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Chapter 111

Some people had reputations high enough to cross the boundaries of different industries, becoming a leading presence in everyone’s heart.

For example, Xi Ze. Whether it was the fashion or entertainment industry, there was almost no one who didn’t know him. His reputation was enough to earn him a lot of praise. Another example was a famous movie actor in a legendary movie would become known all over the world.

The same was true for the old man in front of Ming Yu.

Originally, Ming Xiaoyu turned to ask what the old man wanted with them. He wasn’t naive. It was impossible for the old man to be walking slowly to his parked car or just wandering around. It was because whenever Ming Yu and Zhao Rui sped up, the old man would also speed up. If they slowed down then the old man would slow down.

The obvious ‘I’m stalking you’ made them ╮(╯_╰)╭.
However, Ming Yu and Zhao Rui were speechless when they turned around. Finally, Ming Yu recovered first and he smiled. “Is there something you need, Elder Qi? It looks like you are moving with us to your car?”

Many of the stars and celebrities who participated in the awards ceremony had already left in their cars. After all, it was only a small number of people who would park so far away. Therefore, there were only a few people in the parking lot. After Ming Yu stood there for a few minutes, these people also got on their cars and left.

The June evening breeze blew, bringing a chill with it.

The old man squinted as he asked with a smile, “You know me?”

Ming Xiaoyu nodded calmly. “Elder Qi, I think it is impossible for most people in the country to not know you.”

Qi Deming was one of Huaxia’s top photography masters. He filmed many art movies and won global awards. He also shot numerous commercial movies and became the world’s leading person in box office records.

In the awards ceremony for the film festival just now, Qi Deming’s movie had won the award for best cinematography and he received thunderous applause.

Many people believed that a cameraman was only behind the camera and wasn’t known. Only the director and actors appeared in front of the world, receiving applause and praise. But in fact, in every industry in the world, a person would become known if they had many top achievements.

Qi Deming was such a master of photography.

Qi Deming couldn’t help feeling pleased at Ming Xiaoyu’s leisurely answer. He looked at Ming Yu for a long time before pulling out a beautiful tie clip. “Little friend, your tie clip fell off and I picked it up for you.”

Ming Yu immediately looked down at his tie.

Sure enough, there was no tie clip!

Ming Yu thanked Qi Deming and took the tie clip. However, his heart felt that it was strange. If it was necessary to return the tie clip, why did Elder Qi follow them all this way without saying anything? If he and Zhao Rui hadn’t turned around, would Qi Deming have kept following them?

Qi Deming seemed to hear Ming Yu’s thoughts as he sighed, “Oh, I should’ve told you this when I left the theatre. However, I am an old man and very shy. I didn’t know how to start the conversation with you. It is embarrassing!

Zhao Rui, “…”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…?_?”

Elder Qi’s expression didn’t match his words!

In any case, Ming Yu was still grateful for Elder Qi personally returning the tie clip. Therefore, he invited Elder Qi for a late dinner in order to say thanks for returning the tie clip.

But Elder Qi just smiled slighted. “It isn’t urgent, there is no hurry. I heard it just now. Aren’t you catching a plane tomorrow to return to the capital? I will return to the capital in two days. Shall we contact each other again at that time? This is my business card. Let’s talk later.”

Elder Qi pushed the card into the youth’s hands and turned away.  This scene left both Zhao Rui and Ming Yu confused, not understanding what actually happened.

Once the two people were driving to the hotel, Ming Xiaoyu raised the thin business card. He looked at it for a long time using the neon lights outside the window.

The words ‘Qi Deming’ seemed to burn on the business card. They were brilliant and gorgeous.

After thinking about it for a long time, Ming Xiaoyu shook his head and temporarily pushed this matter away.

The next day, a silvery-white plane departed from S City towards the capital. A handsome youth leaned against the porthole of the plane and looked at S City that was becoming increasingly smaller.

