GL: Chapter 36

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Lost Atlantis 7

Xie Xi didn’t give up.

He never knew there would be a day when he refused to be convinced until faced with the grim reality.

Without seeing the third colour of the progress bar, he refused to believe that the task was to collect the love of the six princes.

Maybe the fifth prince and sixth prince were the same person… okay, this was impossible!

In short… he didn’t give up and wasn’t willing to accept such a terrible task!

Xie Xi spent half a day on psychologically restoring his mind.

Roast Pork Bun rubbed his furry head against Xie Xi.

Xie Xi’s heart softened. He felt his head had just been cured when he saw this pair of eyes and… well…

Roast Pork Bun twisted his head in a stunned manner. ‘What was wrong? This meow wasn’t ugly!

Xie Xi sighed and he inwardly contemplated the Camouflage privilege.

When he entered the world, he repeatedly hesitated but the final choice was easy. It was true that the painless fatal injuries privilege had helped him through the first game but Xie Xi speculated this game wouldn’t be so easy.

If death could solve the problem, what was the use of Camouflage?

The task was to collect the love of the sixth prince. Why did he need Camouflage?

At first, Xie Xi thought he wasn’t suited towards the sixth prince’s taste and wanted to change his face with Camouflage, becoming more feminine or something.

Now it seemed… the damn Camouflage’s greatest use was in a crafty escape plan!

Who couldn’t collect the love of six people if one face could become six? Who could do this task well?

Xie Xi once again scolded X in his heart.

He had been on his own for many years. When he was a child, he trusted Xie Su. Laster, he took Sun Muqing as a friend and proved his own stupidity. He hadn’t put anyone in his heart for 19 years. It was all good now.

The name X, he would remember it for the rest of his life!

Xie Xi thought as he gritted his teeth.

Try again. So what if there was a ‘misunderstanding?’ This big designer was still a person!

Xie Xi returned to his residence and stood in front of the mirror to try out Camouflage.

This privilege was an active skill that could be activated by a password. After the activation, there was a prompt in the lower right corner.

[Do you want to use Camouflage?]

Xie Xi nodded and then saw that his face had changed.

It was far from his imagination but his eyebrows had changed, the corners of his eyes lengthened and his nose and mouth had changed a bit. This change wasn’t big but Xie Xi became someone else.

Xie Xi asked Roast Pork Bun floating in the air. “Do I look good?” He couldn’t feel much apart from some strangeness.

Roast Pork Bun struggled as he thought about it. “…Ugly.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Roast Pork Bun had a strong desire for survival. “Mommy… No, I like Daddy anyway. It doesn’t matter how ugly you are.”

Xie Xi wasn’t comforted.

He stared carefully and tried to analyze the face. A pair of eyes, one nose, one mouth, weren’t all people like this? Oh, silly X wasn’t the same. He had a pair of different coloured eyes. After all, he was a Persian cat. Jiang Xie in front of the water curtain was slightly startled and couldn’t help coughing.

In fact, this Camouflage technique was more similar to makeup. However, it fine-turned Xie Xi’s facial features and made his originally handsome temperament more mature, especially the elongated eyes. His souls would be hooked straight away.

Xie Xi was very uncertain. Could this face grab the crazy people?

Now that he thought about it, the fifth prince was easy to deceive and the sixth prince seemed more naive. Simply giving them a bit of warmth should work.

As for the other princes…

He didn’t have much contact with the fourth prince and couldn’t evaluate him for the time being.

The eldest prince was Randy. He seemed taciturn but who knew what was inside him?

The second prince was the vampire Aix-en who spoke sweet words. The progress bar didn’t even move despite asking for the slag fish’s name.

The third prince was the maid Gars. He was very arrogant and had a bad temper. His progress bar also hadn’t moved so it was unknown what he was thinking about.

Could this face impress them?

Xie Xi didn’t know and kept changing his face.

He continued to use Camouflage and his appearance changed in the mirror. At this time, his eyes became bigger, his lip colour was lighter and he was a bit more childish.

Xie Xi thought this face was a bit stupid, just like Roast Pork Bun.

Old Jiang coughed again. It was a cute face.

Roast Pork Bun didn’t know anything. He saw Xie Xi constantly using ‘make-up’ and thought that his words made his mother feel inferior. Thus, he comforted his mother. “It doesn’t matter. Eyes that are as beautiful as mine are rear. Mommy, no Daddy, you don’t need to be stubborn!”

Xie Xi, “…” Of course it was rare. There were only two existences in the world with it, the silly Fork and the Roast Pork Bun!

He really didn’t have the strength to talk to this roast pork. Xie Xi tried to change his face again…

Unexpectedly, there was a prompt in the lower right corner. [The original appearance has run out. Do you want to use the reserve faces?]

