RS: Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

The female staff member took Ming Yu to the training room and left first. Before leaving, she asked Ming Yu for a signature and finally said, “I’m not familiar with modelling. But Ming Yu, I believe that you will become a good actor!”

Ming Yu felt joyful at these words and wrote words of blessing for the employee.

Whether it was this life or his previous life, Ming Yu thought that he was good at catwalks and photos, and that he had the power to become a top supermodel. But his acting ability was truly his heartache.

In his last life, Ming Yu had been busy flying around the world and didn’t have time to train his basic skills. Maybe it was as the employee said. As long as he started training from the basic skills, he could really master acting!

Ming Yu’s confidence rose as he thought about this. He lightly knocked on the door and pushed it open after getting permission from the other side.

As soon as he entered through the door, he saw someone who looked like the teacher standing on the student, with four students (three men and one woman) sitting at tables before the stage.

Once the teacher saw Ming Yu, he waved and called out, “Are you Ming Yu? Just now, Director Xu called and said you would be coming to my class. My name is Yuan Qingsheng, you can call me Brother Yuan. Just now, I intentionally told A’Zhao to bring over a set of table and chair, so you can sit next to A’Zhao.”

Ming Yu nodded with a smile and followed the direction that Brother Yuan was pointing to.

Brother Yuan waited until Ming Yu was settled before saying, “Everyone, do I have to give the introductions?”

Brother Yuan’s voice faded and the girl sitting on Ming Yu’s right side covered her lips and laughed. This girl was charming, with her hair in two pigtails, seeming very sweet and pleasant. She secretly glanced at Ming Yu and said, “Ming Xiaoyu! We all know you. I was in the company when I say MIng Xiaoyu’s ‘Fashion Entertainment’ photo… It was a little small, but you were very handsome! You were also very handsome in the Character photo!”

Once the first person spoke, the other students laughed and chattered.

The atmosphere of the training course was very harmonious, with even Brother Yuan joining in with everyone at the tables. Only the boy sitting behind Ming Yu was strangely silent.

Ming Yu was keenly aware of the other person’s silence, but he just smiled and continued to communicate with others, not deliberately ignoring the boy.

After the formal commencement of the course, Brother Yuan talked for 20 minutes about theoretical knowledge. Then he arranged for the five people to perform in groups, where he would give them corrections and guidance. They drew lots, with Ming Yu being placed in a group with the silent boy, and the remaining three were in one group.

Brother Yuan handed out the small script to every student, then he clapped his hands to gain everyone’s attention. “Today, we have a new member, so the script can’t be exactly the same. The three member group will have to do some changes to their script. Do you agree?”

One hour had passed, meaning Ming Yu was more familiar with Brother Yuan and the other students. Except for the student sitting behind him, MIng Yu could call out all their names and know some information about them.

A’Zhao listened to Brother Yuan’s words and immediately laughed. “It isn’t a problem! Brother Zhao, I am in a group with A’Xue and Old Chen. It isn’t a big deal for us to change the script. Over there, Ming Xiaoyu and Old Lu don’t have to change the script. They can just act it out directly.”

Brother Yuan nodded with satisfaction and continued, “Then please do so. Each group will have 30 minutes to rehearse and then I will check it. Ming Yu is new so the group of three will perform first and demonstrate to Ming Yu.”

Everyone naturally agreed to this proposal. The training room was spacious enough to allow both groups to freely rehearse. Once Brother Yuan left the room, the three people said goodbye to Ming Yu and went to the other side of the room to practice.

Ming Yu finally walked helpless to the side of the person called Lu Zhenxi. “Lu Zhenxi, we should also begin to rehearse. Time is short. The script might be simple, but we should seize this time.”

The handsome youth smiled while saying this, showing some goodwill. Even so, there was a complicated look in Lu Zhenxi’s eyes. There was a moment of silence before he couldn’t help saying, “I am different from A’Zhao. I have already debuted as a model. Ming Yu, you should know my agent. My agent is Zeng Shu.”

Ming Yu’s eyes slightly widened at the words, but he soon disguised his own look. “It turned out to be Brother Zeng.” Ming Yu paused strangely, before continuing. “Brother Zeng is a very good agent. Since you are also a debuted model, this might be predestined. Isn’t it better to start rehearsing now?”

Lu Zhenxi couldn’t help asking, “Don’t you understand what I am saying?”

Ming Yu raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”

Lu Zhenxi looked at Ming Yu for a long time, before finally saying with a frown, “Brother Zeng is also Cheng Su’s agent. I… I know a little about the thing between you and Cheng Su. Cheng Su dislikes you, so I don’t think he will want me to make contact with you. Ming Yu, today’s lottery is an accident. Don’t talk to me later. There is no need for rehearsal. You are new and Brother Yuan will take care of you. In addition, this is a simple script with no difficulty.”

