GL: Chapter 124

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 4

Xie Xi’s nerves were tight and he wanted to ask again but he discovered that Azure Dragon’s eyes had changed back to an indigo colour.

He stopped but his heart was still beating like a drum.

Jiang Xie was in several bodies? People could have several bodies at once!

Oh, it wasn’t possible to anyone else but it was certainly okay for Jiang Xie. After all, he had so many souls!

Xie Xi wasn’t worried about his safety. He just started to curse Jiang Xie in his heart. Didn’t this person know what to focus on? Couldn’t he mention how many souls were present and if these souls had any brain damage. Even if the time wasn’t enough and he couldn’t give the details, at least explain the last sentence.

How was Azure Dragon so calm if he knew that Xie Xi fled from the marriage?

Xie Xi remembered that the fourth prince was a positive young man!


After experiencing the last scene, he was probably no better than the fifth or sixth prince.

Xie Xi was worried.

“The climate of the Holy Mountain can be adjusted. It is too hot for you to stay there?”

Azure Dragon suddenly turned to a climate problem and Xie Xi almost couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. “Yes, it’s fine.”

“You don’t need to be so polite with me. We will be together in the future. If you are afraid of the heat or cold, I should consider it.”

Xie Xi finally reacted. It was probably because Jiang Xie emerged and there was a fault in the soul. Jiang Xie gave him and patch and pretended that the two people were discussing the living environment of the Holy Mountain.

It seemed that although Jiang Xie couldn’t distort the will of the soul, he could move his hands and feel to add insignificant small details.

Xie Xi replied, “Your Excellency has thought a lot about me.”

Azure Dragon took his hand. “It isn’t enough.”

The gentle words made it seem that Azure Dragon was fond of spoiling him but Xie Xi had a bad taste after thinking that this person knew he had fled the marriage!

Xie Xi smiled. “How can that be? I am very happy with Lord Azure Dragon.”

Azure Dragon also smiled but his blue eyes were as cold as the deep sea. “ I am also glad to see you happy. I always want to put everything good under the sun in front of you.”

Xie Xi thought this was a love story and wanted to say thank you, but Azure Dragon’s next sentence made him cold and his hairs stood up. “…Then you won’t leave me.”

Xie Xi’s heart was tense.

This translated to: I will give you all the good things in the world so you won’t be greedy for the outside world.

Old Four, what are you doing? Don’t blacken or learn bad things!

He seemed to notice the small rose’s shudder and Azure Dragon spoke warmly, “I heard that liking a person meant I would suffer. I didn’t understand it before but now it is clear.”

Xie Xi smiled reluctantly. ‘This isn’t suffering. You are crazy!’

Poor Xie Xi didn’t know why he fled the marriage and couldn’t coax this person. He could only barely say, “Originally Sage Azure Dragon has such an ordinary side.”

Azure Dragon replied, “I can’t afford the word Sage.”

Xie Xi disagreed. “Don’t underestimate yourself.”

“The so-called Sage is just a shackle I was born with. If I can get rid of it to be happy with you, I am satisfied.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare to answer because he felt there was a pit in front of him!

By saying that he wanted to wander with Azure Dragon around the world, would this prove that he couldn’t stand the boredom of the Holy Mountain and tried to escape the marriage?

If Xie Xi said he didn’t want to wander the world with Azure Dragon, did this mean he only valued Azure Dragon’s status and escaped because it wasn’t true love?

He had too few information and Xie Xi couldn’t figure out the direction!

Fortunately, Azure Dragon himself didn’t seem to want the answer. He threw the hook before releasing the little fish.

“Right, you left in a hurry. How could you forget to bring this?” Then the server came back like he had been waiting. He heard Azure Dragon’s words and came forward while holding a red paint tray in his hand.

How could Xie Xi know what this was?

Azure Dragon told him, “You have inherited the name of the flower god and must guard this register. If you leave it for too long, it will damage your soul.”

Xie Xi was in a hurry. “I’m confused.” He forgot such an important thing in order to escape from the marriage. Did he want to die? What the hell happened for the setting to be like this?

The current Xie Xi was well aware of the rules of the quasi-world where the souls were involved.

Objectively speaking, it was only when he entered the quasi-world that the quasi-world would wake up. At that moment, the souls would spontaneously form their own will and integrate into the quasi-world, generating pre-existing summaries.

In other words, before Xie Xi entered, there was nothing. The Baihua Mountain event, Azure Dragon saving the small rose and the engagement. All these things he didn’t know about didn’t exist.

Once Xie Xi entered, the souls generated the corresponding setting and placed them on Xie Xi.

As for this setting, it must follow logic but now there were too few clues and he couldn’t fathom it.

Of course, Xie Xi could understand why he was set up to escape the marriage. After all, the thing he did to the fourth prince in Atlantis… it was a much more serious betrayal than escaping marriage.

Xie Xi felt a bit panicked thinking up to here. He couldn’t have fled the marriage because he had a new love?

This was really… it was too messy. Just look at Love to the Left or Right, also know as the Love is a Dead End quasi-world.

The scary thing was that he could load the file in Love is a Dead End. What about here? There was no loading a file option!

