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Collapsed God 14

It was four in the morning. Why wasn’t Big Jiang sleeping and was instead wandering around blindly?

Xie Xi gasped out of fear. Jiang Xie watched him, facial features hidden by the shadows and his low voice as cold as the frost of early winter. “That is X’s room.”

Xie Xi lived on the third floor. This was the second floor and each bedroom had a suite. Thus, he couldn’t be going to a toilet outside. The worst thing was that Little Jiang’s room was in the east half while his room was in the west. If he had gotten then not only must he be ignorant (can’t distinguish floors), he must also lose his sense of direction.

Xie Xi was like this but he was still the president. He wouldn’t go under the overpass to beg!

Jiang Xie gazed at him silently. Xie Xi bore the pressure that was like a mountain and opened his mouth. “I am sleepwalking.”

Jiang Xie’s eyebrows drew together.

Xie Xi was silent before opening his mouth with panic. “I mean, the boy sleepwalks and I came to see him.”

Jiang Xie grabbed the main point. “What are you nervous about?”

Xie Xi calmed down and deliberately approached this person. “The night is quiet and there is an individual behind me. How can I not be nervous?”

Sure enough, the pressure eased after he approached. Xie Xi took the initiative to ask, “What are you doing here so early?”

Jiang Xie, “…”

“Do you know that X sleepwalks or do you also sleepwalk?” Xiao Xie had been through countless battles and was fearless!

Jiang Xie’s eyelids lowered. “I was passing by.”

Xie Xi wondered, ‘Surely you weren’t waiting here?”

Big Jiang raised an eyebrow and his calm demeanour somewhat collapsed. “What would I be waiting here to do?”

Xie Xi smiled. “You can rest assured, I’m not so hungry. He is only 15 years old.”

This wave of anti-killing was perfect!

It was unknown what Old Jiang’s mood would be like in the face of such a high-ranking king couple. He was really wearing a green hat and knew nothing about it… right?

Jiang Xie coughed lightly. “I got up early and wanted to go downstairs. I passed by here and saw you.”

The reason was far-fetched but also possible.

Xie Xi’s principle was to mutually let go and not pursue the other person, so he mentioned the sleepwalking. “I have been sleeping with X and know that he starts sleepwalking around 3 or 4 o’clock. Thus, I decided to take a look.”

Jiang Xie was sour. “You really care about him.”

Xie Xi was very rational. “He collected such important data for the United States and is a rare SSS-grade physique. I should naturally care about him.”

Jiang Xie was silent for a moment before suddenly muttering, “If I wasn’t an SSS-grade physique…” He hadn’t finished when he smiled bitterly and shook his head. “You go to sleep and I will go in and see X.”

Xie Xi spoke seriously, “I feel he is a bit hostile to you. You shouldn’t go in.”

Jiang Xie had no intention of leaving.

Xie Xi suggested, “I’ll just push open the door and see if he is sleeping.”

There was a goalkeeper and even if Xie Xi saw the main soul, he couldn’t communicate information with Jiang Xie. He had to simply let it go.

At this moment, Xie Xi understood the meaning of Jiang Xie’s last sentence.

As long as he was a thorough emotional, Big and Small Jiang wouldn’t ask too much from him.

The society was like this and inherent thoughts had long been rooted in the sea of the human brain. It was normal for a rational person to not understand love. A person who didn’t even know love lacked understanding of loyalty and fidelity.

Xie Xi just had to maintain the appearance of a rational and Big Jiang wouldn’t think he loved Little Jiang and Little JIang wouldn’t think he loved Big Jiang.

To sum it up, the slag didn’t love the two of them but both loved him.

Xie Xi sighed. He felt that once he returned to Central, he could write a book and the title would be called: Slag Man’s 36 Schemes.

Looking at the world, there probably many people more experienced than him.

The small episode at four in the morning was completely unknown to Little JIang. He slept very well and when he woke up, he saw that there was no one around him.

The habit of sleeping alone for more than 10 years was changed in just a short amount of time. People were really elusive

Little Jiang walked to the dining room and found Xie Xi and the old man talking and laughing. Little Jiang’s expression instantly cooled and his lips thinned.

Xie Xi saw him and greeted him, “You woke up early.”

Little Jiang muffled the words, ‘Not as early as you.’

Xie Xi told him, “You just came back and should take a break for two days. I will go to the institute today to organize the follow up data.”

Little Jiang glanced at Big Jiang.

Xie Xi could read minds and hurriedly added, “Mr. Jiang and I together.”

Little Jiang pulled out a chair and sat next to Xie Xi. “I don’t need to rest. I brought the data back and can give better feedback.”

Big Jiang slowly stirred his black tea. “Why? Are there any errors in the data you brought back?”

Little Jiang’s eyes were like ice. “There are no mistakes!”

Big JIang’s lips curved. “Then what are you so worried about?”

Little Jiang who was really young. “You…”

Xie Xi felt as though his head would explode. The two people hadn’t eaten yet and they were already going to fight?

He interrupted. “Mr. Jiang means that we have confidence in the data you brought back and you should rest in the presidential palace for two days.”

