GL: Chapter 265

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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 9

Was this the late rebellious period?

The little lion had been too obedient when he was a child and a youth. Now he was rebellious in adulthood?

Xie Xi wasn’t angry and found it strangely funny.

After all, the main body was an old-fashioned man who always treated Xie Xi as a child.

Xie Xi told the soul, “I’m certainly not your father…” His words were on the focus to stop it from being a stumbling block to their love. “Still, even as friends, I am entitled to worry about you.”

His mature sentence made Jiang Xie calm down and fell ashamed.

What was he doing? This was clearly his fault but he was becoming angry with Xie Xi.

Xie Xi had been so kind to him. Xie Xi went to the village with such a body to treat the villagers. For what reason? It was to get Jiang Xie food!

Now Xie Xi was going to accompany Jiang Xie to the city to find him a wife.

The sickly man was so good to him while he was so fierce.

Jiang Xie wanted to apologize but then he thought of his heart full of feelings the other person didn’t understand and couldn’t say a word.

Xie Xi sighed, “Well, I don’t know if I’m only going to the city to help you through estrus. I also…”

Halfway through the sentence, Jiang Xie’s heart sank. He remembered the bouquet of flowers and the villagers’ words.

Was Xie Xi going to White Tiger City to find a companion for himself?

Jiang Xie was well aware that Xie Xi couldn’t look at any tigers in the village…

“I also want to visit a famous doctor to see if there is a cure for this illness.” Xie Xi finished his words.

Jiang Xie immediately replied, “You take medicine very day and isn’t the effect good?”

He stared at Xie Xi all day and knew that this person took medicine in the morning and before going to bed. He thought it was a cure but the cycle was long and Xie Xi would slowly recover.

Xie Xi was afraid this person would be worried and didn’t dare say they were temporary painkillers. He only said, “The medicinal effect has worsened after a long time. I want to go to the city to find someone to help me retune it.”

The moment these words emerged, Jiang Xie abandoned his cranky thoughts. “Then we will set off as soon as possible.”

“Why so urgent? Pack your things and have a good night’s sleep. We will go in the morning.”

Jiang Xie told him, “Then I’ll go and pack our things first.”

Xie Xi smiled. “Go.”

The matter of sleeping made Xie Xi’s waist feel a bit sore. The three consecutive nights of dirty dreams made him feel a bit sour.

The two people didn’t have many things to bring with them. There were some clothes to change into and some tiger currency exchanged in the village.

Xie Xi might be so weak he had to catch his breath with every step but his skill as a ‘brilliant doctor’ was enough to support him.

Not only did he exchange a lot of food from the village for Jiang Xie, he also saved a lot of money and it now came in handy.

Jiang Xie was packing up Xie Xi’s clothes and saw the snow-white clothes.

Xie Xi had used the cleaning ball for three nights and the clothes weren’t dirty at all!

Jiang Xie wondered, “Why do I remember these clothes…”

Xie Xi cleared his throat. “I wanted to say that you washed the clothes to clean. Huer’s mother asked what soap you used?”

Jiang Xie shook his head. “I just washed it as usual.”

“That’s great.” Xie Xi desperately placed the blame on him. “You can go to the laundry shop to make money.”

Jiang Xie was still thinking.

Xie Xi threw the killing blow. “Okay, what’s so good about a man’s clothes?”

This was like a fire that ignited a mess in Jiang Xie’s head. He realized that he was holding Xie Xi’s clothes. Only then did he discover that he was staring at the last barrier wrapped around Xie Xi’s body without thinking.

In an instant, the snowy white clothes were like a hot yam as they were placed into the bag by Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi sighed with relief and felt that he had muddled through, as long as there weren’t any more strange dreams tonight.

It shouldn’t happen anymore… even if it was in a dream, he had vented and shouldn’t be so ‘dissatisfied.’

Xie Xi thought for a long time before going to bed and finally took the snowy white clothes out of the bag and put them on.

It was better to be safe than sorry. The old boatman used to walking on a steep rope had to understand how to carefully steer the ship.

He slept and opened his eyes.

Xie Xi was immediately kissed. Why did it happen again? Xie Xi pushed away the man holding him. “Today…”

He hadn’t finished when he felt a tingling from his butt. He turned and saw that he actually had a cat tail. He noticed Jiang Xie’s line of sight and show his ears. Jiang Xie immediately leaned over and kissed the furry cat ears.

Xie Xi, “!”

How did he become like this?

Jiang Xie held the tail and stated. “It’s so cute.”

The low voice made Xie Xi’s legs soft and he couldn’t stand it.

After waking up, Xie Xi was frozen. What was this? Did he subconsciously want to dress like a cat and have s*x with Jiang Xie?

People said that the things you thought about during the day would appear in your dream at night but Xie Xi swore that he had never thought about something like this!

Why did this dream appear?

Xie Xi leaned against the bed and had to re-examine himself…

The lion had given up on himself.

He was becoming more and more absurd. He actually dreamt of Xie Xi as a half-beastman. Was he a black tiger? The ears and tail were black and somewhat like a kitten. They were soft and sensitive, one touch making them twitch.

Jiang Xie had slept all night but the fire wasn’t turned off. This fantasy meant he couldn’t wait to fall asleep again.

