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Lost Atlantis 8

Xie Xi was irritated but he didn’t complain.

Now that he entered the quasi-world and accepted the task, he would go all out.

Hard was hard, perverted was perverted. Once he was big, he would definitely let the big designer taste this!

This was the so-called hone a knife to chop wood. Xie Xi carefully studied this Camouflage ability.

The original appearance lasted 30 days. It started from the moment it was first activated and wouldn’t stop just because the face wasn’t used.

The reserve face was only 30 minutes but the advantage was that it wouldn’t countdown as long as it wasn’t used. It would only start counting down when used. This seemed very useful. There were many things that could be done in 30 minutes.

Xie Xi was puzzled. Once the countdown ended, could he go see the person again and re-record it? Of course, even if it was re-recorded, he couldn’t use the reserve face to collect love.

Imagine that he went to the prince and after half an  hour, he said, “Wait minute, I am going out!” Then he swam thousands of miles away to re-record the face, ran back and collected love again!

Therefore, this technique was limited and only the original appearance could be used.

Collecting the love of six people in one month…

Xie Xi took a deep breath, his eyes firm. ‘Come on, I can’t be trapped here!’

Time was tight so he no longer delayed. There were still the gifts to be handed out. He would take the opportunity to run over and see their preferences.

He would use his real face for the fifth and sixth prince. As for how to distribute it between 1, 2, 3 and 4, he would try it one by one!

Xie Xi asked Roast Pork Bun, “Which face do you prefer?”

He changed between the more mature one and the tender looking one.

The kitten was sad. What should he say? They were both equally ugly. It was hard to tell.

Xie Xi was waiting for his advice. “Well?”

Roast Pork Bun could only blindly pick. “T-This one.” His mother really wasn’t easy. If he grew up like this, how could he marry?

Xie Xi stared at the childish second face in the mirror and said, “Okay, I will use this first.”

He hurried to get a gift, grabbed lots and drew the number 3.

Yes, he would go to meet the third prince first.

Xie Xi arrived at the palace of the third prince without much trouble. He just needed to look at the palace to tell the nature of the prince.

Unlike the luxurious fifth prince and the depressed sixth prince, the third prince’s palace was solemn.

Like a sharp sword stuck in the bottom of the skill, it gave off a majestic energy that seemed like it could cut apart the sea.

The third prince wasn’t easy and his background was extremely poor. As the second prince taunted, his mother was a slave who had nothing apart from her face. After seducing the old king, she failed to be rewarded by the king and was only settled after becoming pregnant.

Naturally, no one dared discuss these things. Still, the situation of the mother and son must be extremely difficult.

Later, the third prince was bent on joining the army. Who knew that this delicate prince could kill and play a big role, gaining the support of the army.

He was so ruthless that no one dared mention his mother’s affairs, let alone scorn him.

Xie Xi came over and was met by a guard in light armour. “What is it?”

Xie Xi told him, “The holy day is coming and His Majesty commanded me to deliver a gift to the prince.”

The guard stared at him before saying, “Come with me.”

Xie Xi wasn’t nervous. The palace was heavily guarded and ordinary people couldn’t enter. Besides, the palace was huge and comparable to a city. It was impossible for the guards to all know each other.

Along the way, Xie Xi didn’t dare to look around.

The atmosphere here was very different from the fifth prince’s palace. There was a row of straight-backed guards who were like sharp knives, ready to cut the aggressor at any time.

Xie Xi squinted as he walked through a long corridor and stopped at the main hall.

The guard said, “Wait a minute, I will report…”

He hadn’t finished talking when a clear sound rang through the palace. It was the sound of a collision between gold and stone.

Xie Xi raised an eyebrow and glanced at the guard.

The elder guard didn’t dare go in.

They could only listen as a scream filled the palace. “Get out, get out of here!:

Then there were quick footsteps. A man in a military uniform opened the door and ran out.

The guard hurriedly stepped aside and bowed. “My lord.”

This ‘lord’ was grey-faced and hurriedly nodded. He didn’t even bother looking at Xie Xi as he rushed out.

“Waste! A bunch of wastes!” The young prince was still angry.

There was another crashing sound. He had probably smashed many things.

The guard looked at Xie Xi and didn’t dare speak. The general idea was, ‘His Highness is angry, it is better to…’

Xie Xi also felt that the timing wasn’t right and wanted to change princes.

