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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 37

The timeline of the god’s wisdom crossed a long period of time and arrived at the present time.

The little rose was the flower god. The body of the flower god was a little rose. Houqing and White Tiger erased all the names and the flower god came back. However, he was too weak and lost the power of a god, becoming a real little rose. Even so, Houqing was very clear that it was him, the Xie Xi in his heart.

On the other hand, Xie Xi didn’t remember anything. Was it a side effect of losing the divine power? Xie Xi didn’t expect that Houqing and White Tiger would deliberately erase his memories.

The reason was obvious. Xie Xi knew their names and wouldn’t forget. This meant that their names wouldn’t completely disappear. Thus, the moment they resurrected Xie Xi, they erased all his memories of them so he wouldn’t be reminded. It was only this way that the names disappeared completely and the flower god really came back.

Then… what happened to the five people without a name anymore? How could Xie Xi not know?

Vermilion Bird experienced a fire tribulation again and half-died.

Azure Dragon broke his path of no desires and had less than half his lifespan left.

Nine Tails cut off eight tails and was also at risk.

In the end, White Tiger came to Houqing to take the person back. Houqing lost his spirit and was beaten, losing his shadows and falling to the point of being weaker than ordinary humans.

It was because they didn’t have any names that they encountered these things…

Xie Xi sighed and couldn’t bare to blame Houqing. He still remembered his purpose for entering the god’s wisdom, which was to stop the fight between Houqing and White Tiger.

Houqing asked him, “What is your name?”

They were just a few ordinary words yet it was like a plaintive lament. Xie Xi had to pretend to lose his memory and whispered, “White 99.”

“99…” Houqing smiled. “It’s nice.”

Xie Xi also smiled and asked him, “What’s your name?”

“Call me Houqing.”

Xie Xi faked a surprised expression. “Ancestor Houqing!”

“Just call me by my name.”

Xie Xi heart this and finally resolved a question. No wonder why in Nine Tails’ god’s wisdom, Houqing asked Xie Xi to call his name. It was intentionally guiding him. In order to ensure that Xie Xi didn’t remember the true name, he encoded the Houqing nickname onto his memories.

Indeed, if Xie Xi decided that Houqing was Houqing’s name then he wouldn’t have chosen another name.

Xie Xi nervously spoke, “My Lord Houqing.”

Houqing felt distressed seeing such a Xie Xi but he settled his heart. Very good… it didn’t matter if Xie Xi didn’t remember anything. He would take good care of Xie Xi and accompany Xie Xi for the rest of his life.

After Xie Xi left for the demon sea, he was very curious about White Tiger.

The two people resurrected the flower god together. Why did Houqing find him first? Perhaps White Tiger was still in closed cultivation.

They erased a memory from almost the whole world and the consumption was very large. After the success, they entered closed cultivation and it was estimated that Houqing came out first.

Houqing was inseparable from Xie Xi. Don’t mention Xie Xi who was already pained by him. Even if this person was only a memory of the flower god, Houqing couldn’t help being gentle.

It didn’t take long for the two people to fall in love and live a honey life.

Xie Xi thought about all the years that Houqing suffered and his heart hurt. He wanted to compensate for the psychological attack and pampered Xie Xi to the extreme.

If he had Jiang Xie’s memories, he would most likely act cheap and eat Xie Xi clean.

It was a pity that the present Houqing was too panicked and an unrealistic feeling lingered in his mind. Thus, he put Xie Xi at the peak of his heart and was afraid to stretch out his fingers to hurt Xie Xi.

Then Nine Tails extended an invitation to dinner.

After everyone had their memories erased by the flower god, Houqing and Nine Tails had gone to the Demon Sea. Nine Tails probably wanted to be a big brother. When Houqing’s human body was weak and frail, he accepted Houqing as his brother.

Houqing had asked about Nine Tail’s teacher and Nine Tails said that the teacher died early.

Nine Tails’ heart hurt when he said this. In one of his dreams, there seemed to be a person who guided him while growing up in the sea of flowers and taught him countless things.

By all accounts, Houqing shouldn’t take Xie Xi to the dinner. What should he do if Nine Tails remembered?

However, he went because he wanted to keep replacing Xie Xi’s memories, letting him regard Nine Tails’ as Houqing’s brother. This meant he would forget Nine Tails’ original identity and not give a name to Nine Tails.

