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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 26

It was a rumour? The so-called repairing Azure Dragon’s scales, Vermilion Bird’s feathers and Nine Tails’ tails… they were all rumours?

The flower god hadn’t met them? Xie Xi felt there was something wrong but he temporarily couldn’t think about it.

Nine Tails saw that Xie Xi was in a daze and felt restless. “Houqing treated you as the flower god.”

Yes, he didn’t forget to emphasize this even after becoming a little fox.

Xie Xi hesitated. He was worried about his Repair skill. Would Nine Tails think he was the reincarnation of the flower god and become more uneasy? After all, Nine Tails didn’t know the flower god before but the flower god was involved with Houqing.

Nine Tails thought he was worried about the tail thing and lazily lay in Xie Xi’s arms. “You don’t have to worry. I can spend a lifetime with you even if I only have one tail.”

It was worthy of being from the ‘same source.’ The dragon and fox thought the same. It was as if Xie Xi’s life was their life and the extra time was irrelevant.

Xie Xi sighed softly and confessed, “Maybe I can fix your tail.”

Nine Tails didn’t take it seriously. “How can you fix it? Will you give me a petal as a tail? Oh, I can’t bear it.” Once there wasn’t any drama, his poor mouth was exposed.

Xie Xi explained about what he had done on Rose Mountain and as expected, Nine Tails was stunned. “Repair?”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.”

Nine Tails’ eyes flashed. “Like the flower god?”

“I don’t know because I have never seen the flower god.”

Nine Tails, “…”

Xie Xi could basically guess what he was thinking and softly comforted him. “I don’t know how I got this ability but I know who I am and what I want.”

Nine Tails stared at him. “What do you want?”

Xie Xi’s eyes curved. “I want to be with you.”

Nine Tails trembled as he turned back into his human form. He hugged Xie Xi and kissed him on the forehead. “In fact, repairing my tails doesn’t matter. In any case…”

Xie Xi wondered, “What if I live for more than two or three hundred years?”

Nine Tails was stunned.

Xie Xi added, “…Please don’t live me alone.”

These words were good and gave Nine Tails infinite power. Two or three hundred years was quite long for mortals but for Nine Tails, it was like two or three months. If a couple could only stay together for two or three months, how tragic would it be?

How could he not be willing to stay together for a longer time?

Previously, Nine Tails hadn’t dared think about it. Once there was the possibility, the desire was like a magic bean that rooted itself and grew into a towering tree.

He wanted to be together forever, he wanted to make every moment eternal!

Nine Tails wondered, “Is there any harm to you?”

An injury was unavoidable. He had almost fainted from physical exhaustion when repairing Azure Dragon’s scale. This time, it was estimated to be worse.

However, Xie Xi didn’t say this. “It’s fine. I have repaired thousands of flowers and don’t think anything will happen.”

Nine Tails was cautious. “Then we’ll try it first. If you feel uncomfortable, immediately stop.”

Xie Xi felt very soft. “Your Excellency, can you not think about me first?”

Nine Tails was surprised and then his lips curved. “I don’t think about you all the time but my heart is full of you.”

These familiar words of love caused Xie Xi to chuckle. “Then you should also give me a chance to think about you.”

He smiled so sweetly that he fed sugar to Nine Tails. Nine Tails hugged him hard and said, “Don’t do that.”

Xie Xi wondered, “Hrmm?”

“It is so beautiful…I always feel like I’m dreaming.”

Xie Xi was stunned and the warmth in his heart decreased. In a way, this was truly a dream. The past had long gone and Nine Tails gave everything only for the white rose to forget him.

He became a substitute for the white rose, only for the white rose to forget him. This was extremely cruel.

“It isn’t a dream.” Xie Xi slowly spoke from within his arms. “As long as the two of us are real, it isn’t a dream.”

It was a dream but the two people were the truth.

Jiang Xie had spoken these words to Xie Xi after Dream Come True and now Xie Xi told him the same words.

Their truth was proven by each other, and this was the truest truth.

Xie Xi tried to fix Nine Tails. To his surprise, he finished one tail and didn’t feel too tired.

Was Nine Tails’ injury lighter than Azure Dragon? This wasn’t right. One was a tail and the other was a scale. The scale shouldn’t be any lighter than the tail.

Or perhaps it was because of the painting? This wasn’t really a repair? It shouldn’t be. Then what the hell was going on? Did he experience a surge of power overnight?

After fixing a tail, Nine Tails nervously asked him, “How do you feel.”

Xie Xi smiled. “I feel that you can cover the sky.” This was teasing him because in the Demon Sea, it was rumoured that once Nine Tails spread out his tails, he could cover the sky.

Nine Tails smiled.

Xie Xi’s thoughts changed. “I think it might not be covering the sky but a peacock opening his tail.”

The young fox doctor present laughed out loud. Nine Tails stared at him before glancing back at Xie Xi. “Naughty.”

Xie Xi started looking forward to Nine Tails’ open screen!

Once he got to the third tail, Xie Xi knew why he didn’t lose power. It was because…

Hint in the lower right corner: [The number one puppet has reached its limit and has been destroyed.]

Xie Xi was silent. Had he accidentally killed the first puppet with exhaustion?

It was shameful… Xie Xi solemnly apologized. ‘Number one, you are much better than Siri!’

