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Open World 9

Three laps had been played in this round of the game. Everyone had spoke three times and the next person would be punished, regardless of what they said.

In order, Xie Xi was the first person and he should be the next one punished.

However, Peng Chi used the Exchange Card to change the position of Lan Lingling and Xie Xi…

Then the first person to open their mouths would be Lan Lingling and the person being punished changed to her.

Lan Lingling was shocked. “No… no… I don’t want to change…”

However, she wasn’t required to move at all. She had already changed seats with Xie Xi.

The zombie girl said, “The game will continue. If you speak irrelevant words then you will be punished.”

Lan Lingling’s face was grey as she stared at Peng Chi with unwilling eyes. “I didn’t mean to harm you. That Forbidden Card was originally a trap. Why are you…”

“You are saying the wrong thing.” The zombie girl interrupted. “You have two excellent men around you. Why do you want to look at other people? Love Love hates this type of non single-minded person the most!”

Lan Lingling knew she couldn’t escape the punishment and simply used this opportunity to question Peng Chi.

As soon as she opened her mouth, this round of the game ended and Peng Chi had a chance to speak. He sneered, “The Forbidden Card isn’t your fault but what about after that? You took advantage of my distraction to reverse the order and I lost a leg. You killed me!”

Lan Lingling cried out, “You are the one who didn’t react!”

Peng Chi wondered, “Why did you reverse it when no one else did?”

Lan Lingling gritted her teeth. “If I didn’t reverse it then you wouldn’t have let me go!” She had to act strong to eliminate the hidden dangers.

The zombie girl stated, “Be quiet, the two of you don’t fit.” She sounded like she was trying to persuade a bickering couple. “Don’t force yourself together if you don’t fit.”

Peng Chi and Lang Lingling’s expressions were extremely stiff but they didn’t dare refute the zombie girl.

The zombie girl floated behind Lan Lingling and said, “I don’t like eating women but the rules are the rules. They are set and I must abide by them.”

Lan Lingling screamed and her right arm was gone.

On her right was Jiang Xie and his left side was inevitably stained with blood. Fortunately, he was taller than the girl and blood didn’t splash on his face.

Jiang Xie had never been so thankful for his bad luck. Very good, at least the child wasn’t dirtied.

The zombie girl ate Lan Lingling’s arm and dismissed it. “Not good…”

Lang Lingling bit her lower lip.

The zombie girl grudgingly said, “Well, I will still stop the bleeding for you.” She murmured in an unhappy manner, “The dead can’t find love.”

She spoke in a very low voice but Xie Xi was close and could clearly hear it. His brain started moving…

The zombie girl exclaimed, “Okay, keep playing the game!”

There were six people present and two people were injured. Peng Chi lost one arm and one leg while Lan Lingling lost her right arm. Both of them were suffering tremendously and resented each other.

The situation was chaotic and if it continued like this, they would have only one dead end.

What to do? What should he do? Was this really a dead end? Did they have to keep playing like this until everyone died? Impossible!

Xie Xi carefully recalled all the details after entering the game.

The zombie girl said many things, especially during the trial when Jiang Xie was messing around. She said that she liked people who loved each other and started the game by mentioning they should find love.

Xie Xi clearly remembered what the zombie girl said when Peng Chi was first punished.

—If a person confessed four times and was rejected, he or she will be punished.

The confession being rejected four times would lead to punishment. This sounded like a casual statement. After all, the rules were set that they would be punished after speaking more than three times.

What if it wasn’t just a rule? What if this rule was built on a certain purpose?

When Xie Xi heard this, he couldn’t help thinking, ‘Would it be okay if the young woman replied I love you to Peng Chi?’

It was impossible because if she answered I love you on the fourth time, it was highly likely the zombie girl would say, “If you love him, why didn’t you accept it earlier? It isn’t good enough and accept the punishment.”

However, if she answered I love you in one of the earlier three attempts then the young woman would violate the rule that she could only say shameless and she would be the one punished.

There was no solution. Promising love on the fourth time would still lead to punishment and no one would dare say anything different during the first three times!

Then was the zombie girl really joking? Her goal was to eat people?

If the existence of a game was to let players die then the Central World was too cruel.

Xie Xi knew that in the eyes of the Central Government, the players were no different from thousands of worlds or even the zombie girl in front of them.

The Central Government didn’t favour players but it didn’t dislike them. Then… there must be a way to clear this game. How exactly could they clear it?

Xie Xi couldn’t help looking at Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie sensed his gaze and looked back. The two of them didn’t speak but Xie Xi was surprised to find that he understood what the other person meant.

—Calm down.

Xie Xi was stunned. Yes, if he wanted to clear this game, he couldn’t be confused by everything in front of him. The real clue would definitely be hidden inside the game and he had to be calm!

Don’t be distracted by the game, distracted by the zombie girl or distracted by hatred and fear.

A new round of the game began. The pointer stopped in front of the young woman. She paused and said to the man in the suit, “I love you.”

