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Collapsed God 6

Before this moment, Jiang Xie had been skeptical of Xie Xi’s words.

Did it really happen? How could he have no impression of it, not to mention he never had any sleepwalking experience before. Suddenly, he had such a bad habit.

All doubts came to an abrupt end the moment he saw his current situation.

The president of the United States, the commander of the armed forces, the supreme commander that all cosmic civilizations adored and respected…

He was lying underneath Jiang Xie with messy clothes, red cheeks and pale lips moist from a kiss.

There was a bang and Jiang Xie’s head exploded. Did he kiss Xie Xi? Did he kiss Xie Xi on the lips?

Jiang Xie quickly got up and almost jumped under the bed.

Xie Xi saw this person crawling and coughed. This was a bit exaggerated. After all, Jiang Xie’s skill was very good and the body lines of the youth were also charming. He was handsome but he couldn’t hide the tragedy of discarding his dignity.

Xie Xi tidied up his pyjamas and sat up to look at this person.

Jiang Xie raised his head and exclaimed, “I’m sorry.” Then he rushed into the bathroom.

Xie Xi tried to endure it and only laughed out loud after the door closed.

—Too bad, the big Jiang did evil and the little Jiang shouldered the blame.

However, Little Jiang’s reaction was also very interesting!

After a long time, the fire on Xie Xi’s side was extinguished while Jiang Xie rushed out of the cold shower.

This cocky wolf cub wilted and didn’t dare look at Xie Xi. Xie Xi still had some scruples about the young man and no longer scared him. “Go and eat breakfast.”

Jiang Xie cocked his head and couldn’t help moving away when Xie Xi neared. Xie Xi glanced at him. “What are you doing so far away?”

Jiang Xie, “…”

“Move closer. I’m not a beast.”

However, at this time, the president was more terrible for the ‘little monk’ than a wild beast.

There were many things happening during the day and Xie Xi didn’t have time to care for him. Jiang Xie was unsettled the whole morning. He finally calmed down only to see the president busy working using the light brain and he started boiling again.

Jiang Xie asked Secretary Li, “Can I wait outside?”

Secretary Li was very wary. “Young Master, you can’t leave the president or he will worry about you.”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Perhaps he received a message from Secretary Li because Xie Xi suspended his work. “What is it? Are you bored?”

Jiang Xie didn’t look at him. “No.”

Xie Xi got up and walked over to him. “Would you like to help me do something?”

Jiang Xie was slightly startled and looked up at the tight collar. There was a small red dot near the chin…

Jiang Xie stiffly moved his gaze away. Xie Xi told him, “You are bored staying here so come help me with some documents.”

Jiang Xie’s voice was muffled, “Aren’t you worried about me seeing things?”

Xie Xi smiled. “You aren’t a child of no importance.”

Jiang Xie’s eyebrows twisted. “I’m not a child.”

Xie Xi deliberately set him up, “How many rounds have you been through?”

Jiang Xie shut up again. Xie Xi didn’t ask again and extended his hand. “Come on, time is urgent. I can do more with your help.”

He spoke lightly but Jiang Xie thought of the current situation and scolded himself. A disaster was coming. How could he still think about these small love matters?

As a rational person, he should always distinguish between priorities. Jiang Xie didn’t hold this person’s hand and got up. “What do I need to do?”

Xie Xi gave a few orders to Secretary Li. Secretary Li looked at Jiang Xie with hesitation. Xie Xi told him, “Don’t worry.”

Secretary Li sighed before responding. Xie Xi noticed the subtle facial expressions.

It was reasonable to be suspicious. Xie Xi’s reasons were sufficient but his closeness to Jiang Xie in the past few days was obvious. Secretary Li was his number one fan and didn’t mention anything. He didn’t even show surprise and knew to be tactful…

Well, he always felt there was something wrong but Xie Xi didn’t want to know.

Once people were busy, they didn’t have time to think. Jiang Xie was saved by the tedious work.

He finally didn’t have to desperately restrain his gaze or worry about wet lips. Finally, he didn’t need to be burnt by an evil fire.

The two of them were busy at night and once they stopped, Xie Xi felt a huge sense of tiredness.

