GL: Chapter 271

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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 15

‘Young man, if you have something to say, don’t run away easily!’

Poor Xie Xi couldn’t say this. He was afraid that if he called out to the little lion, he would face a question that was a direct attack on the soul. What disease did he suffer from?

Xie Xi really didn’t know!

It was like a rich man sitting on countless assets saying that he was poor. It wasn’t convincing at all!

The little lion only walked a little bit, probably because he wanted Xie Xi to call out to him and tell him.

However… Xie Xi didn’t say anything.

Leo’s heart cooled and he felt like a clown. He stupidly fell in love with Xie Xi and clumsily confessed, but it was actually a joke in their eyes!

If Xie Xi didn’t like him, it was fine to reject him. Why play with him like this?

Darkness rose in the heart of Leo who left.

In the big dining room, only Xie Xi and the national teacher remained.

The national teacher opened his mouth. “Your Majesty, please eat.” He looked natural, as if this little episode wasn’t worth mentioning.

Xie Xi had no appetite because he was anxious. He was afraid that the little lion really had run away.

The national teacher stared at him.

Xie Xi could only stabilize this side and not think of the other side, otherwise it would be a wasted effort.

Xie Xi said, “Sit down and eat together.”

The national teacher was stunned.

Xie Xi continued, “I have no appetite eating by myself.”

The national teacher replied, “You said that I wasn’t allowed to dine with you.”

Xie Xi… he said that? Was he too much of a slag or did the national teacher do something excessive?

Xie Xi told him, “There is no one else. Sit down.”

The national teacher’s demeanour showed some nervousness. “Your Majesty, have you forgiven me?”

‘What the hell did you do, Big Jiang!’

Xie Xi was just pleased that the national teacher finally stopped using ‘this subordinate.’

He stated, “The past is over.”

The national teacher looked up, a clear light in his eyes. “You…”

Xie Xi waited for this person to say something more. Unexpected, the national teacher stopped talking because he didn’t want to revisit the old things and annoy Xie Xi.

Xie Xi had no way and could only say, “Sit down and eat.”

“Yes,” the national teacher replied.

He saw down with Xie Xi and personally gave Xie Xi a dish.

Xie Xi might not know the previous situation but a day or two was enough for him to observe many problems.

For example, the national teacher was worthy of being a Virgo. His desire for cleanliness was quite serious. Every day, he wore a new outfit that was completely replaced from inside out. He refused to let people get three metres close to him and would frown when his hair touched flowers and plants.

Yet such a cleanliness-obsessed person didn’t show any reservations towards Xie Xi.

Not only did he help Xie Xi dressed, he also helped with a bath. He did all types of personal affairs regardless of how dirty and tiring and now he was even helping Xie Xi to grab dishes.

Even if the national teacher did something wrong, how could Xie Xi not soften?

After the meal, Xie Xi had to say, “I’m going to talk to Little Xie.”

The national teacher’s face didn’t change colour. “This subordinate will go back first.”

Very good, the title was changed back. Xie Xi was able to use ‘this subordinate’ and ‘I’ to distinguish the mood of the national teacher.

It couldn’t be helped if the national teacher’s mood was bad. If Xie Xi didn’t manage the little lion then he was afraid the world would collapse.

Xie Xi nodded. “Go ahead.”

He waited for the national teacher to leave before going to find Leo.

The little lion naturally couldn’t run. After all, it was the palace. If Xie Xi didn’t want him to leave then he couldn’t go.

Xie Xi took this into account and used the meal to stabilize the national teacher.

He knew the little lion hadn’t eaten and had a servant bring a food box with him.

He had just arrived at the side chamber when a servant told him, “Your Majesty, Mr. Xie went to the back garden.”

He was tired from walking all this way yet the little bastard wasn’t in his room!

The back garden was a bit far away from this place but Xie Xi had to say, “Go to the back garden.”

He dragged his broken body to the back garden, only to find that the little lion had returned to the side chamber.

Xie Xi, “…” This was bullying the old and the weak!

What could Xie Xi do? He could only walk back to the room in an irritated manner. He just arrived when the servant told him, “Mr Xie just left. He heard that you came to find him and went to the back garden.”

Xie Xi didn’t want to take another step!

Since the two of them had zero tacit understanding, don’t fall in love!

Before long, the little lion ran back. He was gasping and his hands were a bit sweaty.

From the back garden to the side chamber, a normal person would take two quarters of an hour to walk it. It was no wonder he was so tired if he came back so quickly.

Leo saw that Xie Xi was still there and was relieved, while also feeling some embarrassment. He was in a bad mood and went to the back garden for a while. He came back and heard the servant mention that Xie Xi had gone to the back garden to find him. He hurried back only to find that he had missed Xie Xi and quickly returned.

He was so eager that it surely must be obvious to Xie Xi.

He could only feel embarrassed when thinking about his situation.

Xie Xi pretended not to see this person’s expression and stated, “You must be hungry. Come and eat.”

Leo sat down and drank a cup of tea while looking at the meat in the food box.

He was silent and Xie Xi couldn’t speak.

He came to talk but what should he talk about?

The topic of his illness couldn’t be talked about, the matter of love had to be talked about later and it was estimated that Leo didn’t want to talk to him about anything else.

Xie Xi could only urge him to eat.

Leo felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to eat. Then he thought that this was what Xie Xi brought him and he had to eat it.

During the two people’s most bitter days, he regarded every piece of meat that Xie Xi brought him as a treasure.

