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Collapsing 11 Boundaries 7

Jiang Xie’s memories after this were very confusing.

The things that followed was far from being simple.

The Jiang family made lots of special investments for this project, such as opening several custom branches in Y Country and ordering custom equipment worth over 100 million…

These things had their own specialties and without the project, the capital invested was compromised.

Forget the internal blow to the Jiang siblings. The board of directors severely scolded Jiang Xie who was dressed as Jiang Hong.

All of this was a profound lesson that Xie Xi engraved deep into Jiang Xie’s bone marrow.

Jiang Xie didn’t contact Xie Xi again. There was no need to contact this person. He remembered it every day, recalling his own stupidity.

Xie Xi approached him, confused him, guided him to the Lance project and advised him as an experienced elder.

These suggestions were good but in order to get these suggestions, Jiang Xie would certainly give a lot of information on the company.

The Jiang family had prepared for such a long time and the information he got from exploring multi-level relationships were easily taken away by Xie Xi, gaining the resources in all aspects.

In fact, it was risky for Xie Xi to bid at such a price but as long as the project was won, opportunities would flock.

It was like a delicious cake. As long as it was covered, countless people would want a piece of it. The gatekeeper who controlled the cake could profit from it. This type of risk was worth it. Xie Xi’s move was really ruthless.

Compared to Jiang Xie who was full of hate, the sickly Jiang Hong comforted his brother. “The business world is treacherous. Xie Xi’s actions might be shameful but he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Jiang Xie had actively disclosed the information and Xie Xi didn’t steal trade secrets. There was no malicious competition. He was just well prepared and his procedures were more complete. In the eyes of outsiders, Xie Xi outsmarted the opponent and the Jiang family lost due to negligence.

Jiang Hong knew that her brother lost not only the project but also his heart. He had wholeheartedly sketched a bright future and fantasized about an eternal heart.

Jiang Xie’s pain and grief could be seen from his chaotic memories.

People would reprocess unforgettable pain. This was the brain’s self-protection ability. Any pain beyond the tolerance would be blurred to allow the person to better live.

Jiang Xie was blinded by hated and was full of the desire for revenge.

Xie Xi took away what he wanted most and he would take what Xie Xi most wanted.

Although the two were opposite things.

There was one memory that was unusually clear. It was their first encounter after two years.

At this time, Jiang Hong had completely unloaded all her burdens and went abroad to recuperate. The Jiang family had basically cleared up the mess and focused on business overseas.

Jiang Xie, who rarely appeared in the country, returned to China because of a meeting. He encountered Xie Xi before the meeting begun.

The 20 year old Jiang Xie met the 31 year old Xie Xi. Two years had fallen on them, showing completely different effects.

The 18 year old youth had long since disappeared. The Jiang Xie who weathered the storm and stood firm was no longer the big boy who wore all his feelings in his eyes.

However, he still felt the vibration in his chest when he saw Xie Xi. There was an unbearable hatred, a rust-like bloody suffocation and a strong urge to tear off his disguise.

Compared to Jiang Xie’s changes, Xie Xi was still the same. He had exquisite clothes, proper manners and even the smile on his face was at the most appropriate arc.

Chengyu had prospered with the help of the Lance project. Xie Xi was at the helm and became a starry existence.

Jiang Xie stared at this person blankly.

Xie Xi saw him and still maintained the smile. He also greeted Jiang Xie. “Chief Jiang, long time no see.”

He held out slender and white fingers that were like cold jade. Jiang held them with strength. Xie Xi was in pain but there were no changes on his face. He kept smiling.

Jiang Xie also smiled but his eyes were cold. “Chief Xie, long time no see.”

Long time no see, long time no see, long time no see… He never forgot this person every day!

Whether it was hatred or resentment, this person was the only thing he thought about when he dreamt at night.

Everyone knew that Xie Xi had cut off the Jiang family’s road in the middle. This was truly not kind but the business world was such a battlefield. Intrigues were commonplace and innocence and simplicity couldn’t be tolerated here.

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else. He finished the greeting and left, never looking at Xie Xi again.

He didn’t look and the Xie Xi outside the memory couldn’t see.

This was the limitation of a single-person memory. It was inevitable that things would be one-sided.

Xie Xi wanted to find some details to whitewash himself but it was impossible. Still… the chaotic memories themselves seemed to be a breakthrough? Xie Xi continued watching, trying to find the key points in this long timeline.

Another two years passed and Jiang Xie finally cast the net, aiming at only one person, Xie Xi.

The Lance project had wrapped up and Chengyu needed the next target.

