RS: Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

The World Supermodels Organization had a total of 121 members. Among the 121 members, 38 were Chinese, 19 were America, 3 were Australian and the rest were from Europe and other countries.

Perhaps for the sake of avoiding suspicion, since Chinese members already accounted for more than one-third of the numbers, the headquarters was set up in Milan, Italy. It was completely separated from Huaxia. However, it couldn’t be avoided that Chinese people had a heavy voice in the World Supermodels Organization.

Most members of the World Supermodels Organization were chief editors of the world’s top magazines, representatives of luxury brands and designers of some studios. Originally, Xi Ze should enter this organization as the chief designer of Ji and Ya. But he was also a supermodel. In order to avoid doubts, Xi Ze actively refused to join the World Supermodels Organization. He let another assistant designer of Ji and Ya join instead.

Huaxia had a saying: A general planning in the seclusion of his tent is able to determine the outcome of the distant battle.

Close your eyes and think about it. Xi Ze was someone with a high desire for control. How could he put himself in an isolated and helpless state outside of such important matters?

Thus, despite no one in the World Supermodels Organization being seemingly related to Xi Ze, as long as there were important events, at least one-third of the members would be on his side.

In the past, Xi Ze relied on Ding Bo to contact the World Supermodels Organization. However, the matter this time was too important so Xi Ze personally questioned the person.

The night of this result, Xi Ze sent a message: 【 There is good news. Do you want to know? 】

After a long time, Ming Xiaoyu replied: 【 I just finished filming. What is the good news? Tell me. 】

【 What are you going to bribe me with to find out? 】

Ming Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow at this sentence and couldn’t help laughing. 【 You want me to bribe you? Okay, wait for me to return to the capital and we will have a meal together. 】

【 Is it a mushroom meal? 】

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(/=_=)/~┴┴”

【 Then don’t say it! 】

【 …… 】

Ming Xiaoyu meant what he said. Obviously, Xi Ze had news to tell him. But no matter how Xi Ze coaxed, Ming Yu didn’t relent. His attitude was ‘if you insist on saying it, I will listen. If you don’t then I am not interested.’

In the end, both people understand what the matter was. After texting each other for a while, Ming Xiaoyu sent a text message before he had to go back to filming. 【 The good news, do you want to tell me that my name is on the list of world supermodels that will be published in half a month? 】

Xi Ze sent back a message with a surprised tone: 【 How did you guess? 】 Ming Yu had a bright smile on his face as he replied: 【 It is because I think this matter is certain. 】

Looking at this line of words, it seemed possible to see a proud and confident small mushroom with an upright back and prideful expression. Xi Ze sighed with regret at not being able to see such a beautiful scene. Then he quickly moved his fingers and responded:

【 You guessed wrong. My good news is that once Ji and Ya’s high-end fashion show is over, I will fly to H City to explore your work. Yes…lest someone dare to take your chicken leg and braised pork again. 】

【 …The placement of a spy is so obvious. Mr Xi, aren’t you really shameless ?_? 】

【 I’m flattered. 】

Ming Xiaoyu, “…=皿=!!!”

Who was praising you?

From mid-July onwards, the filming of An Li slowly got on the right track. The actors and staff members slowly fit together. The blunt beginning was smoothed over and the number of NGs became fewer.

The filming progress accelerated and in late July, the last actor formally joined the shooting.

The last actor to enter the cast wasn’t the male or female protagonist, but the male number two Jiang Kaiyang. The current hot new star had been taking part in the recording of a reality show. It took a total of two weeks and then he hurriedly flew to H City to join the crew today.

Jiang Kaiyang’s looks belonged to the sunny handsome type. His facial features were three dimensional, angular and quite handsome. His appearance was similar to that of Luo Cheng. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the mixed-race neutrality of Luo Cheng and his lines were a bit rough.

Jiang Kaiyang was also only 179cm tall. The entire cast and even the third male was a little taller than him.

Of course, height didn’t affect acting skills. Before Jiang Kaiyang joined the crew, Ming Xiaoyu was ready to finish his scenes in H City. He only needed to take two final scenes and then he would stay in the cast to get some acting tips.

