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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 17

Leo was very diligent and clever. The guards teaching him martial arts were full of praise for him. They had never encountered such a good seedling and even secretly regretted that he was a lion instead of a tiger.

Leo naturally didn’t know this. The guards had only mentioned it to Xie Xi several times. Due to their age, they all looked forward to when the beast king would have a child. This lion definitely wasn’t Xie Xi’s child but if the beast king could have such a good tiger cub then it would be a great blessing for their Tiger Country!

Xie Xi liked to listen to people praising Jiang Xie. Oh, the thing he liked least was listening to Jiang Xie praise himself but the latter was what he often heard.

In short, Xie Xi was very happy. From time to time, he would find the martial arts teachers to chat with and wash out his ears.

Leo was so good that after a month, several guards joined together and intended to give Leo a small assessment in order to show his achievements.

Xie Xi naturally had to watch it. He took a medicinal bath and went to the training field in the morning.

The national teacher went to a meeting and Xie Xi was free to boast about the little lion without any scruples.

These guards had expertise. As elites of the Tiger Country, they could all be independent when placed on the battlefield.

The first assessment was a close combat duel. Don’t look at how he had only been training for a month. The little lion already gained great benefits and could tie with the guards. The strength in his fist seemed like it could break a boulder.

Xie Xi couldn’t help cheering. “Good!”

The little lion glanced over and the pair of golden eyes lit up like a little sun,

Xie Xi smiled and Leo became more powerful!

Next was the weapons assessment. Leo was particularly good with the long knife. The guard in charge of the assessment kept saying, “Your Majesty should be careful, be careful…”

Of course, the tone was exaggerated. The use of weapons depended on proficiency and experience. A person couldn’t rely on strength to suppress the opponent.

Xie Xi laughed. “Yes, I will practice more in the future.”

He didn’t know if it was easy to use but this person was too damn handsome when using it!

Finally, archery was assessed and Leo shot his own target.

His movements were standard and the arm drawing the bow was strong and powerful. His focused look was charming and the moment the feathered arrow left the bow, all noise was swept away. It attracted everyone’s attention as they listened to the sound.

Leo shot several arrows in succession and each arrow was calculated. It steadily shot at a certain point and the score wasn’t bad!

The master who taught archery couldn’t help boasting about Leo. He said that he had never seen such a strange talent!

Xie Xi was smiling and his heart was bright.

Jiang Xie truly had god-level qualifications, in particular, his accuracy was too full. The souls didn’t inherit the item, skills and experience of the original but their tendency to survive caused them to inherit some things.

Thus, almost every soul was an all-rounder, especially in terms of strength. The unlucky physique was too bitter and they would really die if they weren’t 200% powerful.

The little lion was sweating at the end of the assessment. He bowed to the masters before looking up at the high place that contained Xie Xi.

Xie Xi walked down and unceremoniously praised him. “Great, you have talent to come so far in one month. You will be a powerful warrior in the future!”

He spoke so sincerely that Leo’s heart thumped. He had been active for so long and was hot, but he was only getting hotter. It was as if a fire ignited by Xie Xi’s smile was burning through his body.


Xie Xi didn’t realize anything and said, “You are sweating, go and take a bath. I will have people prepare refreshments in the garden. Together, let’s…”

After hearing the word garden, it was as if Leo was a machine whose switch was turned on.

He pulled Xie Xi over and kissed his lips in a gesture that was so strong it couldn’t be denied.

Xie Xi was shocked.

Leo had so many dreams and developed quite a lot of skills. In addition, his body felt like it was on fire and his kiss couldn’t wait to devour Xie Xi.

The Tiger Country’s guards were all stunned silly.

What was this situation? His Majesty…

Several people’s senses were quick to return and immediately turned to leave!

Xie Xi was dizzy. He wanted a ghost to come and pull this lion away!

Yes… Xie Xi realized what happened.

It had been so calm that Xie Xi had forgotten about the estrus period. The little lion was in estrus!

This kiss was hot and anxious. The powerful hand burned him through his clothes, not to mention that Jiang Xie was covered with sweat. This crazy heat seemed to infect Xie Xi.

After all, this was the man in his heart. He was like this… how could Xie Xi not react?

However, it wasn’t good. He had been taking the medicinal baths for a month and was much better but the estrus period wasn’t a joke. Xie Xi might really die under the little lion!

At this time, a loud shout was heard. “What are you doing? Put him down!”

Xie Xi saw the angry national teacher.

He had never seen the national teacher in this state. The light grey eyes were bloodshot, the thin lips were drained of blood and he looked like he came out of hell, giving off a terrifying feeling!

The guards’ senses quickly returned and they came forward to control the lion.

Xie Xi was afraid they would hurt him and hurriedly said, “He just entered estrus.”

Leo was so aggressive that he almost broke away from the control of the guards. The national teacher strode forward and punched his face.

Blood flowed from a corner of Leo’s mouth.

This punch was precise and fierce. If he wasn’t for Leo’s strong physique, several teeth might be broken.

Xie Xi’s heart hurt but he didn’t know who he should feel distressed for.

Was it fun to play with yourself?

Xie Xi wanted to go check on Leo but he was afraid to provoke the national teacher again.

The national teacher shouted coldly at Leo, “Absolutely disgraceful!”

The punch and the cold words made Leo slightly calm down.

He no longer struggled and let the guards suppress him.

Xie Xi gasped and didn’t know what to say…

It seemed that at this time, all he could do was shut up.

