RS: Chapter 212

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Chapter 212

Gossip had been in the midst of brewing only to be bombed into pieces by Adenes’ tweet, no longer existing.

Adenes’ temper had always been straightforward. Now he… well, she had become the world’s first supermodel. She was really proud and full of strength.

Of course, some people asked if Adenes’ dream was to top the world’s supermodel rankings?

To this, Adenes generously replied that she just felt like a woman. She loved a woman’s beauty from an early age. This beauty made him very obsessed and to also think that they were the creations God selflessly dedicated himself to.

In the end, it could be summed up in one sentence.

【 Adenes Clark: I like women. Anyone who is unconvinced can bite me. 】

Despite Adenes saying that he hated Xi Ze on his twitter, his fans just laughed and said nothing. Even Xi Ze’s fans just laughed and didn’t show much reaction.

Losing to Xi Ze for five years!

It was normal for a person to feel envious and some hate.

In addition, Xi Ze was a bad person! How long had it been since he had walked in a show?

Ji and Ya hadn’t created a men’s high-end show for two consecutive years and Xi Ze hadn’t participated in any fashion shows. He was completely regarded as ‘a sightseeing supermodel.’

As this thought sprung up in the minds of many people, they weren’t aware that in May, Ji and Ya would post a notice saying that this July’s Ji and Ya should would target men’s clothing.

Many male supermodel fans around the world were stirred as soon as they saw this announcement.

Ji and Ya hadn’t released a menswear show in two years. This occasion naturally filled them with enthusiasm. The high-end work was kept at a low profile for two years. This high-end show would definitely be very beautiful. The people who could walk in this high-end should would naturally receive glory and would have their supermodel ranking in June affected.

It was because the high-end show took place in July but the list of invited supermodels would be released in May.

A high-end show would have dozens of people walk in the show and wouldn’t exceed 100. Ji and Ya’s requirements for their fashion shows were extremely high. They would rather have a supermodel walk two times then a non-qualified model appear.

Many people started to feel pity for Adenes. After all, it was likely that he would’ve become Ji and Ya’s finale model if he hadn’t changed sex.

Many people started to speculate about who would appear on the stage of this Ji and Ya fashion show.

Among the catwalk models, Ming Yu’s name was most popular!

It was because Xi Ze and Ming Yu’s relationship was really intimate! Everyone knew that Xi Ze was a person who didn’t like to post on Weibo. But in order to be loved by his lover, in the short amount of time since the relationship was announced, Xi Ze put on a big show.

It was as if he was anxious to let the world know— This mushroom is mine!

【 Xi Ze: I just woke up. What is the weather like in London today @Ming Yu 】

【 Xi Ze: Yesterday’s show is very good, the high-end piece was very good @Raymond’s innovation is amazing @Ming Yu’s interpretation is also very suitable. 】

【 Xi Ze: Today I encountered a Yizhi posted on the road. This person is somewhat familiar @Ming Yu [/Photo] 】……

The Weibo posts caused the fans to feel ecstatic and angry.

They were ecstatic since God Xi used to go for half a month without posting and now the daily messages were like a punch! However, the anger from every person on the Weibo was the love show!!  (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻!!!

Did single dogs not feel bitter? They are bitter!

Did single dogs not feel tired?

They are tired!

Their husband was taken away and now he showed love every day? If it was sprinkling sugar once or twice, they could say that it was ‘good and sweet’ and ‘we have to eat dog food again’. But what if the dog food was scattered everywhere?

A pack of dog food in the morning, dog food at noon and dog food in the evening! Sometimes another goodnight dog food would be sent!

This speed of dog food production really made all the CP fans bow before him!

Meanwhile, the single dogs were killed by him!

If Xi Ze’s fans were blinded by their own god, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans were in dire straight and unable to escape!

God Xi’s show of mushroom love also affected them. Didn’t Xi Ze post a sneak shot of the sleeping Ming Xiaoyu a few days ago?

This photo was really beautiful. The golden sun shone on the white face, showing of small mushroom’s long eyelashes, tall nose, red lips and collarbone that wasn’t completely covered by a blanket…

No, a nosebleed was coming out!!

Cough, returning to the main topic, the mushroom fans had their own family cooked in a public display of affection. At the same time. The leader of their fan circle, Zyu! He also showed love every day!!!

In the past, God Zyu didn’t speak much. He would use his Weibo and write posts in the fan forum, but he never spoke a work of nonsense. If he posted a photo, he would only explain what it was and not express himself any more.

But… QAQ!

It changed since God Z and Good Legs Sister hooked up! God Z wasn’t the noble and cold self of the past!

