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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 38

The task prompt appeared in the lower right corner stating that the side task of collecting the demon beast illustrations had been completed.

Xie Xi took out the roster and wrote down names under the rose flowers.

Sure enough, the identity of the flower god was recovered and he could write a name even with his fingers.

After writing it one by one, the promotion task was also successfully completed. Xie Xi saw that his Beginner Repair had become Intermediate Repair.

On the whole, Xie Xi was very relieved. Intermediate Repair could find the missing part on its own. As long as the pair wasn’t destroyed, it could be repaired even if it wasn’t next to the person.

Xie Xi didn’t delay after doing this and came out. The moment he came out, the servants came up to him. Xie Xi didn’t panic and directly told them, “Don’t enter in order to let Lord Houqing have a good rest. Wait a few days until he recovers.”

The servants were a bit suspicious but they chose to believe him. Xie Xi had lived in Houqing Palace for a while and Houqing simply placed Xie Xi on the palm of his hand. Everyone could understand it. Moreover, Houqing wasn’t dead but he was seriously injured. It was necessary for him to rest and recuperate. This type of thing couldn’t be seen by ordinary servants.

Xie Xi emphasized it again, “Lord Houqing told me to find something. You must lock the door and no one is allowed to go in.”

A servant hurriedly asked, “Do you need any help?”

Xie Xi shook his head. “No, I’ll do it myself.”

Then he pulled the sluggish Red Two and left Houqing Palace.

The moment he walked out, he sighed with relief and the other roses surrounded him. “What happened? Why did Sage White Tiger suddenly attack the Demon Sea?”

“Then he suddenly left?”

“How is Ancestor Houqing?”

“I heard that Ancestor Nine Tails disappeared!”

“Was he killed by Sage White Tiger?”

“It’s over. This is a big deal…”

“This white rose is too powerful. He stirred up a messed that turned the earth upside down!”

Red Two’s spirit returned. He looked at Xie Xi, looked at Xie Xi, then looked again…

Xie Xi glanced at him and Red Two shivered.

“Let’s go back to Rose Mountain.”

The group of roses didn’t know anything and trusted Xie Xi. On the way back, they gathered to condemn the white rose.

The brave Red Two knew what it was like to see a group of brave people court disaster and felt helpless! Shut up roses, don’t swear in front of the person involved!

Xie Xi didn’t care. He originally wanted to give Red Two time to go back and prepare the rose family. Unfortunately, time didn’t wait for people. He wasn’t worried. If they weren’t prepared, the little flowers should also experience some wind and rain.

The roses were still chattering and Xie Xi directly struck them with thunder. “I am the white rose. Ask me anything if you want to know.”

The roses, “!”

Xie Xi added, “Or you can ask Brother Red Two. He also knows.”

The roses turned towards Red Two.

Red Two, “…” H-He really knew!

Thus, Xie Xi came clean. The group of flowers whispered around Red Two. From time to time, there were startled cries, inhales and the artificial sound of the heart beating faster… hey, something seemed wrong.

Forget it, Xie Xi wasn’t in the mood to manage these things.

They used Nine Tails’ fast mount and it didn’t take long to return to Rose Mountain.

Xie Xi was going to send the flowers back to Rose Mountain before going to the Holy Mountain.

There were still three illustrations missing. White Tiger was too difficult so he would go to Vermilion Bird first and finally…

He was thinking this when the mount arrived at Rose Mountain. He just descended from the mount when he discovered that the atmosphere was wrong.

The roses who accompanied him were breathlessly quiet as they stayed three metres away from him. Xie Xi might’ve saved countless roses but his great achievements were too scary. It was normal that no one could accept it for a while.

Xie Xi descended from the mount and as soon as he touched the ground, he saw the three men standing in front of him.

Azure Dragon’s eyes were dark and heavy, Vermilion Bird was holding his chest and White Tiger had an unfathomable look.


Xie Xi regretted it a bit. He should’ve drawn the illustrations and directly left this broken world! That bastard Old Jiang, he didn’t leave Xie Xi alive!

The roses who saw this were shaken. They crowded together and hugged each other. Red Two added a sentence, “This is good. Our Rose Mountain will become a legend.” The legend of the slag who hooked three sages!

Vermilion Bird opened his mouth first. “Xiao Xie, what’s going on?”

Azure Dragon just stared at him.

White Tiger knew everything and his thin lips slightly curved. “Why aren’t you protecting Houqing? Aren’t you going to be with him?”

The words caused clouds to surge in Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird’s eyes. Xie Xi wanted to kill this little tiger!

Fortunately, today’s Xie Xi was different. In the face of these three people, he didn’t panic and came up with the perfect countermeasure.

“I’ll clearly explain the previous things,” Xie Xi calmly told them. “First, I hope that you can bring your respective god’s wisdom scrolls to me.”

Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird didn’t understand the meaning of his words but Xie Xi believed they would do it. It was only White Tiger…

White Tiger’s thin lips slightly moved. “Don’t touch that thing!”

He had memories of the past and naturally knew why the flower god disappeared. The god’s wisdom was the culprit and White Tiger couldn’t let Xie Xi do it again!

Xie Xi stared at him and spoke slowly, “I remember everything.”

