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Lost Atlantis (End)

Roast Pork Bun’s eyes were shining.

Jiang Xie asked him, “Do you remember?”

Roast Pork Bun repeatedly nodded. ‘This handsome big brother was so powerful. His voice directly rings in my head!’

Jiang Xie reminded again, “Don’t tell him I said it.”

Roast Pork Bun didn’t understand. Why?  This handsome brother was helping his daddy.

Jiang Xie paused before speaking nonsense. “This is called good deeds don’t leave a name.”

So cool! Roast Pork Bun suddenly became a fan, oh wait, he was a cat.

Xie Xi didn’t know there was a person outside with the cat. His heart was still thumping. This was too exciting and he might die on the spot.

There shouldn’t be a problem, right? He was in place and also dismissed Camouflage. He was no using his own face. Camouflage was powerful and had an instant release. As long as he remembered, there wouldn’t be any delay.

Only the eldest prince came. He deliberately concealed his breath to avoid the fifth and sixth princes, not because of Roast Pork Bun.

This was an opportunity! Xie Xi decided to start.

The fourth prince was still waiting for him but he had locked the bathroom door and pretended his stomach was uncomfortable. He should be able to delay for around 10 minutes or so.

This opponent was rare and he needed to fight for it in order to not have a long night of dreaming!  It was a good thing to be able to handle the eldest prince and possibly gain a large amount of experience.

Xie Xi felt nervous. There was an unpredictable feeling like there was a big pit behind him.

The task must be completed as soon as possible, so that the day of dancing on the wire rope is so difficult that he must be quick, or he will surely fall into mud.

Xie Xi’s emotion brewed a bit as he felt the eldest prince watching him. He frowned and his eyeballs under his eyelids moved, showing the appearance that he was dreaming.

The eldest prince was a bit further away because he was afraid to wake up Sein.

Xie Xi certainly wouldn’t wake up. He cocked his ears and listened to the movements. After he noticed that the eldest prince had retreated a bit, he whispered a name.


It was a very light murmur, as if he was far away from the world.

The eldest prince heard it clearly. Sein called his name in the dream.

Xie Xi feared that the eldest prince didn’t hear it and repeated it again. It was still very low but contained a different type of tenderness and attachment, like he was calling a lover.

The eldest prince was stunned.

Xie Xi’s eyes were closed but he could see the progress bar on the bottom right. The black progress bar rose from 16.61 to 16.62, 16.63, 16.64, 16.65, 16.66…

The rising figure caused Xie Xi’s heart to rise to his throat.

It was so fast and would almost be full!

Xie Xi couldn’t remember the ‘past life.’ This was too much trouble and would stimulate the fifth and sixth princes. However, he could take advantage of the ‘previous’ life to call Randy’s name in his dream. This was enough to ignite the infinite imagination.

Randy really thought a lot.

He was quite sure that he had no intersection with the Sein in front of him. Speaking the name of a prince was taboo at the bottom of the sea. In the strict hierarchical kingdom, ordinary people had no courage to call out these names.

Now Sein called the eldest prince’s name and spoke it in a voice full of affection and yearning.

He was truly Sein Hall, Randy’s Sein Hall. Did he have memories of the past as well? No… it shouldn’t be there before but it was different after being resurrected.

Was it because of Randy’s blood? He loved Sein in the past so Sein also recovered his former self? Once Sein woke up, he was confused because he had vague memories of his past life. Thus, he wasn’t clear where he was or who he was?

This might be too good. The eldest prince’s heart beat quickly and he couldn’t help approaching Xie Xi.

Xie Xi listened intently and once he noticed that the prince was approaching, he suddenly opened his eyes.

The two of them stared at each other.

Xie Xi didn’t blink as a sweet smile appeared on his face and his slightly curved eyes filled with affection. He seemed to have just woken up and saw his beloved lover, making him pour out all his love without reservation.

The eldest prince seemed to have returned to his dream where he saw the young master wearing luxurious clothing, leaning against his arm and smiling at him.

Sein really remembered it. He was truly Sein Hall. His young master, his lover.

Xie Xi couldn’t hold it anymore. He saw the black progress bar rushing to 16.66..% and immediately woke up. The sweetness in his eyes disappeared and he looked at the man in front of him with fear.