Everything had only one purpose, which was to let the flower god live well.

Unfortunately, Houqing underestimated Nine Tails’ obsession with Xie Xi. Nine Tails used a small trick at the dinner, making the little rose disheartened.

Houqing liked the flower god and Nine Tails knew this.

After all, they were brothers and governed the Demon Sea together. It was impossible for Nine Tails not to know Houqing’s matter.

The flower god disappeared and Houqing was immersed in grief, unable to come out of it.

Nine Tails had seen the portrait of the flower god which was drawn by Houqing and hung in the centre of his palace.

He knew Houqing’s obsession with the flower god. Thus, when he saw Xie Xi’s appearance, it was natural to assume that Houqing used Xiao Xie as a substitute.

The even more tragic thing was that Houqing couldn’t explain. He couldn’t say that the little rose was the flower god and how hard he worked to awaken the flower god. He even hid it from Xie Xi, let alone tell other people.

Thanks to Nine Tails’ hint, the little rose saw the portrait of the flower god and everything was revealed. The truth of him being a substitute couldn’t be doubted.

The little rose was extremely pained and finally couldn’t bear it. He escaped from Houqing Palace and was picked up by Nine Tails.

Houqing finally realized he was tricked by Nine Tails and once he chased, the little rose had already forgotten him thanks to Nine Tails’ enchantment.

What type of blow was this to Houqing?


And forgotten again…

After thousands of years, the flower god was awakened but was lost because Houqing couldn’t explain. There were no words to describe Houqing’s mood.

That’s why Houqing was bent on his death when the White Tiger came forward.

Since the flower god no longer needed him…

Xie Xi already grasped the key points. In any case, Nine Tails had been sealed and it didn’t matter. In the Houqing and Nine Tails showdown, he changed the method and shouted Houqing’s name.

Houqing froze.

Xie Xi told him, “Even if you think of me as a substitute, even if you see someone else when looking at me, even if it is only two or three hundred years…”

Nine Tails wasn’t willing. “99!”

Xie Xi finished his words. “Xi Yong, I will still like you.”

The moment the name was called, Xie Xi was bounced out of the god’s wisdom. He turned his head and saw the man on the scroll, looking at him affectionately with different coloured eyes.

A name emerged at the bottom of the picture – Houqing, Xi Yong.

At the same time, the scroll shrank and became the size of a book as it fell into Xie Xi’s hand.

Xie Xi stared at the god’s wisdom and his mind didn’t return for a while. He knew everything. The front and back of this quasi-world were basically clear.

Then what was the god’s wisdom? Where did Nine Tails and Houqing go?

Jiang Xie’s voice suddenly rang in his heart: there is no clear line between reality and falsehood.

Xie Xi’s pupils shrunk as he had an idea.

If he wanted to complete the quasi-world mission, he could now collect the illustrations. The promotion task could also be done easily because all the names were given by the flower god. Now that he retrieved the identity of the flower god, he could easily write on the god’s wisdom.

However, he couldn’t only complete the tasks. He didn’t want to let the memories of the souls end in such a desperate moment.

They would eventually return to Jiang Xie. Xie Xi didn’t want Jiang Xie to bear this long and helpless pain.

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4 years ago

This is so good 😭😭😭 my heart and soul 😭💕 Xie Xi and Old Jiang are just too cute together.

Thanks for the update💕

4 years ago

The transition is very smooth. First it was Jiang Xie who devoted himself to protect Xie Xi, undergoing hardships to protect his beloved from pain. And now it is Xie Xi who makes sacrifices to protect his lover, undeniably the small but personal changes makes this story much better and more acceptable than other “falling in love at first glance” stories where the Gong just one sidedly chase his target until it becomes weary and accepts him/ gets protected until he can’t live without him.

2 years ago

So, in truth, only the Flower God and Sirius were the real ones? the rest are just creation from Xie Xi’s paintings?

Didnt it all started because Flower God Xie Xi adopted Sirius when he was found in the Rose Mountain as a child? Flower God brought him back to the Flower World, coax, guide and taught him through paintings.

After that all these things followed as if in a loop.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

no. xie xie only painted the other souls once they had grown up. before that, they naturally existed in the chaos and darkness outside the flower world.