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Chapter 119

‘An Li’ told the story of a chivalrous woman who raised her sword in order to get revenge for her parents.

The heroine Li Ninghan grew up with her parents in the mountains and thought they were ordinary hunters when she was a little girl. Then when she was five years old, she encountered a wild bear while hunting with her father in the mountain. Her father actually held off the wild bear with a wooden stick. After two and a half years, Li Ninghan realized the martial arts that her parents knew.

Li Ninghan had a rare martial arts physique that was born once in a hundred years. Therefore, her parents couldn’t help teaching her martial arts and reminded her, “You must not leave this mountain. Never show your martial arts to outsiders. Never tell people that your surname is Li.”

The three rules lasted until she was 18 years old, when they suddenly broke.

One day, Li Ninghan came home from hunting only to find her parents stabbed to death in their cabin. There was no resistance despite her parents being so strong in martial arts. This raised Li Ninghan’s suspicions. She sorrowfully packed up her parents’ belongings and discovered a martial arts training book as well as an old diary.

The diary talked about three people who were apprenticed under the same teacher.

The first apprentice brother was handsome and skilled in military strategy, while the second apprentice sister was beautiful and optimistic. The youngest apprentice brother had a heavenly beauty. His personality might be eccentric but his martial arts ability was the most outstanding of the three. Therefore, he was most loved by their teacher.

It was obvious who the first apprentice and second apprentice were.

Li Ninghan read her mother’s diary and became more horrified.

The youngest apprentice actually did cruel things like ‘skin a person for fun’ and ‘slaughter 100 people just because one of them stepped on his shoes!’

He was really devoid of human nature, he had no conscience!

After learning these things, their master directly imprisoned the youngest apprentice in the banned room of the school and ordered him to never come out until he realized his wrongdoings. The first brother and second sister hurriedly tried to make up for the sins committed by their youngest brother.

However, once they returned to the school, they saw an empty house and empty forbidden room.

Li Ninghan looked at the words in her mother’s diary and felt numb and hatred at the same time.

[My youngest brother dressed in red clothes. I don’t know if it was from other people’s blood or his own. That beautiful face was cold and ruthless, never smiling. The sword in his hand descended and the last uncle of the school died under the sword. Brother Li and I knew that we weren’t his opponents and fled in desperation, hiding in the mountains. I’m afraid he…I’m afraid he…]

After that, there was nothing recorded in the diary.

However, Li Ninghan already guessed who killed her parents!

In order to get revenge for her parents, Li Ninghan took out the treasured sword her parents kept in a box and stepped into the martial arts world. On the road, she encountered her first person in the world, An Yucheng. After the two met, the so called ‘an exchange of blows leading to friendship’, the two people walked side by side.

An Yucheng was elegant and had high martial arts. Li Li Ninghan couldn’t help herself, despite her cold heart. After experiencing the ‘Liaowu government mystery case,’ the ‘Qi Yidao search’ and the ‘Changping Cliff duel,’ the two people fell in love.

An Yucheng accompanied Li Ninghan to the rumoured Fire Palace created by Bai Xiu. However, the two people had already stepped into a trap and could no longer go back.


The whole movie’s tone was very traditional and the use of colour was very careful and rigorous. Apart from Ming Yu’s bright red clothes, the rest of the clothing was much simpler.

Previously, Elder Qi mentioned that Bai Xu’s role was basically in memories. Then whose memories did he appear in? It was in the ‘memories’ of the heroine who he regarded as ‘just dust.’

The heroine always remembered who killed her parents and had nightmares. Later, she experienced hallucinations and mistakenly thought she had seen the heartless killing god Bai Xu.

Therefore, semi-realistic illusionary procession was required for the latter half of the movie. But the requirement for acting wasn’t very important. After all, in many cases, only Ming Yu’s eyes or chin would be revealed. His full face only appeared at the end.

Since the first day when he entered the cew and was shocked by Ming Xiaoyu’s acting, Fang Liangxiu completely took Ming Xiaoyu as a model with acting skill. It was unknown if Ming Xiaoyu was hit by something, but the next few scenes were very easy to pass. Even the acting wasn’t bad!

Seeing this, Fang Liangxiu secretly sent a message to a certain man. 【 MIng Yu’s acting is very good. Why do you want me to take care of him? 】

Xi Ze who saw this message, “…”

After a moment, Xi Ze closed his eyes and carefully read it again.

…He didn’t see it wrong.

Originally, Director Xu’s requirements for Ming Yu’s acting wasn’t too high. Now that Ming Xiaoyu actually gave him such a big surprise, Director Xu was naturally joyful.

Did Ming Xiaoyu open a blocked vein and suddenly gained the ability to act?

Did squatting in a corner to ponder over the plot really play a big role?

Did the squatting small mushroom became a mushroom god and gained acting skills?

Of course not!

Xiao Biqing won the three main Huaxia awards but this didn’t mean she only received those awards. Xiao Biqing accompanied the small mushroom in the corner for a few days. If Ming Xiaoyu didn’t make any breakthroughs then Xiao Biqing would feel sorry she received all those awards.

