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Rebirth of a Supermodel: Table of Contents

Title: Rebirth of a Supermodel (重生超模)

Status in Original Country: 244 chapters including extras (Complete)


Translation Status: Completed (Apart from extra story about a side couple)

Author’s Synopsis:

In his past life, Ming Yu struggled in the European and United States fashion circles, eventually becoming the well deserved king of the catwalk.

After dying from a serious illness and being reborn, Ming Yu was surprised to find:
Huaxia stars shone brightly, there were successful names everywhere!

In this better world, on a more vigorous and brilliant stage, the first supermodel tries to reproduce the glory of another world!

Interviewer: May I ask Mr Xi, this year Ming Yu said he would surpass you. As the number one global supermodel, what is your opinion on this?

Xi Ze: This is a bad question. My family has very strict rules.

Home Owner Ming Yu: …….

The pair of black-hearted husbands will sweep the fashion industry, conquering the world.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6 
Chapter 7 
Chapter 8 
Chapter 9 
Chapter 10 
Chapter 11 
Chapter 12 
Chapter 13 
Chapter 14 
Chapter 15 
Chapter 16 
Chapter 17 
Chapter 18 
Chapter 19 
Chapter 20 
Chapter 21 
Chapter 22 
Chapter 23 
Chapter 24 
Chapter 25 
Chapter 26 
Chapter 27 
Chapter 28 
Chapter 29 
Chapter 30 
Chapter 31 
Chapter 32 
Chapter 33 
Chapter 34 
Chapter 35 
Chapter 36 
Chapter 37 
Chapter 38 
Chapter 39 
Chapter 40 
Chapter 41 
Chapter 42 
Chapter 43 
Chapter 44 
Chapter 45 
Chapter 46 
Chapter 47 
Chapter 48 
Chapter 49 
Chapter 50 
Chapter 51 
Chapter 52 
Chapter 53 
Chapter 54 
Chapter 55 
Chapter 56 
Chapter 57 
Chapter 58 
Chapter 59 
Chapter 60 
Chapter 61 
Chapter 62 
Chapter 63 
Chapter 64 
Chapter 65 
Chapter 66 
Chapter 67 
Chapter 68 
Chapter 69 
Chapter 70 
Chapter 71 
Chapter 72 
Chapter 73 
Chapter 74 
Chapter 75 
Chapter 76 
Chapter 77 
Chapter 78 
Chapter 79 
Chapter 80 
Chapter 81 
Chapter 82 
Chapter 83 
Chapter 84 
Chapter 85 
Chapter 86 
Chapter 87 
Chapter 88 
Chapter 89 
Chapter 90 
Chapter 91 
Chapter 92 
Chapter 93 
Chapter 94 
Chapter 95 
Chapter 96 
Chapter 97 
Chapter 98 
Chapter 99 
Chapter 100 
Chapter 101 
Chapter 102 
Chapter 103 
Chapter 104 
Chapter 105 
Chapter 106 
Chapter 107 
Chapter 108 
Chapter 109 
Chapter 110 
Chapter 111 
Chapter 112 
Chapter 113 
Chapter 114 
Chapter 115 
Chapter 116 
Chapter 117 
Chapter 118 
Chapter 119 
Chapter 120 
Chapter 121 
Chapter 122 
Chapter 123 
Chapter 124 
Chapter 125 
Chapter 126 
Chapter 127 
Chapter 128 
Chapter 129 
Chapter 130 
Chapter 131 
Chapter 132 
Chapter 133 
Chapter 134 
Chapter 135 
Chapter 136 
Chapter 137 
Chapter 138 
Chapter 138 
Chapter 140 
Chapter 141 
Chapter 142 
Chapter 143 
Chapter 144 
Chapter 145 
Chapter 146 
Chapter 147 
Chapter 148 
Chapter 149 
Chapter 150 
Chapter 151 
Chapter 152 
Chapter 153 
Chapter 154 
Chapter 155 
Chapter 156 
Chapter 157 
Chapter 158 
Chapter 159 
Chapter 160 
Chapter 161 
Chapter 162 
Chapter 163 
Chapter 164 
Chapter 165 
Chapter 166 
Chapter 167 
Chapter 168 
Chapter 169 
Chapter 170 
Chapter 171 
Chapter 172 
Chapter 173 
Chapter 174 
Chapter 175 
Chapter 176 
Chapter 177 
Chapter 178 
Chapter 179 
Chapter 180 
Chapter 181 
Chapter 182 
Chapter 183 
Chapter 184 
Chapter 185 
Chapter 186 
Chapter 187 
Chapter 188 
Chapter 189 
Chapter 190 
Chapter 191 
Chapter 192 
Chapter 193 
Chapter 194 
Chapter 195 
Chapter 196 
Chapter 197 
Chapter 198 
Chapter 199 
Chapter 200 
Chapter 201 
Chapter 202 
Chapter 203 
Chapter 204 
Chapter 205 
Chapter 206 
Chapter 207 
Chapter 208 
Chapter 209 
Chapter 210 
Chapter 211 
Chapter 212 
Chapter 213 
Chapter 214 
Chapter 215 
Chapter 216 
Chapter 217 
Chapter 218 
Chapter 219 
Chapter 220 
Chapter 221 
Chapter 222 
Chapter 223 
Chapter 224 
Chapter 225 
Chapter 226 
Chapter 227 
Chapter 228 
Chapter 229 
Chapter 230 
Chapter 231 
Chapter 232 
Chapter 233 
Chapter 234 
Chapter 235 
Chapter 236 
Chapter 237 


