GL: Chapter 60

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Lost Atlantis 31

Thankfully, Xie Xi used the first face before going out. If he used Colin’s face then it would be too busy. He hadn’t taken care of the two cockfighting people in the palace yet. If he provoked another person then he would probably never fill up the progress in this lifetime!

Despite the use of the first face, the current situation was somewhat troublesome.

The fourth prince’s words were very intriguing. The underwater people were also human. He asked this question because he was questioning Xie Xi’s identity. After all, it was impossible for an ordinary person to raise their hands and get rid of the pile of rubbish without a trace.

How should Xie Xi explain the scene just now?

He glanced at the fourth prince and said, “I am Jesse Hall.”

The fourth prince lowered his gaze and saw Xie Xi’s clothes. “Are you a guard of the palace?”

Xie Xi was wearing the guard’s light blue uniform. The appearance had changed due to the rubbish but it could be distinguished with a closer look.

He told the fourth prince, “This subordinate has seen the fourth prince.”

For a moment, the surrounding seawater shrank back a bit. Xie Xi felt a cold and bitter killing intent as the fourth prince raised his hand and grabbed Xie Xi’s neck.

His hand was cold and a fragrance came from it. The smell had some bitterness to it, like it was a type of herb.

Xie Xi was choked but he was fearless. He looked up at the fourth prince with calm eyes.

The fourth prince tightened his grip and asked in a low voice, “Who the hell are you!”

Xie Xi had difficulty breathing. Redness rose to his face and uncontrollable moisture appeared in his eyes.

His face was handsome and romantic. At this moment, the fearless expression made it seductive to the extreme.

The fourth prince’s eyes narrowed and he loosened his hand. “Don’t lie or I will kill you.” This last sentence was whispered into Xie Xi’s ears. He had no doubt that he would be killed as soon as he did anything suspicious.

The fourth prince who lived in a simple manner, not only was he not sick, he also showed a fierce hostility.

Xie Xi replied, “I am a guard of the palace called Jesse Hall. If there is even a bit of falsehood in my words then please take my life.”

The fourth prince pressed him. “What were you doing just now? Where did the rubbish go?”

Xie Xi spoke very bluntly. “I can’t say it clearly but I suddenly gained an ability. Thus, I wanted to try it out.”

The fourth prince stared at him. “What ability?”

“I can eliminate garbage.”

What bullshit ability was this? If this was peacetime then he would probably be treated as crazy? Eliminate garbage? How could anyone have that ability?

However, the fourth prince saw it with his own eyes. This person walked out of the shield, stood in a sea of dirt and reached out. Then the disgusting rubbish disappeared.

He actually saw it so he had to believe these words.

Xie Xi was very calm. He was confident in the identity of the first face and his words weren’t nonsense. He did somehow get an ability to let rubbish ‘disappear’. It might be obtained in his items bar but in the eyes of others, it had disappeared.

The highest level of lying was to have 70% of it be true while 30% was false. Xie Xi didn’t understand it before but now that he was stepping on many boats, he couldn’t not understand.

The fourth prince watched him for a while, the dark eyes like a searchlight examining the inside of Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was honest while showing some timidity and uneasiness. His emotions were correctly in place.

Stepping on many ships had some benefits. He would’ve died in Love to the Left or Right if he hadn’t learnt acting. Xie Xi learnt the benefits of a ‘good play.’

The fourth prince finally released him. The prince was still expressionless and his voice was cold. “You can eliminate garbage?”

Xie Xi was relieved and answered, “Yes, as long as I touch it with my hands. There are some limits. It won’t work if the number of garbage is too small.”

“Come with me.”

Xie Xi hastened to keep up.

The fourth prince really wasn’t sick. No, he was in better than good health! At this speed, he would undoubtedly win the 100 metres sprint if he participated!

Xie Xi had used a potion and was wearing the guard uniform but his tail was exposed to the outside. It was corroded by the sea and damaged. He originally had an ordinary physical condition. He wouldn’t be able to keep up, even if he wasn’t injured.

The fourth prince paused and came back. “Give me your hand.”

Xie Xi was confused but he couldn’t provoke this mysterious prince. He had to hold out his hand.

The fourth prince held him and the next moment, ‘flew’ away with him.

