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GL: Chapter 176

Collapsed God 10

For Xie Xi, a rational and emotional human, this movie was definitely a persuasion movie. If a couple saw it, they would probably doubt love and it would speed up the breakup.

Yet this book, the ‘Love Guide’ sold really well. Then Jiang Xie’s guide was based on this social form?

Xie Xi thought this and wanted to ask for an exit.

Jiang Xie explained, “If two pure rational people watch this movie, they can have fun watching it.

Xie Xi, “…” Oh, the fragrant bed play really made people spray blood.

Jiang Xie continued, “If it is a rational and emotional, watching the movie can sober up the emotional person and they can pull out early.”

Just like the boss of the movie. If he had recognized reality earlier, he wouldn’t have fallen deeper and reincarnate after just 50 years.

Xie Xi always felt that Jiang Xie was talking about himself.

Jiang Xie kept talking, “If two pure emotional people watch this movie, they will cherish each other more and not approach an emotional person because of curiosity.”

Two emotional people were the most stable form of marriage in present society. They walked together because of love and this was a stronger bond than any legal provision.

Maybe they would change their minds and break up but at least they would deeply love each other when together.

It wasn’t like an emotional and a rational. One gave everything while the other knew nothing.

The emotional boss in the movie had a friend and his words to the emotional person was interesting. ‘Falling in love with a rational is like falling in love with a machine.’

Wasn’t it a fantasy to expect a machine to respond to people’s feelings?

Jiang Xie spoke these words and Xie Xi understood.

Indeed, such a tragic film wouldn’t affect the rational people while acting as an important reminder to the emotional people.

It was true that the reminder wasn’t necessarily useful but there was a certain chance they would be pulled back from the brink.

There were still doubts in Xie Xi’s heart.

Was the content of this movie the summary of his relationship with Jiang Xie? Was this about what happened to them previously?

The movie was vague about the identities of the protagonist but there were too many clues to find.

The rational person was a young general. Xie Xi had enlisted at the age of 13 and made great achievements in the army.

The emotional boss had a high position of power and later participated in the general election. Jiang Xie was also a former president.

It was a pity that the ‘new arrival’ Xie Xi didn’t have any memories at all and had no way to judge.

He also couldn’t ask what happened between them. If he asked, wouldn’t he be even more of a slag, a slag with no limits?

Xie Xi.. couldn’t ask! Even if he didn’t ask, his heart was full of ups and downs. If this was really the story of their previous relationship, what was Jiang Xie’s mood at this moment?

Xie Xi put himself in this position and his heart was cold.

Jiang Xie’s mood wasn’t bad. It seemed that Xie Xi asking this question was already a great improvement. His lips curved and he asked Xie Xi, “What do you feel after seeing it?”

Xie Xi was stunned. He felt too much and was afraid of scaring this emotional gentleman.

Jiang Xie thought he had too little feelings and specifically reminded him, “Talk about feelings apart from the bed play.”

Xie Xi filled with 10,000 words was speechless. Who and what? Was this the wrong script and the wrong lines were spoken?

Jiang Xie thought Xie Xi couldn’t think of anything and his smile lightened. “It’s fine. f you don’t want to say it then forget it. Don’t force yourself.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare let him continue to think and righteously spoke, “I think the emotional person in the movie should tell the rational.”

Jiang Xie stared at him. “Tell what?”

“Tell his real gender and the words he wants to say the most.”

Jiang Xie smiled. “Is it I love you?”

He was clearly talking about the movie but his gentle expression and low voice made it seem like he was confessing to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi tightened his lips to resist the tingling caused by this voice.

“Yes…” Xie Xi calmed himself. “If you don’t say anything then how can the other person know?”

Jiang Xie opened his mouth. “It’s useless.”

“How do you know it will be useless?”

“You are a rational which is why you can say such words.”

Rational people would only do events with a high probability of certainty and they wouldn’t take risks.

Xie Xi wasn’t timid. “It is because it will be useful.”

Jiang Xie told him, “This is your judgment from a rational point of view. From an emotional point of view, it makes no sense.”

Love and love were obvious. Speaking out would only put pressure on the rational subordinate.

The rational wouldn’t break up and would continue to cooperate with the emotional like a lover.

It was always like this. It was only after knowing love that you could understand how humble it made people.

Jiang Xie didn’t want to place shackles on him. He didn’t want to deceive himself or make Xie Xi unhappy. Even if Xie Xi didn’t love Jiang Xie, Jiang Xie wanted him to live happily. Letting go was something that was easier to do.

Xie Xi couldn’t speak for a moment. From the perspective of normal humans, communication was the most important thing among lovers. However, this combination of emotional and rational…um… the barrier was too deep and they couldn’t communicate.

Jiang Xie saw Xie Xi frowning and told him, “Let’s go back to the presidential palace.”

Xie Xi, “?”

Jiang Xie clenched his hands. “I thought the world couldn’t be saved but now… “He looked at Xie Xi and a sea of stars seemed to ripple in his grey eyes. “Perhaps there is a bit of hope.”

Words poured into this throat but Xie Xi didn’t dare ask.

‘This world? Am I your world?’

It was really romantic and decisive. It was like a flying goose struggling in a deep well. As long as it could see a ray of light, it would yearn for a clear sky.

On the way back, Xie Xi asked Jiang Xie, “Why are there emotional and rational people?”

In fact, this question couldn’t be answered. It was like asking an Earth person why there were men and women. The person asking would probably be treated as a fool.

Jiang Xie was in a good mood and his lips slowly curved upwards. “You can only ask the Creator.”