【 Zyu: I haven’t seen you in three days. I miss you eyes, I miss your eyebrows, I miss your eyelashes, I miss your lips… I miss you and also miss you long legs @I want to break my wife’s leg 】

【 Zyu: Change your name. I am now counted as your ‘wife’ and you want to break my legs every day. What is this? 】

【 Zyu: Well, you don’t have to change it but I will only allow you to break my other leg. Well, grabbing it is better. 】……

Damn it!  Even using obscene words! Doesn’t he care about his face?

God Xi ‘s show of love belonged to the 24/7 filial boyfriend, his wife always filling his heart. Then God Zyu’s show of love was to use a s*xual tone with Good Legs Sister!

A storm of s*xual words! The onlookers wondered why they had to be swept in?

However, since the actual person was so shameless, many s*xual-words expert started to appear on Zyu’s Weibo. These enthusiastic friends had just replied to Zyu’s Weibo when they received the following message.

【 Zyu: Who told you that @I want to break my wife’s leg is a woman? 】 The words woke up the dreamers!

All the fans were shocked and the small mushroom in their hands fell to the ground.

After God Z’s clarification, the comments under his post weren’t reduced!  The number of fans also skyrocketed after previously losing thousands of followers. Ming Xiaoyu’s side Weibo also reached 100,000 in just a few days.

【 Come, there is a shameless person here abusing a dog! @ Protect Single Dogs Association 】

【 Is there an amazing boyfriend? [/doge] 】

【 I can’t eat this dog food! 】

【 It is just a boyfriend! I don’t have a boyfriend but I have to watch this love show! Hmph! 】……

While Xi Ze was doing this things, Ming Yu was having a discussion with Xiao Biqing who he hadn’t seen for a long time. The two sides were in a meeting and it was very late in the evening. Then Zyu posted his ‘clarifying gender’ Weubo and there were thousands of forwards and comments!

Don’t think that this level was very bad. You must know that Zyu’s identity was only Ming Xiaoyu’s lead fan. He didn’t have Xiao Biqing’s actress halo so it was already quite frightening that he could have this type of exposure.

Ming Yu’s face became livid when he saw this Weibo.

Xiao Biqing also saw the news and shook her fists with indignation, crying out, “This Zyu is too much! He robbed me of my identity as lead mushroom fan! Fortunately, I know you in reality and know we have a closer relationship. Otherwise, as a mushroom fan, I would really be jealous to death.”

Ming Xiaoyu who knew the truth, “…”

He didn’t know how she would feel if he told her that they were sleeping on the same bed this morning _ (: З”∠) _

After saying farewell to Xiao Biqing, the first thing Ming Xiaoyu did was to forward the Weibo angrily.

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: Grab peat! I’m going to break your legs!!! All three legs will be broken @Zyu 】  

Then Ming Xiaoyu didn’t pay much attention to this matter. He discussed a bit with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru before forwarding Xiao Biqing’s Weibo and posting a message.

【 Ming Yu: I am very happy to be working with @Xiao Biqing on @Midnight Singing. This time, you really are my sister. [/Laugh] 】

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Kaguya Magami
Kaguya Magami
4 years ago

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Thank you for the chapter!

4 years ago

Ming Yu’s very name is breaking his wife’s leg which shows he either is a woman who has a wife or a man who’s a wife. But then, as shown in their interaction with Zyu, it’s an obvious thing he is a male although that’s his user name so the fans being shocked is so funny. 😂
P. S. I can’t eat this dog food! Damn God Xi throwing dog food everywhere in different ways!! Poor Ming Yu, always bullied by his hubby XD

4 years ago

Ah i feel you fictional fans!!! *sobs while showing a pile of dog food away*

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4 years ago

“It was as if he was anxious to let the world know— This mushroom is mine!” -LOL when wasn’t he. He is possessive as hell but in a good way.

“A pack of dog food in the morning, dog food at noon and dog food in the evening! Sometimes another goodnight dog food would be sent!” – I don’t know why but I read this with old macdonald nursery rhyme LOL

“Zyu: Well, you don’t have to change it but I will only allow you to break my other leg. Well, grabbing it is better.” – *cover face* OMG, God Z you didn’t. //all single dog died from overeating//

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“Break all THREE legs”. 😂
Thank you.

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Oh my god! Cant i tell them that the 2 pair is the same as their god and small mushroom. Because im dying want to see their reaction!

Thank you for your hardwork!

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You have to admit God Xi is really trying to woo his wife.
Thank you!

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Thanks for the chapter!

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The gold dog food is too much. Where if it’s the real account or the side account. The pink bubbles are overflowing that every fan can take a bath together.
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1 year ago

> As this thought sprung up in the minds of many people, they weren’t aware that in May, Ji and Ya would post a notice saying that this July’s Ji and Ya [would] target men’s clothing.

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Too much dog food for me to handle

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