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Collapsing 7 Boundaries 23 (3)

Xie Xi stood up fiercely and shouted, “Ji Qiren, you go back!”

He raised his emperor’s dignity. For a moment, this was his palace and he was still the supreme Beast King Rose.

Countless thoughts swirled in Jiang Xie’s mind, intertwined intricately and in an unreasonable manner.

If Ji Qiren was Xie Xi’s subordinate, why save Jiang Xie? Why devote his life to teaching Jiang Xie? Why loyally help Jiang Xie take his place?

Was this Xie Xi’s plan? Did he think he could manipulate Jiang Xie with Ji Qiren?


Ji Qiren didn’t stop him when he annihilated Rose Palace…

If this was Xie Xi’s calculation, what did Xie Xi want?

Of course, Mr Robot didn’t leave. He was a high-tech product and as long as the program was properly written, the performance he gave was absolutely real with no cracks.

The robot said, “Please let go of His Majesty. For you… for you, he has given up everything!”

This made Jiang Xie unable to react for a long time.

He was now the lion king and Xie Xi had long been nothing.

However, Ji Qiren used a form of address used by those in the Rose Palace.

Jiang Xie couldn’t help going up to him and asking, “What do you mean? Xie Xi killed my family and almost killed me…”

“No.” The robot was in tears. “His Majesty was seriously injured and exiled. How could he spare any effort to interfere in the domestic affairs of the Lion Country? It was Houqing who killed the royal family of the Lion Country. His Majesty discovered your past later but it was too late. He couldn’t stop Houqing anymore. He could only falsely succumb to the snake while finding an opportunity to tell us old people to forcibly drive you to the Beast Forest…”

He explained it all. Jiang Xie was completely paralyzed. Xie Xi also lost all his strength as he sat down on the soft couch.

His face was pale and weak but Xie Xi’s heart was 100% happy.

If all the previous settings were handed over to him then he could repair 12 more souls.

Xie Xi’s felt cold and quickly controlled his brain. He didn’t want to kill himself!

The logic of the robots was clear and the details were clearly explained.

The national teacher was in power while the weak and seriously ill Xie Xi was just a figurehead. In order to cure himself, he had to go back to the palace to ask for Houqing’s treatment. Who knew that the national teacher would discover Jiang Xie’s past and want to kill him after knowing he was the only survivor of the lion royal family.

Xie Xi knew he couldn’t protect the little lion. He also knew that if he confessed things, the little lion wouldn’t leave and would instead confront the national teacher.

For the safety of the little lion, Xie Xi could only suppress his heart and put on a cold and cruel face to kill the little lion.

In fact, this was actually an act for the national teacher. The little lion fled into the Beast Forest but had long been carefully protected by shadow guards.

Ji Qiren was the confidant of the beast king. His entire family was rescued by Xie Xi and he was loyal to Xie Xi.

In the face of his master’s request, he acted correctly.

He taught Jiang Xie, assisted Jiang Xie and helped him take the position of the lion king. Finally, he even allowed Jiang Xie to burn the Rose Palace and kill the national teacher for revenge.

This was all within Xie Xi’s expectations. He even told Ji Qiren, “if I am caught, talk to Jiang Xie and have him publicly behead me.”

At this time, Ji Qiren repeated the sentence and Jiang Xie’s eyes became empty. He stared at Xie Xi. Why…”

Xie Xi sat on the bed and didn’t look at him.

Ji Qiren was sad. “His Majesty was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to bear it after knowing. He is willing to bear a terrible name to the world for you!”

In a sense, Xie Xi was like this but… it was very embarrassing.

Jiang Xie’s senses weren’t able to return for a long time.

Ji Qiren continued, “His Majesty made a plan for you but suffered from this humiliation. This old slave is really… really…”

Jiang Xie slowly looked at Xie Xi, golden eyes like sunlight shining on water. “You… this…”

Xie Xi got up and look at the robot. “Old Ji, withdraw.”

The robot bowed and exited the bedroom.

Only Jiang Xie and Xie Xi were left in this room.

Xie Xi avoided Jiang Xie’s gaze.

Jiang Xie opened his mouth, his voice containing some young fragility. “Why… didn’t you tell me?”

“It has been so many years.”

Jiang Xie’s eyes were red. “Did you want to hide it from me for a lifetime, even if I… killed you…” How could he say nothing?

He remembered what he had done to Xie Xi and suddenly wanted to kill himself with a knife.

Xie Xi finally looked up at him, misty eyes full of gentleness and helplessly. “I was too greedy. If I wasn’t greedy, I would’ve died in the cave and not given you so many hardships.”

Jiang Xie twitched and took this person’s hand.

Xie Xi seemed unable to hold back. He could no longer hide it and whispered, “I know what you think about me… I was in a dying state and couldn’t manipulate dreams. It wasn’t that I entered your dreams. It was that your consciousness was too strong and you entered my dream.”