What was this? Xie Xie Xi faintly had a bad feeling.

What did it mean for the original appearance to run out? What did reserve faces mean?

Xie Xi chose to use it and there was another prompt. [Please choose the face type.]

The faces of people he had seen since entering this underwater world were endless.

There were the six princes, Captain Thomas, the trained guards, the ministers he had seen passing by and even the group of passersby in the test hall… In fact, Xie Xi couldn’t remember some of these people.

Xie Xi chose Captain Thomas and in the next moment, he completely became Captain Thomas. His clothing changed and the even more magical thing was that he had the exact same demeanour.

Xie Xi opened his mouth, “Roast Pork Bun.”

Roast Pork Bun covered his ears with disdain. “What a terrible sound!”

Xie Xi didn’t think it was that hard to hear Captain Thomas’s voice. It was a very good, very ordinary voice with an unknown accent. It was very friendly.

Yes, not only did his face turn into Thomas but his voice was exactly the same.

Xie Xi found it was interesting. He could easily change into the maid who served the fifth prince today, including her height. Of course, Xie Xi didn’t look under her clothes…

This technique was quite easy to use. He could turn into a person’s appearance at will, which would be very convenient.

Xie Xi’s complaints towards X barely lightened up.

The next moment, Xie Xi became aware of a very serious problem.

He had only two original faces?

Xie Xi stopped playing around and carefully checked.

It didn’t matter once he checked. He wanted to kill X after reading it.

There were only two original faces and the rest were reserve faces. Did this mean he could only use two faces to collect love? Oh, his true face meant there were three. Why was there only three? There were clearly six targets.

Wouldn’t it be hard for him to use three faces to collect the love of six people? Was this the rhythm of having to pedal two boats?

Xie Xi tensed up.

He tried to accept that it was six people and had been ready to use Camouflage to collect each person with one face. He had three lives from Roast Pork Bun and two lives from the uniform. He could die five times while completing the task.

Now this damn Camouflage told him that there were only two original faces. This meant he must hook two princes with one face.

Well… where was the old thief X, come out and die!

Xie Xi had obviously underestimated the difficulty of this quasi-world. Such a complete world and such a high degree of completion, how could it be easy to complete the core task?

Once Xie Xi wore the no. one appearance, there was a hint in the lower right corner.

[Original face’s remaining usage time: 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 10 seconds.]

Xie Xi, “!”

He immediately changed to his second face and the same countdown appeared in the lower right corner.

Xie Xi burst out cursing.

Roast Pork Bun was startled. “Daddy, why are you cursing me?”

Xie Xi, “…” He really didn’t have the heart to coax the kitten. The remaining time in front of him made his scalp numb.

Camouflage only had two original faces and they had a countdown. This meant he had to collect the love of the six princes in 30 days?

If he couldn’t use this technique, his mission would be declared a failure.

Once unable to complete the task, Xie Xi would be trapped in this crazy world forever. That absolutely couldn’t happen!

Xie Xi couldn’t help turning his mind to the reserve faces. They might be people who actually existed in this world but there was a certain chance to use them to help. He could find a person who couldn’t get in contact with the six princes, take on that person’s appearance and then…

The thought had just flashed through his head while his heart beat faster.

The reserve face also had a countdown!

[Reserve face’s remaining usage time: 30 minutes.]

A reserve face could only be used for 30 minutes. 30 minutes to collect a person’s love, even the god of love couldn’t do it!

Xie Xi finally knew the pits of this task.

First, there was the world game. He had to collect the love of six princes instead of the sixth prince. Second, there was the privilege pit. If he chose the painless fatal injuries or 10 times the gold reward, he wouldn’t be able to finish this task. Then there were the limitations of Camouflage. Even if he chose the right privilege, it wasn’t easy to complete the task because only two faces were provided. The last was the time limit. An original face could only be used for 30 days. He couldn’t even do them one at a time and had to do it simultaneously.

Even if he did it simultaneously, he would have to run his legs off in 30 days!

Xie Xi stared at his fish tail with no expression. He felt that he should be an octopus instead of a mermaid.

How could one leg be enough? He needed at least eight.

Six boats, two of them being steered at the same time.

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Idle Bones
5 years ago

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Xie Xi, Jiayou!

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Sakura Natsume
5 years ago

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Aomi Kami (Ao san)
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3 years ago

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Kisaki Tsubasa
3 years ago

I mean… If you could complete the tast leisurely, it wouldn’t be a high level task. Those limitations actually make things more interesting. This world is nowhere as messed up as the previous ones

3 years ago

“Xie Xi stared at his fish tail with no expression. He felt that he should be an octopus instead of a mermaid.” — this is gold 😂😂😂

I suddenly remembered Ursula 🤣

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