The bigger the business, the greater the burden. It was easy to go downhill but hard to go uphill.

After tasting the big cake that was Lance, Chengyu’s eyes would only aim higher and be greedier.

Jiang Xie was dormant for many years and this was the right timing.

He returned to China and the Jiang family, which grew up overseas, became a commercial city in D City.

Jiang Xie didn’t contact Xie Xi and never even met him.

He never stopped searching for news about Xie Xi and was probably even more aware of Xie Xi than Xie Xi himself. The thing that Xie Xi wanted most was power and money. Then Jiang Xie would make him lose them.

Jiang Xie didn’t use any despicable means. He just diluted Xie Xi’s power by buying shares in Chengyu.

This was a long and patient process. However, Jiang Xie had enough patience. He wasn’t anxious. Like a cheetah staring at prey, he stared at Xie Xi, waiting to give the fatal blow.

In the past two years, the changes in Chengyu’s shares were too great and the shareholders proposed to convene a board meeting of directors.

Once this board meeting opened, Xie Xi who only held 28% of the shares was bound to lose control of Chengyu.

Jiang Xie finally surfaced, having grabbed nearly 40% of Chengyu’s shares. He was the absolute major shareholder.

The board meeting was approaching and Xie Xi finally called Jiang Xie’s number.

Neither of them changed their numbers. The numbers they used to keep in contact during that one year were sealed and never appeared on each other’s screens again.

In that year, Jiang Xie had set a special bell ringtone for Xie Xi. Thus, he knew when Xie Xi called.

After so many years, Jiang Xie had changed several mobile phones but it was directly synchronized with the old one. That’s why the special ring tone was still there.

This was a melody that Jiang Xie really liked. He didn’t know the source but whenever he heard it, he would think of that starry night when the soaked Xie Xi was soft and fragile.

Jiang Xie sneered, pain tearing at his heart.

The information he discovered after so many years told him that Xie Xi could swim and had won trophies in amateur freestyle.

Jiang Xie’s 17 year old self was actually convinced by such nonsense.

Jiang Xie picked up the call, his voice peaceful. “Chief Xie.”

On the other end of the phone, Xie Xi might be uneasy and nervous but there was still a smile in his voice, intentionally or unintentionally pulling at Jiang Xie’s heartstrings. “Shall we meet?”

Jiang Xie felt the blood in his chest surge and he lowered his voice. “Where?”

Xie Xi chuckled. “Have you ever been to the Chengyu building?”

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything.

Xie Xi slowly told him, “Come to my office. Here, you can see the most beautiful sunset in D City.”

This was something that many people knew. A famous photographer tried every means to go to the top of the Chengyu building to shoot it but their request was doomed to fail since it was Xie Xi’s office.

The photographer didn’t give up and his series of requests made people more curious. The beautiful scenery from the top floor of Chengyu became the yearning of many people.

Jiang Xie went to the Chengyu building.

He hadn’t been to Xie Xi’s office before. During that one year, they unloaded all their work and never spoke of each other’s identity.

Jiang Xie didn’t invite Xie Xi to Jiang and Xie Xi didn’t invite Jiang Xie to Chengyu.

At the time, Jiang Xie thought their pure feelings went beyond business. Now it was obvious. It was just acting. How could Xie Xi bring the other person back to his place?

The elevator stopped and Jiang Xie stepped out onto soft carpet, walking straight to the other end of the office.

The thick, double wooden doors opened and Jiang Xie saw a beautiful scenery that shook his soul.

The enter wall was like transparent glass and the sunset was like blood. The sky had become a magnificent red and the person standing in front of the window seemed to be integrated into the painting. It was as if he would step on air and the next second…

Jiang Xie’s heart was tense and he couldn’t help wanting to stretch out a hand.

Xie Xi turned around, his facial features adorned by the beauty of the twilight behind him.

Jiang Xie was a bit stunned and used great power to move in front of this person.

Xie Xi’s demeanour was calm. He didn’t show rage at the impending loss of everything, let alone panic and tension. There wasn’t even the slightest irritation.

He leisurely leaned against his desk and asked, “Say it, what do you want?”

An unspeakable humiliation surged in Jiang Xie’s heart and he leaned closer in a condescending manner. “You know.”

The deception and teasing of six years ago caused his heart to fall into the mud.

Xie Xi smiled. Against the sunset of the sky, his smile was like a siren.

“I know? Hmm…” Xie Xi got up and approached Jiang Xie, whispering in his ear, “You wanted to fu*k me six years ago.”

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