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Intermediate Test

When they first met Jiang Xie, they felt they were in a dubious gang. Now they didn’t just feel it. They were 100% sure of it!

Talking about love wasn’t enough for Old Jiang. They were afraid he would flirt even if he didn’t have both legs!

Yan Zhe knew a bit more and sent a private chat to Jiang Xie. “You aren’t comfortable about the intermediate test. It’s okay if he fails. It only consumes some gold coins.”

However, there was a waiting time and at least one world mission was required to continue retaking the test.

Ordinary players didn’t have to worry. They could casually clear an E or F-grade task and complete it in a day or two before continuing to participate.

Xie Xi was different. He had a high-grade world physique and there were no simple tasks. Not to mention he needed to change occupations to actually refresh the next world.

Thus, Xie Xi had to pass the test or he would die because he stayed in Central for too long.

This sounded dangerous but the occurrence was actually very small. Xie Xi’s current qualifications and abilities meant the probability of him passing the test was 99.999%…

Jiang Xie sighed. “You don’t understand. If you love a person, you are willing to suffer. You will run if he is thirsty, jump if he is hungry, make a long jump if he misses me…”

Don’t worry about spraining his feet when running, cramping his legs when jumping or landing on a dog’s poop when making a long jump… Bah, Yan Zhe was forced to join so he shouldn’t have to worry about this. With the presence of this old beast, how could Little Rose go wrong?

Jiang Xie was still speaking. “I can’t retreat 10,000 steps. What if an examiner is muddle-headed and tries to take advantage of him?”

Yan Zhe scoffed. “You are the examiner!”

“I am legally allowed to be muddle-headed. I have received the certificate.”

Yan Zhe, “……..”

Little Rose, come out quickly and take away this old evildoer!

The bigwigs were disillusioned about the excitement of this activity was right. As Jiang Xie told them, they hadn’t been examiners before and joining it was quite fresh.

In particular, this evildoer’s sweetheart was within the candidates and they were even more curious.

Jiang Xie’s mouth was like a train as he bragged all day. They couldn’t believe how excellent a beginner player could be, let alone a 19 year old child.

Xie Xi, who was 19 on the surface but spend thoughts of years in the flower world, was chatting with his own small friends.

The passage of time in the Central World was different from the quasi-world and was relatively static.

Xie Xi had spent so long in Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas. In the Central World, he left and came back in a moment with no time being consumed. Thus, it was easy to meet his friends.

However, there were situations where they couldn’t meet. For example, Xie Xi stayed in Central while the half zombie went in the quasi-world then Xie Xi would miss him. If Xie Xi also went to the quasi-world at this time, then they would definitely meet when he came out.

It was a bit of a detour but in Central, the concept of time was like this. It was no longer an exact coordinate or constant standard. People no longer relied on it.

The zombie squad heard that Xie Xi was going to take the intermediate test and told him their experiences.

They were all intermediate players and had long passed the test. Thus, there was a lot of information.

Cao Yan told him, “Old Zhu, come over. After all, you took the test three times.”

Zhu Li was furious. “Will you die if you say less words?”

Zhuo Liu spoke coolly, “Three times is fine. I heard that most people take the test four times.”

Old Zhu was only one away from the bottom…

Zhu Li cried out, “Fu*k, come to the duelling field! I’ll burn you to death!”

Zhuang Yi in women’s clothing was more reliable. “The intermediate test is very difficult. It is generally three rounds. The first round is fixed and tests your basic physical abilities. The second round is a match where you show your strengths. Losing isn’t important since you will receive points according to performance. The third round is relatively difficult since it requires passing the examiner’s test.”

Xie Xi asked, “There are examiners?”

Zhuang Yi explained, “Yes, intermediate players and above can go to sign up as examiners. The Central Government will generally pick from top to bottom according to level. Still, you don’t have to worry too much. Most players who accept this type of task are intermediate players.”

Zhu Li interjected, “If you aren’t lucky, you will fail if you run into a wily old fox.

By all accounts, Zhu Li’s physical strength and specialties were so outstanding that he shouldn’t have failed the test three times. He confessed himself, “I had bad luck and met a string of cash three times in a row.”

Xie Xi attached great importance to this test. Others could casually do it a few times but he couldn’t. If he didn’t pass, he couldn’t change occupations and then he couldn’t enter the new quasi-world. Staying in Central for too long was very dangerous.

Xie Xi asked humbly, “What do you mean by a string of cash?”

Zhu Li knew everything about himself and exclaimed, “They are money holes! The third level is set by the examiner and there are five difficulties to choose from. The string of cash person will clearly price one difficulty. If you want to pass easily, you have to spend more money.”

Xie Xi was stunned… this type of thing was really everywhere.

Zhu Li added, “Those garbage can’t pass the advanced test and spend their days in the intermediate level. Once a long time passes, these evildoers are produced.”

Cao Yan opened his mouth. “Old Zhu, your words are true but no matter how much money they ask for, they won’t exceed the registration fee for the next test otherwise it would be like giving charity to a beggar.” This was true. Intermediate tests weren’t life-threatening and it wasn’t a big deal to give up. The next time only required some registration fees. The examiners aimed to take advantage of this loophole.

