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Collapsing 9 Boundaries 9

Xie Xi didn’t know what Jiang Xie was thinking. If he knew, he would certainly abandon this person.

What was good to hear? What was the difference between the chirped pronunciation and Chirp Xie?

Jiang Xie was feeling self-satisfaction!

Jiang Xie was satisfied after hearing this and came up with anew operation. “We will be a family in the future. I am older than you so call me Brother.”

Xie Xi, “…” He knew what this person was planning!

He coaxed Jiang Xie, “I acknowledged you as my master and will call you Master.”

Jiang Xie was caught between ‘Master Chirp’ and ‘Brother Chirp’ but he really wanted the latter.

“You only acknowledged a master for your health. In my heart, you are my family.” Jiang Xie tried to coax Xie Xi again.

Xie Xi didn’t want to let him down and had to say, “Brother.”

Jiang Xie heard a small ‘Chirp.’

He choked, reacted to the single word and modified it. “Call me Older Brother.”

Xie Xi, “…” This hooligan couldn’t let it go!

Xie Xi did as he wished.

Unfortunately, Jiang Xie only heard, “Chirp Chirp.”

The sound was very good and soft but he still wanted to hear Chirp Brother…

Jiang Xie inwardly sighed as he realized what it meant by he couldn’t have both fish and a bear’s paw (as food).

Then Jiang Xie soon recovered his spirit. It was nothing. Once Little Chirp became more and more skilled, he would call out Brother. There wasn’t much time to listen to the chirping so he should cherish it.

Jiang Xie had carefully counted and the more Xie Xi spoke, the number of chirps had changed from three chirps in seven words to two chirps. According to this progress, he soon wouldn’t be able to hear the lovely little voice.

Xie Xi didn’t know what Jiang Xie was thinking. Of course, he would still accompany Jiang Xie even if he knew.

No matter what, Jiang Xie didn’t have a complete childhood and talking to Little Chirp was one of Jiang Xie’s few childish actions.

Xie Xi would cherish it well, just like Jiang Xie cherished every one of his moments.

It wasn’t early and the two of them should go to sleep.

Xie Xi’s head was too big and he couldn’t fit on a bed. If it was in the wild then Xie Xi would lean against a tree and Jiang Xie could sleep well against him.

However, this time both of them were in a house and on a bed.

Jiang Xie mused, “What is the law behind you becoming bigger and smaller? Do you feel anything?”

Xie Xi recalled it. “Was it a knock on the brain?”

Jiang Xie’s eyes were full of laughter as he said, “Let’s try it.”

Xie Xi bowed his head and approached, Jiang Xie patting it gently.

There was no change. Xie Xi didn’t become smaller.

Jiang Xie thought about it. “Do you have to say big or little?”

The first time Xie Xi became smaller, he had been pulling at Jiang Xie’s clothes to make him go outside. Jiang Xie had knocked on his head and said, “Little Chirp.” There was the word ‘little’ in it.

The second time Xie Xi became bigger, Jiang Xie had tapped his head and asked him, “Is your curiosity so big?” There was the word ‘big.’

Then knocking on the head was one condition and saying the size was another?

Let’s try it.

Jiang Xie once again patted the big head and said, “Little.”

This worked. Xie Xi felt dizzy and then rapidly shrunk. He turned into an egg-sized white dumpling.

Jiang Xie leaned down to pick him up and smiled, “It seems right.”

Xie Xi saw the enlarged Jiang Xie and spoke with some dizziness, “Bigger is better. I want to become bigger!”

Jiang Xie was stunned.

Xie Xi thought his volume was too small and he couldn’t be heard. Thus, he shouted, “I want to become bigger! It is too inconvenient to be small!” In addition, he couldn’t the sketch pen.

Jiang Xie questioned, “Is it impossible for you to speak after becoming smaller?”

It turned out that Xie Xi’s words were only chirping in Jiang Xie’s ears.

Xie Xi cried out, “You don’t understand?”

Jiang Xie didn’t understand but knew Little Xie was anxious when he saw the bird jumping up and down. “Let’s sleep first and wait until tomorrow to become bigger?