The head of the country wasn’t a relaxed job, especially as a leader facing a huge crisis. The burden on him was enormous.

Xie Xi was understanding the information but also making plans.

This world was desperately trying to save himself while Xie Xi was the ‘doctor.’ He had to understand the patient’s condition, find the crux and then solve the pain.

Xie Xi didn’t dare look in an obvious manner and couldn’t fully trust his own confidants. He could only investigate clues about the ‘god’ in a concealed manner.

To have a collapsed god, there must first be a god. What exactly was the god?

There were many beliefs in the United States. The legendary creator, the creator god of the universe…

There were many people who believed in the first president of the United States, an emotional person who believed in the theory of freedom.

Yes, the first president of the United States was an emotional person and the first emotional president in history.

Since then, none of the presidents and even members of the cabinet weren’t emotional.

This wasn’t society’s discrimination against emotional and rational. It was more that emotional people had a dislike of politics. Going to the civil service was no different from putting them in prison.

Emotional people advocated freedom, had a wide range of hobbies and pursued all types of beauty throughout their lives. They were poets, writers, romantic artists, etc., but not politicians.

Rational people didn’t understand them but respected them. Without emotional people, society might become a machine. Thus, even if emotional people didn’t have any real power, they weren’t discriminated against. They were the freest souls of the United States.

Under these circumstances, the emotional president was very eye-catching. Xie Xi was curious about this person and looked through the information but didn’t find any clues.

There was his birth date and many life stories but because there were too many things, Xie Xi couldn’t tell which was real.

There were even a variety of opinions on this person’s name. The only thing Xie Xi could determine was his freedom theory and gender.

An emotional president who told the United States in a charming voice:

We are free, independent and don’t accept any restrictions. We aren’t slaves, we aren’t tools, we aren’t puppets without ideas.

We exist, we are real, we are free from the shackles of destiny. We are reborn citizens of the United States!

Xie Xi read the manifesto carefully, especially the last sentence.

Existence, real, shackles of destiny, reborn… These were worth pondering but it was difficult to locate anything.

“Mr. President…” Secretary Li quietly woke him up.

Xie Xi had fallen asleep in the aircraft. He opened his eyes and spoke to Jiang Xie, “Why didn’t you call me?”

Secretary Li had called Xie Xi on a special channel, which was a tiny communicator placed in his earring.

Jiang Xie couldn’t say he had been staring at this person for one hour without seeing enough. He gazed out the window and replied, “I also slept for a while.”

Xie Xi chuckled. “You should sleep well.”

The words caused the stuffy Little Jiang to have red ears.

Xie Xi had a better spirit after sleeping and asked, “What do you want to eat at night?”

“You are tired. You  don’t need to…”

Xie Xi interrupted him. “My cooking is a secret. Don’t tell anyone else.”

He suddenly came close, leaning towards Jiang Xie while speaking. Jiang Xie, “……..”

Xie Xie questioned, “Do you hear me?”

Jiang Xie moved away and hummed like a mosquito. “Hmm.” Why didn’t he ask why Xie Xi only cooked for him?

He didn’t ask and Xie Xi took the initiative to say it, “I only cook for you.”

Little Jiang felt like he ascended to heaven and he couldn’t help saying, “Why?”

“I’m happy.”

Jiang Xie’s throat was tight and he couldn’t say anything else. Was Xie Xi really rational? Even if he was emotional, Jiang Xie was afraid there wasn’t such a… confusing person.

Xie Xi was in a good mood and made a few dishes that Jiang Xie loved to eat while accompanying him for a drink. Once it was time to sleep, Jiang Xie started worrying again.

Xie Xi told him, “Isn’t it just sleepwalking? It won’t happen every day.”

Jiang Xie nodded and the strong guy went to bed with a stiff wrist.

Compared to his tenseness, Xie Xi was very comfortable. If he didn’t know, he would think the one being indecently assaulted was Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi was tired and soon fell asleep. Before going to bed, he still thought about what to communicate with Jiang Xie in the morning…

Unexpectedly, he wasn’t disturbed and woke up naturally. Xie Xi was still a bit uncomfortable when he opened his eyes. Then he turned and saw Jiang Xie lying flat on the bed.

