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Collapsed God 11

Xie Xi naturally didn’t forget Little Jiang. The youth had gone to work outside for the country. If Xie Xi forgot then he would really be a slag!

He thought of the word ‘slag’ and instinctively felt guilty. He had no right to talk about scum men or women…

Xie Xi obviously only talked about love once and it was truly unforgettable but… he inexplicably became a veteran of love.

Xie Xi comforted himself. Who didn’t stumble a bit on the road of love? He was fine. The roadblocks were all his people. Um, he didn’t comfort himself at all!

The white space closed down and Jiang Xie disappeared from in front of him.

Xie Xi’s heart was empty and the call of another Jiang Xie entered his ears. “Xiao Xie?”

The empty heart was filled. Xie Xi opened his eyes to see the anxious Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie saw him wake up and sighed with relief, but his eyebrows were still close together “How did you suddenly faint?”

Xie Xi couldn’t explain and could only say, “Perhaps I’ve been missing too much sleep recently.”

Jiang Xie felt distressed. “You are the leader of the United States. If you are too tired then there will be a big mess.”

Xie Xi frowned and spoke softly, “That’s why I wanted to invite you.”

There was a small complaint in his words. It was as if Jiang Xie walked away and left Xie Xi with a large amount of work, making him depressed.

If Xie Xi was an emotional person then Jiang Xie almost thought this person was acting petulant.

But how was that possible? A rational person’s favourite thing was to work. If they could concentrate on work without being disturbed then their pleasure would soar to 90%.

Only an emotional person would want to rest and would think that too much work was cumbersome.

Jiang Xie was facing a crisis but Xie Xi only needed him to come back.

Xie Xi couldn’t help smiling inwardly. An emotional person was really far from a rational person. It was because a rational person didn’t need to do anything. The emotional person’s rich imagination would confuse themselves.

Just like at this moment. Jiang Xie felt that Xie Xi was dependent on him and needed him.

Yes, Jiang Xie was surely needed. There were too few people in the United States with SSS-grade physiques. Dependence was impossible. Only an emotional person would understand this type of feeling.

Jiang Xie controlled his own fantasies and told Xie Xi, “Sleep, I will wake you up.”

Xie Xi was indeed dizzy. He lowered the chair, lay down on it and said, “Then I will sleep for a while.” For this Dawn Restaurant, Xie Xi had flown across half the world. Flying back would take half an hour and this was enough to sleep.

Jiang Xie placed his coat on Xie Xi. “Go to sleep.”

Xie Xi couldn’t help smiling as he grabbed the clothes and closed his eyes to sleep.

Jiang Xie unscrupulously stared at him and satisfied the yearning of many years.

Why was there such a big difference between rational and emotional? They were clearly both people with the same type of appearance. Then how could the insides be so different?

Xie Xi lay on his side facing Jiang Xie. His dark hair was scattered over his white skin, the contrast making his complexion whiter and more delicate.

His eyelashes were long, his nose was high and his tender lips were gently curved. His expression was like resting on his lover’s lap, satisfying and comfortable.

Why was this person a rational who didn’t understand feelings? Whenever Jiang Xie saw Xie Xi, he didn’t believe in life. He believed in this illusory fate.

In this life, there was always an existence that needed to be yielded to. It was just that they didn’t meet before.

Back at the presidential palace, Xie Xi was full of energy.

The main Jiang Xie had reminded him but Xie Xi had no other method. If he didn’t take Big Jiang back to the palace then where could he take this person?

It wasn’t a problem for such a distinguished former president to live in the presidential palace.

In addition, how could Jiang Xie feel if he came back but the two people didn’t live together?

Xie Xi had to coax this person back. How could they not get along with each other?

Although getting along with this person was a bit…

Xie Xi felt that his slag male vocabulary was becoming richer!

The moment Jiang Xie walked into the presidential palace, he was greeted with countless shocked eyes and greetings in shaky voices.