White Tiger was stunned and complained, “That waste Houqing!” Xie Xi came back from Houqing Palace. No matter how Xie Xi remembered things, it clearly had to do with Houqing.

Xie Xi walked towards him, eyes gentle as he whispered, “Little White, give me the god’s wisdom and I can solve all these problems.”

Everyone was stunned when he was called Little White.

Both Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird frowned. They clearly didn’t know too much and were confused about the situation.

The flowers felt the collapse of Rose Mountain. Oh my god… White 99, where did he gain the courage. He unexpectedly called the most powerful and violent Sage White Tiger by Little… Little…

They couldn’t even think about it!

Unexpectedly, Sage White Tiger should be angry and screaming at the little rose but he wasn’t. Instead, his red eyes showed a hint of grievance.

The roses, “!!” It must be an illusion!

Xie Xi also saw it and thought of the suffering over the years. He heart ached and his voice was softer. “Be obedient. This time I won’t leave you again.”

White Tiger’s eyes were red and his voice was hoarse. “You liar.”

“Believe me again. If I die this time, I will take you with me, okay?”

These words completely persuaded White Tiger.

He turned around and screamed, “Everyone, wait here, I will get the god’s wisdom.” He would even bring the god’s wisdom that belonged to Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird.

Xie Xi was relieved since the hardest thing had been done.

White Tiger went to get the god’s wisdom and Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird stood still, not knowing what to think.

Xie Xi was fearless. So what if he was exposed? In any case, the souls supplemented everything lacking for him.

Amnesia plus amnesia plus amnesia. Purple Nine wasn’t deceived. This little rose really forget everything 360 days a year!

Azure Dragon whispered, “You remembered everything.”

He said this and Xie Xi finally remembered. Oh, he also lost his memory with Azure Dragon and forgot matters in the Demon Sea.

Xie Xi replied, “I have forgotten too many things.”

Azure Dragon frowned and there was some embarrassment in his voice. “I’m sorry, I took advantage of you.” He proposed and took advantage of Xie Xi’s amnesia to tie Xie Xi to him for a lifetime.

“I’m not talking about those things…” Xie Xi sighed. “I am the flower god.”

Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird were stunned. Vermilion Bird suddenly asked, “We used to know each other, didn’t we?”

Xie Xi didn’t expect these words.

Vermilion Bird was sharp. “I proposed to you before…”

Xie Xi was startled. “Do you remember?”

Vermilion Bird slowly spoke, “No wonder when I felt you were so familiar when I saw you on the Holy Mountain. No wonder why I felt like I was waiting for someone for thousands of years. No wonder…” He was reluctant after knowing that Azure Dragon and Xie Xi were close.

It was because he always felt that he should be the first to know Xie Xi and should be the only companion in Xie Xi’s life. Everything was forgotten but the unforgettable thoughts were consistent in his heart.

White Tiger left and came back quickly. By the time they finished this conversation, he was back with the three fragments of the god’s wisdom. He was free to go in and out of Azure Dragon Palace and Vermilion Bird palace because they removed the wards for him.

Xie Xi was relieved when he saw the god’s wisdom. “Give them all to me.”

White Tiger hesitated.

Xie Xi held out his hand. “Trust me.”


“This time I won’t lie to you.”

White Tiger handed him the scrolls. In Xie Xi’s hands, the god’s wisdom became a book and merged with the previous two parts to become complete.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry to open the god’s wisdom. Instead, he looked at the three of them and asked, “You are all injured, right?”

They replied in unison, “There is no hindrance.”

Xie Xi ordered, “Change back.”

The trio didn’t move.

Xie Xi asked, “Don’t you want to know what’s going on?

They wanted to… too much.

Azure Dragon’s scales were missing, Vermilion Bird’s feathers were scorched and White Tiger’s wings were incomplete…

Xie Xi was distressed but fortunately, he could repair them one by one. In the countless years spend in the god’s wisdom, Xie Xi wasn’t idle. He made many puppets just in case. This could be used to repair the bodies.

The old chief’s eyes widened at the scene and he said slowly, “This is the power of the flower god. I saw it when I was young. He repaired the scales of Sage Azure Dragon, the tail feathers of Sage Vermillion Bird, the wings of the White Tiger… it is said that he also repaired the tails of the nine tailed demon ancestor and the three heads and six arms of Houqing ancestor…”

Did the old chief previously saw it? Perhaps he only saw it at this moment.

Once the repairs were completed, Xie Xi opened the god’s wisdom.

White Tiger’s pupils shrank but before he could ask anything, Xie Xi had written Bai Hong on the white tiger illustration. White Tiger snapped out, “You lied to me again!”

Xie Xi had no time to answer him. He quickly wrote Long Yin and Feng Yan down.

Once the names were written, Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird and White Tiger disappeared into thin air.

Xie Xi didn’t stop writing and gave surnames to everything he could think of. He couldn’t give many names but names were born from last names.

It was just like sprinkling a few seeds that would eventually grow into a forest. Xie Xi gave surnames and this would produce countless names.

In the end, he drew his own body in the god’s wisdom and wrote the words ‘Xie Xi.’

There was a bang and he disappeared.

What was real inside and outside the drawing?

Where you are is real.

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