happiness.

On the other hand, the third prince was very different. He came from a humble background. His mother was the laughing stock of the masses but his childhood was better than the sixth prince. He threw his life onto the battlefield and hit the world.

He was confident and held his own fate. This meant he would be happy in his dream.

Xie Xi had left too fast. If he stopped in the third prince’s palace for a while, he would’ve heard the third prince talking in his sleep, “Sein, Hall…”

Xie Xi only slept for three or four hours before his communicator woke up him.

A message from the third prince appeared. “Eat breakfast.”

Xie Xi was so sleepy that he didn’t completely emerge from his dream and he spoke casually, “Not hungry, won’t eat.”

His voice was hoarse and he was still dazed from not waking up.

The third prince was sitting in the dining room, surrounded by soldiers who accompanied him for the morning exercise. The voice spread from the communicator.

Saul and the others were stunned.

The third prince immediately froze and cleared his throat. “He is proud and pampered.”

The lieutenant blinked.

The third prince raised his eyebrows. “What are you doing? Go and wake up him. It is unseemly to still be sleeping at this time.”

The lieutenant got up and hadn’t taken a step yet when the third prince spoke again, “Forget it, let him sleep. If he doesn’t eat breakfast then he will remain hungry.”

It might sound harsh but it was dignified. It would be more believable if he didn’t keep playing back the voice.

Xie Xi got up in the afternoon and was looking for something to eat when he received a message from the third prince, “If I sleep like you, I would’ve already died from the enemy’s g*ns.”

Xie Xi, “…” Why did he sleep so long? Wasn’t it because the third prince’s dream was too long?

The cute dream of the stupid fool, the awkward third prince was only good at fighting.

Xie Xi slowly replied to him, “Your Highness, this subordinate has just woken up.”

“Now you are talking with respect? Impudent.”

Xie Xi who had no expression on his face: ^_^

The third prince’s heart was flying. “Hurry up and wash. I will take you to eat something good.”

Xie Xi only just realized that the prince’s vehicle was parked outside his door.

After lunch, the third prince had something to do. Xie Xi became his little follower again and followed the prince wherever he went.

Xie Xi still had a sense of urgency. The second prince’s progress was 6% and he should find a chance at night to use Dreaming. He should fill the progress as quickly as possible and then get to know the eldest prince and the fourth prince.

In the afternoon, the third prince went to the elder prince’s palace to discuss the task of guarding the capital.

Xie Xi was waiting outside but he wasn’t idle.

He took the opportunity to collect many faces in the eldest prince’s palace. He would reserve them first so he could use them in the future.

The two brothers were busy all afternoon and the eldest prince stayed for dinner.

At this time, Xie Xi was brought inside by the third prince and introduced the eldest prince. “Big Brother, this is my little sidekick.”

Xie Xi saluted to the eldest prince.

The eldest prince’s gaze fell on him and seemed to pause for a long time.

The third prince said, “His name is Colin Hall. Now he is just a small guard but he is very smart. He can make a lot of progress after more experience.”

Xie Xi’s lips curved. Sure enough, he still couldn’t adapt to the third prince’s style of praise.

The eldest prince told him, “Get up. There is no need to be polite.”

Xie Xi got up and stood beside the third prince. He didn’t know why but he always felt that the eldest prince was looking at him.

He wasn’t being self-confident. He just didn’t want to underestimate the housekeeper Randy.

This soul in the last world was so bad. Who knew what this world would be like?

Did the eldest prince like the second face as well? This face had already been allocated to the second prince and third prince. He couldn’t provoke another person.

Two people were already a struggle. He would be exhausted if there were three of them.

Xie Xi didn’t look at the eldest prince throughout the meal. The third prince thought he was being polite and coaxed him “It’s fine. You don’t need to worry about making mistakes since Big Brother won’t punish you.”

Xie Xi wasn’t comforted.

The third prince’s coaxing skill didn’t match his ability to provoke people. “You must know that not everyone will be used to you as I am. I can indulge your small temper.” Sleepy, picky eater, loved being spoiled… well, really cute.

Xie Xi wanted to punch him.

All night, Xie Xi didn’t dare look up in fear that he would accidentally provoke the eldest prince.

The good thing was that the progress bar was steady and no new colours appeared.

Xie Xi sighed with relief but there was something even more urgent.

He had to find a chance to imprint his first face on the eldest prince before things became troublesome.

Of course, tonight he would go to the second prince’s dream and fill up the progress as quickly as possible.

Xie Xi had experience from last night. Today he got up early and blended into the second prince’s palace.

He yawned and found no one was present when he arrived at the palace.

The second prince hadn’t slept yet?

Xie Xi strolled for a while and saw the second prince working in his study.

He was still working at this late hour? It wasn’t easy for the second prince.

Xie Xi hid in a corner, rubbing Roast Pork Bun while waiting for the second prince to finish working.

Roast Pork Bun was used to this rubbing and also quite enjoyed it. His different coloured eyes narrowed and he fell asleep.

Xie Xi was also sleepy. After waiting half an hour, he planned to find a place to nap while checking on the second prince every hour or so.

Unexpectedly, the second prince was busy all night. Once the day brightened, he headed off to the hall of official business…

Xie Xi waited all night and thought about how he would be ‘tormented’ by the third prince during the day. He suddenly wanted to forget about love and just sleep on the bed.

As he was returning to his room, Roast Pork Bun cried out, “It’s the sixth prince!”

Xie Xi was stunned but didn’t see anyone.

Roast Pork Bun especially liked the sixth prince because of his eyes. “He is in the place where Daddy used to sleep. There is also the fifth prince.”

The cat could fly in the air and no one could see him, so his angle of view was much broader.

Xie Xi’s mind worked as he wondered what these two brothers were doing together.

The sixth prince was going to leave soon. It was normal for him to go to Sein’s residence. Then what was the fifth prince doing?

Xie Xi didn’t feel comfortable. He changed to a reserve face and secretly followed.

It was early in the morning and the whole undersea world was quiet. Most people hadn’t woken up yet.

Xie Xi wasn’t afraid to be found by the fifth and sixth prince because he was wearing someone else’s face. He leaned forward and eavesdropped on their conversation.

The fifth prince said, “I will cooperate with you. You must capture the state teacher of the Haiqui Kingdom alive.”

The sixth prince’s voice was cold. “Is the message reliable?”

The fifth prince retorted, “Isn’t it worth a try?”

The sixth prince glanced at the sleeping quarters and stated, “I will do anything, as long as he can live again.”

Xie Xi, “???”  What was this situation?


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