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GL: Chapter 38

Lost Atlantis 9

The kitten realized he was excited and called out the wrong name, correcting it, “Oh my god, Daddy is strongly hugged!”

Xie Xi staggered but he didn’t have the strength to break free of the second prince’s imprisonment!

He was much shorter than the second prince and there was a gap in their body size. The second prince was slender but contained brute strength. His expression didn’t change but Xie Xi couldn’t move.

The third prince openly ridiculed them, “Is this a meeting?” The guard had stopped him, saying that the prince was in a meeting. As a result… the second prince was hugging a little mermaid.

The second prince spoke in an ambiguous manner, “What is more important than this?” He winked at Xie Xi. If this was an ordinary mermaid, it was highly likely they would be fascinated by him. Unfortunately, Xie Xi was extremely immune to this face. Not only wasn’t he affected, he also wanted to hit the prince.

The third prince had hurriedly arrived on business and he frowned as he got to the point, “The Haiqiu Country is stirring up trouble yet you are advocating the reduction of armaments in the north. This is simply being short-sighted and stupid to the extreme!”

He had the heart to talk about business but the second prince was ‘captivated’ by the small mermaid and was absent-minded.

The third prince was furious and wanted to stab this shameless man…

The second prince inadvertently moved sideways, revealing Xie Xi’s face. The third prince looked over and recognized him with one glance. This was… Colin Hall. His heart sank and a murderous energy overflowed from his body.

From his point of view, Xie Xi’s face was red and his eyes full of water vapour. He looked like he welcomed these desires but in fact… Xie Xi was tired. It had been a long day and he was going to die of exhaustion!

The second prince suddenly relaxed his strength and Xie Xi was finally free. He gasped, sighing with relief. Then he felt a sharp gaze piercing him.

Xie Xi, “…” He turned his heart and met Gars’ dark red eyes that were filled with anger.

The second prince didn’t suspect anything and whispered, “Third Brother, you are scaring him.”

He blamed the third prince while his gaze towards Xie Xi were full of indulgence.

If it wasn’t for the progress bar refusing to budge, Xie Xi would really believe this person had deep feelings!

At this moment, the red progress bar that had slightly increased disappeared like a flame blown out by the wind.

Yes, the second prince’s lie was exposed by the progress bar while the third prince’s bar decreased. Sure enough, he shouldn’t take care of this scum!

Xie Xi decided to give up on the unreliable second prince and tried to win the third prince.

“Your Highness, please respect yourself!” Xie Xi quickly distanced himself and even approached the third prince to look for help.

The moment he said this, both brothers were stunned.

The second prince probably didn’t expect someone to reject him and the third prince guessed what was going on.

Xie Xi continued, “His Majesty’s gift has been sent. This subordinate will go back!” He turned back, his body tight with anger.

The third prince sneered. “Third Brother is really becoming worse, forcing someone to do something like this.”

He spoke this sentence and turned to leave.

The second prince stared at the backs of the two men and raised his eyebrows.

Xie Xi swam out of the second prince’s palace, tired and angry. He was unaware of the person behind him.

Gars chased and saw the little mermaid who was shamed to tears. The little mermaid had a tender face, his eyes bright and round. He was like a small bubble in the water, crystal clear and one that could break at any time.

He was so upset that he spoke in a rare warm manner, “Don’t cry.” There were no tears but the red eyes already explained everything.

Xie Xi, “…” What damn crying? He was angry!

The third prince asked him, “What is going on?”

Xie Xi knew this was a good opportunity to recover the loss and spoke in a resentful manner, “This subordinate was ordered to give a gift to the second prince. It was originally good but later, the second prince inexplicably came down and…”

He got goosebumps as he spoke. However, he saw the red progress bar rising again and had to stick to it.

The moment the third prince heard this, he understood what happened. “Aix-en was probably dealing with me. He knew I would come to him and deliberately bullied you.” He paused and continued, “I let you be wronged.”

Xie Xi lowered his eyes and shook his head.

The third prince patted him on the shoulder and said, “Go, you must be busy. I will find you later.”