The eldest prince was stunned.

Xie Xi retreated backwards and shrank into a corner of the wall. He looked at the person in front of him with fearful eyes, nerves tense to the limit, as if he was going to break in the next moment.

This was tantamount to sprinkling salt on Randy’s heart. “Don’t be afraid. It’s fine, I…”

Xie Xi shrank back even more. He closed his eyes tightly and trembled, his fear reaching the limit.

It was like when he saw the fifth and sixth princes after the resurrection.

The words of the fourth prince poured into the mind of the eldest prince. The eldest prince was too distressed at the pain and hurriedly said, “You have a good rest. I will leave so don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.”

It was a pity that Xie Xi couldn’t hear anything. He kept desperately shrinking back as he tried to hide himself in the wall.

This acting… unfortunately, there wasn’t an audience or they would’ve surely clapped and given him 100% approval.

Thus, people grew up.

Look at Classmate Xie Xi who grew from a 19 year old innocent little brother to a slag fish.

After the eldest prince left, Xie Xi stayed a bit longer for safety reasons.

Roast Pork Bun flew in. “It was very dangerous. Fortunately, there was a handsome person to help.”

Xie Xi only remembered it now. “He’s gone?”

X’s puppet would disappear after three minutes.

Roast Pork Bun shouted, “He disappeared with a whoosh!”

Xie Xi nodded but felt some doubts in his house. He told the puppet to send him to the elf’s side. Roast Pork Bun was outside the room and he thought he would move there before going inside the house. The speed of the puppet was sure to make it in time. Unexpectedly, the puppet actually sent him directly into the room and even on the bed…

Xie Xi hadn’t spoken so precisely. How did the puppet know?

How did the puppet know his bed?

Time was tight and he didn’t have too much time to think. Now he felt that something was wrong.

Roast Pork Bun felt anxious that his daddy would catch on and quickly stated, “Daddy, we only have four princes left.” (TL: There was a line in Chapter 69 about the fifth prince’s bar becoming full. If you read it early i.e. within one hour of release, you might’ve missed it) Roast Pork Bun could also see the progress bar.

It was rare that this little guy was willing to use his brain. Xie Xi told him, “There is just a bit left. It will probably become full as soon as I marry him.”

His Camouflage had ten days left. As long as he rushed to marry the fourth prince within this time limit, there shouldn’t be any problems.

However, Xie Xi thought he would become bald at the thought of dragging out the other five people for ten days.

Roast Pork Bun suggested, “Maybe you don’t have to get married?”


Roast Pork Bun said, “If it is me, I would be very happy if Daddy gives me a woolen ball.”

Roast Pork Bun liked round things, especially a woolen ball. However, the ball couldn’t be hidden. If Roast Pork Bun played with the ball, the sight of a ball rolling around would be seen by others. This image was too scary so Xie Xi didn’t dare let him play.

His words inspired Xie Xi.

He might be pedalling six boats and collected the love of six people but in fact, Xie Xi didn’t understand the matter of falling in love.

He didn’t think much. The six princes loved him to death and his daily worries were about not overturning the boat instead of how to make them happy.

This wasn’t a normal love pattern so Xie Xi didn’t think about a normal relationship.

How should he talk about love? Xie Xi had an idea. Perhaps he could send the fourth prince something he liked. This would make the fourth prince happy while showing his love. Could it make the last bit of progress full?

It was a lot easier than getting married and would save time!

The thing he was lacking most right now was time. Every minute and second was risky.

He didn’t know how long he could hide things. The sooner this finished, the better.

Xie Xi pondered on it. “It makes sense. I’ll check what the fourth prince likes later.”

It might not be found but he would try it first. If it wasn’t possible, he would change into a reserve face with a higher authority to check.

Of course, now he had to go back. The fourth prince was still waiting for him!

Xie Xi couldn’t teleport this time and could only run back himself. Fortunately, he was very familiar with the guard’s quarters and managed to reach Jesse’ residence in the shortest time.

Roast Pork Bun was still on standby as a lookout for Sein. He would watch the movements of the princes at any time in order to call Xie Xi.

Xie Xi’s heart was full of doubts towards X’s puppet and he also wondered what the fourth prince liked. Suddenly, he stopped…

Roast Pork Bun wasn’t familiar with the world. How could he suddenly put forward a constructive proposal?

Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking about the puppet again.

No, was it just a puppet?

Xie Xi thought about what he did to the puppet and his heart started thumping.

—X was a pervert. What would happen if he offended a pervert?

He was too busy thinking about this and Roast Pork Bun’s big eyes weren’t present. Thus, he didn’t realize that his whereabouts were seen by two other people.

The third prince wondered, “Isn’t that Fourth Brother’s sweetheart?”

The second prince also saw Xie Xi and raised his eyebrows. “It seems that our young sister-in-law isn’t simple.’

They had something to do and temporarily left while Jesse was in the bathroom. They weren’t able to say goodbye and spoke to the fourth prince before coming out together. Who would’ve expected to see Jesse Hall hastily rushing back?

He wasn’t in the bathroom? Why did he run outside?

The third prince instantly said, “I will go tell Fourth Brother.”

The second prince stopped him. “Don’t be hasty. Fourth Brother is fascinated by him and how could he listen to our words? Wait and I’ll check the details.”

The third prince calmed down and also said, “I’ll check it out as well.” He wanted to see what this little bodyguard is doing and if he was playing with his Fourth Brother’s feelings.

Xie Xi had no idea that his backyard was on fire. He returned to his residence and the fourth prince asked about his health.

Xie Xi told him, “I might’ve eaten something bad. If it’s fine, I will take a break.”

“I’ll get you some medicine. Eat it and you will be fine.”

Xie Xi shook his head. “No, I have regular medicine and just took it.”

The fourth prince told him, “Okay, go to rest. I will clean up here.”

Xie Xi didn’t push back.

The fourth prince and Xie Xi quickly changed shifts with Roast Pork Bun. He hurried to Sein’s residence because he was afraid that the fourth and fifth princes would come to see him.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the fifth and sixth princes come.

Xie Xi treated them the same and sent them away with skillful acting.

After taking care of this wave, Xie Xi had time to check what the fourth prince liked.

The investigation allowed him to find out something.

The fourth prince actually liked roses…

An underwater fish liked a flower from land!

However, there were real roses under the sea. The seabed people had a deep curiosity about the land. Just as the land people liked coral pearls, the underwater people were interested in land plants.

People would study things as long as someone liked it.

On the land, roses were very common and often climbed up walls. They were beautiful but not precious. Now this thing was a luxury under the sea.

If a merperson wanted to keep a rose flower under the water, the price paid wasn’t small. First, there needed to be a pressure-resistant shield and an air circulator. Not to mention, there wasn’t sunlight in the deep midnight sea.

Roses weren’t worth the money. This set of equipment was expensive to kill someone.

Xie Xi thought about it and decided to buy it!

Such a rose flower was equivalent to a globally limited watch worth millions.

The other person was a prince but Xie Xi was a small guard. Spending such a big fortune to give the prince a gift would surely move him!

Xie Xi’s arrangement of his identity was well down. He mortgaged his house and managed to afford his potted flower.

Of course, he didn’t have time to go through these procedures and could only use the reserve face to rob the rich.

Xie Xi didn’t know that his first layer of cover had been ripped off!

The third prince didn’t know that he would really be shocked by the check.

He stared into the palace’s surveillance and stared at Jesse Hall. He found that this kid came out of Sein Hall’s residence!

As for how he got in there… the surveillance didn’t catch it.

Soon, Jesse Hall entered Sein Hall’s room against. Then Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother entered. After they left again, Jesse Hall unexpectedly came out and returned to his own residence.


The second prince also saw this and the two brothers stared at each other with shock.

What the hell was going on?

Jesse Hall and Sein Hall were the same person?

Big Brother, Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother liked the same person?

The more exaggerated thing was that Jesse Hall accepted Fourth Brother’s proposal and they were about to get married?

It was such a fantasy that neither of them could believe it.

Xie Xi couldn’t prevent this. In fact, he used the reserve face to tamper with the monitors but he had no experience. He wasn’t skilled in these things and couldn’t turn off all the monitoring.

Not to mention that the third prince was the commander of the guards. He had his own system to protect the palace. Xie Xi could change his face but he wasn’t a professional. How could he clear everything?

In fact, if the third prince hadn’t become suspicious then he wouldn’t have gone to look at the surveillance of the guard’s quarters. Who cared about what these little guards did?