Unexpectedly, the angry third prince saw the people stuck in the doorway. “What are you doing standing there? Come in!”

Guard, “!!!!”

Xie Xi, “…”

The guard walked forward in trepidation, his legs shaking. “Your, Your Highness…” He almost fell to his knees.

Xie Xi hung his head and could only see the mess on the ground.

The previous sound should be the golden tea set being smashed into the jade ground. This was the bottom of the sea. Ordinary things falling wouldn’t make such a loud noise. It was enough to see how angry the third prince was and how much strength he had.

Xie Xi felt a sharp gaze on him, followed by Gars’ clear but ferocious voice, “What is this?”

Xie Xi bowed and repeated his previous words.

In the face of the angry prince, everyone present was afraid to make a sound. It seemed like even the decorations hanging in the hall were quiet.

There was only Xie Xi’s calm and constant breathing. His words were respectful but they weren’t afraid.

The guard by his side couldn’t help sneaking admiring glances towards him.

After a brief silence, the third prince ordered, “Put it down.”


He handed the gift to the third prince’s guard and prepared to withdraw.

He didn’t look up from beginning to end and didn’t say much. Now that he finished the errand, he was going to leave.


Just as Xie Xi was about to withdraw, the third prince opened his mouth.

Xie Xi maintained his respectful gestures. “Your Highness, is there something else that you need?”

The third prince stood on the stairs and said in a condescending manner. “Look up.”

Xie Xi forced himself to relax and looked up.

Two pairs of eyes met. The third prince’s deep eyes were like beasts staring at their prey.

It was reasonable to feel uncomfortable after being looked at like this. If Xie Xi wasn’t here to collect love, he would turn around and leave.

So fierce! Who wanted to look at him?

“What is your name?” The third prince asked him.

Xie Xi had already thought of a name for the second face. “Colin Hall.” Hall was a common surname in the underwater kingdom. It was similar to the king of the former world and there would be little problem.

The third prince sneered, “Do you know Sein Hall?”

Xie Xi naturally knew this name but he acted confused. “Your Highness, this subordinate hasn’t heard of it.”

The third prince stared at him and remained silent for a long time.

Xie Xi explained, “There are many people among the guards with the surname of Hall. Not all of them are family.” The Hall surname was respected but not everyone was respectable.

The third prince knew this and his lips curved, his eyes flashing slightly. “You look a bit like him.”

Xie Xi looked ignorant but his heart was perturbed. Was there a bug in the ability?

Fortunately, it wasn’t that pitted.

The third prince added, “Looking closely, it doesn’t feel like it.”

Xie Xi sighed with relief and whispered, “If there is nothing, this subordinate will go back first.”

The third prince didn’t say anything.

Xie Xi lowered his head and prepared to leave.

Then the third prince grabbed him by the wrist. Xie Xi looked up at him in a startled manner, “Your Highness?”

The third prince was worthy if inheriting Gars soul. He didn’t say anything, instead reaching out to pinch Xie Xi’s cheek.

Xie Xi, “!”

He was so angry that he wanted to smash the entire palace of the third prince. At this moment, the prince laughed, revealing sharp tiger’s teeth. “…It is so soft.” It was softer than the prince expected.

Who was soft?

Xie Xi’s face hurt but he could only suppress his killing intent. He showed a dazed expression. The third prince released his hand and his face became cold. “Go, I am busy.”

Xie Xi, “…”

He bowed and left the third prince’s palace.

Xie Xi touched his face. He sucked in a breath from the pain. His hands were heavy from the desire to hit this spicy chicken soul!

The thing that made him truly furious was that the progress bar didn’t respond. It seemed that the third prince didn’t like this second face?

As soon as he thought this, he saw a small red square on the progress bar.

Oh, there was a delay.

Xie Xi took out a small book and carefully noted it down.

Orange Fifth Prince → Sein Hall, 11% progress.

Blue Sixth Prince → Sein Hall, 4% progress.

Red Third Prince → Colin Hall, 1% progress.

The total progress was 16%.

Roast Pork Bun probed his thoughts, “Mommy, Daddy, what are you writing?”

Xie Xi put away the book and gazed into the distance. “The foolish Fork strategy.”

Roast Pork Bun, “???”  This was bullying him. He wasn’t illiterate. There was clearly no Fork?

Xie Xi continued to draw lots and next was the second prince. It didn’t matter who was selected. He would first go to attract the second prince like a butterfly.