The reason he called it flying was because this speed was too fast. The word ‘swimming’ seemed too weak and powerless!

Xie Xi didn’t have to do anything but he felt pain from the water rushing towards his face. The good thing was that his ability to adapt was very powerful. If this was ordinary plastic surgery, his face would probably be deformed right now!

The fourth prince looked warm and soft but he was this reckless. The third prince wasn’t as good as this!

They finally arrived at the destination and Xie Xi took a deep breath once they stopped.

The wound on his tail had widened and the pain was killing him.

The fourth prince glanced at his tail and didn’t say anything.

Xie Xi didn’t mind. It was because he saw a huge garbage heap in front of him. The reason he used heap rather than mountain was that the rubbish was spread out all over the sea instead of in one pile…

For example, it was like a place on land were countless rotting objects and corrosive things were floating in the air. The air was even dyed a dirty grey. This shocking sight was something that the underwater people had to look at and live with.

The fourth prince said, “Let me see you get rid of it.”

Xie Xi had long guessed the prince’s intentions and was happy.

He calmed down, closed his eyes and swam in. He was about to enter when the fourth prince shouted at him, “Wait.”

Xie Xi turned to look at him. “Hmm?”

The fourth prince started to unbutton his clothes.

Xie Xi blinked and couldn’t keep up with this person’s brain circuits… what was he doing, taking off his clothes?

The fourth prince took off the coat of his uniform, revealing his s*xy body. Not only did it not look sickly at all, but it was also very strong from exercise. Xie Xi felt envious when he saw this sight!

The half-naked fourth prince wasn’t uncomfortable as he came over and wrapped his uniform around Xie Xi.

Xie Xi, “?”

The fourth prince was all and his clothes were long. Xie Xi’s uniform had a short cut due to the curve of his tail. The prince’s uniform covered a large part of him.

Xie Xi finally understood and he said, “It’s fine…”

However, the fourth prince swam and stuffed all of the fishtail inside the uniform.

Xie Xi said, “Your Highness, I have an injury on my tail and will just dirty your clothes.”

The fourth prince swam back up with no emotional ups or downs in his cold eyes. “Go ahead. If you lie to me, this will be your funeral clothes.”

Then he covered Xie Xi’s head with the coat.

Xie Xi, “…” You are so powerful, I can’t afford to upset you!

Xie Xi blankly swam in. Due to his previous experience, he held his breath to protect his internal organs. Even so, his hand wasn’t shielded and the skin of the back festered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xie Xi wasn’t masochistic. He was afraid of pain, even if he wouldn’t die. Thus, he hastened to confirm the rubbish collection.

The progress bar of the side task rose to 5%.

This pile of garbage was 40,000 tons. Good!

He collected it so thoroughly that not only was the rubbish gone, the dirty water was also purified. It was a pity that the injuries on his body couldn’t be restored.

The fourth prince frowned and floated there.

Xie Xi looked back at him. “Your Highness, I haven’t lied to you.”

This ability was really against the sky. It couldn’t be explained with logic.

The fourth prince didn’t seem to think it was evil and took Xie Xi’s hand again. “Follow me.”

Xie Xi didn’t have an opportunity to speak at all. This humanoid flying car was very fast and rushed out in the blink of an eye.

Roast Pork Bun hung onto Xie Xi’s collar and was smashed by the sea water. He called out, “Stimulation, stimulating, this is very exciting~”

Xie Xi, “…” If he wasn’t afraid of revealing himself, he would really pull out this bun and spank him.

The fourth prince took him to another garbage dump. Xie Xi was extremely happy that the fourth prince was helping him fill up his side task.

They moved back and forth for a night and Xie Xi collected a total of 330,000 tons of garbage, making the task progress rise to 33%.

The fourth prince finally stopped. He looked at the clothes on Xie Xi and said, “Go back.”

Xie Xi hadn’t collected enough but he had no say and could only follow.

The fourth prince entered the palace and directly took Xie Xi back to his palace.

There was no one in the palace, not even a servant. The fourth prince approached and ripped off the rotten clothes.

It had been so tightly wrapped that Xie Xi wasn’t hurt. It was just his left hand exposed to the outside that was very miserable. After collecting so much rubbish, the back of his hand was bloody.

