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Chapter 163

This was definitely a provocation! It was an absolute provocation!!

Since Xiao Biqing became famous, she had seen countless people who thought they could stand higher than her. However, she turned out to win three awards and became the youngest actress to win the three awards.

Xiao Biqing directly called her financial planner on the phone and asked for an approximate value of the items Z displayed. After an hour, her financial planner said that they were dozens of pieces from Feilu’s glory series. At present, they were probably worth three or four yuan million added together.

Xiao Biqing, “…”

Millions of yuan was just a drop in the bucket for her. Xiao Biqing’s assets already exceeded 100 million and her movie paychecks were never less than nine digits. Just like out of the two billion investment in An Li, one-twentieth of it was Xiao Biqing’s movie paycheck. It was because the name Xiao Biqing was worth the price.

Millions of yuan might be available to her but it didn’t mean she would spend as much as the person called Z.

Female stars like her didn’t really care about male watches. She could send the Nidelan Smoke fragrances to her friends in the industry. However, sending a watch to a male friend was too intimate.

But she had to hold down Zyu’s arrogance.

She absolutely couldn’t give up the position of leader mushroom!

Xiao Biqing pondered for a long time before sighing. After 10 minutes, she posted a photo on her Weibo.

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: I have bought a few outfits from Nidelan before. Although I didn’t watch it, the May fashion show was really excellent. There were many beautiful outfits. I like these outfits very much. [/laughter] [/Photo] [/Photo] [/Photo] [/Picture]

Four photos!

Everyone clicked on them and were shocked!

The status of the Nidelan May fashion show wasn’t extremely high, but it was definitely a high-end fashion show. Every outfit was very valuable. Most people didn’t have a chance to wear them. They would only wear them when attending a few dinners.

Before Xiao Xiao Yu Yu had posted the images of these outfits, many fans guessed that Goddess Xiao Xiao was a wealthy socialite. The background of each photo didn’t capture all of the house. But the rich and low-key decorations showed the good quality of the owner.

Now Goddess Xiao Xiao showed so many outfits.

These outfits certainly weren’t more expensive than Zyu’s watches, but that wasn’t the point.

Being able to buy so many outfits of Nidelan at once proved that she had certain means. Goddess Xiao Xiao would certainly wear these outfits, which was why she bought so many. This showed that she was a lady who often attending major occasions.

The Feilu watches could be bought as long as a person had money. But these outfits weren’t necessarily available if a person had money!

【 Goddess Xiao Xiao isn’t an ordinary person. I have seen this dress before. It is the second pierce that @Xu Rongrong wore in the May fashion show! I remember this dress was worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. 】

【 What do you know? My friend who studies fashion design tells me that this dress can only be worn when attending various high-status dinners and high-end shows. It is a waste to wear this dress at any other time. Goddess Xiao Xiao must often participate in such activities, which is why she bought these outfits. 】

【 Goddess Xiao Xiao’s hands are so beautiful. If she often has to attend a lot of dinners, I want to see what Goddess Xiao Xiao looks like… 】…

Yes, these outfits added up didn’t exceed two or three million (only for these two fans. The other fans already think two or three million is huge). But these outfits represented a status symbol.

Xiao Biqing’s attack was really fierce and sinister. After half an hour, Zyu didn’t respond.

Upon seeing it, Xiao Biqing proudly puckered her lips. “Tut, I can only wear these dresses at dinners with no reporters in order to avoid being recognized, but it is okay as long as I can press down this nouveau riche person. Haha! I am the lead mushroom!”

In this way, a long time passed.

Zyu didn’t reply.

Everyone thought that God Zyu had no way of competing with Goddess Xiao Xiao. They didn’t know that at this time, God Z was sitting at a London fashion show, waiting for the high-end show to begin.

Once he saw the outfits that Xiao Biqing showed, Xi Ze raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes.

Xiao Xiao Yu Yu was so straightforward that don’t blame him for inquiring about her destiny. After a phone call, Xi Ze had Ding Bo go to Nidelan to understand who bought these outfits.

Originally, Nidelan wouldn’t divulge such customer information. But these were just superficial rules. Ding Bo directly called Nidelan’s chief designer and used Ji and Ya’s name as a guarantee that the customer’s information wasn’t leaked out. The master who was close to Xi Ze ended up telling Ding Bo the name.

『 Xiao Biqing. 』

Once he got the name, Ding Bo was stunned for a while. How could it be Xiao Biqing?

After Ding Bo told Xi Ze the name, Xi Ze didn’t reply and it seemed like he was letting it go.

But Ding Bo didn’t think things would be so simple. In the past, Ding Bo helped Xi Ze do many things that abused private rights. The two people had ‘colluded’ for so many years. Xi Ze might be considering something bad but he didn’t deliberately deceive his agent.

This matter…it was terrible!

Ding Bo checked and found out about the war between fans.

Ding Bo, “…Dammit! Xi Ze, you are crazy! What if you get discovered by someone? You might be a dead pig not afraid of boiling water, but what about Ming Yu? His career is slowly rising! If he is suddenly tied to you, what will other people think about him?”

Once Xi Ze heard this, he was silent for a moment before saying, “No one will find out.”

Ding Bo made an angry expression. “Will nobody find out just because you say so?”

Xi Ze tried to calm him down. “If I sat this then people definitely won’t found out.” At least, he didn’t want people to find out at this time.

Ding Bo, “…”

Ding Bo knew Xi Ze so he was too lazy to say anything more. In addition, Xi Ze had already done these bad behaviours. It wasn’t a big deal if the public found out now. In any case, it wasn’t Ding Bo’s money.

Now in Ding Bo’s eyes, golden words covered the man’s handsome and elegant face.

『 Person stupid about money, come quickly. 』

Originally, Ding Bo thought this was the end of the mater. After all, Xiao Biqing showed the outfits an.d killed 800 out of 1,000 people He never imagined that after a long moment of thought, Xi Ze spoke very solemnly. “Find an assistant to go to my house in Huaxia. Take a photo and send it to me.”

Ding Bo asked, “…You want to show off your house?”

Xi Ze raised his eyebrows with surprise. “You unexpectedly guessed?”

“…You are simply mad!!  (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

Next, Zyu published a photo of a villa. At the same time, he wrote: 【 I have too much mushroom merchandise and there is no place to put it. I can only buy a house to temporarily put it. 】 Temporarily put it…

Temporarily put…


What was this?

There was such a tyrant!!

This house was real estate and could be appreciated. But the action of ‘buying a house for the sake of storing things’ really made people itch. Xiao Biqing saw this and could only sigh helplessly, “Hey, this is really a nouveau riche! He is certainly rich to buy a house.”

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: For @Zyu, showing off such rich behaviour, I can only represent the public and criticize you. By the way, I can get Ming Xiaoyu’s signature right now. Do you want it? 】 This should be enough. If he dared say anything else?

She had Ming Xiaoyu’s phone number! Did Zyu have it?

Xiao Biqing smiled and waited for Zyu’s face to become swollen as he admitted she was the leader. She didn’t expect that after five minutes, there would be a post that would completely crush her confidence.

【 Zyu:I can get Ming Xiaoyu’s autograph and yours as well. @ Xiao Xiao Yu Yu, do you want it? 】

The author has something to say:

Zyu: What is Small Mushroom’s signature? I can kiss mushroom, hold mushroom, touch mushroom and…

Small Mushroom: Oh, get lost!

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