Li Su saw Jiang Xie and was surprised and happy. “Mr. Jiang!”

Jiang Xie smiled at him. “You are really persevering.” He sent a message three times a day, divided into the early, middle and late sections. In addition, he knew that Xie Xi’s frequency band wouldn’t be banned.

Li Su cautiously shook the pot. “It was Mr. President’s instructions.”

Xie Xi, “…” Okay, the blame was put on him.

Jiang Xie smiled. “You can maintain this job in the future.”

Li Su replied, “Since Mr. Jiang is back, I don’t have to send it anymore.”

In order to show his sincerity, he didn’t dare set up an automatic message. He carefully wrote each other, his rational brain struggling with different words to call back the former president who ‘ran away from home.’

Once Jiang Xie returned, the burden on Xie Xi sharply plummeted. Many jobs he couldn’t handle were given to Jiang Xie.

There was this rule over the years. Once the term of a former president was over, they could continue to work in the cabinet as long as they hadn’t entered the reincarnation cycle.

Of course, some of the main decision-making tasks still had to be approved by the president. However, they were the current president’s mentor and could share many things.

It was true that rational people were passionate about work and took pleasure in it.

It was because of their rationality that they knew what they could do and didn’t make a big deal out of happiness.

Thus, the coordination and cooperation between Jiang Xie and Xie Xi were particularly efficient. They had a tacit understanding that emotional people would find hard to understand.

If it wasn’t for the upcoming destruction of the universe, Xie Xi really wanted to push all work to Jiang Xie and be free.

In any case, this guy did a good job and his efficiency was great. Why shouldn’t he take over?

From the point of loving work, Xie Xi definitely wasn’t a rational.

He didn’t like work at all. He liked to be bored before finding something to play.

Of course, he had to pretend. After all, he was a real rational person in this world’s setting.

In the white space, Jiang Xie had left him with a sentence. ‘Remember, you must let them believe your gender.’

Time was hasty and they exchanged too many things, so Xie Xi didn’t have time to ask about this last sentence.

Why should he maintain that he was a rational person?

Originally, Xie Xi wanted to ‘become’ emotional and learn how to love, letting Big Jiang feel peace of mind.

But now…

Xie Xi didn’t know the reason but he firmly believed in Jiang Xie’s words and remembered to act.

The busy time passed quickly. After half a month, the entire presidential palace and the cabinet wanted to shout, ‘Mr. Jiang is really great!’

It wasn’t that the president wasn’t capable. It was that two presidents doubled their efficiency and things were too comfortable. In this critical moment, such a boost was really reassuring!

Due to all the work, Xie Xi didn’t have time to communicate privately with Big Jiang.

He had taken the opportunity to check the background of the emotional and rational tragedy movie.

The thing that complicated Xie Xi’s mood was that the writer of the movie and the author of the Love Guide were the same person.

The pen name was J, which was the first letter of Jiang.

Xie Xi was too lazy to scold at Jiang Xie. It was either X or J with this person. Xie Xi felt sorry. If his name had a few more words then he could have more than one initial!

If the screenwriter of this movie was Jiang Xie, did it mean that this was a real summary of their previous relationship?

Xie Xi went to a movie review website and found a hot review with 100,000 comments speculated on the prototypes of the protagonists.

-Did a former president disguise as a rational?

-Can an emotional person really be a president?

-What an admirable emotional!

-If President Jiang pretended to be a rational then his partner… is it the present president?

-I’m afraid so. Sure enough, the more rational a person, the more of a slag they are.

-Don’t say slag. It is natural behaviour for a rational.

-Yes, it is a natural slag ^_^.

This was followed by more comments.

From these lines, Xie Xi could speculate that he and Jiang Xie were once partners. It really did seem to be a summary of their past.

Xie Xi had no memories and couldn’t ask Jiang Xie. Then he thought about a reliable person, Li Su!