The third prince opened his mouth. “We have to tell Fourth Brother.”

The second prince added, “We also need to tell Big Brother, Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother.”

“So…” The third prince’s eyes narrowed. “We will call Big Brother, Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother together to directly tear off his face and reveal his true identity.”

The monitoring couldn’t explain the problem. Since this person had the ability to bewitch four princes, he must be somewhat capable. They couldn’t give him a chance to retreat, so that the four people obsessed with him could wake up!

If time could be reversed, who knew how much the third prince would want to kill his current self…

Xie Xi managed to buy a precious rose flower. It was a particularly pure and clean white.

This colour had been carefully selected by Xie Xi. The fourth prince’s progress bar was white so didn’t this mean he fit the colour?

The meaning of the white rose was very beautiful. It represented pure love.

Xie Xi felt that he wasn’t pure at all but the fourth prince was very pure. The fourth prince was worthy of this white rose!

Xie Xi didn’t dare waste any time and took the white rose to find the fourth prince.

It should work. The last bit of progress…

The fourth prince should like it.

Xie Xi felt nervous and a bit of panic but there should be nothing wrong…

The progress bar was very stable. 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 had become green. Only the fourth prince’s white bar wasn’t full.

There should be no problem!

Xie Xi entered the fourth prince’s palace.

The fourth prince saw him come over and was very happy. “Why did you suddenly come…” He stopped as he saw the white rose in Xie Xi’s hand.

Xie Xi thought that he was about to leave this world and inevitably felt a bit excited. “We are engaged and I didn’t know what to send you. I saw this white rose and thought Your Highness would like it.”

The fourth prince loved it. He was born with special emotions towards roses and his liking was embedded deep into his bones.

It was just that the bottom of the sea wasn’t suitable for the growth of roses. Thus, even if he liked it, he never bought one.

Now Jesse gave him a beautiful white rose. He said they were engaged and he wanted to give a present.

He bought a beautiful white rose that represented pure love.

The fourth prince’s heart beat faster as he took the white rose. He seemed to be touching the pure heart of the person in front of him.

Xie Xi saw the white progress bar flashing and nervously bit his lower lip.

“Fourth Brother!” Then the third prince’s shout was heard. “Don’t be fooled by his lies. He isn’t Jesse Hall!”

Xie Xi was shocked and turned to see five princes standing by the door.

Eldest prince Randy, second prince Aix-en, third prince Gars, fifth prince Randall and sixth prince Sirius.

What was going on?

Xie Xi’s head was blank for a moment.

The third prince sneered. “You are Sein Hall!”

As his firm words were heard, Xie Xi saw a prompt in the lower right corner.

[The original face has been detected and Camouflage has failed.]

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “???”

This damn Camouflage failed? It would fail when detected?

Finished… it was the end…

As a result, Xie Xi switched to Colin Hall’s face.

He couldn’t turn into Sein Hall. 1, 5 and 6 were already suspicious. If they saw Sein Hall’s face, the progress would definitely drop.

He couldn’t switch to other reserve faces because he had his back to the fourth prince. If his clothes changed, it would be too late to gain the fourth prince’s progress!

Therefore, he could only switch to Colin Hall, who was a guard and had a similar body shape.

As for the second and third prince, they were so shocked when they saw their lover’s face that they couldn’t think.

This moment was Xie Xi’s only chance.

He silenced the second and third princes and kept his back to the fourth prince, his shoulders trembling. “I’m sorry…”

At this critical and final moment, he would either be torn apart or ascend to heaven. Xie Xi showed incomparably superb acting with his voice and back.

“I’m sorry Your Highness. I have kept many things from you but I have never lied to you. I want to be with you but I have no chance. If there is an afterlife, I hope to meet you again.”

The moment he finished speaking, Xie Xi jumped and opened the distance. He triggered the water bomb that he had carried with him in case he needed to die.


Xie Xi emitted a dazzling light and was blown up, leaving not even traces of bones behind.

He looked at the progress bar blankly, waiting for the final white bar.

If it turned green, he could leave the world. If it didn’t change, he would die.

Fortunately, he seized his last chance and didn’t give anyone time to think.

[Congratulations, the S+ quasi-world Lost Atlantis has been cleared.]

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