Jiang Kaiyang’s acting ability was very good. He hadn’t reached the deep details that Fang Langxiu demonstrated in each action. However, for Ming Xiaoyu, Jiang Kaiyang’s acting ability felt better than the female second lead, Wang Yueyao.

It was no wonder that he could become a popular new star.

Perhaps it was because his acting ability was too bad, but Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help feeling positive towards good actors. For example, what if Luo Cheng and Fang Liangxiu stood next to each other and Ming Xiaoyu was asked which one he admired more?

Ming Xiaoyu wouldn’t hesitate to reply with Fang Liangxiu!

This wasn’t nonsense! In Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes, Luo Cheng was a foolish and cute dog type.

What about Fang Liangxiu?

Movie emperor + good temperament + top acting skills!

He was a gold covered acting god!

Ming Xiaoyu’s first impression of Jiang Kaiyang might be very good, but Jiang Kaiyang’s first impression of Ming Xiaoyu was very bad. It was disdainful and disgusted.

When Jiang Kaiyang joined the crew, Ming Yu was shooting his last scene in H City. This scene wasn’t very difficult. If it was Fang Liangxiu or Xiao Biqing acting, they might pass on the first shot. If it was Jiang Kaiyang, he might NG two or three times at most.

But Ming Xiaoyu actually NG eight times before the ninth shot was accepted.

Jiang Kaiyang had always been successfully. This naturally made him arrogant and look down from above. Once he saw a person with such bad acting, Jiang Kaiyang’s first reaction was that this person went through the back door.

Yes, Jiang Kaiyang also walked through a back door but his back door was ‘I am an artist under CX Entertainment.’ He used his own strength to impress Director Xu and get the role.

However, Ming Yu’s acting was really bad. What type of back door must he have used? Well, in Jiang Kaiyang’s heart, he thought that someone else opened the backdoor for Ming Yu.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t realize that he had given Jiang Kaiyang such an impression. But once he discovered that this popular person was always speaking to him in a cold manner, he realized that the other person might not like him.

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t a saint. Since the other person didn’t like him, why should he bother?

Thus, in the first few days, Ming Yu and Jiang Kaiyang barely spoke to each other.

However, several things happened that made it impossible for the two people to avoid intersecting. For example, Ming Xiaoyu was talking to Xiao Biqing and Jiang Kaiyang’s next scene was with Xiao Biqing. Thus, Jiang Kaiyang walked over and the two stood together.

Xiao Biqing saw the two men standing next to each other and smiled. “Ming Xiaoyu, you have a very tender face but you are tall. You are a model and your body is very good. Fortunately, your acting skills aren’t good or you might snatch all the jobs in our entertainment industry.”

Xiao Biqing didn’t mention Jiang Kaiyang at all but Jiang Kaiyang was always concerned about his height. His official website stated that he was 182cm tall but Ming Xiaoyu’s eyesight was keen. He saw with once glance that Jiang Kaiyang was actually 179cm tall.

Xiao Biqing was probably aware of the stiff atmosphere caused by her words and tried to smooth things over. “But Ming Xiaoyu, your acting problems can be discussed. Both of you are a similar age, maybe he might give you special enlightenment.”

Ming Yu’s lips curved and he nodded. He looked at Jiang Kaiyang and spoke gently, “Brother Jiang, if there is a chance in the future, can I discuss it with you?”

Jiang Kaiyang’s face was a bit stiff. “Um, yes.”

These were just polite words. Ming Xiaoyu naturally didn’t trouble Jiang Kaiyang. ‘I don’t like you, don’t come near me’ was clearly written on the other person’s face. Ming Xiaoyu wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

But something happened that made him have contact with Jiang Kaiyang.

As mentioned before, Jiang Jiang Kaiyang got the role with his acting skills but he also walked through a back door. If the back door was just at the level of getting the role then his financial backer was too stingy.

Thus, on the eighth day after Ming Xiaoyu finished his scenes, he suddenly got a new script. Jiang Kaiyang had three scenes added, one of which required him to act opposite Ming Yu.

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Katie Li
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