Fortunately, the movements next door made him calm down. He took a cold shower and warmed up the porridge left from last night.

Xie Xi seemed to be thinking about things. He sat down and had a soulless expression.

Jiang Xie stared at this person quietly. He thought that the hair was black as ink, the skin as white as snow and the neckline was very good… he was full of gestures when he was excited and raised his head to let Jiang Xie kiss him.

Xie Xi sighed. “Little Xie, can you help me with the meat?” He normally ate porridge because he didn’t dare eat a lot. He had no appetite this morning but he would be on the road all day. If he didn’t eat then his body would have even less energy.

Jiang Xie’s senses returned but he didn’t dare get up. “If you eat that, you will be thirsty on the road.”

Xie Xi felt like he was still in the dream. Why did he feel that the little lion’s voice was a bit…

He replied, “It’s okay if I only eat a bit.”

Jiang Xie’s eyelids lowered. “Okay, I’ll get it.”

He got up in a slightly awkward manner but Xie Xi was also worrying about something and didn’t notice.

Jiang Xie went to the kitchen and looked down at the tent in his pants, his heart very uncomfortable.

He really couldn’t go on like this anymore…

Such dreams couldn’t be done anymore…

Before they set off, many people in the village came to send them away. Everyone felt that the father and son wouldn’t come back and were feeling very sad.

Xie Xi also felt strange. At first, he was bullied by the naughty children but after becoming familiar with them, the people here lived a very simple but steady life.

Huer’s mother wiped her tears. “Mr Xie is free to often come back.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.”

Wang Huer was still childish. “Little Xie, came back with your wife and play!”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi spoke for him, “If he really marries then we must come back for a party.”

People were happy and talked about city wives.

Perhaps it was due to the last sentence but along the way, Jiang Xie didn’t talk that much to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi also couldn’t be bothered to coax this person. He might’ve drawn a shock-proof belt for himself but he was almost killed by this carriage!

Jiang Xie didn’t speak but he was paying attention to the situation and took care of Xie Xi very well.

They set off in the morning and only arrived at the city at sunset. After finding a nearby hotel, Xie Xi couldn’t walk anymore.

The hotel staff member told them, “Guests, we only have one room left. Can you share?”

Xie Xi didn’t want to find another place and replied, “Okay.”

Jiang Xie knew this person was tired and couldn’t bear to say anything.

The staff member replied, “Okay, I’ll get hot water!”

Xie Xi previously always let Jiang Xie help him have a bath but how did he dare do that now?

The little lion didn’t seem to be in estrus yet but what if he tried to hook up?

Xie Xi didn’t want to die in bed…

The room wasn’t bad. There were one bedroom and a bathroom. There was a set of table and chairs in the bedroom as a place to drink tea or even write something.

The bathroom was separate but there was only one bed for sleeping.

Xie Xi was slightly nervous. After four days of dreams, he had lost confidence in himself. If they slept together, would he do something to Jiang Xie in the middle of the night?

Oh, he would be dead after finishing…

This joke was really cold.

Before going to sleep, Jiang Xie suggested, “You sleep in the bed and I’ll sleep on the floor.”

Xie Xi reluctantly told him, “The bed is so big and there are two quilts. We can sleep together.”

Jiang Xie feared that Xie Xi would discover his thoughts and didn’t dare protest too much.

In special circumstances, it was normal for two males to sleep together. He only felt it was suspicious because he had a ghost in his heart.

The two men were wrapped in their own quilts, one on the outside and one in the inside, as if there was a river in the middle.

Xie Xi told Jiang Xie, “Have a good dream.”

Jiang Xie felt itchy when he heard these words but he replied gently, “Have a good dream.”

Still, he didn’t fall asleep immediately.

Jiang Xie opened his eyes in bed as he heard Xie Xi’s breathing sound. His entire body seemed to be floating in the clouds… his body and mind were floating but there was a risk of falling from a high altitude.

Xie Xi fell asleep.

Jiang Xie also slowly fell asleep.

The two of them woke up in the garden at the same time.

The wonderful thing was that this time they had a bed and were sleeping while holding each other.

For a moment, Jiang Xie couldn’t tell if this was a dream or reality. He knew after hearing Xie Xi’s seductive sounds…

It was a dream. Jiang Xie kissed the other person the neck and roughly undressed him.

Xie Xi half-pushed him away and half gave him permission.

Jiang Xie simply loved Xie Xi like this. He wished he could stay in this dream forever and never wake up.

However, it was a dream that he would wake up from. Jiang Xie felt the warmth in his arms and it should still be a dream…

He bowed his head and kissed the dry lips. Then Xie Xi opened his eyes, the black eyes full of panic. In an instant, Jiang Xie was like a frozen ice cave.

White Tiger City’s palace.

The silver-white hall was magnificent. The dome was a beautiful glass window carved with numerous blooming roses and the sun shone down, as if scattering the brilliance of the flowers into the hall.

There was a mall in the hall who was fully covered by a white cloak, not even a single strand of hair exposed.

At this time, the door opened and a guard hurriedly entered, kneeling on the ground. “National Teacher, His Majesty has returned to the capital!”

The man turned sharply, snow-like white hair slipping out of the cloak because of the fast movement.

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Angie chan
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