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Chapter 132

Once the doctor confirmed that there were really no problems, Ming Xiaoyu took the opportunity to return to the capital the next day.

Once back in the capital, Ming Yu planned to simply rest and recover. Unexpectedly, a certain man took him to a private hospital and had him checked for a long time. He even stressed, “You must check if there are any problems with the brain.”

Ming Yu might’ve blocked the back of his head with his hand and the doctor at H City’s hospital said it was just a slight concussion, but Xi Ze was still uneasy. After repeated confirmations, he was finally willing to believe that it was just a concussion.

Once they left the hospital, Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help laughing. He took the man’s right hand with his uninjured left hand and whispered, “Xi Ze, I’m really quite moved that you would do this. You are the first person to be so nice to me. I am in a good mood and will allow you to cook a meal for me.”

In the beginning, Xi Ze was listening with great interest as he wondered how the youth intended to repay him. But once he heard the last words, he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Did I hear you wrong? You will allow me to cook a meal for you?”

The young and handsome man nodded naturally. “Yes, don’t be too happy. I haven’t given you an opportunity to show off in a long time. You should take advantage of it.”

Xi Ze made an expression that said ‘I see what you are trying to pull.’ Ming Xiaoyu saw this and sighed helplessly. “In fact, you don’t know this but my cooking skills greatly improved when I was in H City. It is a pity that one of my hands is hurt or I would cook for you myself. You should cherish the last time you get to show off. After all, it won’t last for long.”

Xi Ze didn’t respond as the two men walked towards the parking lot. Ming Yu pulled open the door with his unharmed left hand and couldn’t help asking, “Why is there no reaction to the words I just said?”

At this moment, Xi Ze half leaned over and helped Ming Yu fasten his seat belt. Due to his right hand injury, Ming Xiaoyu had to twist his body every time in order to pull the seat belt with his left hand. It was quite laborious to pull the elastic belt over.

After discovering this point, Xi Ze took over the task of ‘wearing the seat belt for Small Mushroom.’

Xi Ze didn’t immediately respond to Ming XIaoyu’s question. He just calmly buckled the seat belt. The dim light of the sunset shone through the clean glass of the car, highlighting the handsome and deep features. As long as he didn’t speak, he was like a god beloved by others, with an enticing and stunning appearance. But once he raised his head and looked at you, there would be a cold and indifferent noble aura spread out invisibly, producing a feeling of alienation.

Xi Ze narrowed his eyes and stared closely at the youth. If it was anyone else, such as Ding Bo or Shen Xiang, they would feel creeped out and disturbed. But Ming Xiaoyu still had an indifferent appearance. There was a slight smile on his face and he wasn’t impatient.

The two of them stared at each other for a long time before Xi Ze finally sighed. “I am in your hands.”

The words were very soft and Ming Yu didn’t hear them properly. After he asked again, Xi Ze’s lips curved and he ridiculed, “It is nothing. I was just thinking that I feel like eating braised lion’s head, boiled meat, crystal shrimp and sweet and sour pork.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…?_?”

He couldn’t help crying out, “Can’t you forget these four dishes?”

Xi Ze fastened his seat belt for himself and replied, “They are my small mushroom’s favourite dishes. I don’t dare forget them.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

This was a hard day!!!

Ming Yu’s hand still hadn’t fully recovered and was still a little painful when touched. Thus, that night, Xi Ze didn’t stay in Ming Yu’s home. He helped Ming Yu clean hish and and then returned to his own apartment, telling Ming Yu to call him at any time and he would go downstairs.

However, once Xi Ze took off the youth’s shirt and saw the large number of bruises on his back, Xi Ze couldn’t help frowning and rubbing the beautiful curves with his fingers silently.

As a model, Ming Yu’s figure was naturally very good. Xi Ze believed that Ming Yu was his favorite model he had ever seen, male or female.

The youth’s body wasn’t emaciated and had a thin layer of muscles over the lean body due to his insistence on exercising. The white shoulders, narrow waist and raised bones. Xi Ze had seen this beauty countless times and every time it was bright and clean.

But at this moment, the beautiful back was covered in large bruises.

Despite using his legs to buffer himself, Ming Yu’s back had surely hit the wall. Otherwise, where else would such a loud banging sound come from? Ming Yu’s back wasn’t swollen but the bruises were very blue and large, causing a shocking sight.

“You are making me itchy.” Ming Yu turned and grabbed the man’s hand, saying with a laugh, “My back isn’t hurt. If you are distressed, shouldn’t you look after my hand? I need to change the dressing.”

The youth held out his right hand to Xi Ze.

His actions were natural without the slightest signs of embarrassment. Xi Ze took Ming Yu’s hand and started to change the bandage.