Xie Xi didn’t want this. “I will become bigger now. I have so many feathers that I can sleep on the ground.”

Unfortunately, he was a bird and his sentences didn’t make sense.

Jiang Xie told him, “I’m afraid that your body can’t adapt to frequent changes. I will hold you to sleep and you will be warmer.”

As he spoke, he placed Little Chirp on his chest.

Xie Xi felt the other person’s body temperature. It really was comfortable.

Jiang Xie saw that Little Chirp wasn’t calling to transform and patted him. “Sleep.”

Xie Xi lay on the other person’s heart, listened to the smooth heartbeat and really fell asleep.

That’s fine. He would wait until tomorrow to get bigger…

He had a good dream and the sky had just brightened when he woke up.

Jiang Xie had slept less than six hours but there was no other way. Yan Zhe might’ve said that the black fog wouldn’t reach them in three days but it was better to hurry.

The black fog approaching meant there would be more and more monsters. It was really unsuitable to stay here for a long time.

Yan Zhe had just woken up. He was about to open his mouth when Jiang Xie pointed to his own chest.

Yan Zhe realized that Little Chirp was still asleep and nodded.

Jiang Xie made a simple breakfast and after eating, he packed his bags in a simple manner.

Yan Zhe’s state was much better than before and his strength had also recovered a lot. He carefully took care of the weapons Xie Xi previously created.

Jiang Xie knew without asking that Yan Zhe would go with them.

Who would want to be swallowed up by the dark fog if there was even a glimmer of hope?

Yan Zhe whispered, “I won’t be a burden.”

Jiang Xie didn’t say much.

By the time Xie Xi woke up, they were already on their way.

He opened his eyes and chirped.

Jiang Xie asked him, “Are you hungry?”

Xie Xi poked out his small head and the first thing he saw was the enlarged version of Yan Zhe.

He was stunned. The skin was zoomed in by so much yet the skin on the face was still meticulous. God Yan’s face would make ceramics afraid!

Yan Zhe’s eyes brightened. “Little Chirp, good morning!”

“Good morning.”

This clear and loud chirping gave Yan Zhe a rare feeling. He wanted to touch the furry Little Chirp but Jiang Xie wouldn’t allow it.

“Eat first.”

He spoke as he placed a peeled melon seed in front of Xie Xi.

Xie Xi used the other person’s palm as a table and ate deliciously.

“Remember to make me bigger later.” Xie Xi couldn’t rest assured since this body was too inconvenient. If he was bigger then he could better support them in fights…

He just thought this when they were attacked!

A g*n was fired and the bullet headed straight towards Jiang Xie’s lower abdomen.

Xie Xi couldn’t open a space shield in this small body. If Jiang Xie was shot like this…

Yan Zhe jumped and blocked the bullet with his back.

Jiang Xie’s eyes narrowed and Xie Xi also jumped wildly.

Yan Zhe told them, “I can only block one shot. I won’t be able to recover if there is another shot.”

He had a strong self-healing ability. The shot hit him in the back and only his clothes were torn. The bullet slid down like the previous dirt and didn’t really hurt his body.

Or perhaps he was injured and the injury was cured by this powerful healing ability!

This was a really scary ability.

However, there were limits. As Yan Zhe stated, he could only block one shot. He wouldn’t be able to hold on if the person fired again.

No matter how powerful the healing ability, it couldn’t continuously heal such a fatal wound.

“Yes, it is the silver-haired elf. I shot him and he is fine!”

Yan Zhe saved Jiang Xie but also completely exposed themselves.

Jiang Xie’s reaction was very quick and he told Yan Zhe and Xie Xi, “Retreat to the back.” He pulled out a g*n and fired.

A thumping sound came from the opposite side.

Someone was shot!

It didn’t kill anyone but it made the man unable to fight.

There was certainly more than one person. Jiang Xie fired and then hid behind another tree, listening calmly.

Yan Zhe went to another tree with Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was very anxious. He wanted to grow bigger since he drew too slowly in his current form. In the present situation, how could he dare disturb Jiang Xie?

