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Open World 29

Sun Muqing thought he wasn’t intimidating enough and threatened, “I really will send the photos!”

Xie Xi had no expression on his face. “You are free to do so.” Then he turned and left.

Sun Muqing was angry and anxious. “You’re crazy! You don’t want a future!”

A future…

Xie Xi paled but his back was straight. He had nothing to fear! Even if he dropped out of school, he would study hard and continue to improve himself. University was important but not graduating from university didn’t mean his life was over.

In short… he would never give a person like Sun Muqing a chance!

Xie Xi walked home and it was only after entering that his straight back collapsed.

He leaned against the door and missed Jiang Xie. He wanted to see Jiang Xie, listen to him, kiss him and know how he was.

Xie Xi didn’t regret his decision. In fact, he had been prepared to face everything after deciding to stay with Jiang Xie. Dropping out of school was nothing. As long as he had income, he couldn’t be too greedy.

Xie Xi thought very clearly but he was still upset. He couldn’t even graduate from university. Was he worthy of Jiang Xie who was a professor?

They might be fine now but what about later? Would Jiang Xie despise him? If there was such a day…

Xie Xi became cold and the warmed up room felt unusually freezing.

Jiang Xie really rushed his work and it was one in the morning when he came home.

Xie Xi couldn’t sleep and was waiting on the sofa.

Jiang Xie was afraid that Xie Xi was already sleeping so he opened the door very lightly and his footsteps were extremely slow.

Xie Xi felt all his care and the chill in his heart instantly evaporated and drilled into his nose, bringing a burst of acidity.

Jiang Xie was taking off his coat when he saw Xie Xi on the sofa and became startled. “You aren’t asleep yet?”

Xie Xi got up and stared without blinking.

There was only a strip of light in the room and the warm yellow light didn’t allow them to see each other’s faces. Jiang Xie smiled, “Why? I didn’t come back so you couldn’t sleep?”

As he spoke, he walked over. Once he got near, he saw that the child was crying.

Jiang Xie’s heart was distressed as he immediately pulled Xie Xi into a hug. “What’s wrong? Where are you uncomfortable?”

They knew each other for a while and Jiang Xie knew that Xie Xi had a strong heart far beyond his peers. He never showed his fragile side apart from when they first met.

Xie Xi endured it but he finally couldn’t resist anymore. He smiled a bit and said, “I made a pot of porridge and I’ll go get you a bowl.” Jiang Xie definitely hadn’t eaten properly.

He was just turning to go when Jiang Xie pulled him back and asked, “What happened? Did you encounter something? Tell me.”

Xie Xi’s expression crumpled. He wanted to lower his head but he was afraid that tears would fall. “Teacher.”

Jiang Xie felt heartache. “What happened?”

Xie Xi spoke softly, “If I can’t graduate from university, you…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Jiang Xie frowned and interrupted, “Why can’t you graduate?” He had seen Xie Xi’s efforts. This child was so persistent that it made people feel distressed but also reluctant to interfere.

Xie Xi liked this profession so much. How could he not graduate?

Xie Xi didn’t intend to conceal the matter with Sun Muqing. He sighed and repeated the words he exchanged with Sun Muqing today.

“He has photos in his hands. If it is released, it will be very troublesome for you.”

Thus, Xie Xi wanted to drop out? He would give up his studies to be with Jiang Xie?

Jiang Xie was stunned and stared at Xie Xi for a long time.

Xie Xi barely managed to smile. “It’s fine if I drop out. After all, this is Teacher and I can continue to learn. Didn’t you always say that you want to teach me alone? Then later on… please.”

Jiang Xie’s spirit finally returned. His eyes were distressed and full of love that could no longer be concealed. He whispered, “You little fool.” How could there be so a lovely yet strong little guy?

Such a good person actually gave his heart to Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie was filled with words that he couldn’t express!

“I was going to tell you on your birthday.” Jiang Xie spoke in an incredibly gentle voice.

Xie Xi didn’t know what this had to do with his birthday and looked up. “What?”

Jiang Xie leaned over and kissed him on his forehead, eyes, nose and lips. “I have resigned.”

Xie Xi was stunned.

“I submitted my resignation application at the beginning of the semester but the procedure was a bit cumbersome. I had to continue teaching and it was dragged out until recently.”

Xie Xi’s face was instantly white and he tightly held onto Jiang Xie. “Why did you resign? How… how can you resign?”

Jiang Xie touched his nose. “Am I the type of person who will bully his student using his status as a teacher?”

Xie Xi heard the words but couldn’t understand what they meant.

“From the moment I confessed to you, I made plans to resign. I want to be your lover instead of your teacher.”

A teacher-student relationship was taboo and Jiang Xie wished to be with this child. How could he let Xie Xi bear this pressure?

Xie Xi was a freshman and it was several years before graduation? If Xie Xi hadn’t accepted his confession then he could wait. Now that Xie Xi had given all of his heart to Jiang Xie, how could he let the child down?

Four years contained too many variables. Jiang Xie couldn’t let anything happen to Xie Xi and decided to resign as soon as school started.