Xie Xi called his secretary and asked about it. Secretary Li was worthy of being someone who followed him all this way and knew more than the gossip.

“It’s great that Mr. Jiang came back. It is like we’ve returned to the days when he was with you and you worked for him!”

Secretary Li spoke in detail, “I was really shocked when you and Mr. Jiang were together. After all, you don’t seem like a person who would find a partner. However, you are very reasonable. If you have a rational need then it is best to find a stable and suitable partner…”

Xie Xi frowned and became 100% certain. The former situation’s summary was real and he was a slag, a slag with no heart.

Secretary Li paused before adding, “Although you have deleted your memories, you still have some impressions left and have a special preference for Mr. Jiang’s face.”

Xie Xi was stunned. “Deleted memories?”

“Do I need to arrange an eraser for you?” He thought that Xie Xi was going to delete his memories again.

Xie Xi shook his head. “No.” He searched himself and found that rational people had such a setting.

Unwanted and unimportant memories that weren’t needed could be deleted with one click, freeing up space to remember more important things.

Xie Xi, “……”

He could almost hear the sound of Jiang Xie’s heart breaking.

After breaking up, Jiang Xi turned their past into a move and even wanted to enter the reincarnation cycle in his 50s. However, Xie Xi had long since deleted these memories as unwanted and unimportant.

He acted in an awkward and unfamiliar manner while watching the movie and Jiang Xie would’ve definitely realized that he had deleted his memories.

In fact, Xie Xi really didn’t know! He couldn’t explain it and didn’t know how to get rid of the title of ‘slag.’

Li Su knew Xie Xi’s troubles but he was a pure rational and didn’t know about heartbreak. “Since Mr. Jiang came back, shouldn’t you make it clear to Young Master?”

Xie Xi had been worried about this and after hearing the words, he thought the secretary had a method. “Hrmm?”

This was Secretary Li’s main worry. “Young Master is young and you will have to wait another three or four years if you want to be with him. Now that Mr. Jiang is back, you don’t have to wait for the younger one to grow up.”

Xie Xi, “???”

He thought he was enough of a slag. He never thought Old Li would be worse!

Li Su saw that his boss was silent and added, “Of course, this is all about Mr. President’s intentions. If you discuss it with Mr. Jiang in advance, it isn’t impossible for the three of you to be together…”

No wonder why emotional people said that rational people were scum! There was no sense of discipline.

Xie Xi couldn’t listen anymore and stopped this person. “You don’t have to worry about these things. I have some thoughts in my heart.”

Secretary Li said these words for the president’s consideration, not to gossip. Since Xie Xi said he had an idea, Li Su didn’t ask anymore.

In any case, from the perspective of solving physiological problems, it was obvious that Mr. Jiang was more suitable. After all, the young master wasn’t yet an adult. In times of crisis, it was normal for the president to relieve pressure.

Fortunately, Xie Xi didn’t know what Old Li was thinking or his three views would be broken!

As it came closer to when Little Jiang was coming back, Xie Xi became more and more nervous.

What should he do? Before Little Jiang left, Xie Xi had promised him, “I will tell you when I come back.” Xie Xi originally wanted to say a bunch of good words and lock in this person…

Now he had nothing to say. Little Jiang just had to see the big version of himself and would certainly ‘understand.’

A substitute, shifting one’s affection, seeing a person and missing the other person… Forgive Xie Xi’s brain for being limited and he couldn’t think of any more dog blood misunderstanding.

He looked at the impending time of death and Xie Xi intended to break the jar!

In any case, this wasn’t the first time the boat had been overturned. There was nothing to fear! In times of crisis, lives were more important than falling in love.

Who knew that this morning, Big Jiang would unexpectedly say, “I will move out of here.”

Xie Xi was shocked. “Huh?”

Jiang Xie’s eyelids lowered and he asked, “Isn’t your partner coming back?”

Xie Xi, “!”

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