RS: Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Ming Yu was popular. He didn’t really feel it, but Zhao Rui was well aware of it.

“In the past two days, the number of gifts sent to the company has increased and the fans on your official website and weibo are also rising!” Zhao Rui showed the IPad while speaking emotionally, “Ming Yu, you are really popular! Remember to wear a mask and sunglasses when you go out later. Don’t get in trouble!”

Ming Yu put down the magazine after hearing this and looked at his agent with a dumbfounded expression. “Brother Zhao, when have you every seen me without a mask when going out? This is Beijing, I really can’t live if I don’t wear a mask.”

Ming Yu’s voice faded, while a woman finished going through the materials and said with a laugh. “Ming Yu, be careful. I remember that you have a little allergic rhinitis, remember to always bring a medicine spray with you. There is more likely to be an outbreak of rhinitis on hazy days, so be careful.”

“Okay, Sister Luo.”

The company had assigned Luo Ru as Ming Yu’s assistant two days ago. Although she was just an assistant, Luo Ru’s strategist demeanor and calm way of speaking impressed Zhao Rui, who allowed her to participate in some of Ming Yu’s activities.

Luo Ru was a woman with long hair who wore it in a ponytail. She wore silver glasses and always wore a decent traditional suit, unlike the models and agents. For example, Zhao Rui wore casual clothing. Luo Ru seemed more like a white-collar elite who worked nine to five.

At this moment, she was sorting through the invitations sent to Ming Yu. Some of them were distributed by the company, but most were directly sent by the company involved. Since Ming Yu had gained a bit of fame, the company raised his rank to the second-tier. There were even many fashion magazines and entertainment shows that threw him an olive branch.

However, Ming Yu was still in the early stages so the invitations were of varying quality, requiring careful selection by Zhao Rui and Luo Ru. After an afternoon of careful selection, Zhao Rui held two notices and hesitated. “The small supporting role in the movie means you can enter the entertainment industry, but this talk show is also not bad. It is really difficult to choose.”

The fashion industry and entertainment industry seemed unrelated, but they were actually inextricably linked.

For example, Wu Yuzhen played the guest role of a small police officer in a movie and got the nickname of ‘Sir Wu’, resulting in more fans in the fashion industry.

But in general, it was rare for someone to work actively in both fields. After all, it required a lot of energy as well as talent. A supermodel didn’t necessarily have superb acting, while a movie actor might not be able to control his aura on the catwalk.

Wu Yuzhen succeed, but since then, he never accepted any TV series or movie invitations. He solely devoted himself to the fashion industry. Ming Yu’s status was lower than Wu Yuzhen’s at that time, and he knew that there was some risk in entering the entertainment industry.

Ming Yu thought for a moment after hearing Zhao Rui’s words and asked, “Brother Zhao, what type of role is it?”

Luo Ru directly replied. “It is a suspense movie. A group of young people courted disaster and called a spirit. They died one by one, leaving only the heroine alive. She paused before adding. “The movie side invited you to play the role of the first person who dies in the school. This movie has a small budget and your image is good. The compensation isn’t high, but it is a good choice for you.”

Ming Yu couldn’t help laughing after hearing this. He raised his hand and asked, “Can I know if this is the first ‘Spirit Calling’?”

Luo Ru and Zhao Rui were surprised because Ming Yu bluntly said the movie name ‘Spirit Calling.’ After a moment, Zhao Rui replied, “This is the fifth. The director has previously directed four Spirit Callings. The first box office result was good, but the others fell flat.

Ming Yu realized that it was nothing more than a series of movies. The director’s mind:

The first movie: “Take a story no one has made. How about calling a spirit?”

The second movie: “Wow, the first box office result was so high! Let’s make a second one!”

The third movie: “The box office might be a bit lower than before, but I am familiar with this story. Continue to shoot it!”

The fourth movie: “…Shoot it.”

The fifth movie: “No, I have a breaktrhough! Simply find handsome people and focus on the face!”


Huaxia’s suspense horror movies were fundamentally unchanged in this world, so Ming Yu knew all about it. He was a horror movie enthusiast. Unfortunately, Huaxia’s horror movies were a bit scary but didn’t have enough bloody stimulation. Meanwhile, the European and American horror movies were bloody, but there wasn’t enough suspense.

Of course, to put it plainly, Ming Yu had played an important supporting role in a movie in his previous life.

Nobody was perfect. Ming Yu might’ve been the unique top male model of China at that time, but his acting skill was unacceptable. The movie peeled a layer of skin of Ming Yu and strengthened his determination not to go into acting.

And now…

“Brother Zhao, I think the talk show is good.” Ming Yu smiled at his agent and assistant and explained. “The series of movies won’t expand my popularity that much, so the compensation isn’t worth it. The talk show is the opposite.”