Jiang Xie’s heart shook. Countless words poured into his throat but he couldn’t find a single word to say.

Xie Xi spoke slowly, “It was only when you were in the estrus period that you became so entangled with me. Then… I found that you really liked me…”

Jiang Xie held him and expressed with difficulty, “I love you.”

Xie Xi smiled and continued. “I shouldn’t like you… I am much older than you and raised you. I really shouldn’t…”

He paused and his voice became remorseful. “At the time, the villagers were talking about marriage and I also asked you. Every time I heard you say you didn’t want to get married, my heart felt both uncomfortable and sweet. I couldn’t help wanting to respond to your heart.”

“However, my body was too bad at the time and my heart was damaged. In those circumstances, no one could cure me apart from Houqing. What promise could I make you with such a broken body? If I wanted to cure my body, I could only go back to Rose Palace.”

“I didn’t want to go back. I broke off any relationship with Houqing when I dug out my heart. Now going back…”

“Still, I wanted to live.” Xie Xi closed his eyes before opening them and staring at Jiang Xie. “I wanted to live with you.”

Jiang Xie’s mind was on the previous words. “You dug out your own heart…”

“Yes, Houqing and I reached that point. Do you think I would actually like him?”

Jiang Xie remembered his words when bringing Xie Xi back to the Lion Country and regretted it. “I’m sorry. Sir, I’m sorry…”

Xie Xi held his cheek. “Don’t apologize. You weren’t wrong.”

“I didn’t know anything and hurt you like this.”

“That’s why I didn’t want you to know.”

Jiang Xie’s eyebrows twisted.

Xie Xi carefully smoothed out the slender eyebrows with his hands, face full of thoughts and affection. “When you told me that you are doing well, I was very happy. Time can erase everything. You will forget me and have a knew life. You will marry and have children, becoming the best king on this continent…”

Jiang Xie recalled Xie Xi’s question in the dungeon. ‘Are you doing well now?’

He replied that he was doing very well.

What type of mood was Xie Xi in when he asked this? How did he feel after hearing the answer? It couldn’t be imagined at all!

“No!” Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi into his arms and choked out, “I’m not doing well. I’m not happy and there isn’t a single day when I’ve been happy. I think about you every day and never stopped.”

Xie Xi was frozen.

Jiang Xie could finally face his own feelings. “Even though I thought you killed my family and was deceiving me to use me, even if you wanted to kill me, I still missed you and wanted to see you. I hated such a self, hated myself for not letting you go, hated that I couldn’t forget you, hated that I couldn’t really hate you…”

He said this and Xie Xi’s heart really hurt.

It might be fake for him but it was extremely true for Jiang Xie.

Under such circumstances and after experiencing such a desperate betrayal, he still felt this way to Xie Xi…

Xie Xi hugged him and hoped that this person wouldn’t suffer any more. “I wasn’t good. I don’t know if you still love me or still…”

“I love you…” Jiang Xie’s repressed emotions sprang out. “I can’t stop loving you.”

The truth came out but Xie Xi didn’t immediately leave the world.

Leo had experienced so many things and needed comfort.

Xie Xi didn’t have to act. After all, his love for Jiang Xie was never lacking.

The two of them spent a year together. Once Jiang Xie built a rose garden in the Lion Country, Xie Xi left the small world with him.

They kissed in a large area of beautiful roses and their eyes were only filled with each other.

At such a comfortable moment, Xie Xi returned to the garden of the 12 Boundaries.

It was over…

Leo was back.

These worlds were somewhat rough but the result was good. The souls were finally taken away from the collapsed quasi-worlds.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry to touch the light groups. He looked at the six Jiang Xies lying side by side and sorted out his mood.

There was a lot of time… the countdown had an hour and 43 minutes left and this was enough.

Xie Xi used the god’s wisdom to draw himself a pot of tea and prepared to rest for 10 minutes.

This time he couldn’t be careless. He was determined not to touch two light balls at once…

He drank for 10 minutes and felt he was in good enough shape to start the next one.

Just then, he saw Aries lying on the bed.

It must be an illusion…

Xie Xi rubbed his eyes.

It was halfway through the countdown. How could this person wake up?

Xie Xi went straight over and leaned over Aries.

His wrist was suddenly grabbed and Xie Xi’s heart almost jumped out of his chest.

Then Aries pressed him down on to the bed.

Xie Xi, “!!!”

There was a bad smile on Aries’ handsome face and his clear voice was also ambiguous. “Child, your play was good.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened.

Aries kissed him.

Xie Xi was shocked but he knew this was Jiang Xie… or the body…

Still, what was going on? How did Jiang Xie…

Xie Xi was kissed breathless and stuttered, “How… you…”

Jiang Xie kissed the tip of his nose. “You have recovered so many souls. How can I not wake up? I am the number one person in Central.”

You are the number one ghost of Central!

Oh, the number one—the number one cheap person of Central!

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