It was a good choice to pick Xi Ze. It might just be wrapping a bandage but he did it very beautifully.  The medicine was a bit painful because it was necessary to use iodine to clean the wound. However, Xi Ze’s actions were very light and it was already over by the time Ming Yu felt the slight sting.

Ming Yu looked at the man’s focused appearance and couldn’t help laughing.

This was the second time today that he had been amazed by this man.

Perhaps it was like the first time the two of them met each other. There was absolutely no love at fight sight. It was a feeling of ‘this person is perfect.’

They were always honest with each other and freely admitted, ‘I first noticed you because of your external appearance, not your internal self.’

Ming Yu believed that Xi Ze was the best person he had ever seen in his two lives, in both temperament and appearance. It was the same for Xi Ze. Wasn’t it natural for them to be attracted to each other’s appearance and then their inner selves after they got to know each other better?

Once Xi Ze finished tying the bandage, Ming Yu gave a low chuckle. “You are always spoiling me and giving me the illusion that I should feel sorry towards you. But now you are uncharacteristically gentle.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “I am gentle?”

Ming Xiaoyu solemnly nodded. “Yes, you are gentle.” It seemed this wasn’t enough as he added, “Very gentle.”

Ming Yu originally thought that Xi Ze would be modest and then he would reply, “It would be good to continue this.” However, XI Ze shook his head and said seriously, “I’m not uncharacteristically gentle. I am always gentle.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(/=_=)/~┴┴”

Damn, this shamelessness ruined the atmosphere!!

He rested in the capital for two weeks. Maybe it was because the medicine was expensive and the effect was very good. Maybe it was because Ming Xiaoyu’s physical quality was very tough. By the time he officially planned to return to the cast, the bruising on his hand had gradually faded. There was only a faint layer that could be covered with powder. The back of was restored to its original smooth and white appearance, with only the slightest hint of purple.

Do you think that these two people would be able to quietly restore the injury during these two weeks?

How could that be?

The day after returning to the capital, Xi Ze was applying medicine on Ming Yu who took the initiative. Xi Ze had no choice but to respond to the fiery kiss. They kissed and kissed until it was necessary to release the flames. This time, Ming Xiaoyu said very seriously, “This time I am on top!”

Xi Ze agreed with his mouth but while Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t paying attention, he suddenly fiercely seized the initiative.

Ming Xiaoyu had tears of pleasure and grief as he cried out resentfully, “You aren’t trustworthy!”

Xi Ze spoke sincerely. “You are hurt. I am doing this so that it isn’t hard for you.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…How is it hard!!”

This time, he didn’t want to hit his heart and Small Mushroom completely released his anger.

During Ming Yu’s two weeks of rest, the An Li cast completed all the scenes in H City. Jiang Kaiyang had only entered the cast for a week and hadn’t shot many scenes. He was quickly replaced by a new actor who had a pleasant cooperation with the crew.

The role of the second male lead wasn’t very difficult to act. If Jiang Kaiyang hadn’t entered through the back door, he might not have received the role.

Thus, once the crew moved away from H City, Ming Yu also packed his things and intended to fly to Y Province to join the crew. This time, a certain man was very careful while Ming Yu was packing.

Ming Yu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he said, “I am going to shoot a movie. What are you doing with me?”

Xi Ze replied calmly. “I will go with you and watch in order to cheer you up.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

How could he be so calm and free with his recent Ji and Ya work?

This guy so easily abandoned the industry. How could he remain the world’s top supermodel without being pulled down from his position? There was really no justice in this world!

Regardless of how speechless Ming Xiaoyu was, Xi Ze eventually followed his husband…cough, it was the principle of ‘Mushroom sings, I will follow.’ Thus, he went to Ming Xiaoyu to Y Province where the next An Li scenes would be filmed.

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4 years ago

Won’t the crew be stunned when saw the certain someone? 😂

4 years ago
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The certain someone doesn’t care

Black mushroom
Black mushroom
4 years ago

Hahahahahahaha….,😂😂😂 The shamelessness is real!!!

Kaguya Magami
Kaguya Magami
4 years ago

Ming Yu on top! …i cannot imagine it. If its with other artists, i still manage, but its Xi Ze! Xi Ze, the ultimate seme from ch 1! God… I don’t know wether i should laugh or cry…

Kaguya Magami
Kaguya Magami
4 years ago
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Wait, don’t tell me Ming Yu not toping (reverse) but just change position (what is it called? Cowboy position?)

4 years ago
Reply to  Kaguya Magami

Seems like this is the case (since he was whinning and saying Xi was not trustworthy). Yeah Xi will let him top alright…from the bottom. XD

4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

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