For example, Zhu Li paid the registration fee three times.

Zhu Li cried out, “It is like giving charity to beggars? I don’t want to get used to those scum!”

His words made a lot of sense. Most people thought like Cao Yan and were willing to indulge the industry. If everyone was like Zhu Li, they wouldn’t spend money. Even if it meant paying three times the registration fee, they would eliminate this bad habit for future generations.

Unfortunately, there were few people like Zhu Li and more like Cao Yan. There was no need to judge who was right or wrong. After all, Cao Yan wasn’t obliged to sacrifice himself for future generations while Zhu Li was more driven by his personality.

Zhuo Liu spoke, “It is something the Central Government must know about but Zone doesn’t care.”

Xie Xi told them, “There is no good or evil in the Central Government.”

The zombie squad froze as they all understood.

Indeed, the Central Government never controlled what players were doing. Whether they formed an organization or not, whether they did good or bad, the Central Government would never interfere. There was only one requirement for players: to live.

Zhu Li sighed. “Boss, you won’t have a problem. My luck was too bad and the examiner chose the difficulty level that was my weak point.”

Xie Xi replied, “Nobody is perfect and there are areas they won’t be good at. The examiner would definitely see the previous rounds of the test, record the weaknesses of the candidates and deliberately wait until the third round to pick the area you aren’t good at. Forget yourself, even god level players have a fatal weakness. This isn’t a personal strength problem.”

Zhu Li was comforted. “Boss…” These words were really warm and reasonable!

Zhuang Yi mentioned, “This test is so strange. The examiner’s quota is full despite it being early.”

Cao Yan and Zhuo Liu also agreed. “Yes, I wanted to sign up.”

Xie Xi wondered, “Why are you signing up?”

The zombie squad laughed. “It is naturally to give Boss preferential treatment!”

There were four of them and there was a chance they could become Xie Xi’s examiner. Then… oh, they must pick the simplest level for Xie Xi to pass.

Xie Xi wanted to laugh and cry. “No, I can do it myself.”

They didn’t know that even if they signed up, they wouldn’t be selected. After all, the examiner’s screening was from high to low. Jiang Xie’s group of friends would definitely be selected!

Xie Xi didn’t know that he would encounter a bad examiner, although this bad examiner wasn’t the same as Old Zhu’s string of cash.

During the chat, Xie Xi received the notice to participate in the test. He said goodbye to the zombie squad and was transferred.

As soon as he entered, the zombie squad went to watch the live broadcast.

Cao Yan opened his mouth, “There should be no problems.”

Zhu Li wondered, “How can there be a problem? If he encounters a string of money, we will remember that person’s face and wait to hammer him!”

Zhuo Liu cried out, “Which string of cash dares to show their face?”

Zhuang Yi was startled. “This… this examiners lineup…”

Those watching the broadcast outside could see the examiners as well as the candidates.

Not only was the zombie squad shocked, an earthquake also passed through most of Central.

“Oh my god! Why would X go to an intermediate test as an examiner?”

“Fu*k, there’s God Yan!”

“This is… General Qin!”

“Crazy, I actually saw Wuli’s big baby, Nan Yi!”

“What is this situation? The God Team emerged?”

The God team was the honorary name given to X’s team by the players. In fact, the name of X’s team was too low, low enough to be a disillusionment.

Every time Yan Zhe saw the words ‘Lonely Male God Group Chat’, he wanted to retreat from the team!

Outside the frying pan, the players participating in the test were aware of these matters. If they knew that the examiners lineup was so gorgeous, they probably wouldn’t care about the test and would only want to surround their idols.

After all, it was a small test. If they couldn’t pass then they couldn’t pass.

Xie Xi looked around and saw that the number of participants wasn’t too large. There were approximately 100 people.

Everyone might be a beginner player but it wasn’t easy to get experience value. An F-grade world only gave two or three experience points. A player with bad luck would have to go through more than 30 quasi-worlds!

Of course, there were high and low points in the world. The difficulty of the F-grade worlds meant that these 100 people wouldn’t be able to match an A-grade quasi-world, let alone the S-grade worlds that Xie Xi experienced.

The quality wasn’t high and the number of winners was large. Players who took the test weren’t new recruits.

The first round was a physical test and the events were really grounded.

Xie Xi thought he was at a high school sports event.

At the examiner’s table, apart from the six big gods, the other examiners retreated to a corner and were as quiet as a chicken.

Jiang Xie spoke, “Running 800 metres, I remember that Ah Zhe’s first test was this event.

Yan Zhe, “…” Could his black history not be mentioned!

Jiang Xie continued, “My child isn’t the same. He won’t even gasp from running 8,000 metres.”

Yan Zhe was angry. “Can you stop your show of affection?”

Jiang Xie cleared his throat? “Where is it?”

Yan Zhe didn’t believe this person would be reserved. Sure enough, Jiang Xie’s next sentence was, “I haven’t officially started yet.” The show was still warming up.

At this time, another member of their team, Gong Rui discovered something. “There is a swimming event?”

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