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6 years ago

I really like this novel

4 years ago
Reply to  Akii

I really love this novel!❤

6 years ago

I really enjoy reading this novel😍 Thank you for your translations and hard work😊

6 years ago

Thank you for translating this. This is indeed a truly enjoyable one to read. Thank you very much for your hard work!!! *hugs*

6 years ago

Love this pair of blackhearted husbands! Thanks so much for translating this, and the super fast releases!

6 years ago

Thankyou so much!!! I cann’t stop smiling after reading chapter99!!

6 years ago

Oh my gosh I love love this novel. It’s so fun!

6 years ago

thanks you for your translating this, I love it so much

6 years ago

Thank you so much….I can’t get enough of this novel….sosososo love it….😆😍😍😍😍

5 years ago

Thank you.
I smiled every time i read this novel.
It very funny.

Crazyb isme
Crazyb isme
5 years ago

Falling in love with this novel so much 😍😍

Mike pergel
Mike pergel
5 years ago

Really love this novel…. Thanks for your translation and hardwork…. Kudos to you…..

5 years ago

I really loved this novel. Thank you so much for the hard work.

5 years ago

Thank you for your translations and hard work

Purple Jade Bunny
5 years ago

XD reading this always leaves me squealing… literally.

Ju Ir
Ju Ir
5 years ago

Words are simply not enough to express my thanks… Your translation is one of best ones I had the fortune to read, I am really happy that you finished it to the bitter-sweet end… Bitter – a story ended… Sweet – it ended on a beautiful note – with me wondering what the little aunt would do to the shameless Adenes… Hahaha… Anyway – whatever project you decided to translate again – I would happily follow… Again – a MASSIVE THANK YOU, TRANSLATOR-SAMA!!!!!!

Mike pergel
Mike pergel
5 years ago

I love this novel…. Thanks for the translation…. Hope you may consider the extra chapters…..

5 years ago

thank you for translating Rebirth of Supermodel. i feel in love with this pair of black hearted husbands 😍😍😍 Xi Ze x Ming Yu 😍😍

5 years ago

Hello, can i ask permission to upload this book in wattpad? One of my readers in wattpad is asking me to upload so before i upload i want to ask for permission first

5 years ago
Reply to  Shandychan

No. If uploaded in wattpad, it will be reported

5 years ago
Reply to  rainbowturtle

Ok thank you for replying, i understand your wish. Anyway do you have the pdf file of this book? I love this book so i wish i could download the file and save it in my phone or computer so that i can read it offline

5 years ago
Reply to  rainbowturtle

Ok thank you for replying, i understand your wish. Anyway do you have the pdf file of this book? I love this book so i wish i could download the file and save it in my phone or computer so that i can read it offline

5 years ago

Thank you for your hard work Rainbow Turtle.I in love with this novel since the first time i read it <3

5 years ago

Can you guys tell mw where i can read side couple? I just finish this story.. and now i completely courious about songluo story 😭

4 years ago

Finally finished reading this novel 😍😍😍😘
I’ve stopped reading this when I got my last year and the translation is still on 150+..

Thank you translator-sama 😘😘😘
Now, I’m gonna read your other translation 😉👍🏻 gonna start now sinve its 5pm+ at Saturday. Will do my laundry and grocery tomorrow then 🤣🤦🏻

4 years ago

Thank you for translating this, it is a very interesting story.🙏

Suibian Muah
Suibian Muah
4 years ago

10/10 Recommended!
If you are reading in the comment section now to find out whether or not it is worth reading, Rest assure.
Once you read this, you will have a hard time from moving on. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄!!

3 years ago

Don’t mind me, I’m just writing the magic numbers: 101, 145 _(:3 」∠)_

1 year ago

This story has a lot of typos in it, to the point that one name can be spelled three different ways (or more, I stopped counting at three) in a single chapter. The plot seems very exaggerated, to an almost absurd level, frequently. I get the impression that the author has a strong bias specifically against the US. The English names seemed very odd, and I suspect that many had the surname/given name transposed. However, the author’s narrative humor is well done, the story was readable at a relaxed pace to the end, and if I could manage to make it all the way through (given my intense frustration with typos) despite the aforementioned items. I recommend it, so long as you read it with a grain of salt.