Fang Liangxiu naturally wasn’t aware of all this and wondered why Ming XIaoyu and Xiao Biqing were always squatting in a corner. What were they whispering?

Once Fang Liangxiu told Xi Ze about this matter, Xi Ze’s face turned dark. He quickly asked Fang Liangxiu to find a chance to see what they were talking about. Fang Liangxiu was also curious and found a chance to join.

Now Fang Liangxiu discovered that the squatting people were actually exchanging acting tips!

So conscientious! No wonder Xiao Biqing was a three awards actress, no wonder Ming Yu’s acting was so good!

Yes! He also wanted to study like these two people!

Thus, one more small mushroom appeared in the An Li cast.

The male and female protagonists were squatting with Ming Xiaoyu. Wouldn’t the other actors feel curious? Therefore, the second female Wang Yueyao quietly squatted down and then the third male Feng Jiaye also joined.

One small mushroom, two small mushrooms, three small mushrooms…

As the spring breeze blew, countless small mushrooms appeared in the An Li crew.

Since the beginning of July, the entire H City received hot weather. It was almost 30 degrees Celsius every day and it was unbearable for all the staff members. If this was true for the staff wearing short-sleeves, it was even more painful for the actors wearing thick clothing. Among them, the one in most pain should be Ming Yu.

Bai Xiu was a small role but his costumes had the most thought and effort put into it.

Do you know how thick the red silk fabric was? Do you know how hot the long hair that couldn’t be tied up was?

Like a sack, all the heat was wrapped around the body and couldn’t escape!

Luo Ru was distressed seeing Ming Xiaoyu like this and for the time being, he temporarily stopped drinking the medicinal soup. However, Ming Yu didn’t appear to care. Once it was his turn to shoot, he just wiped the sweat on his forehead and asked Sister Zheng to fix his makeup. Then he entered the studio.

“Ming Yu is too dedicated. I saw all the sweat on the back of his hand.”

“Yes, the clothes are so thick but he wears them all day in order to prevent the clothes from being worn out from being taken on and off to much…”

As long as you made an effort, everyone would see it.

Xu Yizong also saw Ming Yu’s actions. Thus, even if Ming Yu NGed a few times, he didn’t scold Ming Yu. He just wrinkled his eyebrows, mentioned a few things and told Ming Xiaoyu to pay more attention.

And today’s last scene was a rain scene.

This scene would later be edited into the heroine’s nightmare. In the dream, Bai Xiu was fighting her parents and finally sliced her parents with his sword, staining the river with blood.

Black clouds pressed down in the sky above the town, leaving everyone breathless. Large raindrops fell into the river, causing ripples. Water splashed and time seemed to freeze.

The rain was too heavy. Any individual would feel somewhat embarrassed in it. However, one person was standing calm and graceful in this rain. It was as if he wasn’t wet from the rain. He was just staring at the whole world with contempt.

Ming Yu wore a tight red robe in this scene. The reason why it was always red was because in the heroine’s diary, it was written: My younger brother always loved red clothes, the colour like blood. In retrospect, I’m afraid he was always bloodthirsty…

Thus, in the heroine’s nightmares and hallucinations, Bai Xiu was always wearing red.

In this storm, Bai Xiu stared at his senior brother and sister but his eyes didn’t contain any friendship. Without giving the two people a chance to speak, his sword moved aggressively. He defeated both people within ten strikes, making them lost their lives.

At this time, raindrops dripped down his black hair. The beautiful face of the youth was even more brilliant, as if he was a devil who climbed from hell. His body was covered in blood as he stepped in the direction of the camera.

His footsteps caused cold air to blow in the hearts of everyone in the crew.

He dragged his sword, the tip of the blade dripping blood. His cold and ruthless appearance made it impossible for people to move. They could only watch him approach step by step.

This scene had been NG three times already. If the NG continued, the actors’ bodies wouldn’t be able to withstand it since it was a rain scene. The director would have to decided if he wanted to shoot the scene tomorrow. But at this time, MIng Yu showed unexpected acting. He really seemed like a bloodthirsty god, his beautiful face and cold temperament making people shiver.

Once the scene ended, Fang Liangxiu couldn’t help sending a message to Xi Ze. 【 Xi Ze, what is your relationship with Ming Xiaoyu? The scene he just filmed was really good. I saw a lot of staff members blushing. Do I need to help you block some of them? 】

Xi Ze, “…^_^#####!”

Where did the rivals come from?

Sure enough, if he didn’t trap the mushroom in his own garden, this small mushroom would be dug away sooner or later!

In H City, the busy filming schedule continued. In the capital, Xi Ze stepped up his pace as he prepared for the high-end fashion show at the end of July, while also secretly planning how to explore a certain job site and assert his sovereignty.

The next morning, an advertisement suddenly appeared on TV, once again setting off a ‘Smoke’ fragrance frenzy in the country.

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