The suited man replied to the young woman before telling Xie Xi, “I love you.”

Xie Xi hadn’t noticed it before but he felt a strange familiarity now that he was close to the man in the suit. He replied, “Shameless.”

He turned his head and told Lan Lingling, “I love you.”

Lan Lingling whispered, “Shameless.”

She seemed to be in great pain. Her eyes were red, her body was shaking and she stared at Peng Chi with eyes full of resentment. Peng Chi was the same. He placed the cause of this disaster onto Lan Lingling.

In fact, they became like this because of the game. However, they couldn’t resist the zombie girl and became angry at each other. The zombie girl planted the seed of hatred in their hearts and they nourished it into towering trees.

The lap ended steadily. At the beginning of the second lap, the zombie girl suddenly said, “Oh, there is a reward. Pause to receive the prize.”

The young woman’s expression changed. The reward might be a turning point to avoid punishment but for others, it might be a disaster.

Everyone stared intently at the turntable. Lan Lingling bit her lip and prayed it wouldn’t point to Peng Chi. Meanwhile, Peng Chi didn’t care. Compared to death, he just wanted to vent his anger!

The turntable stopped and pointed at Jiang Xie. The zombie girl was happy. “Your voice is very good. Quickly read it and let everyone know what the card it.”

Jiang Xie took the card and his pupils shrank slightly when he saw the words on it. The corners of his mouth curved up in a smile as he read it. “The Opposite Card. After it is used, you can only say the opposite thing. It can be used randomly on one of the five other players or used on yourself. It can’t be discarded and will automatically take effect after this.”

An Opposite Card?

Xie Xi was startled, the suited man was thinking, the young woman was somewhat nervous while Peng Chi and Lan Lingling were flustered.

It would be fine for everyone if this card appeared in the early stages. They were all people with fast reactions and their brains worked quickly. It wouldn’t be a problem to say the opposite words.

Now it was different. For the injured Peng Chi and Lan Lingling, it was already hard work to answer normally. If the Opposite Card was applied to them, they might not be able to react in time!

The young woman was nervous because the effect of this card was too general and not as fatal as the previous cards. The person who used the Opposite Card wouldn’t necessarily make a mistake. If they didn’t make a mistake then she would be the one who was punished.

As for Xie Xi, he saw the key to clearing this game!

Jiang Xie declared, “I will use it on myself.”

The zombie girl told you, “You have to think clearly. If you accidentally say the wrong thing, you will be punished.”

Jiang Xie looked at her. “Randomly choosing is too bad. What should I do if I accidentally choose my sweetheart?”

The zombie girl spun around, as happy as a naive little girl. “Oh, you really like him. Did you really fall in love with him at first sight?”

Jiang Xie smiled.

The zombie girl asked, “Does he like you?”

“I don’t know yet.”

The zombie girl urged him, “Then go and confess.”

“I will.”

The zombie girl was excited. “I’m really happy. As long as you can find love in the game, Love Love can always starve!”

Jiang Xie’s hint was obvious!

The key point was that with the Opposite Card, as soon as the other person said I love you, Jiang Xie’s answer would be I love you. The condition for mutual confession was reached!

Would this game be over once Lan Lingling said I love you and Jiang Xie responded with I love you?

Xie Xi watched nervously, hoping that the game would stop here!

Peng Chi and Lan Lingling might be injured but as long as they left this open world, they could be treated after returning to the Central World.

Would it really end like this?

The timeout was over and the game started again. The young woman bit her lips and told the suited man, “I love you.”

The suited man returned it to her and whispered to Xie Xi, “I love you.” Xie Xi squinted at him.

The man’s mouth was slightly raised and his facial muscles looked somewhat irregular.

At this time, Jiang Xie’s gaze swept over him and the suited man returned to normal.

Xie Xi didn’t dare delay the time and continued the game. Then it was Lan Lingling’s turn to say I love you. Jiang Xie originally should reply with shameless but now he had to say I love you thanks to the Opposite Card. According to inference, the game should end here!

Xie Xi watched them nervously…

Lan Lingling said, “I love you.”

Jiang Xie also said, “I love you.”

It was the only time in the game where the same thing was said. What would happen? Xie Xi turned towards the zombie girl. The zombie girl was indifferent and didn’t shout that the game had ended.

Xie Xi’s head buzzed and his heart was cold. Was he wrong? The game really wasn’t over? Was this actually a game to feed all of them to the zombie girl?

No… it was impossible. There wouldn’t be so many clues if it was such a dead end! There must be something he ignored. What was it?

The young woman obviously had similar thoughts but Lan Lingling’s confession failure caused her to be disappointed.

As the next one to be punished, she was more nervous than anyone else. In this round of the game, she had been avoiding looking at Peng Chi. She always spoke to the suited man but this time she suddenly reversed the direction, telling Peng Chi, “I love you.”

Peng Chi’s reaction was fairly fast. “Shameless.”