Any small distraction would allow the other side to take his life!

Sure enough, he should’ve become bigger last night!

Yan Zhe pulled out the previous g*n created and placed Xie Xi in a small groove in the tree. “Don’t run away. I’ll help Jiang Xie.”

Xie Xi nodded hard while trying to manipulate the sketch pen.

He had to put the shield on both of them. His entire body might be almost flattened by the sketch pen but he had to draw two space shields!

The noise outside was calmed by a cold shot.

There was a large number of people. Since they recognized Yan Zhe, they definitely weren’t ordinary people.

Yan Zhe had told his story where he had been sold on the black market. He was abducted by several people on the way so his information had long spread out. Countless people knew there was a silver-haired elf could revive people from death.

Yan Zhe had worn a simple disguise when going out but his hair couldn’t be tied up, wrapped or dyed. Everything was in vain if he couldn’t hide this.

The silver hair was so conspicuous that anyone could guess his identity as long as they saw it.

The thing that people valued the most was life and this was the most chaotic time. They didn’t mind killing innocent people for a blood bag.

Yan Zhe gripped his pistol and told Jiang Xie, “Be careful. They might be transformed people.”

Jiang Xie nodded.

Fortunately, the opposite side was also shocked by Jiang Xie and didn’t rush to act. This gave Xie Xi enough time as he tried his best to draw a space shield.

It was probably because he drew too much recently. The sketch had adapted and the drawing was very good, the god’s wisdom recognized it.

Xie Xi didn’t think as he threw it around Jiang Xie.

Then he chirped loudly.

It was unknown what Jiang Xie was thinking but he emerged from behind the tree and actively attacked the enemy!

Xie Xi didn’t dare to rest and quickly drew a second shield. God Yan had been overdrawn by the g*nshot just now.

He must be given a shield as soon as possible!

Xie Xi was absorbed in painting and wasn’t worried about Jiang Xie.

As long as the space shield was in effect, the opposite side would never be able to harm Jiang Xie.

Yan Zhe sighed and muttered, “I was too anxious and forgot about his ability to not be shot.”

Xie Xi heard this and couldn’t help saying, “No, thankfully you saved him!”

Of course, Yan Zhe didn’t understand.

Xie Xi made up his mind. He had to let Jiang Xie explain that he didn’t know his ability and wasn’t the cause of the space shield. If God Yan mistakenly thought this was Jiang Xie’s ability, he wouldn’t bother blocking any future g*nshots and knives.

The opposite side never thought they had provoked a murderous god!

They saw Yan Zhe’s silver hair and didn’t hesitate to shoot in order to steal this person.

Jiang Xie was just a young man and it was easy to shoot him.

Who would’ve expected Yan Zhe to block the shot. Even so, they hadn’t thought too much. They were just more excited since this really was the silver-haired elf who could come back from the dead!

It wasn’t until Jiang Xie fired back and hit their teammate that they became alert. They were afraid that Jiang Xie was a transformed person.

Then their vigilance quickly dissipated. So what if he was a transformed person? How could a young man with no combat experience match the four of them?

They would take care of him first and might be able to steal his ability!

However, this time they really kicked over the iron plate.

They were all shocked when Jiang Xie rushed over. Did the boy want to die?

They knew when they shot…

It wasn’t that he wanted to die. It was that knives and g*ns wouldn’t affect him!

Rather than using a pistol, Jiang Xie held the long knife and cut them. They abandoned their armour and fled.

He only killed the first person he shot and the others left alive.

Was it impossible for Jiang Xie to kill them?

No, he did it on purpose.

Yan Zhe couldn’t disguise himself and they were bound to meet more and more people.

Rather than letting these little people keep trying, it was better to tell them straightforwardly, ‘If you want to try it then measure your own ability first!’

Yes, Jiang Xie declared war against all those who were greedy!

Xie Xi watched the other person walk back with the bloody knife and his heart shook.

He felt that this was the Jiang Xie of the past.

He truly saw the strongest designer in Central, who stepped on thorns to reach the top during his most immature time.

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