A touch of darkness appeared in Ming Yu’s eyes at these words, and his lips bent slightly with displeasure.

He stared at the person in front of him for a long time. Lu Zhenxi was just feeling uncomfortable when Ming Yu suddenly smiled and nodded. “Yes, this script is quite simple so we will go through the lines by ourselves.”

Lu Zhenxi looked Ming Yu up and down before finally replying, “You are a newcomer. Cheng Su might not like you, but I won’t bully you. I can play the female part of the script. I am afraid that it is too difficult for you.”

[I am afraid that it is too difficult for you.]

The words echoed in Ming Yu’s mind.

Ming Yu’s acting might be very bad, but he had a good grasp on human affairs. However, Lu Zhenxi was the opposite of him.

In saying these words, Lu Zhenxi didn’t hide the disdain in his eyes. He stated that ‘Cheng Su doesn’t like you. I don’t want any more contact with you,’ but Ming Yu knew what the other person really wanted to say.

[Actually, I don’t like you either.]

This type of behaviour that didn’t want to offend people, using others as an excuse, it really disgusted Ming Yu.

Ming Yu thought about the video from this morning and immediately calmed down. He smiled indifferently and waved his hand. “It doesn’t matter. The female part is also very simple, I will act it well.”

Lu Zhenxi didn’t think about refusing. He was very happy that Ming Yu chose to take the difficult role.

Thus, unlike the three member group where discussion was in full swing, Ming Yu’s group just sat there without moving.

Ming Yu was sitting down and studying the script, while Lu Zhenxi was freely playing with his phone, not even paying attention to the script.

A’Zhao was aware of this anomaly in the rehearsals and came over to ask. Ming Yu explained the situation with a light smile. A’Zhao wanted to help Ming Yu by asking Lu Zhenxi what was going on. However, Ming Yu frowned and sent a ‘Forget it’ expression to A’Zhao.

After seeing Ming Yu’s sincerity, A’Zhao was forced to give up.

Once Brother Yuan came back, everyone was ready in the training room.

The trio were the first to perform. Brother Zhao watched with satisfied eyes as A’Zhao and A’Xue chatted in a cafe. Then Old Chen came over and splashed a glass of water onto A’Zhao’s face.

Then to everyone’s surprise, Old Chen grabbed A’Zhao’s collar and shouted, “You have no conscience! Looking for other people! Tell me! When did you start cheating on me and who is this woman?”

A’Xue made a shocked look, as if to say, ‘You are gay?’

A’Zhao panicked and explained, “Honey, I’m not gay. I don’t know this person at all! Honey, you must believe me. I really love you. You are my favourite person. How could I…”

There was a sound and a glass of water was poured directly on A’Zhao’s face.

A’Xue cried out angrily, “You told me earlier that you are gay. What nonsense are you talking? I am a T!” (TL: Transsexual maybe?)

Brother Yuan, “Pfft…”

Ming Yu, “…(⊙_⊙)”

At this point, the group’s performance could be considered finished. It was a very short scene, but the trio adapted some twists and turns. Even Ming Yu was shocked by the final reversal.

Brother Yuan lightly clapped and praised, “Not bad. The original is a boyfriend cheating and a girlfriend throwing water on him. Your adaptation is quite trendy. Today’s practice is good. I will give you 9 points each, leaving off one point because I am afraid of your pride. Haha. Once Ming Yu’s group is over, I will correct some minor things.”

A’Zhao was very dissatisfied with this score and begged Brother Yuan. However, Brother Yuan just waved and directly called Ming Yu and Lu Zhenxi forward, not giving A’Zhao the chance to plead with him.

Ming Yu suddenly heard his name and was slightly stunned. He put down the script and walked to the stage.

He walked slowly and steadily, like a supermodel walking in a top fashion show. Every step was calm and eye-catching.

In contrast, the model Lu Zhenxi was much inferior.

A’Xue couldn’t help whispering, “Ming Xiaoyu is really handsome…”

Old Chen also nodded. “Ming Xiaoyu is a very powerful model. I think his acting must be very good.”

A’Zhao nodded and the three people looked forward to the next performance.

At this moment, everyone in the training room didn’t know that a tall man was slowly walking towards the training room. His posture was casual and he had an elegant temperament, but the fierce aura around him separate him from other people. However, it also made everyone’s attention focus on him.

[1] A’ in front of names: prefix used before monosyllabic names, kinship terms etc to indicate familiarity

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Sora Tsukiko
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2 years ago
Reply to  Loser Me

Three years later, this sister is also scared. 😖😖😖

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