The fourth prince frowned slightly and ordered, “Wait here.’

Xie Xi floated in the palace and waited.

The fourth prince soon came back and the cold aroma around his body was heavier. Xie Xi saw that he was holding a small box in his hand. Once the prince opened it, the smell of medicine emerged. This was the smell that was always around the fourth prince.

Xie Xi was stunned.

The fourth prince leaned over and carefully applied medicine to Xie Xi’s hand.

The effect of this medicine was surprisingly good. Once it was applied, Xie Xi’s hand wasn’t in pain anymore and the wound was slowly healing.

What a good medicine!

The fourth prince covered his hand before kneeling down and applying the medicine to his tail.

Xie Xi looked down at the focused prince and felt a bit embarrassed.

The fourth prince was really mysterious and hard to understand.

The medicine was applied and Xie Xi was also covered by this faint aroma. He didn’t know why but Xie Xi had a thought. Did the prince smell like this because he often used the medicine?

Why? Was it due to the garbage in the shallow waters?

Xie Xi asked him, “Why was Your Highness there?”

The fourth prince didn’t answer the question. “This medicine has a side effect and you will be full of weakness. Go inside to lie down. You can go back once it is better.”

Xie Xi wanted to speak but he felt that his body was exhausted of strength. He couldn’t even maintain his upright posture.

The fourth prince wasn’t surprised and directly carried him into a room, settling him on a bed.

Xie Xi hadn’t expected the side effect to be so strong. Not only was he full of weakness, he couldn’t even lift a finger!

The fourth prince spoke again, “Don’t worry, once the effect of the medicine is over, your injuries will be gone and you will return to the same state as before.”

Xie Xi was startled and opened his mouth, only to find that even talking was laborious.

The fourth prince whispered, “Don’t use this ability in the future and don’t approach the garbage dumps.”

Xie Xi thought he had misheard and struggled to open his mouth. “Why?” The rubbish hurt so many merpeople. Wasn’t he protecting them by cleaning it up?

The fourth prince’s pupils shrank and his voice contained no temperature. “Because it is useless.”

Xie Xi was shocked.

The fourth prince stared at him and explained slowly, “The garbage can be cleaned up but as long as the land people are there, new rubbish will soon be born. Your ability is really interesting but it is unfortunately uselessly. It will just make the land people blindly dump more garbage.”

Xie Xi heard a bitter hatred in the last words.

The fourth prince’s voice became much gentler. “Rest, I will help you take leave from the guard’s office.”

Xie Xi looked up at him and found that the grey eyes were as deep as a tomb.

The fourth prince left and it took a while for Xie Xi’s spirit to return.

He unwittingly glanced at the lower right corner.

There was a new colour on the progress bar for the main task.



What was going on?

The only remaining person was the eldest prince. How did it suddenly appear and had also risen to 8%?

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5 years ago

Stalker alert. First prince must have been watching everything from a corner. Be careful Xie Xi!

5 years ago

I am confused. How do you smell underwater? And…is blackie the first, or is blackie the fourth and it’s the other way around??

Thank you for the chapters…

Shichi K
Shichi K
5 years ago
Reply to  nimblebubbles

It’s actually possible to smell underwater, but not possible for humans and most mammals unfortunately, because the smell is in the water and we don’t have the right organs to breathe water and all. But fish can. Since they’re merfolk here, I suppose it applies to them too.

1 year ago
Reply to  nimblebubbles

White – fourth prince
Black – First prince

5 years ago

If 4th always smell like that then he is probably doing what Xie Xi is doing? If so then I vote him to be white hahaha.
Their Color corresponds to their personalities so this virgin Mary act I consider to be white LOL

Virgin Mary or masochistic.

5 years ago

…..4th prince looking more and more likely to be the one behind 6th prince assassination

Sakura Natsume
Sakura Natsume
5 years ago

The fourth prince and the first prince seem to be rather difficult to capture…
Good luck, Xie Xi!

5 years ago

Perhaps the 1st and the 4th prince will have more reasonable dreams? *crosses fingers*

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Better hope Fourth won’t recognize you by smell when you’re wearing another face. Btw, he was swimming that fast even with the medicine applied? Wow.