The puppet was exhausted after repairing three tails. It seemed that he couldn’t see Nine Tails’ screen today. He repaired one more tail and drooped.

Nine Tails immediately noticed. “What’s wrong?”

Xie Xi reassured him, “Don’t worry. I just used a bit of strength and will be fine after some rest.”

The green fox doctor hurriedly said, “This is already a miracle. Someone can fix the tails of Nine Tails! The legendary flower god…”

He didn’t finish his words before Nine Tails glared at him. The green fox shut up.

Nine Tails ordered, “Go bring some jade dew over.”

The green fox bowed and rushed out.

Xie Xi knew that Nine Tails didn’t want to know about the flower god and didn’t mention it. He only said, “I can repair your other tails after two days of rest.”

“There’s no hurry. There is plenty of time.”

Xie Xi didn’t agree. “That time is for enjoyment. I don’t want you to be affected by pain.”

“However, I’m enjoying this moment.”

Xie Xi, “…” He couldn’t say anything to the soul.

The second puppet was soon created and Xie Xi knew his upper limit was three tails. Thus, he stopped after repairing two.

Unfortunately, there was no way to selectively consume his strength. Otherwise he would consume his own physical strength instead of the puppet and could repair three without the puppet dying.

In any case, it wasn’t urgent. There were only two tails left and he could recover his physical strength after a few days.

Once all nine tails were repaired, Xie Xi stared at Nine Tails’ body.

Nine Tails was still in the mood to tease. “Do you want to see me open a tail screen?”


“Okay…” Nine Tails was Jiang Xie and he leaned closer to Xie Xi. “A peacock only opens his screen in courtship. You have to take responsibility.”

This shameless flirty fox!

Then Xie Xi saw an extremely shocking scene.

The real Nine Tails wasn’t a weak fox. Once he recovered, he was dozens of times larger and his tails unfolded, making Xie Xi realize what it meant to cover the sky.

The large amount of silver light was very beautiful and strong. Even the sunlight receded like it was difficult to compete with him.

Xie Xi was stunned and as he stared into the silver eyes, he couldn’t help wondering, “What’s your name?”

Nine Tails stared at him with clear silver eyes, his voice seeming to ring in the depths of Xie Xi’s heart. “I have no name.”

Xie Xi involuntarily said, “Fox Nine.”

The nine-tailed silver fox cocked his head.

“I will call you Fox Nine in the future, okay?”

As Xie Xi’s voice fell, a strong pull hit him. He realized that he would be ejected and looked at Nine Tails as Nine Tails shouted, “Where are you going? Xie Xi, where the hell are you going?”

Xie Xi left the god’s wisdom. He returned to reality but his soul still hadn’t returned.

Jiang Xie… where was Jiang Xie? He entered the god’s wisdom with Jiang Xie next to him. He couldn’t help looking around to find him. However, Jiang Xie couldn’t be found.

Xie Xi was stunned and stared at the god’s wisdom. He found that the painting on the scroll had changed. It was no longer the Nine Tailed Fox Palace in a world of ice and snow. Instead, it was a lifelike nine-tailed silver fox with his tails unfolded in a majestic manner.

He stared at Xie Xi with silver eyes full of attachment. Xie Xi couldn’t help stepping forward to take the painting. There was a bang and the painting fell, becoming a small book. Xie Xi picked it up and saw the words: Nine Tailed Fox Nine.

Xie Xi tried to open it but it was like there was a ward on the book. It couldn’t be opened. What was going on? Where did Nine Tails go?

Xie Xi stared at the system prompt in the lower right corner.

[Side Task: The nine tailed fox illustration has been collected. The completion degree is 100% and the total progress is 50%.]

Xie Xi opened his roster and at the same time, the small book turned into a scroll that was incorporated into the roster. Then the illustration of the nine tailed fox emerged. He looked at Xie Xi as if asking, ‘Where are you?’

Xie Xi reached out and touched it, full of doubts. What was going on? After collecting the illustration, Nine Tails was sealed into the god’s wisdom? What was the god’s wisdom? What happened once an existence was sealed?

Unfortunately, Nine Tails wasn’t here so Jiang Xie wasn’t either. He couldn’t discuss it with Jiang Xie.

Then there was a loud scream from Red Two outside the door. “99! Something big is happening!”

Xie Xi’s nerves tightened and he hurriedly opened the door. “What happened?”

Red Two took him by the hand. “We must hurry and get out of here!”

Xie Xi followed him and asked, “What’s going on?”

Red Two ran as he explained, “Sage White Tiger suddenly launched an attack on Demon Sea and is fighting with Ancestor Houqing!”

Xie Xi hadn’t figured out Nine Tails’ location and now these two were fighting?

Red Two added, “It’s really wicked. I don’t know where the white rose came from. He actually hooked up with two demon ancestors from Demon Sea and also fascinated the heart of Sage White Tiger, causing him to be furious and filled with the desire to slaughter all of Demon Sea.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare be careless. This was very much like something that Old Three could do!

In Atlantis, Xie Xi discovered that the soul with the highest combat power was the third prince (White Tiger), followed by the sixth prince (Houqing). If these two people fought, it would really be a catastrophe in various ways.

Xie Xi said, “I will go and see.” He couldn’t let them fight or the whole quasi-world would collapse!

Red Two wondered, “What’s the use of you going? The most important one is the white rose.”

“I am the white rose.”

Red Two, “???”

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