The only thankful thing was that there was the half Jiang Xie to help. He just wasn’t sure if Jiang Xie would be a disservice or not…

Xie Xi tried to brush up his good feelings. “I just came back to see for a moment before returning to the Holy Mountain. Thus, I didn’t bring it.” The implication was that he wasn’t really escaping from marriage. If he was escaping, he would’ve brought it with him.

Azure Dragon seemed to be appeased and said, “That won’t do. I was really worried when I saw the roster but didn’t see you.”

Xie Xi stated, “It’s my fault. I also bothered Lord Azure Dragon to send it personally to me.”

“You are still childish and playful.”

This seemed to mean something. Xie Xi cautiously replied, “In the future, I will ask you to be more strict.”

Azure Dragon’s mood seemed to be much better. “How can I be willing to do that?”

Xie Xi felt sorry.

The smile on Azure Dragon’s face faded a bit and he whispered, “All I can do is wait for you to grow up.”

There seemed to be some helplessness in his words. Xie Xi’s heart was stunned and he wondered if he really cheated.

The cuckolded Azure Dragon not only held back his anger but chose to wait for him to wake up?

Azure Dragon, you are really a bit green.

Azure Dragon put down the roster and told him before leaving, “I’ll see you later.”

Xie Xi thought it wasn’t too late to show his loyalty. “I’ll go back to the Holy Mountain with you.”

Azure Dragon’s eyes became darker. “You want to go back with me?”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.” No matter what happened with the other souls, Xie Xi always felt that the fourth prince was a bit miserable and decided to comfort him first. Unexpectedly, Azure Dragon shook his head. “Now that you’ve come back here, stay for a while.”

Xie Xi was a bit stunned. What was this situation? Was he feeling Xie Xi out?

Xie Xi continued, “I want to go back with you.”

Azure Dragon smiled but it didn’t apply to his eyes. “There is no hurry. Wait for the day I come back to pick you up.”

Azure Dragon really didn’t want him to come back? Why…

Azure Dragon drew him closer and kissed his forehead. “Wait for me.”

This words seemed filled with killing intent!

Xie Xi didn’t dare provoke him and could only watch Azure Dragon leave while holding the roster.

Azure Dragon left and Purple Nine came over. “Oh my god, Lord Azure Dragon really loves you. He actually personally sent you the roster.”

Xie Xi was speechless. It was definitely love but who knew if it was good.

Purple Nine warned him. “Don’t mess around anymore. Lord Azure Dragon thought you just messed him and came back to see it. If he knew that you regret the marriage, how sad would he be?”

Xie Xi was afraid that he was probably sad now while preparing the green hat!

Xie Xi told her, “I’m a bit tired.”

Purple Nine thought of his inexplicable amnesia and felt worried but also sad. “Yes, go rest and see if you can remember the past.”

Xie Xi nodded.

He left Purple Nine and checked the roster. After all, his life was at stake. Xie Xi went to the inner room and sat on the bed before opening the roster. The moment he opened it, a hint appeared in the lower right corner.

[You have triggered the Beginner Repair Skill promotion task. Do you want to accept it?]

Jiang Xie said that the promotion task for a skill would generally appear randomly in the quasi-world. It seemed that he now encountered it?

Xie Xi definitely couldn’t miss this and hurriedly accepted.

In the lower right corner, the prompt for the promotion task appeared under the main task and side task.

Was the promotion task related to this roster?

Xie Xi gazed at the roster and was surprised to find that it was blank.

The cover of the roster only had the word Xie Xi and everything else was blank paper.

What was this situation?

Then a new prompt appeared in the lower right corner. [Main Task: Find blank illustrations, collect the illustrations of the holy beasts.

Side Task: Find blank illustrations, collect the illustrations of the demon beasts.

Promotion Task: (1) Repair the broken rose illustration.]

These three messages gave Xie Xi many clues. It seemed that this roster was the key item needed for the tasks and could be used to collect the holy beasts and demon beasts illustrations. As for how to collect them, Xie Xi wasn’t sure but he definitely wouldn’t draw or write casually on the paper. It was estimated that there were special requirements that he needed to think about.

The roster was a prop for the promotion task and Xie Xi didn’t know how to repair the broken rose illustration.

In short, there were clues and he would slowly explore the follow-up.

Xie Xi tried it and found that the roster could be placed into the items bar, which made him feel at ease. As long as he placed it in the bar, he didn’t worry about it being stolen or destroyed.

Xie Xi studied it for a while before deciding to lay down and rest after confirming he didn’t miss anything.

It was unknown what the little rose experienced before but his physical strength was exhausted. Xie Xi couldn’t endure despite his qualifications.

He was woken up by a voice.

“It is the servant of the nine-tailed demon ancestor!”

“Our rose family belongs to the Holy Mountain and has nothing to do with the Demon Sea. What did they come here to do?”

“It’s over! I heard that foxes like to pick the flowers and trample the grass (womanize). Are they going to pick us?”

The idiom wasn’t used like this!

There was the sound of footsteps. Xie Xi had just sat up when he heard the voice of Red Three. “A betrothal gift?”

“Yes! The fox demon said that the nine-tailed fox ancestor is coming to give us a betrothal gift?”

Xie Xi’s scalp became numb.

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I think it’s either Founder of Diabolism or Quickly wear the face of the devil

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The only soul to return to old Jiang was the first prince/Randy. 5th prince makes sense to me too x)

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