In the end, he was poor and used to not wasting food. Thus, he buried his head and ate.

Xie Xi sighed gently. He knew this young man had a big appetite and could wake up hungry if he didn’t eat a lot.

After eating, Leo didn’t take the initiative to speak and Xie Xi could only say, “Rest early.”

Leo declared, “I’ll leave tomorrow.”

“Where are you going?”

“Tiger Country is so big, I can go anywhere.”

In any case, he would be far away from the king.

Xie Xi sighed and spoke with slight discomfort, “You don’t want to see me again in the future?”

Leo looked up sharply. “You know my heart yet you want me to stay by your side? Xie Xi, this is too cruel!”

Xie Xi, “…” It wasn’t cruel. Professor Jiang, you are struggling with yourself!

Leo shifted his line of sight. “I like you. If you don’t want to accept my feelings then I will leave.”


At this moment, an outside servant knocked on the door and whispered, “Your Majesty, the medicinal bath at night is ready.”

This was punctual! He was just having trouble trying to coax the little lion!

Leo might’ve decided to leave but his body was tense as he said, “The medicinal bath’s effect won’t be good if cold. Your Majesty, please go back.”

Xie Xi could only say to him, “We will have a good talk tomorrow.”

Leo asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

Xie Xi was afraid that time was tight and could only temporarily stabilize him. “Don’t you know how I treat you? Listen to me and wait for me tomorrow.”

Leo saw the other person’s pale face and felt distressed when he thought about how Xie Xi went back and forth from the back garden. “Go to soak in the medicinal bath. I will wait for you.”

Xie Xi let go of his worries and returned to his bedroom.

The national had long been waiting there. In order to restore Xie Xi’s body as soon as possible, the medicinal bath was changed to twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

The national teacher didn’t ask anything. He only undressed Xie Xi and put on an unknown red ointment before helping Xie Xi into the bath.

Xie Xi lay down and felt his tiredness sweep away. He was very comfortable.

The national teacher told him, “Your Majesty, this subordinate will massage you because it will help with the drug absorption.”

Xie Xi nodded.

The national teacher’s hands were very beautiful. They were the type of male fingers with distinct knuckles. They were white but not feminine, instead giving off a sense of elegance and charm.

He gently massaged Xie Xi’s body and carefully kneaded the red ointment in. The medicinal bath was slightly itchy and now his heart was itchy.

Xie Xi let out a hum and the national teacher’s eyes darkened while his voice was hoarse. “I will help you.” He couldn’t have s*x but there were other ways to vent.

The national teacher held Xie Xi and how could Xie Xi refuse? He almost died in the medicinal bath.

Afterwards, Xie Xi was a bit embarrassed but the national teacher was very calm, as if nothing had happened.

Xie Xi licked his lips and said, “Goodnight.”

Who knew that after the national teacher just calmed down, he would pull Xie Xi over and kiss him.

Xie Xi’s eyes widened and his heart pounded.

The national teacher’s kiss was violent and hot, completely different from his cold appearance. He was like a burning fire that couldn’t wait to burn Xie Xi to ashes.

By the time he let go of Xie Xi, Xie Xi was so oxygen-deprived that he could only gasp for breath.

The national teacher resumed his respectful appearance. “I’m sorry, this subordinate couldn’t hold back for a while.”

Xie Xi didn’t speak.

The national teacher brought him to the bed and covered him in a quilt before whispering, “Your Majesty, good dreams.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare provoke him and could only calmly reply, “Good dreams.”

The dream was really good. He didn’t know what got into Jiang Xie but Jiang Xie started to do it as soon as he saw Xie Xi. Xie Xi almost died!

Xie Xi kept begging for mercy but this guy got worse!

Once it was over, Jiang Xie gasped into his ears, “Xie Xi… I won’t even have the chance to dream of you in the future.”

Hearing this, Xie Xi woke up from the dream.

He was in a trance after he woke up because he was shocked by the words in the dream.

What did this mean?

Why did Jiang Xie in the dream say that he couldn’t dream of Xie Xi anymore?

Xie Xi’s brain flashed as he thought of Roast Pork Bun’s Dreaming skill. Xie Xi might not be able to currently use the skill but this ability did exist.

Then his s*x dreams for many days was because of Dreaming?

Was it… the little lion?

It definitely wasn’t the national teacher. After all, he got the dreams in the village.

However, based on Jiang Xie’s appearance in the dream, it didn’t seem like this person took the initiative to activate Dreaming. It felt like he was also dreaming.

What exactly was going on?

Was this Leo’s passive skill?

Xie Xi thought about it while remembering to give him a cleaning ball.

He woke up a lot earlier than usual and vaguely heard a conversation outside.

The voices were very low and ordinary people couldn’t hear it. Xie Xi only heard a little bit with his improved senses.

He thought about it and quickly drew a high-tech amplifier. He brought it to his ears and could clearly hear the words outside.

It was the national teacher and Leo!

He heard the national teacher say, “You are useless and he won’t like you.”

Xie Xi was stunned.

Leo replied, “I only listen to him. I don’t need other people to say anything to me.”

The national teacher’s voice was flat and steady. “What do you think is my relationship with His Majesty?”

Leo was slightly irritable. “I don’t know!”

“I used to be like you…”

Xie Xi couldn’t help his ears pricking. Based on this situation, would he finally get a chance to hear the previous emotional summary?

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Xie Xi: This is great, I can finally hear the story of a scum man like me.

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