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Chapter 217

The high-end show’s second round was a showcase of casual clothing.

From the opening model Kelson through to the other top male models, Ji and Ya transitioned from British retro to today’s youth fashion very smoothly. A wide variety of casual attire such as pullovers, t-shirts, jackets and capes were all displayed here.

Ming Yu wore a very casual sweater with a slanted painter’s hat that had a variety of patterns on it. The hat was beige and the sweater a bright yellow. Once paired with the slim white trousers, the youth’s beautiful figure was outlined and he gave off a refreshing appearance.

This time, Xi Ze wore a more formal casual suit. The overall style started to transition to the third round for formal high-end clothing.

When the two people met in the middle of the catwalk, something very interesting happened. Ming Yu suddenly took the hat off his head and placed it on Xi Ze’s head, while the latter continued to calmly move forward.

This little incident seemed wrong but soon all the audience members laughed helplessly.

Who said that high-end fashion shows must be formal and serious?

Just this year, Otilla changed the style of its female high-end show and invited 20 of the world’s top celebrities to gamble in the middle of the show!

As early as 50 years ago, the high-end shows were no longer so rigid and solemn. In recent years, many big names replaced the normal catwalk form with ‘models in dresses and dancing parties.”

Once Xi Ze turned to leave, some people in the audience couldn’t help covering their lips. It was because Ming Yu’s action was really too funny. He was 6cm shorter than Xi Ze and had to put on the hat in a short time. Therefore, the hat was slightly askew.

However, Xi Ze just continued in a calm and indifferent manner!

This type of heart show it really wasn’t a big deal.

After Xi Ze, the final round of high-end clothing was shown. Kelson’s body perfectly showed off a deep red suit that was in the most traditional British style. The single row of double buttons showed Kelson’s strong but not burly figure, making many designers feel amazed.

All the outfits after this, including Harriman’s interpretation’, made the audience feel that Ji and Ya really was an old luxury brand, every outfit was so beautiful!

The theme of this Ji and Ya high-end show was:

『 The gentleness of elegance 』。

Chinese seemed so complicated. For the foreigners who didn’t understand Chinese, the translation of this sentence made them even more confused. But after watching so many outfits, everyone gradually understood the meaning that Xi Ze wanted to express.

Ji and Ya’s style was extremely noble and elegant. Whether it was women or men’s clothing, it was filled with a type of noble and elegant style that was hard to describe. It always sat at the top of the fashion industry and no one could easily offer an opinion about it.

Today’s high-end show added a touch of gentleness in the details to the basic elegant style. Whether it was the lines of the collar on a jacket, the tailoring design or the bold colour matching, Ji and Ya gave the fashion industry a perfect answer after two years.

Now it reached the most important stage of the show.

The third last model, Harriman had appeared, raising the atmosphere to the extreme. Once Ming Yu appeared in the spotlight, the audience burst into warm applause and paid tribute to the most exquisite clothing on this supermodel.

Ming Yu’s outfit was the most orthodox British style. It included a vest inside the jacket and a gold pen in the chest pocket. The large collar of the white inner shirt was clearly exposed to everyone. He followed the rhythm of the music and walked slowly to the end of the T stage.

His eyes were calm and his expression was calm. As Ming Yu walked, a noble temperament came from every gesture like an overwhelming flood, causing the audience at the scene to hold their breaths. They could only watch him step towards them.

Throughout the show, Ming Yu’s first appearance was a natural pressure, his second appearance was a gentle pressure while his third appearance was a completely cold and expensive pressure.

There was a saying in the industry: The real top outfit is when the gorgeousness can be seen with the naked eye.

Now this outfit was shown off by the performance of this excellent youth. The combination surpassed 100%, making it unforgettable. People couldn’t help studying the details and innovations hidden in the clothes.

This type of situation had a big 360 degree change when Ming Yu turned around and Xi Ze stepped onto the stage.

Everyone who saw Ming Yu’s outfit felt amazed and started praising it. But when they saw Xi Ze’s outfit, the first thing that came to mind was surprise.

Generally, the finale model would wear the most beautiful and excellent outfit.

When Ming Yu appeared, he already wore such a grand and beautiful outfit to express the profound meaning of Ji and Ya. They were looking for to Xi Ze’s appearance but he was unexpected dressed so… casually?

This confusion changed to sighs at Xi Ze’s second step.

Xi Ze’s outfit was extremely irregular and not solemn because in many people’s hearts, they thought a high-end outfit should be tied with a tie or bow tie. It was best to have cufflinks and finish it off with delicate gemstone tie clip.

Of course, this was what Ming Yu did with his outfit.

But unlike Ming Yu, Xi Ze had the black suit’s outerwear coat wide open and the inside wasn’t a formal shirt but a tight black short coat. This manner of wearing the outfit made the audience immersed in the high-end show unable to react for a moment. However, when they looked at it again, they had a unique and strange feeling.

The fact that it was used as a finale outfit indicated that this outfit was naturally the best one.

Xi Ze was also wearing it so many people started to observe carefully.

Raymond narrowed his eyes for a moment before suddenly smiling and turning to the assistant designer next to him. “This is the biggest gap between you and Xi Ze. In addition to inspiration and experience, you still aren’t as careful and bold as he is. He has always been bold with his creative inspirations. You would never have his determination to use this outfit as a finale. Look carefully at the contrast between his outfit and Ming Yu’s outfit. It is a set in the same series.”

The assistant designer was stunned and immediately retorted, “Teacher, how can this be the same series of outfits? The styles are completely different!”

Raymond might be old and his temper wasn’t good, but he patiently explained to his successor. “Ming Yu’s outfit is the most orthodox while Xi Ze’s one is too avant-garde. But if you look closely at some of the threading on their cuffs, you will understand. The cuffs have two silver patterns, the collar style is the same and the curved lines of the neckline are exactly the same.”

There was a pause before Raymond continued, “The gentleness of elegance. These two outfits completely reveal the theme. Ming Yu is the elegance while Xi Ze is the gentleness. With these two outfits, we ‘Rosalind’ aren’t as good as ‘Ji and Ya’ this year.

As Raymond said these words, the two handsome might met on the catwalk.

One was the top supermodel who was best in the world for eight years while the other was a super newcomer who exploded in the last two years.

Despite facing their lover, the two people weren’t the least bit moved. They continued to walk forward calmly but this time, Xi Ze’s hand rose when the two of them met in the middle.

To everyone’s surprise, Xi Ze smoothly took the royal blue collar clip from the youth’s chest and then walked away, even smoothly clasping the clip onto his own collar!

Once this clip was used as a medium between the two outfits, many designers experienced a rude awakening and suddenly understood the meaning of Xi Ze and Ming Yu’s outfits!

After that, there was endless applause!

All the models appeared once again and Xi Ze walked at the end without any scruples, holding the hands of his beloved youth in front of the crowd.

The crowd was silent but no one could ignore their light! Ocne the model’s curtain call ended, Xi Ze didn’t step instead. He led the smiling MIng Yu with his to bow in thanks to the audience.

On this summer’s night, the stars of the world were gathered on this stage and the praises and applause from all over the world were dedicated to this dazzling supermodel!

Ji and Ya’s 2018 July show ended.

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