At the same time, the June issue of Muse Magazine was officially launched. The first printing was sold out. The sales were staggering but it was always the case for Huaxia’s best-selling magazine.

As a loyal reader of Muse, Yao Fei had long subscribed to a year’s worth of issues. She waited for the magazine to be delivered every month and could read it at any time.

Since Yao Fei’s office was located in the same building as Muse Magazine, it could be said that she was the first reader for Muse every month. She was also friends with the editor’s assistant who sent it to her personally.

When Yao Fei received the Muse issue this time, the editor’s assistant smiled at her in a mysterious manner. Then he said, “I remember that you seem to like the popular model Ming Yu recently. There is a surprise in this issue. You should hold onto the table and don’t fall down!”

Yao Fei replied calmly, “I know! I already know that Ming Xiaoyu is in this issue of Muse and rest assured, I am fully prepared. But Xiao Liu, you really have no vision. Look at this model on the cover! He should be replaced by my Ming Xiaoyu!”

The assistant was speechless. “…Do you know who the male model on the cover is?”

Yao Fei wondered, “Isn’t it South Korea’s supermodel, Lee Jaeseong? I know that he is ranked 11th in the world.”

The assistant, “…”

If she knew this was the 11th ranked supermodel in the world, how could she utter such words?

The little assistance left without saying a word. Yao Fei took advantage of the morning’s break time and excitedly tore off the plastic film of the magazine. She intended to formally read through the magazine.

Yao Fei felt cold towards Lee Jaeseong but she had to disregard her prejudice and be fair. Lee Jaeseong’s cover was quite good.

His upper body was bare, revealing his strong muscles. It seemed like he had just been exercising as his bronzed skin was still a little sweaty. He was s*xy and charming enough to make many fans shout loudly, “I am pregnant, pregnant!”

However, Yao Fei’s eyes only lingered on Lee Jaeseong’s photo for a moment. She turned the cover mercilessly. She planned to directly skip the inner seal and go directly to Ming Yu’s interview and photos.

However! Just as Yao Fei was turning the inner seal!

She turned the page and was about to move to the index when her movements suddenly paused!

Yao Fei stiffened and turned back to the inner seal. She stared at the red-clad beauty inside. She stared for a second, two seconds, three seconds…a full minute!!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! This is small mushroom?”

Her shouts attracted the attention of all the people in the office who were still eating breakfast. Yao Fei’s friend couldn’t help laughing as they walked over and asked, “What mushroom? Yao Fei, did you eat mushroom dumplings this morning?” But once her friend approached, she looked at the stunning beauty and her expression became the same as Yao Fei’s.


Red was one of the trickiest colours. It was the most beautiful of all colours. When walking down the street in red clothes, it would definitely attract everyone’s attention. If they looked good…the return rate would definitely by 200%.

At this moment, the youth on the inner seal! Yes, this young man was wearing a gorgeous red robe.

The wide and loose robe was loosely draped over the slender body. He lay on the black sandalwood bench in an extremely lazy position, propping his chin on one hand. The sleeves fell halfway down, revealing a beautiful white wrist.

Red was really suitable on this youth!

The long black hair made this photo unforgettable.

Whether it was a reader who bought this issue of Muse for Ming Yu or a reader who bought it for other readers, they couldn’t imagine it when they saw the youth’s flat chest. Such a beauty was actually a man?

The long dark hair covered his cheek and a few strands fell over his full forehead. The youth’s eyes outlined with cinnabar red eyeliner gave him a tempting feeling that the readers couldn’t extricate themselves from!

Ming Xiaoyu’s fans when they saw this photo: Σ( ° △ °|||)!!!

The average reader when they saw this photo, “Hey, this female model is really pretty! …What? It is a male model? Was this a damn tease?

Yao Fei’s saliva dripped as she turned the magazine to Ming Xiaoyu’s column. An oversized background image immediately appeared in the magazine, occupying a full two pages. Yao Fei’s blood boiled as she saw it!


She would read the interview later!!

Let’s lick it first!!!!

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