The national teacher turned to glance at Xie Xi and converged his horrifying momentum. He careful held Xie Xi, looking at the red and swollen lips. “This subordinate came late, it is my sin…”

Xie Xi, “…”

He coughed. “It is nothing, this…” He wanted to say to not blame Leo but he was afraid of the national teacher’s heart.

However, if he didn’t say it then the dejected little lion was likely to blame himself.

Xie Xi had to say, “I was careless and forgot that Little Xie hasn’t passed the estrus period yet.”

The little lion’s ears moved but he didn’t have the courage to look at Xie XI.

The national teacher remained unchanged and kept holding XIe XI. “Don’t see him for the next few days.”

Xie Xi was anxious. The estrus period had come and couldn’t be postponed. If he didn’t see the little lion, what would Leo do?”

The national teacher continued, “What type of lion beastman does he want? This subordinate can find any male or female for him.”

Xie Xi didn’t think about it as he cried out, “No!”

What a joke! The slag on his side was a fake slag. If the soul really did it with someone else then it was cheating! He would really kill this person!

The words he blurted out stunned the national teacher.

At the same time, the little lion finally looked up with a brightness in his eyes.

This was really ice and fire. If the ice was strengthened then the fire was extinguished. If the fire was ignited, the ice was melted.

They couldn’t coexist!

Leo spoke so that Xie Xi was helpless. “I would rather die than have a relationship with other people.”

The national teacher told the guards, “Everyone, withdraw.” The tall and strong guards were stunned but didn’t dare ask anything as they retreated.

No one suppressed the little lion but he didn’t mess around.

The national teacher waited for the people to leave before asking coldly, “You want His Majesty to accompany you through your estrus?”

The lion was silent.

The national teacher continued, “His Majesty’s body can’t stand it. I won’t allow anyone to hurt His Majesty!”

He was reasonable although he definitely had a private heart. Xie Xi believed that even if his body was fine, the national teacher wouldn’t let him and Leo be like this.”

Leo paused before replying, “I won’t hurt him.”

The national teacher sneered. “Look at your own appearance. You are an adult yet still maintain some beast traits. A person with serious beast traits like you will only be fiercer during estrus!”

Leo stared at the other person. “I said I won’t hurt him!”

“Then endure it. If you become a murderous beast, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

Leo was silent but stubbornly left his eyes open.

He could hit himself, kill himself or curse himself but he couldn’t let go of Xie Xi.

Being a murderous beast was no different from death.

Even if Leo died, no one else would die!

Xie Xi’s brain was spinning and he eventually had to bully the national teacher. “I can’t leave him alone.”

The national teacher’s pupils shrunk and the hand hidden in the cloak was clenched tightly.

Xie Xi requested, “Can I talk to him alone?”

He was speaking to the national teacher. The national teacher’s face was covered with a thin layer of frost. “I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Xie Xi gazed at the national teacher. “As long as I don’t want it, no one can hurt me.”

The words were like a sharp blade piercing the national teacher’s heart. His calmness disappeared and his eyes were full of uneasiness. “Your Majesty…”

Xie Xi told him, “You go out first.”

The national teacher’s lips trembled before he finally replied, “Yes.”

He turned away, back covered by the white cloak. However, infinite loneliness came from him.

Xie Xi couldn’t help it. He regretted that he accidentally slipped and made a promise to two Jiang Xies. The two worlds had mixed together to make this situation.

Leo stared at him. “Sir…” His voice was full of heat.

Xie Xi kissed him on the brow. “I’ll help you.”

Leo kissed him hard.

Perhaps it was because Leo was afraid of hurting him or maybe it was related to the previous dreams? They didn’t do it to the end.

Although they didn’t do it, Xie Xi was still tired to death. His thighs were red and swollen and he was unstable when standing.

In the morning, the national teacher prepared a medicinal bath for him and seriously rubbed the ointment on him.

Xie Xi saw him like this and was really distressed. “I didn’t do it with him…”

Who knew that the national teacher seemed to know it already. “I know.”

Xie Xi stared blankly.

The national teacher pulled at the bun on his head where the red rose gem reflected a beautiful light.

However, Xie Xi didn’t notice the gem. He only saw the long white hair falling down like a waterfall.

The national teacher gave the hairpin to him with a sigh. “I’m sorry, this subordinate broke his promise. I’ll give this to you.”

Xie Xi didn’t know what it meant.

The national teacher stated, “It will help if you want to use your ability.”

Xie Xi looked down at the ruby inlaid in the jade.

The ruby was small but carved extremely beautifully in a blooming rose. Every petal could easily be distinguished on such a small gem.

The petals were so thin they seemed like they would break when touched but they were actually very strong. Xie Xi believed there would be no damage even if they fell to the ground.

Among the rumours of the common people, the rose earring in Xie Xi’s ear was derived from the pattern of his beast ears.

Then Xie Xi saw it again in the form of a jade hairpin in the national teacher’s hair.

The lustre seemed dime when it was placed in the snowy hair.

Xie Xi wasn’t sure what it actually represented. What did the national teacher mean by it would help his ability?

What was his ability?

Xie Xi took the jade and a hot energy flowed into the palm of his hand. The jade turned into a ruby earring.

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Haruki Natsuyu
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Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
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Why do i feel there’s even more dog blood drama awaits? Like the wound on XX’s chest is related to Leo’s family’s death?

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Xie Xi gazed at the national teacher. “As long as I don’t want it, no one can hurt me.”
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