As long as he didn’t have the identity of a teacher, no one could stop them from falling in love.

Xie Xi spoke urgently, “Your career is rising and such a young professor is widely acclaimed. How can…”

Jiang Xie touched their foreheads together and smiled, “Nothing compares to you.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened.

“You are only 19 years old and you’re tied to a 30 year old uncle. How can I let you be wronged?”

Xie Xi’s nose was sour and the tears he always suppressed fell down.

“Don’t cry.” Jiang Xie was suddenly a mess. “I’m most afraid of your tears.

His beloved person was crying and he was so pained that he wanted to pick the stars and the moon.

Xie Xi choked out, “How can you be so foolish… how can you resign… you are really… really stupid!”

Jiang Xie wiped his tears and coaxed him, “Okay, scold me with angry words but don’t drop these golden beans.”

How was Xie Xi willing to scold him? The taste in Xie Xi’s heart was indescribable. It was sweet and sour and bitter.

Falling in love with Jiang Xie was the happiest thing in his life. This happiness seemed to be a beautiful dream.

Jiang Xie couldn’t bear to see him uncomfortable and teased, “You can rest assured that your improper husband will only make more money in the future. If you want the moon on the sky, I will blow it down for you.”

Xie Xi, “……”

Who wanted to mess with the moon?

Jiang Xie saw the corners of Xie Xi’s lips curving and persisted, “Forget the stars. I will bring down something bigger than Earth.”

Xie Xi was dumbfounded. “If the moon falls, can the Earth survive?”

“I don’t care. I will do whatever my wife wants.”

“I don’t want the moon!”

No, who was his wife?

Jiang Xie asked him, “What do you want?”

Xie Xi paused before whispering something. Jiang Xie’s eyes brightened and he almost picked up the person. “Say it again.”

Xie Xi’s face reddened. “You heard it already.”

“No!” Jiang Xie protested. “If you don’t make it clear, I’ll really bring down the moon for you!”

The moon: ???

Xie Xi felt funny and soft. He opened his mouth again and clearly stated, “I just want you.”

If this was an animation, Old Jiang would’ve already lit up fireworks in the sky! He picked up the other person and went straight to the bedroom.

Xie Xi’s heart jumped.

Jiang Xie placed him on the bed and took off the tie he was wearing. “I’m not your teacher anymore.”

Xie Xi lay on the soft bed and stared nervously.

“I’m your husband.” Jiang Xie leaned over and bit Xie Xi’s delicate neck.

He endured for so long and Comrade Jiang Xie finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He legally studied with Xie Xi all night.

The next day was Saturday and the couple slept until the afternoon.

Xie Xi woke up first. HIs eyes opened but he couldn’t even move a finger.

Jiang Xie spoke nonsense on the weekdays and now that this last window had been smashed through, he was even worse…

Xie Xi turned red as he thought about it and wanted to die.

Jiang Xie was still sleeping. He held Xie Xi tightly in his sleep, as if afraid this person would run away.

Yesterday morning, he left the house and spent all day outside. He rushed back in the evening and hadn’t even rice before eating his little rose.

It would’ve been okay of Xie Xi refused him. However, Xie Xi’s heart was warmed by him and catered to him.

Who could bear this? If it hadn’t been Xie Xi’s first time, Comrade Jiang would’ve gone crazy for one night and one day.

Xie Xi moved and the two different coloured eyes opened. He used to hate these eyes and now looking at them…

Xie Xi just wanted to kiss them. The dark red and dark blue were actually close to black from a distance. After looking closely, he found that they had their own shine and were beautiful.

Xie Xi had always been insensitive to people’s facial features but he was sure that Jiang Xie was the best person he had ever seen. Jiang Xie had the best facial features and everything was satisfactory.

“Does it hurt?” Jiang Xie asked him.

Xie Xi wasn’t in pain. He just… felt very tired.

“I’m fine.” He was shocked by his voice as soon as he spoke.

Jiang Xie’s lips curved. “You called out so loudly that your voice is hoarse.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

Jiang Xie rubbed his chin. “Still, it’s nice when thinking about it now.”

Xie Xi, “!!!”

How could the thin-skinned Xiao Xie be this old rascal’s opponent? He would probably be eaten to death in this life.

Sun Muqing didn’t have an opportunity to send the photos. Jiang Xie directly hacked his phone, computer and other devices and deleted the photos.

In fact, the photos didn’t show anything. They didn’t capture the faces and only had a vague back.

The back view was just Jiang Xie holding hands with Xie Xi. So what if this photo was sent out? It would make no impact.

Jiang Xie naturally wouldn’t be soft against such a person. He directly found evidence of Sun Muqing’s guilt and sent him to jail.

On the day of Jiang Xie’s departure, all the girls were crying.

Jiang Xie smiled at them. “Rest assured, I will come back often.”

The girls thought he was comforting them and didn’t believe it at all.

Later… they really did see Jiang Xie.

Teacher Jiang drove a stunning vehicle and waited for Xie Xi to finish classes.

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