The second prince was very popular.

He entered the Ministry of Finance at a young age. With his savvy mind and sleek way of doing things, he became the treasury minister of the kingdom.

He frequently showed his face and made many policies to benefit the people. Therefore, he had a high reputation. In the hearts of the ordinary people, he was a well-deserved prince.

Xie Xi thought that this second prince was the most difficult person. Could he really fall for this scum fish?

Xie Xi headed to the palace of the second prince and stated his intentions. The maid who received him stated directly, “Put it down.”

All the other princes personally received the king’s gift. It was only the second prince who didn’t show up at all.

Xie Xi reminded, “…The holy day is coming and His Majesty commanded me to deliver a gift to the prince.”

“The second prince is busy. Please wait here if you don’t mind.” Then the mermaid maid swam away.

Xie Xi, “…” He used the big name. Please don’t forget it.

He couldn’t meet the second prince and was planning to change places when the maid suddenly returned.

The mermaid had a complicated expression on her face. “His Highness said to please go in.”

Xie Xi was confused. Why was he being let in?

Xie Xi walked into the palace. It fit the second prince’s peacock nature. The palace was very simple but it wasn’t shabby. It had a unique and simple beauty, gorgeous without being extravagant. It gave off a bit of a royal air.

It was a great blessing for the treasury minister to be so diligent and thrifty.

Oh, Xie Xi believed it.

The second prince was talking with someone else. The prince was really good looking, with long silver hair tucked behind his ears and flowing down his back. His figure was perfectly outlined by his clothing. Every move was elegant and charming, the style of the royal family perfectly interpreted.

He was talking to an elderly minister who was wearing expensive clothing. However, he was like a shrimp soldier when compared to the second prince.

As soon as Xie Xi entered, the second prince said to the minister, “Let’s end it here today.”

The minister got up and gave a salute. “Your Highness has something to do. I will go back first.”

The second prince’s smile was as refreshing as a spring breeze. “Thank you for the reminder. I avoided a big mistake.”

“Where did I…” The minister was sincerely fearful. “It is the second prince who is discerning and thinking of the people.”

The second prince smiled and the two of them exchanged polite words. The minister was dizzy and saluted with sincere emotion.

Xie Xi’s sharp eyes saw the disdain and contempt in the prince’s eyes after the minister left.

Sure enough, this was a black heart!

He was probably called in to get rid of the old man.

Unsurprisingly, the second prince didn’t smile once there was no one left in the hall. He didn’t look at Xie Xi and said to the maid, “Arrange the next ceremony.”

“Okay.” The maid said with a low bow.

The second prince, who could speak well, didn’t say anything to Xie Xi. He only waved his hands.

Xie Xi, “…”

Not even looking at him? Slag fish!

Xie Xi couldn’t open his mouth. He could only leave the gift and prepared to leave.

“That’s right.” The second prince’s lazy voice was heard. “Have you been to the third prince?”

Xie Xi thought about it and opened his mouth. “Your Highness, I have just been there.”

The second prince raised his eyebrows and he stared at Xie Xi. “Look up.”

Xie Xi slowly looked up at the second prince.

The second prince watched him for a while. Then he smiled and said, “What is your name?” He got up and walked down the stairs.

Xie Xi told the name of the second face.

The second prince smiled. “It is the Hall family again.”

Xie Xi was silent as he waited for this psychopath to do something.

The second prince lived up to his expectations and reached out to hug him, saying gently, “You are really good looking. How about staying with me?”

Xie Xi was speechless. Who wanted to be with this slag fish?

Xie Xi was about to open his mouth when he heard the shouts of the shrimp soldiers. “Third Prince, Third Prince, please wait. The second prince is in a meeting with someone and it is inconvenient…”


The door opened and the third prince stood there. “What do you mean by a war in the north…”

His voice stopped and he squinted at the two men standing close together.

The second prince surrounded the small mermaid, his movements gentle and his voice slow. “Younger brother, you went to the army for a few years. Did you basic manners disappear?”

Xie Xi was held by the second prince and wanted to break free, only to find he couldn’t move!

Roast Pork Bun was screaming from the sidelines. “Oh my god, Mommy is being strongly hugged.”

Strong… what strong?

Xie Xi really wanted to cook this Roast Pork Bun!

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Blue Sixth Prince → Sein Hall, 4% progress.

Red Third Prince → Colin Hall, 1% progress.

The total progress was 16%. ]

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