The young woman bit her lip and looked at Jiang Xie. Xie Xi jerked. Yes, it was the order! Jiang Xie was the lover so it should be Jiang Xie confessing and Lan Lingling accepting. If this was the case…

No, Xie Xi finally remembered the key point.

Love at first sight. Jiang Xie paved the way at the beginning. He did a good job of laying the groundwork in the game trial stage. The person he loved at first sight was Xie Xi.

Therefore, Jiang Xie had to confess to Xie Xi and Xie Xi had to accept in order to end the game.

However, Peng Chi used the Exchange Card and changed Xie Xi’s position with Lan Lingling. There was a gap between the two people and Jiang Xie couldn’t confess to him.

Then was it impossible to end the game? No, it could end as long as Lan Lingling was eliminated. Then Jiang Xie would be sitting next to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi’s heart seemed to be frozen.

If Lan Lingling hadn’t tricked Peng Chi with the purpose of making a strong start then Peng Chi might not feel such a strong desire for revenge. If Peng Chi hadn’t used the Exchange Card then this game would be over.

The final result might be three people losing their arms but it was fortunate compared to death.

Maybe she was thinking about this or maybe it was the direction reversing, the card or the pain of losing an arm. When Jiang Xie said shameless to Lan Lingling, she replied, “I love you.”

As soon as she spoke, the zombie girl flew over with a smile. “Oh, you are wrong. He said shameless. How could you reply with I love you?”

Lan Lingling was dazed and tears dripped from her red eyes. “No… I…”

The zombie girl ate her left leg. Lan Lingling’s screams were extremely miserable and completely different from her original sweet voice. Xie Xi was on her left and felt the sticky blood.

The zombie girl sighed. “Okay, a new round has started.”

The bleeding stopped but the pain was still present. Lan Lingling lay on the table and all the strength seemed to have drained from her body. She wept silently and the lip that she bit was covered in blood. Was it necessary to knock her out to end the game?

Xie Xi formed fists.

A new round began and this time the pointer aimed at the man in the suit. This seemed to be a luck turntable but not a single person had repeated. The first person was different every time.

The suited man was calm and spoke to Xie Xi, “I love you.”

Xie Xi thought this person was strange but couldn’t see anything despite close scrutiny.

The game continued. Lan Lingling might be lying against the table but she still had the strength to speak and could continue the game.

Peng Chi seemed to have adapted to the pain. When Jiang Xie told him, “Shameless,” he reacted with shameless.

Two laps finished and Xie Xi couldn’t help looking at the zombie girl. The zombie girl came over. “There is a reward! However, I only have three cards here. I can’t give you too many surprises.”

Xie Xi’s eyes brightened.

This game really wasn’t a dead end! With only three cards, they had a great chance of getting the Exchange Card. He could change positions with Lan Lingling and end the game with Jiang Xie.

Exchange Card, Exchange Card, Exchange Card.

Xie Xi stared at the turntable and prayed. He was an emperor of luck. In the case of the card turntable, he seemed to have a mysterious idea…

The pointed stopped at the man in the suit.

Just like when selecting the person who went first, the person who received the reward was different every time. Xie Xi wasn’t surprised. If the game continued, the next person to get a card was either Xie Xi or the young woman.

This seemed like a game of luck but it didn’t look at luck.

The suited man picked up the card and slowly read, “Exchange Card, specify two people to change seats. The card can be discarded and it is invalid after this round.”

It was really the Exchange Card! Xie Xi looked at him excitedly. The suited man smiled and said, “I want to use the card.”

The zombie girl asked, “Okay, who do you want to change positions?”

The man in the suit looked at Xie Xi with slight regret. “Let Xie Xi and Lan Lingling change positions.”

Xie Xi, “!” He didn’t bother thinking much about this man’s tone.

Great, this man must’ve seen the key to breaking the game!”

The zombie girl replied, “Yes.” Xie Xi and Lan Lingling changed positions and Xie Xi was once again next to Jiang Xie.”

Xie Xi stared at Jiang Xie with glittering eyes full of anticipation. Jiang Xie’s heart was sweet. No matter the reason, this child was expecting his confession.

The suited man told Lan Lingling, “I love you.”

Lan Lingling passed on the words and Xie Xi nervously told Jiang Xie, “I love you.”

Jiang Xie had to say the opposite words and he replied with “I love you.”

The conditions were reached. Was the game over? Xie Xi couldn’t help looking at the zombie girl. The zombie girl didn’t move and it seemed like she didn’t intend to announce the end of the game.

Was he wrong? Xie Xi’s heart was a mess when Jiang Xie whispered softly into his ear, “I love you.”

Xie Xi’s messy thoughts were straightened out and the ups and downs of his heartbeat were stablized.

He smiled at Jiang Xie. “I love you.”

The zombie girl was happy. “Great! You have found love in the game of love. Love Love is happy! Unfortunately, time is running out and the game is over. Players who haven’t found love, I can only see you next time!”

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Sakura Natsume
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