Xie Xi stared at him. “The Creator?”

Jiang Xie asked him, “Do you think there is a Creator in this world?”

Xie Xi liked this topic and replied with a question. “Is there?”

Jiang Xie firmly stated, “There is.”

“Where is he?”

“The world created by him will collapse. He probably doesn’t want to see it.”

Xie Xi felt a chill roll down his back and he almost sucked in his breath. How did he feel that this soul knew a lot? Did Jiang Xie know this was a created world? Did he think that the person who created this world gave up on it? Or was there another secret?

Unfortunately, Xie Xi couldn’t contact the main Jiang Xie and his doubts could only be suppressed.

In the former quasi-worlds, the souls didn’t have any doubts about their worlds. Perhaps the souls felt they were abandoned after a soul was pulled out of this world, collapsing it? Was that why the souls set up such a pessimistic and desperate background?

It was highly likely.

It was true that every soul liked to engage in some dog blood but this was generally due to the slag intersecting with other souls.

In front of this Jiang Xie, there was no third-party and no green hat. It was just the purest despair. Despair for a rational, despair for an emotional and distrust and resistance to the whole world.

Xie Xi thought this and his heart was a mess from pain. All the people who went to Central were abandoned and Jiang Xie was no exception.

Xie Xi didn’t know what Jiang Xie had experienced previously but he understood the taste of abandonment.

Confusion, helplessness, uneasiness and fright. This was an abyss that no one could be strong enough to face alone.

Xie Xi had been pulled out of the abyss by Jiang Xie. If Jiang Xie gave up on him, he would be pushed back into the abyss…

In an instant, darkness wrapped around his spirit and Xie Xi almost lost the ability to think.

“Xiao Xie, Xiao Xie!” A nervous voice entered Xie Xi’s ears. It was the familiar sound of Jiang Xie’s voice.

Xie Xi felt the darkness rolling away like a tired. He seemed to be rescued from drowning and his spirit and body were weak and exhausted.

“Professor…” Xie Xi tried to open his eyes to look at this person.

Jiang Xie’s heart was tugged. Xie Xi hadn’t called him by this name for a long time.

The 60 years spent in Dream Come True was the truth that Xie Xi would most like to believe.

For him, Professor Jiang was the first salvation of his life.

Jiang Xie held his hand and spoke. “What happened? What’s the matter?”

Xie Xi slowly calmed down. Then he was startled as he saw Jiang Xie in front of him. “You… where is this?”

He found that he was in a blank space…

Wasn’t he in the aircraft with Mr. Jiang? How did he appear here all of a sudden?

The Jiang Xie in front of him was obviously the main one. What was going on? Xie Xi glanced at Jiang Xie with confusion. “Aren’t we in the quasi-world?”

Jiang Xie saw his normal appearance and felt relieved. “This is the white space and it can last up to three minutes.”

Xie Xi was surprised. “White space?”

Jiang Xie explained, “In a collapsed world, there might be unpredictable dangers. Thus, I added a mark to your system. As long as you are in danger, you will be dragged into this white space.”

Xie Xi’s heart warmed. “I have the fatal injuries immunity.”

Jiang Xie shook his head. “That is physical. You aren’t immune to mental damage.”

Xie Xi hadn’t known this.

Jiang Xie asked him, “Aren’t you in the Capital Star? What happened?”

Time was very tight and Xie Xi didn’t dare delay. He hurriedly told Jiang Xie the things regarding him and the soul before mentioning his last thoughts.

Jiang Xie was a bit startled. “You…”

Xie Xi was a bit embarrassed. “I just… I just thought about it. If you… if…”

‘If you leave me’. He couldn’t say these words and he didn’t dare say it.

How could Jiang Xie not understand? His heart trembled and he hugged this person, the strength of his hug showing that his emotions were out of control. “Don’t worry about it.”

Xie Xi was embarrassed. He didn’t expect this and perhaps he was infected by the despair of the souls.

Jiang Xie quickly kissed his forehead. “I will always be there.”

The corners of Xie Xi’s mouth raised and he gently hugged back. “Yes.”

Jiang Xie was blown up by the sweet words.

Xie Xi had calmed down and now had time to think. “This white space is prohibited, right? Will it hurt you?”

Jiang Xie, “…” He looked at the sky and whistled.

Xie Xi knew him too well. “Is it serious?”

Jiang Xie knew he couldn’t hide it and coaxed him. “In any case, there is God Yan.”

Old Jiang actually called out God Yan, showing how injured he was from this!

Xie Xi felt distressed and angry. He was angrier at himself. “That… you will always be here! I believe it!”

“Rest assured, I will surely be wherever you are.”

Xie Xi didn’t listen to these words of love. “Don’t hide anything from me in the future. Be sure to tell me everything!” He was always running around behind Xie Xi’s back.

Jiang Xie gave a low laugh. “Good. My communication records, my bank card passwords, my private money… I will hand them all over to you.”

Still poor!

Jiang Xie was overjoyed and kissed him. “I’ve never felt so good about being alive before.”

Xie Xi frowned. “Don’t say anything like that.”

“really, for the first time in my life, I feel like I have to live well.”

There was a child who needed him, who loved him and would be distressed thinking about his departure…

Jiang Xie wanted to live well, guard him well and stay with him forever. He would seriously protect this strong and fragile little rose.

The three minutes would come to an end soon. The two people exchanged a lot of information and Xie Xi stabilized his mood.

As they parted, Jiang Xie said, “What if Little Jiang returns when you bring Big Jiang back to the presidential palace?”

Xie Xi, “!” His just steady heart once again fell!


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