Little Jiang sneered. “I said I’m not tired.”

Xie Xi wanted to persuade him when Little Jiang turned his head, “I haven’t reached the age where I would be tired from such a task.”

Big Jiang’s hand stirring the tea stopped as he was poked in his painful point.

Xie Xi, “…”

The two of them were too much. One said that oneself was useless and the other said oneself was old. Why were they hating themselves? The ‘emperor’ Xie Xi could only drink from his cup in a weak manner.

Later, Xie Xi went to the research institute with the big one. The big one looked exactly the same as the little one, apart from his age and temperament…

It was fortunate that the administrators were rational or if there was an emotional person present, they would write several books on this inner drama!

Who is Mr. President’s old and new love? Who is Mr. President’s substitute lover? The big fight between the former and the present…

Fortunately, they were all rational and the only two emotional people involved were in the ‘big fight.’

Xie Xi followed for an afternoon and after the results came out, the institute president showed no more excitement or joy. Instead, he was solemn and felt some panic.

Xie Xi knew that things wouldn’t be simple.

How could hiding in the pole prevent the universe from collapsing? Could it save the world? Then he wouldn’t have received this task and the world would’ve long ‘saved itself.’ The collapsed god was certainly the key.

Xie Xi ordered, “Tell me directly. There are no outsiders here.” There was no need to avoid Big and Little Jiang. Rather, he should let them understand.

The institute president sighed and tried to report the situation in a scientific tone.

It was a pity that he couldn’t bear the despair until the end and he broke out in tears. “Is there really a Creator?”

Based on the data Little Jiang brought back, they calculated it and discovered two things.

One was that the pole did exist and there was a great possibility that it would survive the collapse of the universe and be reborn into a new world.

However, the pole was very small, small enough to be the size of a person’s palm. Forget the entire United States, not even one person could enter it.

Some people said they might be able to retain some genes but this was also impossible. Cells needed an environment to survive and as countless years passed in such a large place, there was no hope at all.

This was too helpless and it was hard to find any hope. Hope was such a faint light but it made people even more desperate.

It was no wonder why the institute president would collapse and everyone who heard this news was in a trance.

Xie Xi stared at the second message. “Ask the Creator for help?”

The institute president replied weakly, “Yes, that is what this character means when converted…”

Other researchers added, “This might be a conversion error. How can something like the Creator exist?”

Xie Xi was a bit stunned and ordered, “Send the original characters to me.”

“It is still converting. The original characters are words we can’t understand…

Xie Xi steadied his heart. “Then tell me as soon as the conversion is completed!”

His seriousness made the institute president puzzled. “Mr. President, do you believe in the existence of the Creator?”

Xie Xi replied, “I don’t know if he is the Creator but he is the last hope of the United States.”

If the pole couldn’t be relied on then this ‘Creator’ was crucial.

Big Jiang also added, “After all, the data brought back from the pole is worthy of attention.”

This was very reasonable. The pole was still an unknown existence for the United States and the information brought back from there needed to be paid attention to, even if it was ridiculous.

Xie Xi appeased the institute president and temporarily blocked the news. It was even kept a secret from the cabinet members.

Once the conversion was completed, a meeting would be held to discuss the countermeasures. The institute president explained, “The fastest the conversion will take is three days.”

Xie Xi wanted to see it himself but the Academy of Science was needed to convert the characters to something he could read. Thus, he could only endure.

The situation was too dangerous so Xie Xi made a preparatory plan and even drafted the ‘declaration of destruction.’ There was no other way. He sat in this position and had to bear all of it.

The night before the result, Xie Xi carefully prepared a lot and circumvented Big Jiang to enter Little Jiang’s room.

He had to talk to Jiang Xie about this Creator. There was no accident this time. Xie Xi waited a bit and Jiang Xie opened his eyes. He saw the two different coloured pupils and relaxed.

Jiang Xie smiled. “Did you miss me?”

“I think,” Xie Xi spoke blankly, “I want to kill you!”

Jiang Xie spoke softly, “I see you are handling it skillfully…”

Xie Xi stared at him and didn’t waste time, getting down to business.

Jiang Xie explained, “There is still a soul in this world but he isn’t the Creator. Still, the Creator is very important and you should try to find him.”

Xie Xi thought so as well and asked, “Why did you tell me to maintain my rational gender?”

Jiang Xie sighed. “Of course, it is to let you legally hold the left and the right.”

Xie Xi, “…” He already guessed it but he still felt strange hearing Jiang Xie say it.

Jiang Xie wasn’t thinking much. His child was pure and cute, while also deeply loving him. How could his head be green? The more he thought about it, the more unwilling he was. Jiang Xie leaned forward and kissed him hard.”

Xie Xi sighed. “Don’t…” Don’t leave any traces.

Before he could finish, the unreliable Jiang Xie closed his eyes. Xie Xi was startled as he gazed into Little Jiang’s indigo eyes.

They had switched!

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42 years old. But in the sixth rounds. If one round consist about 80 years, that’s mean Old Jiang had already lived about 442 years. He’s already ancient.

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