Zhao Rui nodded. “I think so as well. But do you really not want to cameo in a movie to increase your popularity?”

Ming Yu firmly shook his head. “Right now, I am still in the early stages and don’t see the need to cross industries. SIster Luo, don’t you think so?”

Luo Ru gently nodded and expressed her approval.

Zhao Rui no longer tried to persuade him. Ming Yu’s words made sense and Zhao Rui had no opinion. Thus, it was decided that Ming Yu would go on a talk show after the Pei Feng fashion show.

Three days later was the official opening of Pei Feng’s autumn fashion show. During this period, Ming Yu had nothing to do. However, he kept up his energy by watching Cheng Su’s many catwalks. From his debut to when he became popular, Ming Yu looked at Cheng Su growing step by step until he became a large tree.

Cheng Su had a bit of talent and was clever, but he also knew how to grab opportunities. These types of people would become popular.

Everything was reasonable.

Pei Feng’s official autumn fashion show of 2016 dawned. Luo Ru arrived early in the morning and took Ming Yu to the venue. It was still dawn, but Luo Ru took into account the potential traffic jam. They arrived at the hall at Beijing’s Fifth Ring Road at exactly 8 o’clock.

As a model in the show, Ming Yu walked directly through the side door, allowing him to miss the reporters blocking the main entrance. Zhao Rui had already been waiting at the venue for some time. After seeing that Ming Yu arrived, he directed Ming Yu to the dressing room.

This time, Ming Yu’s make-up artist wasn’t Xiao Chen. All of Pei Feng’s first-tier make-up artists were present. They were skilled, allowing the same smoky make-up to have different effects on each model’s face.

The female make-up artist waited until Ming Yu’s make-up was finished before smiling and shaking hands with him. “Xiao Chen is my apprentice. He told me about you. Ming Yu, thank you for taking care of him last time.”

Ming Yu was slightly startled by the words, before smiling gently. “It is Brother Chen who took care of me, Sister Zheng.”

The youth’s gentle and soft smile caused Sister Zheng to be slightly startled. Ming Yu was turning to go when she suddenly stopped him. He looked at her with surprised eyes and she said, “Ming Yu, if you don’t mind, can I add a mole on you?  Looking at the overall feeling of your make-up, I think the effect will be better if a mole was added.”

Ming Yu was familiar with the overall aspects of modelling, but he wasn’t a master when it came to make-up. Sister Zheng had served as Pei Feng’s make-up artist for many years, so she naturally would have siperior vision. Therefore, Ming Yu calmly accepted Sister Zheng’s proposal, allowing her to gently draw a mole under his right eye.

It was just a seemingly simple mole, but it made Luo Ru look stunned.

Before leaving the dressing room with Ming Yu, Luo Ru solemnly handed her business card to Sister Zheng.

When Zhao Rui came with his clothes, he also looked slightly shocked when he saw Ming Yu. Zhao Rui asked, “Who gave you the mole? It feels so different! Ming Yu, this make-up artist’s skills are really superb. It is the same smoky make-up as last time, but you feel quite different.”

Ming Yu naturally looked in the mirror to check his current appearance. Therefore, he laughed when he heard Zhao Rui’s words. “Sister Zheng is a very powerful make-up artist.” He paused and turned to Luo Ruo. “Sister Luo, just now, you gave your business card to Sister Zheng right?”

Luo Ru suddenly stared at his words. After a long moment, she nodded. “Yes, I gave her a business card.”

Ming Yu didn’t speak again and Luo Ru no longer answered.

As Luo Rui made arrangements with the Pei Feng people about the final catwalk plan, Ming Yu looked between Luo Ru and Zhao Rui before slightly narrowing his eyes.

Luo Ru, this person was extremely smart and she had various methods. How could the company arrange such a smart person to be his assistant? If this person was given the chance, she could definitely become a first-tier agent.

“Ming Yu, what are you looking at?”

Zhao Rui’s voice suddenly interrupted Ming Yu’s thoughts. Ming Yu turned to look at his own stupid but good agent and sighed deeply. Luo Ru was a newcomer and was already capable of being first-tier. Meanwhile, his own agent had been in the fashion industry for four or five years. Not only did he not know how to establish a network of first hand connections, he was actually worse than Luo Ru…

Was this the ‘silly’ blessing that silly people had?

Zhao Rui, who had the ‘silly blessing’ was seriously urging him. “Ming Yu, the rehearsals will begin soon. You have walked a show for more than six months, so pay attention to finding the right feeling. The clothing doesn’t drag and it is easy to walk, but you have to…”

Shortly after a quick rehearsal, the afternoon fashion show would officially open.

At this time, a handsome and upright man got out of a luxurious European car in front of the huge entrance of the venue. He waited for the other man to get out of the car and they walked together towards the door.

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