Jiang Xie saw he was awake and immediately leaned away.

Xie Xi spoke lazily, “Good morning.”

What was this situation? Where was Big Jiang? Jiang Xie’s voice was slightly hoarse. “Good morning.”

“I told you that you wouldn’t sleepwalk every day.”


Xie Xi thought about all the things he had to do today and cried out, “Let’s go to work!”

Three or four days passed and Xie Xi wasn’t woken up. He was a bit puzzled so on the fifth day, Xie Xi set an alarm clock and deliberately woke up at four in the morning. Sure enough…

Xie Xi looked at the boy. “You haven’t slept?’

Jiang Xie wasn’t asleep. He didn’t dare close his eyes for four nights. Xie Xi understood what was going on. This person was so afraid of sleepwalking that he didn’t even sleep?

What sin! Xie Xi felt distressed. “Sleep!”

Jiang Xie had found chances to sleep in the daytime but he was also at his limit. “If I fall asleep, I will…”

“So what? Who doesn’t have a quirk?”

Jiang Xie’s Adam’s Apple moved. “But it is too much.”

Xie Xi told him, “I don’t mind>’

Jiang Xie’s expression slightly dimmed. Indeed, a rational person wouldn’t care about this type of thing.

Xie Xi continued, “I don’t mind if you do something but you are underage, so I’ll stop you.”

Jiang Xie’s heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest.

Xie Xi was afraid the development was too fast and would scare the other person, so he changed the topic. “The sleepwalking can be overcome. I will cooperate with you to observe it.”

Jiang Xie whispered, “Okay.” His voice was so light that it was shaking.

Normal men would have a little reaction in the morning, especially when it was their sweetheart. Xie Xi was a normal person…

“Sleep!” Xie Xi rolled the quilt around himself like a cocoon.

Perhaps it was because Jiang Xie was too tired but once he fell asleep, Big Jiang didn’t come out. Xie Xi also followed him into sleep.

After nearly a week, Big Jiang came out and Xie Xi forbid him from doing any nonsense. The two people hurriedly exchanged some words and pulled away before Little Jiang woke up.

He wasn’t sleepwalking anymore. Jiang Xie’s worries were removed but he couldn’t help feeling a bit lost. Sleepwalking wasn’t right. It was more like he lost something important…

Jiang Xie was repulsed by his own emotions. A rational person wouldn’t be bothered by these things.

Why wasn’t he a rational? If he was rational then he wouldn’t be obsessed with a man who couldn’t be possessed. Once March arrived at the capital, the Third Institute of the United States brought exhilarating news.

“We found the pole!”

Xie Xi hurriedly convened a cabinet meeting to analyze the good news. This was one of the United State’s plans to evade the collapse of the universe.

The universe collapsed from outside to inside, with a very obvious trajectory. If they could calculate this trajectory, there should be a final collapsed pole. This pole was likely to be the birthplace of the new universe.

As long as the United States could immigrate to the pole, there was a great chance of starting a new life in this new universe.

They originally thought the pole would be difficult to find but it was found under the efforts of the researchers! The Third Institute’s president couldn’t hide his excitement. “We still need some data. We have to go to the field to collect it!”

The Minister of Space said, “From this location, the fastest airship will take two years to go back and forth. It is difficult to guarantee the data in this timeline.”

The Third Institute’s president exclaimed, “People with an SSS-grade physique can get them in one jump and we can get the data in one month!”

The size of a starship was too large and there was a limit to its speed. A small starship for a single person could reach unimaginable speeds but the physical requirements for that person were too high.

The Space Minister hit the table. “Absurd! At present, only the president has an SSS-grade physique. Do you want the president to collect the data?!”

The vice president frowned. “At a time like this, the president can’t leave the Capital Star.”

The Third Institute’s president frowned. “It still isn’t possible to contact Mr. Jiang?”

Xie Xi captured this detail. Mr. Jiang?

“The former president has cut all ties with the cabinet since he left office. We suspect that he has been reincarnated.” The Intelligence Minister replied.

Mr. Jiang was the former president? Xie Xi really hadn’t discovered this information.

At this time, Jiang Xie’s clear voice was heard. “I also have an SSS-grade physique.”

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