Find? Find him?

Xie Xi was startled and asked, “Your Highness, why would you be looking for me?”

Gars wasn’t angry, the red light of his eyes looking very beautiful. “Is it impossible to look for you?”

Xie Xi was afraid he unexpectedly exposed something and quickly said, “What can this subordinate do for you? I am dirty and messy…”

Gars replied, “This is nothing. I used to be part of the guards when I was younger…” He stopped before continuing, “Yes, it isn’t the same.”

He made a slightly gloomy expression and asked Xie Xi, “Is your communicator on you?”

Xie Xi, “???”  Communicator?

Gars asked, “You don’t? Then take this.” He placed a dark red item on Xie Xi’s palm.

Xie Xi knew that the technology level of the underwater kingdom was very high. However, he hadn’t received his salary yet and didn’t have the money to understand it in depth.

He said, “This…”

“Wait until I contact you.”

Xie Xi glanced at the 3% progress bar and accepted the gift. “Your Highness, thank you.”

“Go ahead.” The third prince watched him leave.

Xie Xi played with the communicator in his hand, thinking that this was a good thing. He could make use of it. He had to refine the data on the first and second face, saving himself from being exposed.

He had the reserve faces and many difficult things could be done with ease.

The communicator in his hand wasn’t much different from the phone on land. It was just that the style was more novel. It was worn on his wrist and a floating interface popped up when pressed. He could directly click on it.

Xie Xi saw the only name recorded in the address book—Gars Atlantis.

This was the surname of the royal family. It was said that they were the only descendants of this lost empire. Thus, they kept this surname to remember the empire forever.

Xie Xi turned off the communicator, wondering if he should go to the eldest prince or the fourth prince. The second face didn’t work on the second prince so he had to try it on the remaining two princes.

He had to guarantee one face for two people. Xie Xi only hoped that he wouldn’t become confused in the future.

He was just thinking this when there was a sigh behind him.

Xie Xi paused. What did this scum want now?

“I’m sorry.” The second prince’s voice was really a foul. He deliberately lowered his voice to make it pleasant for people to hear, so that they would soften.

Xie Xi was unmoved. He looked at the progress bar that didn’t move and was too lazy to use this face on the prince.

The second prince moved around and stared into Xie Xi’s eyes. “I didn’t mean to use you to provoke Third Brother.”

Xie Xi sneered at him. “Your Highness, what do you really want to do?”

The second prince was astonished and didn’t speak.

Xie Xi was disappointed in him and was too lazy to act. “If there is nothing, this subordinate will leave first!”

He swam forward as he maintained the merciless attitude.

Aix-en was stunned before laughing loudly.

Roast Pork Bun spoke in an indignant manner, “Bah, the person who strongly hugged Daddy is a bad guy.”

Xie Xi couldn’t help picking him up and rubbing his fur. “Don’t talk.”

Roast Pork Bun’s soft face was rubbed into a bun. “Wasn’t it difficult? He is strong, strong…”

Xie Xi pinched the small mouth and didn’t let it speak.

Suddenly, he released Roast Pork Bun and looked at the lower right corner with astonishment.

A different colour had appeared behind the orange, blue and red progress bars.

The purple progress bar had risen by 1%.

Who was purple? Was it the scum second prince? Why did it suddenly go up? What did he do?

Xie Xi recalled his actions. Was there anything apart from the anger, cold words and expression full of dislike?

Shouldn’t it be the opposite of progress? The second prince was insane! Still, this unexpected joy allowed Xie Xi to determine the second prince’s nature.

The second prince and third prince were handed over to the second face, while the remaining two princes would be left to the first face.

He returned to the guard’s office. He had just swam to the door when he saw the sixth prince.

Xie Xi was still unskilled in this type of thing and felt panic in his heart. Which face corresponded to the sixth prince?

The sixth prince asked softly, “Is Sein Hall here?”

Roast Pork Bun loved the sixth prince’s eyes and shouted, “Mommy, the person in front of you is so handsome!”


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